Yates's Leicester Square with Nexo & Crown
Friday, 4 May 2001
Yates's Leicester Square with Nexo & Crown
Yates's Wine Lodges flagship branch has just opened in London's Leicester Square on the site originally occupied by Capital Radio's Capital Café. Leicester Square represents a radical departure from the traditional Yates look and feel which, over time, will gradually be phased out in the other sites across the country in favour of the new design. The same goes for the audio requirements which have also changed dramatically since the original Yates's concept was rolled out. Audio specialists Perfect Acoustics were called in to manage the project.Perfect Acoustics' Anthony Leonard explained that above all the system had to be versatile in order to handle several different types of musical requirements ranging from quiet background music during the day to DJs and live bands at night. "That's why we went for a Crown-driven Nexo system," he said. "We knew it would be able to handle all of Yates's requirements with no compromise in sound quality."

The stage system comprises two Nexo PS-15s and two LS-1200 sub bass units driven by a couple of Crown MA-3600VZs which provides a completely plug-and-play set-up for visiting bands, whether they are working from mini-disc with live vocals or completely live (in which case they would need to bring in a mixing console). The rest of the bar area utilises the ultra-compact PS-8s ­ thirteen in total ­ and two of the dedicated LS-400 subs driven by five Crown CE 1000s. There is also a Crown IQ USM-810 DSP engine. The Nexo and Crown equipment was sourced from UK distributor Fuzion plc.

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