Tannoy and Biamp to Run AV Roadshows
Monday, 24 July 2000
Tannoy and Axcess Technology (UK distributor for Biamp) will take to the road in August to host a series of audio conferencing roadshows aimed at demonstrating how their products combine to provide comprehensive AV solutions. Aimed at providing installers and designers with an informative overview, the roadshows begin at Tannoy's factory near Glasgow on 1-2 August, move to Manchester on 9-10 August and finally Richmond-Upon-Thames on 15-16 August.Tannoy will present a range of new and industry proven speakers, including the recently-launched iP5 Mirage Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) panel. Axcess Technology will demonstrate a range of Biamp equipment, including the Biamp Voicecrafter Plus acoustic echo cancellers, Biamp VRAM variable resource automixer with Windows programming software for easy integration and Biamp CMA60 6-channel commercial mixer/amplifiers with extensive input paging and output facilities.

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