Trantec has launched the PT1 ‘Personal trainer’ system, in conjunction with major UK fitness centre specialist, Unique Systems, who will market the system under the Active Audio banner. The system provides each fitness centre member with a choice of multiple audio channels on the move. Up to 14 channels of digital audio can be transmitted from a bank of Trantec PT1 transmitters: any number of users can switch at will between any of the channels within a range of 100m, using their low-profile, personal beltpack receivers. Apart from the obvious benefits to the membership, the system also offers advantages to the club’s owners, as no ceilings have to be pulled down, no walls have to be channelled out and no floors need to be lifted to accomodate the Active Audio system. In fact, Unique Systems are quoting a fourhour installation with no down-time

"For many years now Health & Fitness clubs have been getting to grips with the ongoing issue of delivering maximum hassle-free audio performance to their members with the minimum of interruption to the workout, now it is possible with the Trantec personal trainer," says Unique Systems’ managing director Alan Vickery. "Unique Systems are currently in the middle of a massive countrywide marketing campaign to bring this revolutionary audio system to the attention of every fitness centre serious about its audio and I’m sure it won’t be long before every committed gym realizes the huge potential of cable-free audio."

Trantec marketing manager Tim Riley takes up the story: "The PT1 is simply an extension of a product we already had in our range, an in-ear-monitor product that has been successfully touring the world with rock acts for years. Having endured the kind of abuse performers can dish out night after night the PT1 will be right at home in a 24-hour-a-day hardworking fitness environment."

The beltpacks are lightweight and extremely durable and feature internal recharging cells which are recharged using the supplied Trantec recharging station. Headphones and fitness pouches are supplied to complete the straight-out-of-the-box, plug and play solution.

(Lee Baldock)

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