A strategic contingent of 27 South African roadies has embarked on a 20-city US tour which will cover coast-to-coast principal venues, in an initiative engineered with UniverSoul Circus, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The seven-month outing with Platinum Soul 2002 carves out the global collaborative stage that enhances technical exchange projects between the Republic of South Africa and the USA.

This initiative extends the five-year European projects, which cover Ireland, Holland, Denmark, France and Norway. In July 2001, while on a world tour through South Africa, Cedric Walker met with the president of SARA (South African Roadies Association), Freddie Nyathela, in Johannesburg and discussed ways and means of establishing joint-projects that could foster technical transfer initiatives. Within a year of that historic meeting, the scheme has come to fruition, falling in line with the objectives stated for SARA's 10th anniversary agenda (1992-2002).

The Emmy-nominated, globally recognized UniverSoul Circus, a vision of Cedric Walker and Cal Dupree, was created in 1994 to provide educational and inspiring entertainment to urban families. President and founder Cedric Walker is a veteran of the entertainment business, who has worked with the legendary Commodores and the Jackson Five. He also created the nation’s first rap tour, called FreshFest.

(Lee Baldock)

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