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disguiseLatest disguise optimised for faster working
Wednesday, 1 July 2020

UK - disguise takes on the new ‘normal’ with the launch of r17.3, its latest software release that delivers an improved workflow for enhanced efficiency and successful completion of projects post-lockdown. New features include Indirections, Multi-layer Editing, Object Assignment Hotkeys, Crossfaded Loop Section Mode as well as a number of improvements and bug fixes to further streamline the user experience.
Headlining the release is the introduction of ‘Indirections’, which gives all new flexibility to change keyframe objects. Users can now quickly and easily change keyframe objects such as mappings, video clips, textures and configurations remotely via third-party protocols such as OSC, DMX or a dedicated API. This functionality unlocks new workflows for esports, making changes to the visual experience in response to gameplay, for example, to spotlight who is leading the match at any given time.
The new ‘Multi-layer Editing’ feature, allows users to edit multiple layers quickly, saving time sequencing and simplifying workflows by assigning common parameter values across layers. The ability to select multiple layers and keyframe values to layers simultaneously allows users to respond to feedback fast, and ensure time onsite is maximised.
According to Wyatt Bartel, senior technical director at Lux Machina who had early access to the software: “There’s never a time I'm not trying to select two things at the same time. The new release should help end on-site frustration and build better relationships with directors. It also has real-wor

brightonFunktion-One backs United We Stream Brighton
Wednesday, 1 July 2020

UK - A movement that started in Berlin during lockdown has now spread to 65 cities across the world.
United We Stream Brighton (UWSB) launched on 18 June with a programme of live performances to raise funds for Brighton's night time economy, which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Loudspeaker manufacturer Funktion-One is partnering with the initiative, supplying its new F5 / SB8 sound system for in the room playback.
United We Stream was founded in Berlin to support clubs, artists and event organisers drastically affected by lockdown, through livestreaming from an empty venue direct into people’s homes. The idea of the ‘living room rave’ has captured imaginations around the globe, spreading to 65 cities across every continent. While the streams are free, those tuning in are encouraged to make donations - so far raising over a million euros for worthy causes.
When UWSB founding partner Brighton Music Conference (BMC) approached Funktion-One about lending its support, the audio pioneers were keen to get involved.
Funktion-One’s Ann Andrews said: “We’ve got a great relationship with the BMC guys and have been involved in their conference for a number of years. They’re very passionate about club culture and the electronic music community, so it’s natural that they’re flying the flag for Brighton. We’re very happy to be involved.”
The Funktion-One F5 speaker and SB8 bass unit, launched earlier this year, is the loudspeaker manufacturer’s smallest ever system. While ultracompact in size, it boasts the same p

copenhagenCoda Audio up on the roof in Copenhagen
Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Denmark - Production specialists DPA Soundco took Coda Audio to new heights for 24-hour live stream concert Covidhagen, which took place on the flat roof of Copenhagen’s famed Opera House.
Experienced audio engineer Ally Kerslake was the project manager for this ambitious event. Dealing with more than 50 acts, some with multiple personnel, would be a tall order on any stage - to present them seamlessly for twenty four hours on a roof accessed via a small elevator and an even smaller stairway was something of a challenge.
Kerslake comments: “This was only the second time an event had been staged on the Opera House roof. The first was a Red Bull diving event in 2018 where we supplied an audio solution, so having been chosen again, we knew the kinds of challenges we’d face. Safety was a key concern, both in terms of COVID-19 and the access issues.”
The fact that the audience for the event would be at home rather than on the Opera House roof, meant that there was no requirement for a traditional main PA. Instead, the need for an extremely solid monitor solution was Kerslake’s top priority.
“The stage was situated on the centre roof section of the Opera House,” continues Kerslake. “It was effectively a blank canvass in terms of planning, because there had never been a concert style production up there. We knew there wouldn’t be a stage roof because of building regulations and no chance of a usual monitor mixing position.”
The consoles for monitoring and broadcasting were located three floors below inside the main bu

atwirelessmanager1Audio-Technica updates Wireless Manager
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Europe - Audio-Technica has released the Version 1.1.1 update of its Wireless Manager software, available for immediate download. Wireless Manager is a Mac OS/Windows application for remote configuration, control, monitoring, spectrum management and frequency coordination of compatible Audio-Technica wireless devices. For those customers who have Wireless Manager previously installed the software will be automatically updated.
Updated features in Version 1.1.1 include improved usability, layout and control, enhanced scrolling capability, improved visibility of all frequency coordinated devices, updated and expanded channel list reports, upgraded user tools and minor bug fixes. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10; macOS High Sierra (Version 10.13), macOS Mojave (Version 10.14).
Audio-Technica Wireless Manager software is compatible with all wireless devices operating in the UHF spectrum. When used with Audio-Technica 5000 Series and 3000 Series wireless systems with network control and monitoring, the software can coordinate and control all connected systems. The software can also interface with and monitor the latest 3000 Series networked chargers.
The updated Wireless Manager software is available for download from the Audio-Technica website.

genelecGenelec in law firm office refit
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Finland - Helsinki law firm Castrén & Snellman is a pioneer of sustainable business practice in the legal services industry and was the first Finnish law firm to join the UN Global Compact initiative.
The company recently carried out an extensive renovation of their client areas and staff workspaces, with the goal of taking the 130-year old law firm to the next level. Castrén & Snellman turned to Finnish AV integrator, 4Business Oy, who specialise in delivering tailored AV and automation systems. The solution integrated a large number of Genelec loudspeakers throughout the building.
“Genelec was simply an ideal choice for this project,” states 4Business COO Janne Lankinen. “On top of Genelec’s product quality, visual appearance and neutral sound reproduction, the company’s values and commitment to sustainable development fit beautifully into the original brief. Our aim was to modernise Castrén & Snellman’s activity–based office, including lobby areas, meeting rooms, conference rooms and training facility, with the requirement that the technology solutions would be as reliable and future proof as possible.
“Genelec products are a perfect match for the customer’s high quality standards, and their product lifecycle is the longest in the industry. Thanks to their sophisticated design and smart in-room calibration capabilities, Genelec products also reproduce the human voice very naturally, which makes them an excellent choice for video conferencing and speech reproduction systems.”
4Business installed a wide va

aquaAqua Oxford Circus refreshed with Martin Audio
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

UK - Located on the top floor of the former Dickins & Jones department store at Oxford Circus in London, Aqua is a combination of the Japanese Aqua Kyoto sushi restaurant and Aqua Nueva contemporary Spanish restaurant. Set on a vast 17,000sq.ft space, it also includes a large central bar and balcony/terrace bar.
Opened more than a decade ago by Hong Kong-based Aqua Restaurant Group, it recently underwent a design metamorphosis, which included an upgraded Martin Audio sound system, while still retaining its distinct nightclub flavour.
Having carried out maintenance work there previously, Evolve Install, in the shape of partners Elliot Patterson and Robert Stemson, were alerted to the imminent refurbishment. They began talks with the management last April / May, budgets were discussed, and the decision was taken to keep the sound system under the Martin Audio umbrella.
Patterson recalls that the venue previously broadcast its sound through Martin Audio’s Wavefront Theatre WTUB under-balcony speakers and former AQ architectural range, which had served a long duty cycle.
“While the under-balcony speakers were fine, and still worked well, the client wanted a fresher look and more modern speaker,” he said. “The venue also had two AQ210 [subwoofers] originally, but one disappeared because of positioning problems, and the remaining one was never sufficient for the size of the room.”
With the redistribution of the space - and removal of the sushi workstation - Elliot’s team had the chance to be creative.
They also focused he

shuretilergbShure launches interactive tech portal
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Europe - Shure is introducing the new Shure Tech Portal, an interactive technical resource library developed for systems integrators, dealers, audio engineers, service providers, consultants, and other professional and technically-minded users.
The portal provides fast and direct access to complete product and technical information, document downloads, and resources to support the specification, design, deployment and operation of Shure products across all markets and applications.
The Shure Tech Portal is an intuitive, fully searchable online platform that offers professional users streamlined access to comprehensive Shure product information. With a complete document library for each product, key specifications, global SKU and variant information, software and firmware downloads, imagery, FAQs, and more, Tech Portal users can get all the information they need, all in one place.
As soon as a new product is released, changed, or upgraded, the latest information is available in the portal to be used for bids, training, and support. Users can find information for all Shure product categories and product lines, from microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear monitors, conferencing systems and DSPs, to earphones and headphones, and more.
In addition to sales and technical resource downloads for new, current, and discontinued Shure products and systems, the portal allows users to create their own customised documents and export information directly from the portal. It further features a product comparison tool, a software and firmware archive

12stepMusic Support’s 12 Step recovery support continues
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

UK - Music Support continues to hold weekly online support group meetings to allow the music industry’s 12 Step recovery community to continue to connect during these challenging times, with numbers of attendees growing weekly. Meetings take place every Monday 18:00-19:00 GMT throughout the summer, providing a confidential and non-judgemental space for people to share and encourage one another on the journey of recovery.
“We’re pioneering a change of culture within the industry that suggests another lifestyle is possible within it and as beacons of that, we host a weekly online support group meeting for those in our business who are members of any 12 step fellowship,” says the team behind Music Support.
“We acknowledge that although each fellowship uses different words, they speak the same language of hope – and that’s why now more than ever, it is imperative for people who work a program of recovery to come together to share their experience, strength and hope with others. This is not a 12-step meeting. Meetings are for support and encouragement, medical/psychological advice will not be given. “
To receive personalised login instructions, please email: with the subject ‘12 Step Support Group Meetings’. All data remains confidential.
Find out more HERE.

nugenuniTeaching loudness with Nugen in York
Monday, 29 June 2020

UK - An important part of The University of York’s Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media’s curriculum focuses on audio recording and delivery. To teach students in its audio programmes about loudness compliance and metering, the school relies on Nugen Audio’s VisLM plug-in.
“We first heard about Nugen from a commercial client who requested the VisLM software,” says Richard Sykes, technical officer, University of York. “We purchased a copy so they could use it when they came in to mix in our studios. We were immediately impressed with the software and have since incorporated it into the curriculum for our film, television and sound production programmes.
“The placement of the graphics makes long-form work a lot easier, which is especially important for students to properly understand what’s going on,” adds Sykes. “When you are jumping in and out of various sections, being able to see which bits have problems from the very start is incredibly helpful. VisLM makes it possible for students who are just starting out to understand how loudness works, using the software to quickly identify what’s too loud or too quiet. It’s been really useful for us. We have VisLM on all of our workstations now; a total of about one hundred machines.”
Sykes also finds VisLM’s time-code features to be particularly helpful. “I really like the fact that it provides time-codes of the loudness problem,” he says. “VisLM allows us to update loudness for specific sections. So, when we make changes, we don't have to play the

the-gardenCentral Vietnam resort installs JBL systems
Monday, 29 June 2020

Vietnam - At the Hoiana Suncity gaming and entertainment venue, VISCO Joint Stock and ihD has deployed Harman Professional audio-visual (AV) and background music (BGM) solutions.
Hoiana is the first beachfront integrated resort in Central Vietnam. The resort consists of entertainment and gaming facilities, an 18-hole golf course; and hotel facilities.
"The client wanted the latest hi-tech audio-visual, background music, lighting solutions and LED video walls to enliven its gaming and entertainment venues. One of the challenges that we faced was that we began the project with 50 percent of architectural drawings, while the rest of the design was put in place as the establishment was being built," said David Chua, general director, VISCO Joint Stock. "We used HiQnet Audio Architect Software for programming and configuring all of Harman’s audio systems. Integrating a multitude of the AV and lighting equipment made this project an exciting challenge."
The BGM system in the casino and food & beverage areas consists primarily of JBL Control Series speakers. To remove resonances and deliver lower bass response, the Control 300 Series speakers were fitted with JBL MTC-300BB8 Backcans and JBL MTC-300BB12 Backboxes. JBL MTC-300RG8 and MTC-300SG12 scratch-resistant square grilles were added to the speakers.
Mot Hai Bar, the stage bar setup at Hoiana Suncity features JBL AM5215/64 2-Way, full-range loudspeakers, which are weather-resistant and feature a Progressive Transition Waveguide for excellent pattern control. The JBL ASB7118 ultra-long excur

l-acousticsL-Acoustics reinforces Charlotte mega-church
Monday, 29 June 2020

USA - St. Matthew Catholic Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers 100-plus active ministries and is distinguished as the Catholic church with the largest congregation in the United States.
In 1996, to accommodate its large and growing membership, the church dedicated a 2,200-seat, fan-shaped worship space that presently hosts at least eight services each week. Although St. Matthew updated its sanctuary sound system in 2012 with a newer loudspeaker setup based on an exploded cluster design, in recent years, that system suffered from clarity and reliability issues, and ultimately succumbed to a lightning strike late last year.
The church’s production team had already been in talks with SES Integration of nearby Concord to design a retrofit PA system that would provide improved intelligibility, coverage and dependability. As the integration division of Winston-Salem-based touring sound provider Special Event Services, which reinforces road treks for top artists like Luke Combs with its L-Acoustics K1/K2 arrays, SES Integration quickly zeroed in on the manufacturer’s compact Kiva II enclosure as the right choice for the Ballantyne neighbourhood Roman Catholic church.
“Size, weight and performance were the big ‘wins’ for Kiva II,” says SES Integration Director Trey Blair, who notes that houses of worship make up 85 percent of the long-time L-Acoustics certified provider’s business. “Since we would be hanging arrays from the church’s wooden roof structure, we required a lightweight solution that gave us excellent vertical pattern co

isi-from-nammStudiomaster aligns with ISI in the US
Monday, 29 June 2020

UK/USA - Studiomaster has appointed Italian Speaker Imports (ISI) as its exclusive authorised US distributor. Formed in 2014, the New York State headquartered company boats a roster of brands that includes FBT, JTS and Bespeco.
In a deal cemented at this year’s NAMM show, ISI adds the British PA company and its ranges of audio mixing consoles, amplifier products and loudspeakers to its existing portfolio.
ISI’s owner and president, John Krupa, states, “The partnership represents the combination of high-quality products and outstanding service and integrity. A significant aspect of ISI’s mission is to work with premium global brands in the audio industry and bring outstanding quality products to the U.S. market. Studiomaster offers superior products that are held to the highest standards of quality control, resulting in a range of sound mixers, amplifiers, and loudspeakers that are highly competitive, including with brands typically offered at a higher price point.” Studiomaster general manager Patrick Almond adds, “We are thrilled that ISI is our exclusive distributor in the US. It is a partnership in which our respective company values are totally aligned.
“John Krupa and his team are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, and his team includes several partners with previous involvement with and extensive knowledge of the Studiomaster brand, making the partnership an obvious one. We are confident that this deal will bring the brand back into prominence in the US market.”
With the world going into lockdown

alcons-audio-press-release-alcons-pro-ribbon-solution-pleases-richard-van-dorland-ear-for-detailRichard van Dorland relies on Alcons
Friday, 26 June 2020

The Netherlands - With over 30 years’ experience of mixing live music and theatre, Richard van Dorland is a Dutch sound engineer with a musical heart. Working with artists who mix acoustic and electric instruments to craft songs with a high level of dynamics, he sees himself as an extension of the musicians and their performance. His investment in an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system has ensured that audiences enjoy every detail of the sound.
“I pride myself on having an ear for detail,” he says. “I give every musician the attention they need, creating space for their instrument and the ensemble sound. Each instrument gets its own place in the acoustic image, creating a clear balance to give the listener an open, transparent experience.”
Richard is well known in the Netherlands for his work with various national and international artists, including renowned Dutch singer and musician Hildegard Mandos & Friends, who incorporates influences of jazz, bossanova, soul, African, South American and pop in her music. With music that covers such a wide spectrum, there are many dynamic elements in the performances, so a PA system which could handle all of these aspects was crucial. Other requirements were a very controlled directivity and with exceptional gain before feedback qualities.
Richard invested in an Alcons Audio pro-ribbon system, comprising six LR7 micro line array, with 6.5” woofer and RBN410 4” pro-ribbon driver, and two of Alcons’ new BF121 compact 12” subwoofers, powered and controlled by a Sentinel10 4-channel amplified louds

amsterdamRapping it up in Amsterdam restaurants
Friday, 26 June 2020

The Netherlands - Restaurants in Amsterdam recently began to re-open their outdoor spaces, and in an effort to enrich the customer dining experience, AVL Rent teamed up with food wholesaler Bid Food and popular Dutch rapper Lange Frans to stage a day of performances at six popular eateries.
Lange Frans’s whistle-stop tour involved arriving at each venue by car, performing two or three songs, taking a bow and moving on to the next assignment.
Wouter Ruijiter, owner of AVL Rent, explains: “Times are very tough right now, but from the start of lockdown we kept our minds open to every possibility, thinking of ways we could operate safely within the restrictions. People love live entertainment and their appetite for it was only going to increase during this crisis. As soon as certain restrictions began to be lifted, it was clear we could do something on a small scale that would help people feel like they were getting back to normal. The fact that Lange Frans is very well known in The Netherlands added a lot of value too!”
AVL’s and Bid Food’s mobile rapper concept was based around a car, a generator, a mixing desk and a Pioneer Pro Audio XY-Series PA system. The execution of the project was the definition of adaptability. By carrying a small but high-powered, high quality system, Wouter was able to set things up in minutes.
Mixing on a console strategically placed in the luggage compartment of his SUV, Wouter used a pair of Pioneer Pro Audio XY-122 two-way, full range 12-inch loudspeakers driven by a Powersoft X4 amplifier, delivering all

powersoftPowersoft gains EU alarm certification
Thursday, 25 June 2020

Europe - Powersoft reports it has gained certification for its amplifiers to be used in Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) systems according to the European EN 54-16 requirements.
The EN 54-16 certification describes the required testing and performance criteria for a Voice Alarm Control and Indication Equipment (VACIE) for use in alarm systems installed in buildings, where the alarm signal is in the form of a tone, or voice message, or both. The certification now covers the extended range of Powersoft’s fixed install dedicated amplifiers, including the Ottocanali, Quattrocanali, Duecanali, as well as the X Series.
The importance of PAVA systems is widely recognised as an effective way to produce a timely reaction in most people when using voice guidance in emergency situations as opposed to the response to text and alarm bell information, which under half of individuals respond affectively to. The use of clear vocal messages has been shown to greatly increase the response time and provide opportunity to guide occupants to the safest escape route.
With the new certification, businesses can now invest in amplifiers not only as part of an entertainment system, but also as a voice alarm system - such as one used in the event of an emergency or fire. As a result of the certification, Powersoft amplifiers now offer a solution for voice alarm system integration in the EU. Integrators, consultants and end users can now benefit from Powersoft’s range of amplifiers not only in an entertainment capacity, but also for security and safety purposes.

800degrees08Yamaha keeps customers cool at 800° Degrees
Thursday, 25 June 2020

Japan - Founded in Los Angeles in 2012, 800º Degrees Woodfired Kitchen boasts eight outlets across the US, two in the Middle East and three in Japan. The latest, at the Tokyo International Forum, features a Yamaha background music system.
The first 800º Degrees restaurant in Japan opened at Tokyo’s Shinjuku City, followed by one in nearby Minami Aoyama. The latest is in the heart of the city’s Marunouchi business district, with seats for 100 diners and a VIP room for 10 people.
“While maintaining the core Californian brand and taste, we have a dedicated concept for each restaurant, with a specially-designed interior and menu in each location,” says Mr Kazuma Suzuki, general manager of the market development department of Lumine Co, the Japanese retail developer which has brought the 800º Degrees brand to Japan.
“The new restaurant is relatively large for this busy office district and we wanted to offer a stylish, cosmopolitan lounge space for businessmen and women in Marunouchi. We also offer a deli box and bakery takeaway service.”
Mr Suzuki recognised how the sound within a space is essential to creating an enjoyable atmosphere and customer experience, so a high quality audio system was an essential factor in the concept for 800º Degrees. Lumine contracted Mr Kohji Fujita, space planner at Hiranya Access Co, to design the audio system. He chose a Yamaha solution, thanks to its “combination of flexibility, audio quality and coverage”.
“The pizza kiln is at the centre of the restaurant, so I designed the system to c

cctvfullipmobilesetupCCTV installs Lawo-based mobile studio
Thursday, 25 June 2020

China - State broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) has installed China’s first full IP video mobile system for video production. This premiere mobile studio project uses the Lawo V__matrix software-defined IP-routing, processing and multi-viewing platform as its core technology infrastructure.
CCTV, in conjunction with Lawo China and video partner Acro-bright, worked in cooperation with China’s large regional system integrator, Beijing Yutian, to achieve this success, the latest in a number of joint Lawo / CCTV installations which include HD / UHD OB vans, audio SCRs, and studios in CCTV’s Beijing headquarters.
The UHD 4k designed mobile studio installation, originally planned to play a central role during the Summer Games 2020 broadcasts from Tokyo, began construction in January 2019 under the supervision of the CCTV Production Department. The project’s multiviewer design is based on three Lawo V__matrix systems using 19 C-100 core processing modules and 19 Virtual-Module installations of the Lawo vm-dmv, the world’s first infinitely expandable true IP multiviewer.
The overall installation integrates 12 Sony UHD camera channels and one EVS. The IP network is of a spine-leaf topology employing Huawei switches for the infrastructure backbone, with two CE8850 switches for the redundantly-designed core and four CE6865 switches as leaves. The vision switchers and cameras were purchased from Sony.
“Lawo turned to be not only strong in audio consoles but also in IP video processing,” says a CCTV video engineer. “The success o

production-preparationsNational Theatre of Iceland goes digital
Thursday, 25 June 2020

Iceland - The National Theatre of Iceland has made the leap to digital with Sennheiser. Reykjavik’s premier arts venue regularly attracts large audiences who expect the very highest quality every time the curtain raises. When it was time to update the venue’s audio equipment, Sennheiser’s Digital 6000 wireless microphone system - including the SK 6212 mini-bodypack transmitter - was the choice for Kristinn Gauti Einarsson, head of sound at the theatre.
With three different shows every day and more than 10 premieres each year across its five stages, the National Theatre is operated with a leaner team and budget than most national theatres.
Einarsson shares the secret behind their success: he has worked with the same musical composer, set designer and director for six years. “It’s so amazing to start new, great shows with the same team. Our collaboration and coordination get better all the time,” says Einarsson. “We are successful because 90% of the job is communication - and good communication makes good shows.” This trust and relationship extend to the equipment as well: “Our theatre has used Sennheiser in the past and their products have been rock-solid.”
When making the switch to digital, the National Theatre chose to invest in a future with Sennheiser, acquiring a 32-channel Digital 6000 wireless microphone system with Sennheiser SK 6212 mini-bodypack transmitters.
Einarsson praises the combination of performance and simplicity that the Sennheiser system delivers: “We sometimes have three different shows per day, so e

plasawemakeeventsPLASA launches #WeMakeEvents to support the industry
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

UK - PLASA has launched #WeMakeEvents, a new campaign with the aim of amplifying the industry’s voice and gaining meaningful Government support. Central to the campaign is a video highlighting the vital role of supply chain companies along with the freelance community and the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic upon the live events sector.
PLASA is calling for people from across the industry to share the video across social media to give much needed exposure to the supply chain to events including production and rental companies, manufacturers and freelancers, to raise awareness of the need for longer term financial support.
In addition to sharing the video, PLASA has published two infographics illustrating the complexity of the live events supply chain and the typical arena show – which requires an average of 443 professionals spanning design, planning, preparation, warehousing, and venue staff. The graphics also show how valuable the sector is, collectively delivering £100 billion to the UK economy.
PLASA also encourages everyone to add their name to the campaign, and to send a letter to their local MP using the customisable letter samples which were created by a collective of PLASA, ABTT, PSA, SOLT and UK Theatre – details of which can be found here.
PLASA’s managing director Peter Heath comments: “We all know that the events industry has been devastated due to Covid-19, and we expect that the road to recovery will be a

connectseriesleaprofessionalLEA Professional targets small-scale installs
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

USA - LEA Professional has announced that its 160W and 80W Connect Series amplifiers are now shipping globally.
The eight low-power models of IoT-enabled professional amplifiers provide system designers and integrators simple and cost-effective solutions for professional-grade, small-scale system installations, says the company.
The new models consist of the Connect Series CS84, CS88, CS164, and CS168 in both Network and Dante. All eight of the Connect Series low-power models are built with fully-routable analogue input/outputs, as well as three network connection options: using the built-in Wi-Fi Access Point, connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, or using a Local Area Network Ethernet connection. Once connected to a network, integrators have access to LEA’s new cloud platform, for remote control and monitoring.
“We’ve already seen tremendous success with our higher power Connect Series models in the market. But the demand for our 80W and 160W models was clear from the beginning,” comments Blake Augsburger, founder and CEO of LEA Professional. “Now that these units are shipping, we’re excited to see LEA product fulfilling the needs of integrators in smaller-scale settings. And with the recent release of our Cloud platform, now integrators can really offer their clients a truly differentiated amplifier experience.”
“LEA Professional Connect Series facilitate remote configuration, monitoring and system control which enables integrators to support their customers with services that previously required rol

amp-203Audac debuts Dante mini stereo amplifier
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Belgium - Audac has announced the release of the AMP203 mini stereo amplifier. The unit features network input through Dante or AES67 providing a complete media networking solution to distribute uncompressed audio via standard Ethernet networks with near-zero latency, while allowing all other data to be connected on the same network.
Various DSP functionalities are implemented in the AMP203. This allows all configurations to be made in Audac Touch 2 or via RS485 and Ethernet, making it a true 2 x 30W amplifier. The output connector has been implemented using a 4-pin terminal block connector, featuring an output power of 30W per channel and 60W when bridged.
The AMP203’s brand new TouchLink technology ‘provides the perfect solution to create virtual zones by linking multiple TouchLink compatible devices such as the AMP203 with each other’. In Audac Touch 2 you can select the devices or amplifier channels that should react to the user as one zone. To make the installation even easier, a PoE injector can be used. This way the AMP203 is connected and powered using only one Cat cable.
Once connected to the network, Audac Touch 2 will automatically discover your new device and allows you to get a complete overview of your entire installation, says the manufacturer.
Thanks to the digital signal transfer, crosstalk, interference from other electrical equipment or signal degradation over long cable runs don’t harm the audio signal. This way the best possible audio quality is guaranteed. In addition, Dante systems are highly scalable, installat

williamsAmpetronic and Williams AV extend partnership to US
Wednesday, 24 June 2020

UK/USA - Minnesota-based Williams AV will represent Ampetronic in the USA and Canada for all loop systems and support services from 1 July.
This extends the companies’ strategic partnership into the USA and Canada having first announced a similar relationship for the UK and Europe in April.
Ampetronic MD, Julian Pieters comments: “Ampetronic and Williams AV are long established as global champions for assistive listening, sharing a dedication to meeting the needs of hard of hearing people. This announcement comes at a time when we are seeing rapid growth of the North American and global hearing loop markets along with strong growth in the adoption of all installed hearing assistance.
“We are delighted that Williams AV have chosen Ampetronic’s hearing loop solutions to complement their product range North America, bringing together the leading brands in the assistive listening sector. As well as bringing together strong and complementary product lines, the partnership is built on well-matched philosophies for technical excellence, education and training, and high investment in customer support, ensuring our solutions genuinely benefit service providers and end users.”
Williams AV CEO Rob Sheeley adds: “Ampetronic is the pioneer in hearing loop technology and the world leader in design and manufacturing of these systems.
“Our companies share a combined passion for bringing innovative products to market to help people bet

we-make-eventsPLASA highlights supply chain importance
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

UK - PLASA is gearing up to launch a new video highlighting the vital role that the supply chain and backstage crew play in the production of concert touring, theatre, and live events. It is hoped that the video will shine a light on product manufacturers, production & rental companies, crew, designers, programmers and more – all in vital need of on-going Government support and often overlooked in mainstream media coverage of the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the entertainment industry.
Earlier this month, PLASA released two infographics illustrating how the live events supply chain will be impacted without further government support. The graphics reflect the number of people it takes to deliver just one performance - on average 443 professionals, spanning planning, design, preparation, warehouse and venue staff. Additionally, the graphics show how valuable the sector is, delivering £100 billion to the UK economy - with the freelance community making up around 72% of the workforce.
Set to launch tomorrow (24 June) across PLASA’s website and social media platforms, the video features big industry names keen to help highlight the importance of the supply chain and the need for financial support. Watch this space!

encoshanefinchENCO appoints sales director
Tuesday, 23 June 2020

USA - ENCO, a specialist in automated workflow solutions for radio, television and professional AV systems, has appointed Shane Finch as sales director, effective immediately. Reporting to ENCO president Ken Frommert, Shane will focus on global sales and business development across all markets and product lines, and introduce ENCO’s automated workflow innovations into new business verticals.
Shane comes to ENCO with more than 40 years in the broadcast industry, including 35 years with broadcast groups in the Midwest and Florida, where he currently resides. His experience has mainly focused on radio operations, balancing a mix of on-air personality and director-level management roles throughout his career. He later transitioned into the technology space as vice president, business relations for MusicMaster, ENCO’s longtime music scheduling partner, where he spent seven successful years focused on customer relations and new business development.
“ENCO has long connected remote broadcasters to studio automation systems, and WebDAD extends this concept as remote broadcasting shifts from novelty to requirement,” comments Finch. “Furthermore, their AI and software-driven enCaption and enTranslate systems present a springboard of new business opportunities for ENCO and its partners, with exceptional value and performance for all of our end customers.”
“Shane’s experience with sales management and customer relations, along with his direct familiarity with ENCO’s technology and business culture, makes him a natural fit for this important ro


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