Swapping Spirits at Fabric
Friday, 21 July 2000
Fabric, the leading London club, has swapped its Spirit Digital 328 mixer for a 324 Live. The desk, which can be used as required in any of the club's three rooms, serves as a front-of-house or monitoring console for the many live acts that perform at the club, as well as being available for the more adventurous DJs. Production manager Dave Parry said: "We need a digital desk because we're going to start a lot of internet broadcasting in the near future. The sound will be going straight down the line so a digital signal will be very handy." He continued: "We've had the 328 for six months and everyone that used it was very complementary. If we hadn't been happy with it, we wouldn't have bought the 324." House engineer Roberto Pieroni added: "As we only used the 328 for live work it made sense to switch to the 324 Live."

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