Stanton’s Latest Turntable
Tuesday, 15 May 2001
Stanton has released the latest in its line of professional straight tone arm turntables. Available in the UK through exclusive distributors Lamba plc, the STR8-100 features Stanton¹s highest torque direct drive motor to date, as well as many features favoured by today’s professional DJs.

Like all the STR8 Series turntables, the STR8-100 comes with a straight tone arm, which virtually eliminates skipping. It features digital output (SP/DIF) which allows the DJ to plug the turntable into a computer and sample away. The Key Adjust (Master Tempo) keeps the pitch at zero, while the platter speed is changed using the pitch fader. There is also a Line Input Master, a built-in 3.5mm input jack allowing portable CD, MD or MP-3 to be plugged directly into the body of the turntable. Other features include in the STR8-100 include a reverse switch (allowing back-spinning), selectable pitch adjustment (up to ±25%), selectable speeds (33, 45, 78rpm), brushed aluminium chassis and aluminium platter, height adjustable tone arm and adjustable feet, blue LEDs and blue strobe indicator, target light and a free slip mat.

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