Xvive adds power supply and Bluetooth adapter
Friday, 12 February 2021
xviveXvive products are available in the UK through JHS
UK - Xvive has added two new items to its range, the battery driven, 12/48 volt P1 Portable Phantom Power Supply and MD1 Bluetooth MIDI adapter.
The battery-driven Xvive P1 delivers a full 12V or 48V of clean phantom power for perfect sound and noise-free performance. Xvive P1 can be used with any condenser microphone, between audio mixers, processors or recording units that do not host phantom power, or as a stand-alone power source – making it suitable for studio applications, live performances, video shoots and podcasts.
Compact and weighing a mere 145g, the Xvive P1 is totally portable, with enough power from its internal lithium battery to run any high-current condenser microphone for up to 40 hours, from a three-hour charge from any 5 volt USB power source.
Also new from Xvive is the MD1 Bluetooth MIDI adapter which allows ‘fast and stable, point-to-point wireless connections between any two MIDI devices’.
Featuring Bluetooth 5 technology for the interconnection of any 5-pin DIN-socket MIDI device, the MD1 Bluetooth MIDI adapter does not require special software, or extra hardware for secured connections, with twice the speed and with a range of up to 20m without obstruction.

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