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neutrikNeutrik makes connections at Diriyah E-Prix
Friday, 16 April 2021

Saudi Arabia - Connectivity for a massive Dante audio network, extending over some 15 kilometers of fibre-optic cable, during the 2021 Diriyah E-Prix in Saudi Arabia, relied on the robust, field tested dependability of Neutrik opticalCON DUO connectors.
The site-wide audio, video, lighting and rigging infrastructure supplied and operated by Dubai headquartered MediaPro included their entire Middle East based stock of L-Acoustics systems - comprising K1, K2, KARAs, 112Ps, 5XTs, X8s, X15, KS28, SB18s and 20 LA RACK II, 13 Yamaha QL and CL consoles, with D2 racks, 15 of the company’s own network racks - connecting all of the various audio zones to the network - and a complete redundant Dante network.
Commenting on the choice of opticalCON DUO connectors, MediaPro International chief operating officer Shaam Pudaruth says, “Connectivity solutions of the quality and ruggedness of Neutrik’s opticalCON range are an essential element in providing the technological advantages of AoIP fibre optic networking solutions.”
In addition to the massive audio network, MediaPro also catered the radio mic requirements with Shure Axient systems, video screen and signal requirements of the site with 78 CD screens, radio and Clear-Com wireless communications, SFX, trussing and rigging and lighting solutions for general grandstand, pedestrian bridges, entrance gates, and branding areas around the track.

r18-acesdisguise debuts latest r18 software
Thursday, 15 April 2021

UK - Nearly a year after Katy Perry’s virtual performance at the American Idol Season 18 Finale, disguise has announced the public release of its Extended Reality (xR) solution as part of its r18 software launch.
The xR workflow utilised by XR Studios to power Perry’s performance has opened up a new world of opportunities in immersive real-time production in the past year, offering a safe and innovative alternative for shows and live events, allowing these to resume virtually, says the company.
Backed by the Carlyle Group and Epic Games, disguise has powered over 230 productions across live entertainment, film and episodic TV, corporate events, and TV and sports broadcast to date. Over 165 disguise xR stages have been built in 35 countries to support the growing demand.
First introduced at the IBC Show in 2018, disguise xR has since undergone intensive field testing and refining as disguise collaborated with a select group of its creative and technical partners to turn xR into ‘a robust, reliable and flexible solution for productions of any scale or complexity’.
“The xR workflow is making complex things a lot easier. We can implement xR and AR into our disguise workflow and programme complete shows including content and live inputs,” says Pim Elberse, light & video programmer at i!-Studio and disguise xR insider. “We see a lot of future in xR - this will change our work in the future.”
“After more than three years in the making, we are incredibly proud to be bringing our ground-breaking xR solution to the

danteDante AVIO USB-C adapter now shipping
Thursday, 15 April 2021

USA - Audinate has announced the immediate availability of the Dante AVIO USB-C adapter, the next evolution in the popular Dante AVIO family. The Dante AVIO USB-C adapter allows the latest mobile devices and computers to connect to any Dante audio network for playout or recording.
The Dante AVIO family of adapters allow users to easily use non-Dante analogue, USB, AES3/EBU or Bluetooth audio equipment with a Dante audio network.
The Dante AVIO USB-C adapter connects to devices with USB-C or A ports (cables included) to deliver and receive two channels of audio over a Dante audio network. It requires no additional drivers and works with any application, making it ideal for rapid setup of conference rooms, background music and more.
The Dante adapter may be powered via USB or PoE. When connected to a PoE Ethernet switch, 7.5W of power is available to USB-C compatible mobile devices, enabling smartphones and tablets to remain charged while connected to a Dante network.
“The new Dante AVIO USB-C is the logical evolution of our immensely popular USB model,” says Mark Gerrard, senior product manager at Audinate. “With native support for the ports on the latest tablets, phones and computers, Dante AVIO USB-C adds pass-through power to make it the indispensable tool for connecting devices to Dante audio networks.”

codatum5Coda triple installation at University of Munich
Thursday, 15 April 2021

Germany - The School of Life Sciences is part of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Located at the Weihenstephen Campus in Freising, Upper Bavaria, the faculty offers degree programmes in the fields of organic, agricultural and nutritional sciences among others.
In order to offer its students the best possible facilities for lectures and presentations, TUM recently equipped three of its lecture halls with the latest media technology. Overall responsibility for the installation rested with GSVA mbH/Klaus Kuttenhofer, who brought in Fürstenfeldbruck-based company into>noise, led by Andreas Zeh and Tobias Förster, to take care of the audio element. It was a demanding brief for which into>noise chose Coda Audio.
Andreas Zeh explains the choice: “The task was a tough one. We needed to obtain the best possible sound, eliminate the possibility of feedback, and make the systems as easy as possible to use. One of the three venues required top cinema-quality audio. Over recent years, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Coda Audio - the brand offers excellent products, top support and just as importantly, a first class price/performance ratio. The sound and handling of the systems is so convincing that they were my first choice from the very beginning for this demanding installation.”
In Hall 14, the largest of the three auditoria, into>noise installed a mono centre cluster consisting of 10 x ViRAY in bi-amped mode, as well as 2 x 2 HOPS5 as side-fills, and 2 x HOPS8 as delays.
Hall 15 saw the use of a TiRAY system. Here 2

rcfRCF systems installed in Chechen mosque
Thursday, 15 April 2021

Chechen Republic - The Sulim Kadyrov Mosque, located in the village of Oyskhara, has a capacity of up to 15,000 people. Opened in 2020, the RCF speakers project for the building was carried out by Master Sound with the assistance of the Moscow-based RCF distributor ARIS.
In 1932, Sulim Kadyrov was convicted by the authorities for teaching the Holy Quran and religion of Islam. For his actions, he spent 14 years in the Gulag camps.
The grand opening of the mosque took place on 21 August 2020, with the head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov attending as a special guest. The celebration coincides with the 69th anniversary of the birth of the first President of the Chechen Republic, hero of Russia, Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov.
The air volume of the hall, taking into account the under- and upper- balconies, is about 14,000m3, with a total surface area is 6,360sq.m. Acoustic calculations were measured by the computer modelling software AFMG EASE. The sound system covers the entire premises of the prayer halls (the main prayer hall and two halls on the basement level), providing optimal intelligibility as required.
Four RCF VSA 1250 II speakers are suspended on the front wall near the mihrab (a niche in which the imam is located during the service) and under the gallery, at a height of 2.0 m. Two more RCF VSA 2050 II speakers are suspended on a pair of supporting columns of the dome closest to the mihrab at a height of 2m. An additional pair of RCF VSA 1250 II composes the delay line, suspended on a pair of supporting columns of the dome, farthest fr

siz60nzsd71DiGiCo SD7 monitors SIX60 Saturdays tour
Thursday, 15 April 2021

New Zealand - The country’s musical summer took a turn for the better when for six weekends in January and February, homegrown rock sensations SIX60 took to the road for their SIX60 Saturdays tour. Playing outdoor venues with a stella line up of guests to the largest audiences the country has seen since the beginning of 2020, monitor engineer David O’Brien chose a DiGiCo SD7.
With the console set up simply and using nothing other than an SD-Rack, it was used for both SIX60 and the support acts and, with the support acts changing for each, the tour ran much like a festival with mixes built on the fly behind the LED wall without any line of sight.
“I chose the SD7 because it offered a few features I think make for a good workflow,” he says. “Having two master fader banks allows me to put the tech/shout mixes on the upper master bank while keeping the band outputs on the lower bank. I also like having three screens which provide a constant overview without needing anything external. This keeps my Snapshots and chosen channels in a prime position, making monitoring them easy. Having a dedicated gain encoder on the top row also helps to have everything at your fingertips.”
O’Brien also notes that the SD7 gave him confidence programming scenes between set/stage changes, knowing that when he pressed 'fire', it would just work. Dual engines, meanwhile, offered him peace of mind when touring through regional parts of New Zealand where it would not have been possible to get a replacement console.
Along with the SD7, SIX60’s long-time aud

stadesaintsymphorien5JBL reinforces Metz Stade Saint-Symphorien
Thursday, 15 April 2021

France - Harman Professional Solutions recently collaborated with Produc’son and Freevox to outfit Stade Saint-Symphorien with a complete stadium sound reinforcement solution consisting of JBL Professional loudspeakers.
Located in the city of Metz and home to France’s top division soccer team, FC Metz, Stade Saint-Symphorien is the largest sports stadium in the region of Lorraine. The stadium, which was originally constructed in 1923, was recently renovated to expand its seating sections and increase the overall capacity to 30,000.
French integrator Produc’son selected JBL Professional loudspeakers supplied by Freevox to replace the stadium’s aging audio system. In order to meet international EN 54-24 voice alarm safety standards and ensure a world-class experience, Produc’son hired Laurent Delenclos, technical director of Freevox, to design the stadium’s new audio system.
“For stadium installations like this, it’s important that the entire system meets EN 54-24 specifications to guarantee fail-safe operation if important safety announcements need to be made,” comments Delenclos. “For example, if the stadium needs everybody to evacuate, we need to be certain that not only will the system reliably deliver messages to all areas of the facility, but also that these messages can be understood clearly. Speech intelligibility plays a huge role in EN 54 protocols, and the JBL speakers deliver excellent STI levels so that everyone can follow instructions and reach safety if a dangerous event occurs.”
To deliver clarity and balan

ldipa424tmotivhighresLD Systems IPA Series power amps released
Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Germany - Adam Hall Group has announced the release of the LD Systems IPA Series. Comprising the DSP-based 4-channel IPA 412 T (120W) and the 240W IPA 424 T, these installation power amplifiers promise AV system integrators a high degree of performance and flexibility in daily planning and installation operations. The amps are suitable for medium to large installations in hotels, conference centres, educational institutions, houses of worship, and more.
Built-in card slots allow these Class D power amplifiers to be optionally equipped with Ethernet, or Ethernet+Dante expansion cards, thereby making the IPA Series a central signal component operating in the background of modern fixed installation projects and a versatile and scalable solution to complement the constantly growing LD Systems installation portfolio.
The four-channel IPA 412 T and IPA 424 T have built-in transformers for each channel, a 100 V/70 V tap, and a low-impedance output at 4 Ohms. Both models feature an expansion card slot that provides the option to have full control of all internal DSP parameters in IPA amplifiers via Ethernet and to integrate them seamlessly into larger Dante audio networks.
In the basic setup, the IPA power amplifiers work like a conventional installation amplifier with 70V/100V taps and separate low impedance outputs. The DSP section includes, amongst others, a parametric EQ (including loudspeaker library), dynamic tools, matrix mixer, delay, and the ability to select a priority source. The IPA Series can also be operated with the future LD Systems remote c

dan-mcdDan McDougall gets up to speed with Neve
Wednesday, 14 April 2021

UK - Songwriter and producer Dan McDougall is saving plenty of time on projects thanks to his recent investment in a Neve 1073OPX Octal microphone/line/instrument preamplifier, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern studio environment.
Dan’s writing space at Hoxa HQ in London is primarily based around an ‘in the box’ workflow but if he needs access to a larger recording facility, he can easily tap into the Hoxa HQ main studio. This has a control room equipped with a vintage Neve 8058 console with 31102 channel mic pre-amp/EQ, the circuitry and sound of which is almost identical to today’s 1073 variants.
“The Hoxa HQ Neve console sounds amazing,” Dan says. “The 1073OPX is the first Neve unit I’ve purchased, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the Neve sound so I am very pleased to now own my own mic pre.”
As a multi-instrumentalist, Dan has worked with numerous artists including Ellie Goulding, Grace, Razorlight, Jade Bird and Tom Odell, whose platinum selling album Long Way Down features Dan on drums. He is also an instrumentalist for Liam Gallagher and has featured on most of his tracks, including those on his forthcoming album. Dan’s production and songwriting credits are equally extensive and include Will Young, Aurora, The Amazons’ and, more recently, Bruno Major, Baby Queen and Callum Beattie.
Although the sound of Neve preamps played a large part in Dan’s decision to invest in a 1073OPX, there were also practical considerations at play - not least the compact nature of this unit.

victoryVictory Church streams with Pliant Technologies
Wednesday, 14 April 2021

USA - For Victory Church, Westminster, CO, entering the live-stream world was something that they aimed to achieve within the next few years, but when the pandemic struck, it was a shift that they needed to make within a few weeks. With a limited budget and requirements for wireless capabilities, Pliant Technologies’ MicroCom XR digital wireless intercom system was the chosen solution. With MicroCom XR, production staff and volunteers can deploy a reliable solution for clear communication, helping productions - both in-person and live-streamed - go on without a glitch.
“The Pliant system was the first intercom to be deployed at Victory Church,” says Krystle Thompson, creative director at Victory Church. “When looking at our options, I knew we needed a system that could handle upwards of five users, while allowing personnel to move freely in order to have multiple wireless cameras on stage and not have to worry about being tied down by a wire.”
Working with non-technical volunteers, Thompson appreciates the ease-of-use of Pliant’s MicroCom XR. “From camera operators to computer/graphics and lighting operators, many of which have no prior broadcast experience, they can pick up their MicroCom pack and communicate with ease,” she explains. “The small learning curve is a huge benefit for our volunteers, which range from teenagers to people in their mid-70s.”
In addition to its simplicity and budget-friendly price tag, MicroCom XR’s extensive range has been beneficial to the church. “Victory Church is a long, rectangle shape with o

christieChristie projectors light Beijing airport experience
Wednesday, 14 April 2021

China - Christie has announced that its 1DLP laser projectors are delivering highly immersive visuals in a new digital experience pavilion at the new Beijing Daxing International Airport, the world’s largest single-building airport terminal.
Featured works by Van Gogh and Monet are projected on the walls in the main gallery using Christie DWU850-GS laser projectors.
Located on the second level of the sprawling terminal building nicknamed “the Starfish” due to its star-shaped design, the Journey of Light and Shadow digital experience pavilion provides visitors with an immersive and interactive space to appreciate and experience art through the use of cutting-edge projection, audio, and interactive technologies. The venue consists of a preface hall and main gallery lit by 15 Christie DWU850-GS 1DLP laser projectors supplied, installed and commissioned by Christie’s long-standing partner, Wincomn Technology.
Themed The Four Seasons by Masters of Art, visitors can enjoy stunning digital projections of eight art masterpieces on the walls and floor of the pavilion covering an area of 130 square metres. They include Vincent van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms, Green Wheat Field with Cypress, Starry Night, Sunflowers, The Harvest, and Wild Roses, as well as Monet’s Water Lilies and Floes at Bennecourt, which highlight nature’s beauty and the ever-changing world around us.
“The Journey of Light and Shadow digital experience pavilion is an innovative cultural space that

audiHippotizer Amba+ drives Audi Sportback launch
Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Denmark - German car manufacturer Audi launched its electric e-tron Sportback model in Denmark with a visuals-focused event powered by two Hippotizer Amba+ Media Servers.
More than 30sq.m of LED screen was constructed at Audi Danmark’s Gladsaxe showroom, as a backdrop to a large stage upon which the e-tron Sportback was displayed.
Audi Danmark’s marketing manager Morten Friis-Olsen approached Danish event lighting and visuals expert Showtech to deliver the visuals, lighting and staging for the launch, which was live streamed to both consumers and members of the car industry.
“The Audi team shared the brief for the event with us, requesting a dynamic and bright look and feel to reflect the car’s ‘100% electric, 100% Audi’ tagline,” says Showtech’s Joachim Bay. “We translated this into the visuals, using Audi’s branding as the core of the creations. We then uploaded the visuals into Hippotizer’s ZooKeeper software, stacking it and using presets to align it. We also used the Hippotizer to simply adapt the content for the LED screens and a series of Martin VDO Fatron 20 LED video battens, which we placed around the stage.”
Bay and his colleague Mathias Stephansen, who operated the visuals at the event, controlled the LED screen and the Fatron battens via Art-Net using a grandMA2 light console. The team used one Hippotizer Amba+ to drive the screen and another focusing on the Fatrons.
The result was an energetic, visually striking event that worked for both those present at the showroom and the online audience.

phphotoRemembering Phil Hildrow
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

UK - The music industry has sadly lost another character with the passing of Phil Hildrow, an archetypal salesman, charmingly personable, slightly risqué loveable rogue. Phil died earlier this month, aged 75.
During the ‘70s Phil worked for PACE-MM who pioneered the “cheap but serviceable” mixing consoles which launched the careers of so many bands on the pub circuits of the UK.
The UK’s dominance in this market led to growing demand for ‘Made in GB’ products across mainland Europe. So, sensing the untapped potential for sales, Phil set off with a demo MM mixer in the boot of his trusty blue Vauxhall Cavalier to call on the music shops on the other side of the Channel and take orders, preferably large ones, prepaid.
This launched Phil’s new love of travel, which along with his love of football and family stayed with him for life.
Early in the ‘80s the music industry innovators around Cambridge turned their attention to developing computers with varying results. Phil moved from MM to Harrison before settling with C Audio - an offshoot of MM-PACE.
At the end of the decade, he and fellow international salesman Hans Freytag engineered the buyout of C Audio which over the next five years they built into the largest European manufacturer of power amplifiers. At the same time they had a side project - manufacturer repping firm TCI, which was breaking brands into the European market, including EAW, Samson, Metro and ARX. Managing and growing their established distributor networks helped to grow their international presence and a

arx-systemsARX Systems launches Ultra deBalancer
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Australia - ARX is pleased to announce the launch of the new ARX Ultra deBalancer, a two-channel audio debalancer and switchable +4dB or -10dB level optimiser, specifically designed to handle the critical task of converting pro audio balanced outputs to unbalanced signals.
With so many different consumer products in today’s ‘BYOD’ environment, you need to be prepared with the right equipment on hand to silently interface with unbalanced +4dB line level signal paths or the -10dB unbalanced inputs of low operating level professional and consumer electronics, says ARX. The Ultra deBalancer interface offers a straightforward solution with industry standard female amphenol XLR Inputs and transformer isolated and de-balanced 6.5mm jack, RCA and 3.5mm jack outputs to cover all plug types.
As part of the ARX Audibox range of audio interfaces, the Ultra deBalancer features transformer ground isolation providing low-noise operation suitable for most applications whilse preventing ground loops and other extraneous noise. The Ultra deBalancer is a totally passive device with no power requirements. The heavy duty all-steel chassis of the Ultra deBalancer is finished in matt textured blue powdercoat, with hardwearing epoxy screen printing and a large slip resistant rubber pad underneath.

leaLEA Cloud platform helps integrators transition
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

USA - The past 12 months challenged the AV industry in new ways, particularly when it came to sustaining and supporting partners and customers. LEA Professional saw the difficulties faced by system integrators and worked to connect with them and support their business through the use of cloud technology. Now, with the benefits of the cloud firmly embedded in the minds of industry stakeholders, LEA Professional expects there is no going back.
“Integrators have been able to navigate the ever-changing environment by capitalising on proven, robust cloud technology from global leaders, such as Amazon Web Services, to provide continued support for customers and partners. It’s made it easy for integrators to help customers through various work-from-home situations and to navigate social distancing and other health protocols,” said Blake Augsburger, founder and CEO LEA Professional.
“The advantages of cloud technology have been reinforced in the minds of system integrators over the course of the last few months, and now we’re at this critical moment where cloud technology has gone from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’ for the future of the industry - the next generation of system integrators won’t know life without the cloud.”
LEA Professional is one of the first in the industry to create a cloud platform that allows complete control and monitoring functionality. This provides systems integrators with powerful, reliable and secure remote monitoring and control capabilities across their entire line-up of IoT-enabled amplifiers. The clo

mwcc-studio-5Audient puts audio centre stage at MWCC
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

USA - Department chair John Little has noticed a change in Media Arts & Technology degree programme applicants at Mount Wachusett Community College since its studio rebuild. “We are a small community college whose student body mostly commutes to campus from within 20 miles. Website photos from the renovations are now drawing audio students from hundreds of miles away, some of whom rent apartments so they can train here.”
Five years on, the college is still enjoying the fruits of its Media Arts & Technology facility upgrade, which included a rebuild of five audio control rooms. Little commented on the new ASP8024 at the time: “We’re especially happy with the Audient console we put in Studio 5,” and he stands by his statement today. “I chose it before I knew how many colleges around the world use them. I insisted on an actual console with real audio paths over a controller. This one has the feel of a large format desk, yet is elementary enough for students to embrace quickly.”
MWCC’s Studio 5 features an 80 input Audient ASP8024 with Dual Layer Control. Recording is handled with a ProTools HDX system running 32 analogue channels of Avid HD/IO and 32 channels of Dante via Focusrite Rednet. The room is also networked to the Avid NEXIS E4 storage server. Additional software includes Waves, Izotope, and Lexicon plug ins. This ProTools system is equipped with Avid Video Satellite, patched to an Avid Media Composer Video edit system, which provides synchronizing to full HD quality video for Foley work and mixing to motion picture.

empower-1DWR assists Empower Church with pro audio
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

South Africa - The Covid-19 restrictions on houses of worship in South Africa has seen many churches move to on-line services and upping their skills to deliver a professional broadcast. Empower Church in Pretoria recently invested in a Waves LV1 System with the addition of Audix ADX51 for crowd microphones, and along with their vibrant in-house audio engineer, Kgosi Rankhumise, a positive result has been achieved for those watching the service from home.
“Over a year ago, the church took a big leap forward in upgrading their existing audio system with the purchase of a DiGiCo SD12,” explained Jaco Beukes of DWR Distribution. “They have really enjoyed the console and what it offers the engineers at Empower Church. We also supplied L-Acoustics loudspeakers comprising of six X8 front-fills, two X8 monitors and three Kiva delay speakers installed with amps. This combined with the existing PA system has proven to be a tremendous upgrade and help achieve better audience coverage across the venue.
“In regard to the delay boxes, the audio had never been able to reach the audience sitting in the back corners. The Kiva has done exactly what it was designed to do. The units are hung on rotating brackets, designed by DWR, which enables the speakers to be pointed in a certain direction. They are covering a large majority of the area.”
Empower Church has been broadcasting their services for a while now, but really jumped into the full swing of things with the Covid-19 lockdown.
“Before the Waves upgrade we would send audio from FOH, standard le

mgg-tamsyn-strydomMGG supports TUT’s alternative programme
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

South Africa - It’s a new season for the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in Pretoria who rode the Covid-19 wave and have turned their Performing Arts Diploma curriculum upside down with a different approach. The students are currently working alongside technical supply company MGG, to host a virtual stage, which will also be recorded for external examiners.
“We are very excited to announce that all previous departments that worked within the Performing Arts have now merged into one Department of Performing Arts (DPA),” comments Janine Lewis, professor and HOD at TUT. “The six programmes we had before are being phased out while first-year students will now follow the new multi-disciplinary Diploma in Performing Arts and then go into a discipline stream of speciality where they can focus on Dance, TAD (Theatre, Art & Design which includes performance and technical), or Music incorporating opera and jazz.”
While students may know what they want to specialise in, the first year sees them all participating in the same classes. While technicians learn what it’s like to be a performer, performers gain an understanding of lighting and know where to stand on a stage, and how to sew on a button if need be! More importantly, the various departments now collaborate and work together instead of running as separate entities.
Part of the shift was initiated by the Covid-19 pandemic. “2020 was the best year and also the worst year,” says Hardus Koekemoer, a technical lecturer. “It was the best year as we discovered all the technologies

facade-nightimeYamaha enhances Grand Plaza Mövenpick
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

UAE - Located next to Dubai’s Media and Internet City hub, the Grand Plaza Mövenpick Media City hotel features 235 rooms and suites, five restaurants/bars, a 1150m2 convention centre (including 800m2 Grand Ballroom), meeting rooms, rooftop lounge, gym, spa and swimming pool.
Systems integrator Telematics was asked to install audio systems in the Grand Ballroom, spa/gym and five meeting rooms, delivering audio to match the hotel’s facilities and décor. Supplied by Thomsun Trading, the sound of the VXC series ceiling speakers was one of the reasons for choosing a Yamaha solution.
The Grand Ballroom is mainly used for corporate events and weddings. For maximum flexibility, it can be divided into two or three smaller spaces, so an adaptable audio system was needed. Here, 22 VXC8 ceiling speakers were installed - in two groups of eight and one of six for the three zones - powered by three XMV4280 amplifiers. An MRX7-D signal processor was installed to manage the system, with an MY8-ADDA96 interface card, plus EXI8 and EXO8 input/output expanders. A DCP4V4S surface-mount panel was installed to help staff easily control the system.
In the spa, a total of 10 VXC8 and five VXC6 ceiling speakers were installed in the treatment rooms, changing rooms, reception and corridors, with DCP4V4S and DCP1V4S control panels.
More robust audio levels were needed in the gym, so here four VXS8 surface mount speakers and two DXS15mkII 15” powered subwoofers were installed, with another DCP4V4S control panel. Three more XMV4280 amplifiers were used to drive th

powersoftPowersoft enhances Parc Optimiste with Deva
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Canada - Beside the St Lawrence river in Montreal, the Parc Optimiste boasts expansive grounds for recreational activities or outdoor sports. The park also supports the local community in Sainte-Catherine by providing a wide range of events. In light of this, it needed a public address and entertainment system that could further support the community.
The city’s head of events, Nicolas G. Bouchard, wanted to introduce a permanent solution towards the park’s audio needs that could provide audio and public support for any events that take place on the grounds. This was partly inspired by the positive response from local residents to the park’s Halloween 2020 theme, in which lighting and decorations were placed along the park’s walkway. Without an audio system, the city was unable to provide music to go with the theme, and the need for enhancing the park with audio equipment was highlighted.
Montreal based audio installer, XYZ Technologies, won the contract to implement an audio system that could meet the needs of the park and community. For this purpose, Bouchard chose Powersoft’s multimedia public address and entertainment system, Deva.
“We needed a reliable product that had the durability to withstand the environment, with the park being next to the river,” said Bouchard. “Powersoft’s Deva, its Audio model more specifically, met all requirements: a robust product with a user-friendly software and the capacity to be both an entertainment system and a public safety one. It’s perfect for any event on the grounds, in appearance, fl

atomic-beerMartin Audio turns Atomic in Sydney
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Australia - The Atomic Beer Project is a new microbrewery concept that debuted recently in the inner-Sydney suburb of Redfern. Its hoppy beers provide a complement to the pan-Asian cuisine that the operation specialises in.
Although owners, Gage Roads Brew Co., hail from Western Australia, this is their first bricks and mortar incarnation. In addition to the Craft beers, also helping to draw in patrons - and keep them there - is a potent sound system from Martin Audio.
Music is a core part of the concept, according to Atomic Brand lead, Clint O’Hanlon. “We have started sponsoring FBI radio, which is a youth radio network just down the street from us, and we’ll be hosting their DJs here,” he promises.
One thing the Atomic team were unequivocal about was that there would be no compromise on sound. They chose Martin Audio loudspeakers, having had “excellent experiences” with the brand on other projects. These were installed by Sydney-based Beyond Audio Visual.
The distributed audio system relies on a plethora of smaller loudspeakers and companion subwoofers to deliver an all-encompassing music experience, which never impinges on customer comfort, but simply adds to the experience. This is a real accomplishment in a venue with so many hard, reflective surfaces.
All this has been achieved by deploying eight Martin Audio Blackline X8 (8-inch 2-way) enclosures, complemented by 10 Martin Audio SX110 (1 x 10-inch) for the low frequencies, and 18 Martin Audio Adorn A55 for in-fills and ancillary areas.
“The importance of ambie

aedaudiosamvincent-loCC in sales team partnership with AED Audio
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

UK - Collaborative Creations (CC) has announced its sales team partnership with AED Audio in the UK.
CC founder and director, West End associate sound designer, Sam Vincent, confirms, “AED Audio has come up with a brilliant product offering in the Flex and Solid Series speakers. Incredibly versatile, they suit a wide range of applications and the 15" Front Loaded Solid15 sub has an impressive low range for a sub of its size.
“It’s the accessories for the range, however, that represent the biggest step forward I have seen in a long time. As a system it’s very user friendly at every level, whether for a single install or for multi-application use, for example, in a multipurpose or multi-format venue, or for a hire company.”
A division of the AED group, the AED Audio product range is inspired directly by the needs of AV production hire companies with which it works closely on an everyday basis.
AED Audio’s all-in-one range comprises the Flex Series of full range cabinets and the Solid Series of sub bass units. The two series combine as a point source system, can be arranged as a compact line array flown with up to 16 boxes, and even used as a column array.

ssl-at-algam-entreprisesrgAlgam appointed SSL distributor for France
Tuesday, 13 April 2021

France - Solid State Logic has appointed Algam, distributor of professional audio products in France and Maghreb regions, as their sole distributor for sales and support across all four of SSL’s vertical markets of broadcast, live, studio and audio creation.
For over 30 years Solid State Logic has provided sales and support services via their own subsidiary, SSL France, under the leadership of, Philippe Guerinet. SSL France has been responsible for the growth of SSL Live, System T broadcast and large-format studio consoles in the region and in recent years, the increasing range of ‘ACP’ audio creation products, including USB recording interfaces, high-performance small-scale mixers and hybrid production tools; Fusion and UF8.
Philippe Guerinet, director of international sales comments: “We were looking for a new structure capable of supporting further growth in ACP whilst continuing the success of SSL’s large-format consoles. We had to find a solution where new and existing customers would get the best support possible, for all our verticals. Partnering with Algam, who have both their Audia and Algam Entreprises arms of the business is a fantastic opportunity.”
Algam Entreprises, headed by Didier Perez, offers extensive experience in supporting professional audio products, and under the new agreement will present customers with integrated solutions utilising SSL’s AoIP technologies and interoperability between live and broadcast platforms.
Didier Perez, director commercial, Algam Entreprises states: “We are delighted to take S

parkdniproDAS Audio reinforces Skver Park in Ukraine
Monday, 12 April 2021

Ukraine - Located on the Dnieper River in central-eastern Ukraine and with a population of almost a million, Dnipro is a dynamic and lively city, home to endless parks and green areas lining the river. It is also one of the country's major hubs for high tech, education, machine building, metallurgy, and trade.
The city opened its Prebrezhniy Skver Park in September 2019 and chose DAS Audio to supply the sound systems for this new green area with large spaces almost completely exposed to the weather.
Indigo Music, DAS Audio's distributor and installer of audiovisual solutions in Ukraine, commented that, "We needed to offer a solution that was 100% resistant to the different environmental conditions and that could also cover large spaces while delivering maximum intelligibility for both music and spoken messages.”
The park offers an audiovisual laser light show paired with music to create a host of different experiences. Indigo Music equipped the park with DAS Audio's Bidriver-Plus-T, a line of IP-54-certified systems that are designed to withstand the elements.


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