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22livedirectorsMartin Audio announces partnership with 22live
Tuesday, 24 January 2023

UK - Martin Audio has announced its partnership with the recently-formed 22live pro-audio service provider.
In so doing it reunites the company with hire director, Paul Timmins - part of an experienced team that also includes MD Spencer Beard and commercial director, Alex Penn. They are joined by technical director, Simon Gladstone, operations director, Stefan Phillips and finance director, Ian Bidmead.
Driven by Timmins, who has enjoyed a long relationship with Martin Audio, the company has confirmed a large investment in Martin Audio’s advanced control and array technology. This enabled them to make an immediate impact in 2022, supporting the Sigur Rós global tour with the manufacturer’s Wavefront Precision system and Torus scaled for arenas, and the Australian Pink Floyd Show UK, with Wavefront Precision and Torus scaled for theatres up to small arenas. Both bands have enjoyed a long relationship with Paul Timmins, which looks set to continue under the new production company.
One of the first key considerations when 22live set out its stall early last year was which loudspeaker company to forge a relationship with. Setting out the reasons for backing Martin Audio as their front-line brand, Timmins was aware that a long historic relationship with a brand is not necessarily justification for future investment. “There is always a lot at stake when it comes to selecting a partner brand,” he says. “For us, we needed to get our hands on a product that gave us more of a USP, and was supplied by a manufacturer that complemented our own ethos.

hh-electronicsHH Electronics unveils installation loudspeakers
Monday, 23 January 2023

UK - HH Electronics has announced the launch of TNi WPRO Installation Loudspeakers. There are two versions available - the 12-inch TNi-W12PRO and 8-inch TNi-W8PRO. Suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized applications, both models are available in black or white, and have rotatable waveguides for vertical or horizontal dispersion with 90° x 60° coverage, to enable precise control of sound field.
The TNi-W12PRO features a 12-inch high-power HH low frequency driver with 2.5-inch voice coil, and a 1.4-inch Celestion CDX1-1445 high frequency driver, while its smaller counterpart features an 8-inch high power HH low frequency driver with 2-inch voice coil, and a 1-inch Celestion CDX1-1070 high frequency driver.
TNi-WPRO are all-wood enclosures with a hard-wearing finish that offer versatile input connection options via either M4 barrier strip or Euroblock. Mounting options include seven M10 Penn-Elcom fly points, and four M8 mounting points for optional TNI-BRK30 mounting bracket.

forofromeOutline immerses historical setting in Rome
Monday, 23 January 2023

Italy - Located in the heart of ancient Rome, within the historic Palazzo Roccagiovine, FOROF is an exhibition space which combines the archaeology of the ancient city with contemporary art. The venue is right in front of Trajan’s Column and is a two-level space which features subterranean rooms that allow visual access to coloured marbles and the flooring of the Basilica Ulpia, in addition to the remains of the eastern apse.
It was created by, and is managed by, Giovanna Caruso Fendi and its inaugural exhibition (Lovotic) took place in the first half of 2022. Lovotic illustrates the blending of human and machine, with narrative voices intersecting and being reprocessed by an algorithm, resulting in a composite and unprecedented language somewhere between human and robotic. The event relied on an immersive sound installation created by New York based Soundwalk Collective who used a range of Outline products throughout the various spaces.
Founded by Stephan Crasneanscki and based in New York City, Soundwalk Collective is an experimental sound collective which operates in a constantly rotating constellation of sound artists and musicians. Its approach to composition combines anthropology, ethnography, nonlinear storytelling, psychogeography, observation of nature and exploration of recording and synthesis techniques. The source material for its works is always related to specific places, natural or man-made, and requires long periods of study and fieldwork.
“The audio programme played is quite peculiar: experimental, ambient, abstract and minimal

digicoISE 2023: DiGiCo and KLANG offer innovation
Monday, 23 January 2023

Spain - DiGiCo and KLANG return to Barcelona for ISE 2023 to give visitors another opportunity to experience the power of DiGiCo’s Quantum range of consoles, its 4REA4 installation system and KLANG’s innovative immersive in-ear mixing systems.
The DiGiCo Quantum 7 features 600 channels of processing in 96kHz operation, eight assignable MADI connections and two DMI slots (DiGiCo Multi-Channel Interface) for AoIP along with other connectivity options from the complete family of DMI card options. Other powerful enhancements include Nodal Processing and True Solo.
The Quantum 338 provides power and connectivity in a remarkably compact format. It includes 128 input channels with 64 busses and a 24 x 24 matrix, all with full channel processing. There is a new look and feel dark mode application and three 17-inch, 1000 nit high brightness multitouch screens, allowing both the meter bridge and soft quick select buttons to be displayed on each screen.
The agile and flexible Quantum 225, meanwhile, has been developed to meet the demands of the changing environment of live events. Specified with the DQ-Rack with integrated Dante, it also delivers the perfect system for AV installation and the demands of an AoIP networking environment.
Designed to run as either a stand-alone install system, as an enhancement to an existing installed system, or to add install functionality to a multi-console setup, the 4REA4 is a powerful low latency FPGA based audio engine, featuring allocative processing, customisable I/O and a range of programmable hardware controll

volbeat2022Panther powers Volbeat European tour
Friday, 20 January 2023

Europe - With catchy hooks driven by pummelling rhythms, Volbeat’s intoxicating fusion of rockabilly, metal, and punk has built a loyal following since the Danish band launched in 2001. After co-headlining a North American tour earlier in the year, Volbeat closed out 2022 on the three-month European/UK leg of their Servant of the Road World Tour.
While the springtime tour carried a Meyer Sound Leo Family system, this leg of the Servant of the Road World Tour was powered by new Panther large-format linear line array loudspeakers supplied by POOLgroup of Emsdetten, Germany.
The venues on the tour spanned a wide range of capacities, from halls and arenas to over 30,000 at a roofed football stadium in the Netherlands. Ensuring that all Volbeat fans enjoyed the same experience at every seat in every venue - while drawing from a common production package - presented a challenge for the tour’s audio team, led by systems engineer-turned-FOH mixer Dennie Miller.
“We have a directive straight from the band that every fan will have the full impact of the sound, regardless of where they are sitting,” says Miller. “That’s not easy, particularly in light of the stringent maximum level restrictions in Europe, where they measure relative to the loudest point in the venue. That’s why we use delays in all but the smallest venues, because of the level loss due to distance. But fortunately, because Panther is self-powered and relatively lightweight, it is much easier to find optimum rigging points for the delays and scale the system as needed on a daily

sound-stylistsSAW supplies Sound Stylists with Rivage
Friday, 20 January 2023

South Africa - Audio-visual production specialists, Sound Stylists, have recently invested in two new Yamaha PM3 Rivage consoles to add to their extensive inventory. Shortly after, they had the opportunity to test them in situ, deploying them as part of a networked audio solution at the Samsung Galaxy Move Festival, hosted by 947, a South African radio station, on 4-5 November. The consoles were supplied by Stage Audio Works (SAW) who were also on hand throughout the festival to offer technical support.
In recent years, Sound Stylists have embraced the future of networked audio by updating their entire audio structure onto the Dante format. This allows all their devices to talk to one another and makes life easier for everyone.
“We were already aware of the Rivage platform, but simply didn’t have the need for it at the time. However, recently we were doing some research into new desks and were impressed to discover the Rivage surfaces all spoke to the same DSP. The fact that you can run two surfaces on a single DSP was an attractive concept, as it allows us to double our fader count as required. The DSP can also be run on its own, mirrored for redundancy or upgraded from the base 140 channels to an impressive 280,” remarks Kevin Glover, the director of Sound Stylists.
“What swung it was the ease of integration with our current systems with its Dante compatibility – the technology slots nicely into our existing Rio racks and obviously plays nicely with our Yamaha QLs and CLs, making it a smooth and cost-efficient transition.
“We co

stagepas200Yamaha debuts Stagepas 200 portable PA
Friday, 20 January 2023

Europe - Yamaha Corporation has announced its latest portable, professional PA, the compact and feature-packed Stagepas 200. The cube-shaped enclosure measures just 30cm on each side, and - for the first time - a battery-powered option, the premium Stagepas 200 means you can take your performance literally anywhere.
A 1.4” HF + 8” LF high quality coaxial compression driver is powered by a 180W Class D amplifier, delivering exceptional sound pressure, phase response, natural high frequency dispersion and detailed sound. An onboard, five-channel (3 mono mic/line and 1 stereo line) digital mixing section offers ‘unprecedented flexibility’ for a compact ‘one box’ PA system
With 1-knob EQ/preset and 1-knob Effect controls, plus a ‘Mode’ compressor on the main outputs, you can easily and intuitively create the sound you want. Input channels 1-3 feature a built-in microphone simulator, allowing optimal sound for acoustic guitars to be set with a single control, while a priority ducker reduces the volume of other sources when a microphone or specific source is in use and a smart feedback suppressor automatically eliminates unwanted feedback. Stagepas 200 also supports Bluetooth audio streaming.
As well as straightforward onboard controls, Yamaha’s iOS/Android Stagepas Controller app provides realtime, precise remote operation of volume, EQ and effects. Settings can be saved and recalled, greatly reducing setup time and ensuring consistent sound.
Alongside the standard Stagepas 200, Yamaha is offering Stagepas 200 BTR, which features

gymnasiumRenkus-Heinz excites fans at Pomona College
Friday, 20 January 2023

USA - Located near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Pomona College is a private liberal arts college in Claremont, California. College faculty and staff actively encourage students’ intellectual curiosity to help them discover their passions while making numerous resources available to support students’ emotional and physical well-being.
The college’s 30-year-old recreation centre no longer met the student body’s needs, so it embarked on a large-scale $55m project to revitalise and expand the centre’s offerings. Due to their high directivity and speech intelligibility, beam steering arrays from Renkus-Heinz were deployed in the main sports venue, Voelkel Gymnasium.
Joseph Brennan, director of IT operations, turned to Darryl Lima, president of DJL, to design the audio system for the gym and supporting facilities. “Basketball courts and other sports facilities are very challenging acoustic environments,” said Lima. “The active, steerable line arrays were used to focus the sound in just the seating areas to minimize the acoustic aberrations of a sports court.”
Four ICLive X Series loudspeaker arrays were flown above the gym while four TA151 compact loudspeakers were used as down-firing court-fills. Each array comprised one ICLLX module, two ICLX modules, and two ICLX-118S subwoofers. The ICLive X arrays are equipped with Renkus-Heinz’s Acoustic Source Multiplier (ASM) waveguide, allowing the high-frequency section to be coaxially mounted in front of the low-frequency section. The result is consistent and symmetrical deli

bab-l-bluzNexo system proves versatile at Hammamet festival
Friday, 20 January 2023

Tunisia - A vibrant artistic and cultural centre, Hammamet in Tunisia is a place that connects Europe to Africa, and East to West. Now in its 60th decade, the 56th International Festival of Hammamet brought together a host of international artists to this Mediterranean city for a diverse programme of events taking place over a five-week period last summer.
The sound system for a main stage that would see performances ranging from opera and orchestral to jazz and rap was a Nexo Geo M6 compact line array, deployed by local events services specialists Sybel Event Company.
Hangs of nine Geo M620 cabinets on either side of the stage were each complemented by ground stacks of two NEXO LS15 and two LS18 subs, with six Nexo ID24 and 2 x IDS110 used as front-fills. Amplification and processing for the front of house system came from three Nexo NXAMP4X1 and one NXAMP4X4 powered TD controllers.
Flexibility was key to an onstage monitoring system that would have to adapt quickly to very different groups of performers, so 20 of Nexo’s PS15 point source cabinets were available along with two LS1200 and two LS18 subs to create drum monitors and side-fills, all powered by 22 x Nexo DTDAMP1.3s with DTD controllers.
Commenting on behalf of Sybel Event Company, sound engineer Ahmed Mohamed El Fekih says: “In fact the venue was quite difficult to deal with as it is very large like an ancient theatre. But the most amazing thing about NEXO is the versatility and compatibility of all speakers from the different ranges. I and every engineer who came to the festiv

ahA&H Avantis on track for Jason Lovins Band
Thursday, 19 January 2023

USA - Jason Lovins Band, an independent Christian rock group based out of Kentucky, has been touring consistently in houses of worship and college campus ministries since its formation in 2001. “We’re on the road about 40 weeks a year,” said the band’s production manager and sound engineer Chris Music. “It’s a big operation.”
The band’s audio needs are handled by a 96kHz 64-channel Allen & Heath Avantis console. “We’ve loved using the Avantis,” said Music. “We used to have some external plugins included with our touring rig, but the Avantis’ dPack upgrade has eliminated the need for most of those.”
Allen & Heath’s dPack plugin package brings Avantis consoles to the next level, featuring DEEP processing functions from the brand’s flagship dLive series. “The dPack is where the Avantis shines, for sure - especially the analogue compressor models. I like compressors that can give a channel some character to make it sit differently in the mix.”
Music still keeps a 128-channel Waves card installed in his Avantis, both to run some specific plugins off a server and to run playback tracks off a computer for virtual soundcheck. The band also employs an Allen & Heath GX4816 stagebox for remote I/O, which features 48 mic preamps and 16 line outputs. An additional DX168 expander is then daisy-chained off the main stagebox, which Music uses to cleanly connect all the drum mics with minimal cabling.
Since switching to Avantis, Music has found his workflow significantly improved. “I love the way you can lay ou

audiofocusISE 2023: Audiofocus debuts loudspeaker series
Thursday, 19 January 2023

Spain - ISE 2023 marks the debut of a new compact loudspeaker series from Belgian manufacturer, Audiofocus. The first releases in the new range are the Cyris CX6 coaxial 6” loudspeaker and the companion C210S low-profile 2x10” subwoofer.
Cyris CX6 delivers a peak SPL of 122.4dB in a compact format optimised for short-throw fixed installations or live events and can also serve as a fill cabinet in larger performance, conference, or worship settings. Its naturally cardioid design permits CX6 to be positioned close to walls or corners without reflection problems, while a flared vent manages low frequency distortion. A mic stand insert and optional U bracket allow CX6 to be deployed according to the needs of the venue.
C210S is a dual-vented band-pass subwoofer, housing a pair of high-specification 10” neodymium LF transducers and employing Tetracoil technology for maximum efficiency and a peak SPL of 126.5dB. With its low-profile design, C210S is a discreet option for hospitality and leisure installations as well as corporate AV and live events. C210S features an integral Class D amplifier with full DSP, allowing it to power multiple CX6 speakers and cutting the need for external hardware.
“Thanks to some clever design choices, CX6 delivers far more power than industry-standard 5” loudspeakers, but its footprint is only fractionally larger,” comments Audiofocus CEO, Ann Leroy. “In our listening tests, customers have been blown away by the SPL and intelligibility we achieved with this tiny cabinet. By adding the low-profile C210S, we can

shureISE 2023: Shure returns as partner and sponsor
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Spain - Shure will be back for another year as an ISE conference audio partner and platinum sponsor to support the AV gathering and demonstrate its latest solutions for the AV conferencing and professional audio industry.
“With today’s flexible workforce and innovative office environments, high-quality audio is one of the most integral aspects of facilitating effective collaboration - yet it often gets overlooked,” said Chris Schyvinck, president and chief executive officer at Shure. “We recognise that AV integrators and IT managers face unique challenges when it comes to finding the right conferencing systems. At ISE, we’re excited to showcase how we support this modern workforce with our audio solutions.”
Shure will showcase a range of conferencing solutions, and partnerships at the show, including Microflex Ecosystem which offers the complete portfolio of networked and audio solutions, from DSP to loudspeakers, that can be tailored to meet the needs of any AV infrastructure.
“We can’t wait to meet the integrators, AV professionals, and customers at ISE this year,” said Rob Smith, senior director of integrated systems sales, at Shure. “We look forward to joining important conversations and sharing insight regarding the future of the industry during the biggest gathering of the AV market.”
In addition to its booth on (#3N250) on the ISE 2023 show floor, Shure will also be present at various conferences and other spaces across the show floor, including PSNI conferences.

lagofunctionDua by Lago installs JBL/Crown based systems
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Israel - To cater for a wide range of events, KZPRO recently collaborated with Harman Professional Solutions to outfit Dua by Lago with a new networked audio system consisting of JBL Professional, Crown and BSS solutions.
Lago is a large event complex that houses three different venues - Spirit, Soul and Dua - for conferences, exhibitions and events of all sizes. Located on the edge of Rishon LeZion Lake, Dua by Lago is one of Israel’s premier venues for weddings, proms and other special occasions. Lago required state-of-the-art audio solutions suited to each area of the venue.
Lago’s management turned to integrators KZPRO (Professional Sound Division of RBX / Kley Zemer) to outfit Dua’s indoor dance floor, dining areas, outdoor garden and canopy with a complete Harman networked audio system featuring JBL Professional loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and BSS network processors.
“We were asked to install a distributed sound system that would provide unified sound quality throughout the interior and exterior of the venue,” said Libby Kochan, marketing, KZPRO. “They wanted to be able to play music in the event garden as well as inside the hall in a way that would be user-friendly and uniformly distributed. We also needed to ensure each speaker’s properties were suited for the environments, in terms of both sound quality and visual aesthetic.
“JBL’s wide selection of speakers allowed us to pick the right solution for each area. JBL speakers deliver the sound quality we need while blending in seamlessly. Our clients are very happy

concert-hallŁomża Philharmonic relocates with L-Acoustics
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Poland - Established in 1977, the Witold Lutosławski Chamber Philharmonic in the Northeastern city of Łomża was named in honour of the Polish composer and conductor, considered to be the country’s greatest musician since Chopin, and ranked amongst the most significant 20th-century classical musicians.
After many years in different locations, almost two thousand performances, and receiving numerous awards for its artistic achievements and contribution to the development of musical culture, the Philharmonic took the ambitious step of rebuilding an existing venue and refurbishing it to an ideal specification for music performances. That specification includes a comprehensive loudspeaker system from L-Acoustics.
“The building that we chose was designed for sports, not for music, so we needed to completely rebuild it for the Philharmonic,” explains Jan Milosz Zarzycki, general and artistic director of the Łomża Philharmonic. “The project was several years in the making and included significant structural changes, followed by a delayed opening due to the pandemic.”
To achieve the Philharmonic’s goals, the roof needed to be rebuilt from scratch to accommodate heavier loads. The concert hall interior was deepened, and the foyer was adapted into a new concert space for chamber concerts. “As the construction advanced, we began to search for an audio system that would be the centrepiece of the new hall,” continues Zarzycki. “While many classical performances would remain acoustic, we required a flawless sound reinforcement system for pop

wharfedaleISE 2023: Wharfedale Pro unveils Drone series
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

Spain - Wharfedale Pro is kicking off 2023 with the release of a fixed installation loudspeaker series, alongside a new line array solution and several updates to their popular classic loudspeakers, all of which will be on display at this year’s ISE show in Barcelona.
Of particular interest is Wharfedale Pro’s Drone series. Specifically intended for the hospitality sector, this passive installation solution is designed with versatility and flexible configurations in mind. The IP56-certified Drone-G Pack is intended for outdoor use. Available in a range of colours and with ground spikes, it is specifically designed for discreet placement in a variety of environments. With Hi and Low impedance models, systems can be as large or as small as needed.
Another newcomer to the Wharfedale Pro range, the WLA-210A active line array will also feature at ISE this year. This dual 10” active solution is designed and engineered in the UK and includes several new acoustic features, including custom phase plugs and the acclaimed EVO-Fold waveguide.
“The WLA-210A possesses all the technical detail required for serious fixed install or touring,” explains Simon Godfrey, sales director at Wharfedale Pro. “We’re enthusiastic to share this innovative line array solution at ISE.”
When it comes to amplification, the new 4-channel DP-4035i from Wharfedale Pro brings all the DNA of the DP series into a configuration perfectly formed for fixed installations. A tamper-proof front grille protects the channel volume controls while rear panel connections, incl

david-morbeyOptimal Audio appoints product manager
Wednesday, 18 January 2023

UK - David Morbey has been appointed to the position of product manager for Optimal Audio. Having worked with Denon, Martin Audio, InMusic, Allen & Heath and Neutrik, David has, at various stages, specialised in the area of installed sound for the leisure and hospitality sector - experience which aligns with his new role.
David Morbey comments: “I’ve maintained a close relationship with Dom Harter and James King since my Martin Audio days and very much admired the Optimal Audio launch in 2021. The disruptive marketing and clear messaging around the ecosystem isn’t let down by the product, which proved to be as simple and intuitive as it promised, so when the opportunity arose to get involved, I didn’t hesitate. It’s an exciting brand with clear objectives that’s just starting out on its journey, and as part of the Focusrite group, will have the space to grow in the right way.
“The Optimal Audio team is already an award-winning one and I’m hoping to enhance it with my experience across commercial AV, developing a route for greater customer feedback in shaping new product and feature design, as well as working with R & D and management to develop a strategy and identify priorities for the medium and long term.”
James King, marketing director for Optimal Audio and Martin Audio adds: “We’re very pleased to have secured David’s services. He is well known in the industry as a consummate professional and excellent communicator, whose knowledge of the industry is as broad as it is deep.”

martinPXL Media moves into sound with Martin Audio
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

India - PXL Media, a specialist in large format LED screen rentals, recently forayed into the professional touring audio domain by adding Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision (WPL) line array to its inventory. In so doing, they have become India’s first WPL users.
A production house known across South India for its prowess in LED screens, PXL Media launched SXL - a division centred around providing exceptional touring audio systems to audiences. “Together with VXL (Video) and LXL (Lights) we can provide a complete solution to our customers,” says Pratheesh Michael, CEO, PXL Media. This purchase also helps Pixel Media make its mark as a significant player in the touring industry in Kerala, one of the fastest growing events and touring markets in India. “We will quickly expand into all of South India soon,” promises Pratheesh.
“PXL Media believes in investing in top-level gear to match international standards. Martin Audio’s reputation in the market is exemplary. We are proud to be associated as their first WPL users. We wanted to invest in a system that delivers top-notch performance, is rider friendly, ensures efficiency and functionality, while being flexible and scalable,” says Sachin Babu, sound engineer, PXL Media. “Martin Audio was perfect for this.”
The system inventory for Pixel Media includes the WPL 3-way bi-amp, two 12” large format line-array elements, with the dual 18” horn-loaded SXH 218 subwoofers. The system is powered by two racks consisting of Martin Audio’s iKON iK42 amplifiers, network switches, signal an

codaJean-Michel Jarre gets immersed with Coda
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

France - Coda Audio has announced an ongoing partnership with electronic musician and composer, Jean-Michel Jarre, debuting with a series of immersive shows at the revived MIDEM exhibition in Cannes. Now MIDƐM+ 23 under the new ownership of the City of Cannes, the event is set to reinvigorate the MIDEM brand post-pandemic, with a qualitative programme of keynotes, round tables, interactive networking spaces and live music.
Completely redesigned to reflect the way in which the music recording industry has developed in recent years, MIDƐM+ 23 has clearly nailed its colours to the mast under the headings of technology and innovation. It is in this context – and as one of the show’s sponsors - that Jean-Michel Jarre will partner with Coda Audio to present his new album, Oxymore in a fully immersive show at the Salon des Ambassadeurs in Cannes.
The show will utilise Coda Audio’s N-RAY system in a 16.1 configuration coupled with the company’s Space Hub immersive processor and will be the first major performance using Coda’s latest available technology.
“Placing sounds as objects around us in a 360-degree plane is a completely different way of composing that revolutionises the conception, production and distribution of the music of tomorrow,” remarks Jarre. “In real life, there is no stereo, our audio field is 360 degrees. Today, technology enables us to explore composition in spatial audio, which opens up a whole new experience for us musicians in the creative process.”
Coda Audio’s founder and MD, Svetly Alexandrov, is

jblJBL delivers for My Neighbour Totoro
Tuesday, 17 January 2023

UK - Music, dialogue and vocal incantations, in their many expressive forms, set the backdrop for the enchanting world stage premiere of My Neighbour Totoro, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s hit production of the Japanese animation classic. Such is the 1988 film’s cult status, the short season at London’s The Barbican, replacing the animation with magical puppetry, broke box office records for ticket sales in a single day.
Award-winning sound designer, Tony Gayle, who specialises in musical theatre, took up the RSC’s challenge of designing the soundscape, with the often-beguiling audience sound delivered in all its component parts by a Harman JBL Professional VTX A8 dual 8in compact line array.
Through this advanced speaker set up, audiences are treated to a cocktail of sounds, from a 10-piece orchestra (nestled in the stage set’s tree house) combining contemporary instruments (including vocoder) and percussion with strings and brass, the vocal incantations of singer Ai Ninomiya and a mash up of Joe Hisaishi’s original film music as well as new orchestrations by Will Stuart. This was complemented by a meshing of Japanese and English lyrics and dialogue, as well as sound effects. All the while, the puppetry transports Studio Ghibli’s original fantasy film, adapted for stage by Tom Morton-Smith, to a magical spirit world.
The RSC approached him based on past joint collaborations, “They were looking for someone who could handle the commercial aspect and keep to what the original creators wanted.” Initial workshops were set up al

insta-cube4-Studiomaster releases Instacube system
Monday, 16 January 2023

UK - With the launch of its Instacube 4/Instasub 8, Studiomaster introduces a dedicated ultra-low profile, high performance, commercial audio loudspeaker system to its professional loudspeaker catalogue.
The miniature Instacube 4 aluminium enclosure, measures just 145 x 156 x 143 mm, complete with its removable mounting U-bracket. With a custom designed 4” neodymium, 2-way coaxial loudspeaker, comprising a 35 mm voice coil MF and 1.3” PEEK high-performance composite film diaphragm HF driver arrangement, the Instacube 4 boasts 100 W rms / 400 W peak power handling, up to 87dB continuous SPL output, and a 100 Hz – 20 kHz (-10 dB) frequency response.
The ultra-slim Instacube 8 bass reflex compact subwoofer is ceiling, wall or floor mountable, and can be positioned under furniture. Although measuring just 515mm x 200mm x 425mm, the sub features a custom design 8” loudspeaker. With a 38 mm high temperature resistant voice coil, the long-stroke driver also features a unique aluminium modulation ring that reduces magnetic distortion, further contributing to up to 200 watts of very high-quality deep bass.
Studiomaster general manager Patrick Almond comments, “In extending our loudspeaker offering into the dedicated commercial audio segment, we have come to the market with a system highly representative of our brand values of highly competitive cost-performance ratios, and levels of design and build quality Studiomaster distributors and dealers have long come to know and trust.
“The product design is one of high performance and efficiency,

latin-billboardThe Latin Billboard Awards celebrate with JBL
Monday, 16 January 2023

USA - The 2022 Latin Billboard Awards celebrated both the classic icons and modern-day hit-makers of Latinx music using versatile JBL Professional VTX Series speakers, supplied by Reflections Productions.
Held in the University of Miami Watsco Centre in Miami and broadcast live on Telemundo, 2022’s Latin Billboard Awards featured performances by an eclectic roster of artists; honorary achievement awards for Chayanne, José Feliciano and Christina Aguilera; and a tribute to legendary singer Raphael. With a record-breaking 23 nominations, Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny took home eight awards including Tour of the Year, which used Martin MAC Series fixtures.
Like all televised award shows filmed live with an audience, the Latin Billboards required an audio rig that provided full-scale live sound for the audience and accommodated both the performers and presenters with proper dynamics and EQ -all while being visually discreet for the televised broadcast. To meet these lofty requirements, Florida-based Reflections Productions - in conjunction with Acoutech Corp, who handled stage and digital audio distribution - deployed a versatile and camera-friendly setup using JBL VTX A12, A8 and B28 speakers.
“The challenges with awards shows increase significantly compared to normal live music shows,” said Raphael "Raphie" Alkins, FOH production mixer, N & N. Audio Inc. “You not only have all the ergonomic and logistical demands - it must be lightweight, extremely high fidelity, very quiet or very powerful - you also need to make sure that the system s

yamaha-vxcvcEASE Address supports ceiling speakers
Monday, 16 January 2023

Europe - Yamaha has announced that its VXC and VC series ceiling speakers are now compatible with the EASE Address software calculating tool, making the simulation of ceiling speaker placement and sound pressure levels quicker and more flexible for system designers.
VXC and VC series ceiling speakers are suitable for corporate, education and commercial spaces. Already supported by Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solutions Speaker Calculator (CISSCA) and Nexo's NS-1 system configuration software, the new compatibility with AFMG Technologies’ EASE Address significantly expands the range of calculators available to engineers.
EASE Address is very simple to use. After drawing a top view of the facility, the user chooses the speaker models and the placement is automatically calculated, taking into account sound pressure levels. Manual operation of the software is also possible, allowing the user to delete speakers from the system draft or move them, for example to take restricted installation locations into account.
“Yamaha’s CISSCA quickly simulates the required number and placement of a wide range of speakers by simply answering a selection of questions, while Nexo’s highly acclaimed NS-1 helps users to achieve uniform sound pressure distribution in any venue, including large facilities, through its intuitive operation. Support for EASE Address will further expand the user's options, enabling them to select a calculator that is precisely suited to their purpose and application” says Thomas Hemery, general manager of Yamaha’s PA marketing

kv2ISE 2023: KV2 Audio extends ESR family
Monday, 16 January 2023

Spain - ISE 2023 is shaping up to be a busy one for KV2 Audio with four new product debuts across three different product ranges. The first of those concerns the ESR Series which sees the addition of the ESR106 and its dedicated ESR2600D amplifier based on KV2 Audio proprietary SLA technology.
The ESR Series was developed for a particular niche in the market requiring an all-in-one box to provide clear, detailed reproduction over a wide area. Typical applications include theatres, houses of worship, cultural/performance centres and concert halls where they are likely to be used vertically. When mounted horizontally, ESR Series loudspeakers provide excellent coverage over a tiered seating area for stadium or grandstand type applications.
Like its siblings, ESR212, ESR215MkII and ESR215S, the new slimline ESR106 is an active-driven 3-way system. It deploys a column array of multiple 6-inch woofers for unparalleled high quality vocal and music reproduction in challenging acoustical spaces and ambient environments. Utilising 8 x 6-inch woofers, 2 x 6-inch mid bass woofers and a single 1-inch high frequency driver mounted on a wide dispersion horn, the ESR106 is constructed to represent one large point source, with each part of the system positioned so that it is proportional in size to the wavelength it produces. Thus, the radiated power of each band remains consistent and balanced throughout the system’s overall frequency range. The ESR106 has a controlled coverage at low and mid frequencies to reduce indoor reflections.
ESR106 is controlled and dr

klangWilderado, take KLANG:vokal on the road
Friday, 13 January 2023

USA - Wilderado is a three-piece indie folk band from Oklahoma with a loyal and ever-expanding fan-base. The beginning of the year saw them complete of a sold-out US headline tour and announce their first UK tour as special guests on alt-J’s The Dream Tour, ending this autumn with their own headline leg.
Despite their solid success, not everything was perfect in the Wilderado-camp. Struggling with monitor wedges and inconsistent set ups on stage, they knew something needed to change. When audio engineer, Davis McCoy, joined them at the beginning of the year, he recommended KLANG immersive in-ear monitors. They have not looked back since.
“As we started building longer sets and were doing more and more dates, I found I just couldn’t sing through the show,” says lead singer and guitarist, Max Rainer. “It was too taxing trying to project and to hear myself in the on-stage wedges.”
The band’s first experience of in-ear monitors had been as openers for Kings of Leon. “We used the house engineer and rented in some IEMs,” recalls Rainer. “We had next to no sound check time, no show files and just tried to get things into a workable state. The show went OK, but nobody in the band was really happy with how their ears sounded, although they were still better than wedges.”
A couple of months later, and with their first post-COVID tour looming, McCoy decided to build an in-ear monitor rig that would be compact and light enough for them to travel with.
“We thought how efficient it would be if we could fly with it and also have


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