Skanning the Reef with DN9848
Wednesday, 7 February 2001
UK indie band Reef have just completed a mini UK tour as a follow-up to their recent UK tour at the end of last year. Reading-based Skan PA provided all the audio requirements, and took the opportunity to put Klark Teknik’s new DN9848 loudspeaker processor through its paces. Skan’s Chris Fitch was pleased with the way the units performed. "We had three units on FOH for Reef driving our Turbosound Floodlight rig. What impressed me most was the flexibility of the processor, and the fact that every input talks to every output. I also liked the fact that all the offline editing is done in MS Excel, which I felt was a real bonus. Extremely user-friendly, and both clear and simple to use."

After that the units are destined for Sound Republic in Leicester Square for the launch of the 2001 Comic Relief appeal, where Skan will be using them to provide 24 isolated feeds for the various members of the press who will be broadcasting the event. "Effectively we’ll be using the DN9848s as a distribution amp to keep all of the various feeds clean and separated, as there will be a huge amount going on over several different frequencies," said Fitch. "Although it’s early days yet for us with this product, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen so far both from a sonic point of view, and as I stated earlier, its amazing versatility."

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