QSC to Unveil New DSP Module
Tuesday, 25 April 2000
QSC will introduce a new Digital Signal Processing accessory module at the NSCA Expo 2000 in Las Vegas, April 27-May 1. The compact module offers two channels of independent DSP and attaches to the back of most DataPort-equipped QSC amplifiers, without taking up additional rack space. Each channel handles a wide variety of DSP functions, including high- and low-pass crossover filters, high- and low-pass shelf filters, signal delay, compression, peak limiting, six parametric filters, two-to-one mixer, signal splitter and more. Other features include 24-bit, 48kHz converters, contact closures to trigger configuration presets, post-DSP output signal for daisy-chaining signal to other amplifier inputs, memory backup, and power and signal presence LED.

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