The Rycote shotgun microphones
UK - Rycote has announced the launch of two additional microphones designed for the film production, sport broadcast and field recording applications.
The range has been expanded, both in the pencils format with a new Figure of 8 microphone called BD-10 and the shotgun design with a long version named HC-35.
The BD-10 is particularly made for MS recordings within the application of field recording, mainly applied on ambient and dialogues, while the HC-35 is a long shotgun microphone developed for sport broadcast, a wide outdoor shot and dialogue on a script TV.
These new microphones have been accurately designed to offer the same signature sound and low-self noise performance as all other Rycote microphones in the range. The new products are perfectly complemented by the industry standard Rycote windshields and shock mounting accessories
The BD-10 microphone features an innovative capsule design, which allows for accurate stereo recordings with excellent detail and clarity. In addition, it has an integrated suspension system which minimises any handling noise or vibration. This makes it perfect for capturing dialogues or ambience in film production as well as field recording applications.
The HC-35 long shotgun microphone is specifically designed for a wide variety of broadcasting applications, such as football games and other applications where clear audio capture is mission critical. It offers superior off-axis rejection which helps reduce unwanted noise from the surroundings, thus ensuring you capture only what you require. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it convenient and easy to handle.
"We're very proud of what we've achieved with this microphone range," comments Bjørn Rennemo-Henriksen, audio sales senior director. "Our team worked hard to combine great sound and accurate reproduction at an affordable price tag - something that sets us apart from our competitors."

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