Robe opens The Minds of 99 on Freedom Day
Friday, 8 October 2021
robe-minds-of-99-parken-photo-by-flemming-bo-jensen-28Minds of 99 play Parken Stadium (photo: Flemming Bo Jensen)
Denmark - Freedom Day was celebrated with several prominent shows and events including a landmark performance at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen by The Minds of 99 who became only the second ever Danish act to play there, in front of 50,000 fans, complete with a high impact show design from Jannik Kenneth Skov Jensen.
Lighting included over 300 Robe fixtures - a mix of Tarrantulas, BMFL WashBeams, MegaPointes, Spiiders, BMFL FollowSpot LTs and RoboSpots.
Jannik Kenneth has worked with the band since 2017 and he curates all the visual elements of their stage performances - including staging / scenic and video - in close collaboration with their manager, Ole Nørup Peteresen.
Parken was the biggest show that Jannik Kenneth has designed and operated to date. The LD studied to be an actor and director before turning his talents to the more technical disciplines of lighting and visuals in 2016.
The event was originally planned for 2020, as the band’s only show, but that was foiled by the pandemic.
Jannik Kenneth’s starting point for the design was looking into other band performances at the venue, to get inspired and about how they used the space. “I wanted a design that felt as if it had been almost squeezed inside Parken!” he said.
The standard production design area was extended with the creation of wings on both sides of the stage, covering an 80m span going way beyond the portrait format left-and-right IMAG video screens, effectively filling the whole width of the stadium.
This epic look was complemented by a B stage just in front of the FOH platform and a C stage at the far end of the stadium, plus two catwalks coming off the mains stage which served for the set’s more intimate moments allowing the artists to get close up to their fans.
To get the coverage, and range of bold and vivid colours that Jannik Kenneth wanted, he chose 132 x Robe Tarrantulas as the main wash lights, all rigged in trusses above the stage and wing areas.
One hundred and fourteen Robe BMFL WashBeams were the main hard-edged fixture of the show, 36 on the floor lined up along the upstage edge of the stage and wings, and the remainder dispersed across the trusses. “I simply needed the output and LOTS of it,” he explained..
He also ensured there was some space on this ambitious rig for 20 x Spiiders, which were used as up lights and side lights across the drum and keyboard risers and also for general side stage lighting.
Twelve MegaPointes were used as specials beaming onto a 2m diameter mirror ball that descended from the ceiling above the B-stage during the highly symbolic song,
Jannik Kenneth specified four RoboSpot remote follow spot systems for the show. The BaseStations were positioned behind the stage and three were linked to a total of 12 x BMFL FollowSpot LTs and BMFL Spot follow spots. Contgrol was through a grandMA2 full size.
The light and screen production was co-ordinated and managed by 4K Projects. The light and video equipment was provided by Victory Tour Productions, and audio was delivered by AllRound - Lyd & Lys.

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