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shureShure heads to Barcelona
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Spain - Shure will be participating in Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2022) where it will exhibit a variety of its systems, conferencing solutions and collaborations with industry partners.
Shure will be participating as platinum sponsor with an exhibition space at the trade show and as the conference audio partner.
Featured products and systems will include the Microflex Ecosystem for which a major new addition to the portfolio will be announced at the show.
“ISE is a great platform to connect with integrators, innovators and customers,” says Chris Merrick, senior director, global integrated systems marketing at Shure. “We are thrilled to be in-person in Barcelona to showcase our latest conferencing solutions and their benefits to the AV Industry.”

kiki-deeKiki Dee takes Long Ride Home with Audient
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

UK - Producer and guitarist Carmelo Luggeri has released a new album with Kiki Dee, recorded using his ASP8024-HE mixing console. Entitled The Long Ride Home, this is their fourth studio album - and their first recorded using his Audient desk.
Located in his private studio - which doubles up as his writing and rehearsal space for himself and Kiki - the British analogue desk has been a part of his setup for over four years now. He explains its appeal: “Apart from it looking great, I love that it’s all neatly integrated for my needs: the DLC and the patchbay. Using the tactile, intuitive layout appeals to the ‘old school’ side of me, yet the DLC means I can control all the software with proper faders if I want to get away from the mouse!”
He uses Logic Pro X software and multiple plugins, and a few choice pieces of hardware, including a couple of Lexicon effects units, TLA compressor and EQ, a DBX vocal strip and two more compressors, along with a Drawmer noise gate. “I like to work using a combination of analogue and ‘in the box’ recording, hopefully getting the best of both worlds.
“The Audient desk is at the heart of the setup with everything going through the desk first and being controlled from there. I control all the software using the DLC, and I can easily incorporate the hardware outboard gear into the setup,” he explains. He is particularly taken with the desk’s sound, too. “The great EQ and not forgetting the mix bus VCA compressor. I haven’t done a single mix without using a touch of it - it really works.

nabbisNetOn.Live launches LiveOS platform
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

USA - NetOn.Live announced at NAB the launch of LiveOS – an end-to-end software-based platform for high-end live and near-live media production.
LiveOS translates the functionalities that are traditionally found in dedicated hardware devices, into software modules that run on generic IT servers over a SMPTE 2110 based, uncompressed Video over IP network.
The LiveOS software modules can be combined in multiple ways to fulfil the various requirements of multiple productions. LiveOS provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to operate these software modules, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a standard web browser. Programmable hardware panels from different vendors are also supported by the LiveOS platform.
A LiveOS private cloud platform allows broadcasters to design, configure, and quickly spin up and down multiple concurrent productions, such as drama, sports, news, and entertainment. This could be based on local and/or remote studios with the flexibility of having control rooms in the same or remote locations. All this is supported on the same private cloud platform.
“Moving from broadcast specific hardware to unified IT equipment and software has the potential to transform this industry,” says Michel De Wolf, CEO, NetOnLive. “Installation and configuration times can be slashed down to days, instead of weeks or months, with LiveOS. It’s dramatically more efficient. This software also has the potential to lower power consumption, cooling requirements and rack space in the data centre, so is infinitely more sustain

perdidobayMartin Audio enhances Perdido Bay church
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

USA - When the Perdido Bay United Methodist Church in Florida was building a sanctuary out of the ground, optimum coverage and intelligibility from the newly installed sound system became top priorities.
The church’s experienced audio-visual engineer, Kenny Stewart, managed the project, and after consulting with Brian Smith, VP at Pro Sound & Video, based in nearby Pensacola, his search led him to Martin Audio. He explained, “While narrowing down my list of equipment needs, Pro Sound installed a Martin WPM array at First Baptist Church Pascagoula and my brother Kris Stewart (also at Pro Sound) mentioned how well that system performed.
“I was onboard after hearing that feedback. I needed the whole system flown, adjustable patterns, a reliable manufacturer‘s input and assistance, and an overall clear musical system.”
After considering other premium brands, his decision came down in favour of Martin Audio’s recently introduced Torus constant curvature array, purpose designed to fill the gap between a full-size line array and a point source solution. Kenny Stewart and brother Kris then set about the installation process.
The new space is a standard rectangular room with left seating, centre aisle, and right seating, with approximately 75ft from the stage to rear seats and 35ft wide seating sections. Setting out the criteria, he said, “Going into this new sanctuary, I wanted quality equipment in all aspects of the AV system. I specifically needed the ability to have a speaker system that delivered precise coverage, while limited

venuetechVenuetech to distribute Meyer in Middle East
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

UAE - Venuetech has been named Meyer Sound’s primary Middle Eastern distributor. Based in Dubai, Venuetech will provide sales and technical support across the region in a variety of vertical markets, including cinema, education, and performing arts centres.
Meyer Sound and Venuetech’s shared business philosophy and dedication to the pro audio industry solidified the partnership, says Meyer. The new relationship between the two companies will ‘ensure continued growth in the Middle Eastern market, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman’.
“We are very happy and excited about this partnership with Venuetech,” says Wolfgang Leute, managing director of Meyer Sound Europe. “We share the same values and visions, and I have a lot of respect for all Mr. Nour Assafiri [owner of Venuetech] and his team have achieved. Both our companies will profit tremendously from this cooperation.”

panacousticsacsACS and Pan Acoustics join forces
Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Europe - Audio specialists Pan Acoustics GmbH and Acoustic Control Systems BV (ACS) have announced that after two decades of friendly cooperation they have decided to join forces for a common future. From now on the Dutch company ACS will operate under the wing of Pan Acoustics. The companies will work closely together and where possible act as one team.
Nothing will change for the many existing ACS customers: the location and all positions in ACS will remain unchanged. The inclusion of ACS, as a globally recognised specialist for variable room acoustics systems, means that complete project solutions for the most demanding acoustics can now be offered from a single source.
The ACS room acoustics system creates variable and multifaceted natural sound in every room. ACS and Pan Acoustics have been closely associated for many years: A core of ACS, a 96-channel DSP unit, was developed as an engineering achievement of Pan Acoustics in a contracting project with ACS. Since then, a close technical partnership has existed with the goal of providing customers with natural acoustics.
"Now the expertise of both companies is coming together to form a great whole. We are looking forward to numerous synergies in sales and the development of new products!", says Udo Borgmann, CEO, founder and owner of Pan Acoustics.
"An ACS system can usually be installed in a room without major intervention, after which the room can be used in a truly multifunctional way," explains At van den Heuvel, technical director at ACS. "Together, we share the goal to now even better

cloudCloud unveils passive ribbon microphone
Monday, 25 April 2022

USA - Cloud Microphones, makers of the Cloudlifter Mic Activator, has expanded its microphone line with a new passive version of their popular model 44-A, resurrecting the sound and spirit of the RCA Type 44 ribbon mic.
The ribbon motor design remains true to the original 44, handcrafted to the exact specifications first prescribed in the 1930s by RCA; however, everything else has been upgraded using state of the art materials, manufacturing processes and technology. Featuring an all-black “midnight” finish, the new passive Cloud 44 ‘faithfully channels the sought-after personality and heritage from the past while incorporating all the robustness and clarity required for today’s most demanding recording tasks’.
“I’m a ribbon mic fanatic, so this represents a major labour of love for me,” says Rodger Cloud, the company’s founder. “You wouldn’t believe the number of times we’ve been asked to offer a passive version of our flagship 44-A over the past few years, so we couldn’t be more excited to introduce this latest addition to our family.”
In order to provide as much flexibility as possible, each Cloud 44 ships with its own Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator in a matching “midnight edition” black finish, providing the option of instantly converting the 44 to an active ribbon whenever desired. A shock mount is also included.

dante-studioStrong momentum for Dante AV among OEMs
Monday, 25 April 2022

USA - Audinate reports positive momentum of Dante AV among OEMs, integrators and end-users in the global AV market. Audinate has showcased OEM and ODM partnerships with Gefen and Cypress and new products from Bolin along with the release of Dante Studio software for video.
According to Joshua Rush, Audinate chief marketing officer, Dante AV is gaining strong interest and adoption among OEMs, ODMs and their customers. “By seamlessly integrating and synchronising networked audio and video, Dante AV solves a number of problems for integrators and customers. It’s for this reason - and Audinate’s proven track record of growing a manufacturer-agnostic, interoperable ecosystem around Dante - that Dante AV is experiencing such positive growth.”
Audinate has also introduced the Dante Studio software platform for advanced AV production and streamlined workflows. Dante Video RX - the first tool on the platform - enables Windows PCs to receive video simply and seamlessly from any Dante AV-enabled source.
“Dante AV, Dante Studio Software and Dante Video RX are integral elements of Audinate’s comprehensive video strategy,” Rush said. “Our goal is to provide a complete AV platform spanning audio and video, hardware and software, and control and management for our OEMs and customers alike.”

phunky-monkeysThe Phunky Monkeys rock on with Danley
Monday, 25 April 2022

USA - The Phunky Monkeys, based in New Orleans, are a most capable and professional all-purpose live acts. From corporate events to weddings around the world, the Phunky Monkeys have received many five-star reviews and have performed at more than 4,000 events. While the pandemic slowed performances down globally, the Phunky Monkeys continued to perform in 2021 and already have a significant list of new performances already on the books for 2022.
“While things picked up in 2021, it’s exciting to see the volume of events we already have scheduled for 2022,” said Eric Breaux, audio technician and producer for the Phunky Monkeys. “Compared to last year, we’re already booked almost every Saturday through June – where last year things didn’t pick up until late summer.”
As events and musicians around the globe go back to performing on stages in front of big crowds, the importance of great experiences and clarity and quality in sound has never been more important. Over the past seven years, the Phunky Monkeys have used Danley Sound Labs for their live performances.
“The first time we used Danley was the first time we had a completely silent stage,” said Breaux. “It was awesome. The sound quality is unmatched – Danley products allow me to hear things in music I didn’t even know existed.”
Since 2015, the Phunky Monkeys have continued to add Danley Sound Labs gear to help personalise each event. Breaux says, “At one concert with 800 people up front, we used four TH118XL subwoofers coupled in the middle on dedicated channels.

duecanalidsponlyPowersoft launches ‘DSP only’ range
Monday, 25 April 2022

Italy - Powersoft has announced the launch of a product line extension enabling users to enjoy all the benefits of the full Quattrocanali and Duecanali range with ‘DSP only’ versions, making it more accessible and affordable to a wider range of users.
DSP (digital signal processing) plays an integral part for installers wanting to digitally process audio signals to alter characteristics of the timing, spatial traits, frequency and phase without any analogue hardware to make this possible.
Thanks to the addition of DSP in professional audio amplifiers, not only does this eliminate extra unnecessary hardware, (i.e. extra cables), but DSP also opens the door to digital signal routing, which improves the likelihood of electronic failures and troubleshooting in an install.
Commenting on the benefits on this product line extension Luca Giorgi, sales director at Powersoft states: “Offering the full range of Quattrocanali and Duecanali to our users in ‘DSP only’ will simplify the way in which our technology can be used, by keeping the remote control capabilities that are necessary in an installation, so we hope this will be a welcome step for customers and clients wanting to try our products, perhaps for the first time.”

dubaiL-Acoustics adds X-factor to Dubai diner
Monday, 25 April 2022

UAE - At the heart of the Address Downtown Dubai hotel, Urla is a dining experience with a distinctive coastal design concept that presents a menu of ‘Aegean-inspired cuisine’. The restaurant overlooks the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains. The outdoor destination features an L-Acoustics X Series audio system.
Opened in November 2021, Urla was developed by the Q Food & Beverage Group, which was also instrumental in luxury dining destinations Huqqa, Huqqabaz and Gal. Local L-Acoustics certified provider Integrator, Levels Audio Visual has worked closely with the group to develop AV systems for all its concepts and was brought in at the interior design phase of the project to provide a complete design, as well as to supply, install and service the latest project.
Urla is mainly an outdoor venue situated in a mixed-use area, so sound spill into neighbouring areas was a major consideration. To mitigate this, the audio system design ensures that most of the direct energy is focussed only into the audience area, minimising spill to neighbouring businesses.
“The client was also looking for a sleek looking loudspeaker that wouldn’t interfere with the beautiful decor of the restaurant and would still deliver the highest possible audio performance for guests,” says Hassan Alwan, managing partner at Levels. “L-Acoustics X Series was the perfect solution. We mainly used discreet 5XT and X8 cabinets, which were complemented by the larger X12 in areas that required stronger coverage. The fact that X8 delivers sufficient low frequency performan

dbaudiod&b audiotechnik wins innovation award
Monday, 25 April 2022

Germany - d&b audiotechnik has been honoured as one of the top 100 most innovative, medium-sized companies in Germany. The TOP 100 award recognises innovative output and the innovation potential that lies within the company.
The assessment process judges small- and medium-sized enterprises for: innovation-friendly senior management, climate of innovation, innovative processes/organization, outward looking/open innovation, successful innovations and entrepreneurial response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
"To what extent is a company focused on innovation? How consistently do its structures follow this goal? With TOP 100, we examine this," explains Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, the scientific director of TOP 100. "The most innovative medium-sized companies receive the seal. It shows that they are excellently equipped to meet future challenges."
d&b, which employees over 700 people worldwide, has long understood the importance of innovative practices, not just in products but within each branch of the company including R&D, HR, and from product development, training methods to management decision-making.
“We are extremely proud to receive his year's TOP 100 seal; the last few years has marked a major evolution for us, from a loudspeaker system company to becoming an event technology company,” commented Amnon Harman, CEO, d&b audiotechnik. “This evolution has been driven by our innovative thinking and our drive to deliver exceptional experiences for all audiences. It was a challenge to innovate during a time of deep uncertainty, but

ksm11nickelk11ncu-2Shure debuts KSM11 vocal microphone
Friday, 22 April 2022

USA - Shure has introduced its new KSM11 wireless vocal microphone capsule, a premium condenser microphone transducer technology intended to provide low and mid-range clarity as well as high-end detail without requiring additional processing.
Available in black and brushed nickel finishes for use on Shure wireless handheld transmitters, the KSM11 offers a lighter, streamlined design. With specifically developed microphone technology for wireless, the KSM11 transducer is outfitted with a ¾” gold diaphragm and “premium electronics” with an eye towards handling dynamic range and transient response.
The capsule features a consistent, deep cardioid polar pattern with the aim of reducing off-axis phase distortion while providing full low frequency response, linear mid-range and high-end detail when used for vocal reproduction.
Aiming to reduce weight as much as possible, the new capsule has a streamlined design intended to keep it small and lightweight, and part of that includes an “advanced suspended isolation system” said to reduce handling noise while providing clarity. The KSM11 capsule comes in a dent-resistant, hardened steel grille with 3-stage plosive reduction pop filtering.
While the new capsule’s origins go as far back as 2017, according to Shure, 2021 saw the capsule start to get beta tested on the road.
Paul Wichmann, FOH engineer for Tyler the Creator, stated, “Rappers, MCs – they always cup the mic. That is the notorious problem with hip-hop. I actually talked to Shure, and I said, ‘boy, it’d be really nice

red-bullDiGiCo Quantum drives Red Bull Arena
Friday, 22 April 2022

USA - The 25,000 seat Red Bull Arena, home to the Major League Soccer New York Red Bulls and the NJ/NY Gotham FC of the National Women’s Soccer League, is located in Harrison, New Jersey, and is the third-largest soccer-specific stadium in the country and in the league.
In addition to the implementation of new open-concept spaces and renovations to existing premium areas, Red Bull Arena recently saw its audio systems infrastructure enhanced with the installation of a DiGiCo Quantum225 mixing console paired with a new Dante-native DQ-Rack.
John Nicklas, the venue’s AV engineer, calls the desk the “steering wheel” of an entirely new sound reinforcement system in the form of an L-Acoustics A Series PA, all integrated by leading AV system design and integration firm Diversified. “You wouldn’t want to drive a Corvette with the steering wheel of a golf cart, right?” asks Nicklas. “That’s why we needed the new DiGiCo Quantum225 - it’s the perfect high-tech steering wheel for our state-of-the-art new loudspeaker system.”
Nicklas says the Quantum225, which is now the primary mixing console for all of the venue’s audio operations - including pre-recorded music before, during and after matches, for live performances such as the singing of the National Anthem and half-time productions, and to support the content shown on the venue’s two new 1,325-square-foot displays - was chosen for a number of reasons.
Those include its compact footprint that still offers 72 input channels, 36 busses, and a 12x12 full-processing matrix, as well

lauri-tahka-1-linnavuoriLauri Tähkä rocks Finnish arenas with Hippotizer
Friday, 22 April 2022

Finland - Rock star Lauri Tähkä is on a tour of his home county’s biggest venues with a set design featuring visuals driven by Hippotizer Montane+ Media Servers.
The chart-topping musician is wowing crowds at venues including Helsinki’s Bolt Arena, Seinäjoki OmaSp Stadium and the Nokia Arena in the city of Tampere.
Finnish design studio Visual45 was challenged with creating a standout show for Lauri Tähkä’s tour, based on the concept of a spiritual, temple experience. The company’s Mikko Linnavuori and Eero Helle have worked on visual design for Lauri Tähkä before, and understand his requirements for audience-pleasing visual production values to match his dynamic performance.
“Due to the style of the show, and the fact that the order of the songs can change as the artist sees fit, we needed a media server solution that would offer the ability to busk and push the parameters in real time to create a memorable, live show,” says Linnavuori. “We knew that Hippotizer’s well-known ease-of-use and powerful features would allow us to change the visual looks on the fly, producing a dynamic show artistically but keeping operating as simple as possible.”
Linnavuori chose to use two Hippotizer Montane+ servers, one live and one as backup. On stage were seven screens rigged in layers to resemble epic church windows, fronted with an iron grid to create texture and layers. Risers extended the look and space for Lauri Tähkä and his band to perform on. The total pixel resolution was 1600x 832 pixels, allowing the team lots of space u

queens-award-news-storyherodisguisedisguise wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise
Friday, 22 April 2022

UK - disguise has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation for its excellence in extended reality (xR) and virtual production innovation.
disguise xR provided technology that allowed its user and partner community to continue delivering spectacular productions in a virtual setting.
First established in 1965, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious business awards in the UK. The awards celebrate the success of exciting and innovative businesses which are leading the way with pioneering products or services.
The award comes two years after disguise xR’s first major application by disguise partner and xR pioneers XR Studios, for Katy Perry’s memorable performance at the American Idol 2020 finale. Since then, the demand and potential of xR has ‘skyrocketed’, in response disguise have accelerated their business towards new markets such as virtual production, broadcast and immersive entertainment, whilst unlocking new applications in existing markets like live performance, corporate presentations and brand activations.
During this time, extended reality has become a global phenomenon and disguise have powered over 450 productions around the world. The company gained a majority financial backing from The Carlyle Group and increased their partnership with Epic Games, a minority stakeholder in the company by securing one of their MegaGrants. Meanwhile, more than 300 stages powered by disguise xR have been built across 35 countries to meet the growing global demand for this groundbreaking technology.

ag03mk2-lspk-wh-tiltYamaha updates AG streaming series
Thursday, 21 April 2022

Europe - Yamaha has improved and expanded its AG series of live streaming mixers, not only updating the AG06 and AG03 with new features, but adding the AG01, a combined studio quality condenser microphone with a high performance mixer, the standalone YCM01 microphone and an all-in-one live streaming package.
As remote communication of all kinds continues to grow in importance, personal live streaming has become a major form of online entertainment. With platforms such as YouTube Live, Twitch and podcasting offering a diverse range of content and streaming styles - from simple, single-person productions to those which involve multiple voices - live streaming has also seen rapid growth in business and education. Here, an ever-growing number of classes, seminars, meetings and business transactions are being carried out via live streaming.
Foreseeing such demand, in 2015 Yamaha released its AG series of live streaming mixers, which became an industry standard for a wide range of online audio applications. Even users with no experience could achieve their streaming aspirations, thanks to the flexible input capability, simple intuitive interface, onboard DSP effects and Loopback function, which allowed users to integrate USB-connected audio signals into their broadcasts.
The second generation of the AG series expands on these features with the updated AG06MK2 and AG03MK2, plus the new AG01 and YCM01. All have been developed to satisfy a more diverse range of uses and are available in either black or white to easily adapt to any streaming environment.

ampetronicAmpetronic wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2022
Thursday, 21 April 2022

UK - Hearing accessibility systems specialist Ampetronic has received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition of the company’s sustained growth in international trade.
Employing 50 people, Ampetronic is based in Newark, Nottinghamshire, and has been trading since 1987. Its mission is to bring intelligible sound back into the lives of people with hearing loss by improving the quality of installed hearing access equipment. The company produces a wide range of electronic products for hearing accessibility, primarily audio induction loop systems that can deliver sound direct to hearing aid users.
Julian Pieters, MD of Ampetronic, comments: “I am delighted Ampetronic has been recognised again with this important award. Particularly with the challenges of the last couple of years, we are proud to have sustained long-term strong growth in our export markets. It is particularly rewarding to be recognised for bringing much needed accessibility solutions to more and more people every year. Our success is testament to the passionate and dedicated team here at Ampetronic, and to our many partners who work so hard to represent us around the world.”

delphine-hannotinNexo appoints engineering support manager
Wednesday, 20 April 2022

France - Nexo has appointed Delphine Hannotin as manager of its engineering support team. Based at the company’s Plailly campus northeast of Paris, the Nexo engineering support team supports production services providers, integrators and consultants with system designs and commissioning for live events and fixed installations. Hannotin will focus on delivering similar technical support for the group's AFC immersive sound solutions, from project design through to system calibration.
Drawing on 20 years of experience as a trainer at France’s Institut national de l'audiovisuel (INA), Hannotin will also bring her commitment and know-how to the partnerships implemented by Nexo and its parent company, Yamaha Corporation, with leading universities and to the group’s Audioversity training programme.
Nexo director of engineering support François Deffarges comments: “In 2022, we are strengthening our team again. Our occasional collaborations with Delphine on festivals and other projects over the years have recently become much more frequent with many projects undertaken jointly with Yamaha, so her appointment at Nexo is a natural evolution. Delphine's skills, energy and personality will be important assets for our user clients, and her arrival in our division will further strengthen the ties with Yamaha Corporation.”

l-acousticsL-Acoustics appoints global sales directors
Wednesday, 20 April 2022

France - Having recently announced the creation of a team dedicated to the Asia-Pacific region, L-Acoustics has announced that it has created and filled three key sales director positions to match its regional operational structure: BJ Shaver for the Americas, David Cooper for Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Jacob Barfoed for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).
All three directly report to L-Acoustics global director of business development Jochen Frohn, BJ and David will also be developing regional sales strategies in close collaboration with Americas CEO Alan Macpherson and APAC CEO Tim Zhou respectively.
Based in, Arkansas, BJ Shaver has been with the company for over nine years, first serving as a regional sales manager for the southeastern US, and then later as an installation business development director, install for the Americas. Before joining L-Acoustics, he spent six years with an AVL integrator.
Recently relocating from the United Kingdom to new L-Acoustics APAC office in Singapore, David Cooper has also been promoted to his current role as L-Acoustics sales director, APAC. Like Shaver, Cooper has spent more than nine years with the manufacturer as a sales manager and is well-known throughout the industry for his prior 20-year association with Midas mixing consoles.
Jacob Barfoed is based in Copenhagen and a new hire to L-Acoustics. Barfoed comes to the manufacturer from Sony Professional, where he spent nearly two decades in various leadership capacities, the latest being head of European sales.
“After a couple of understanda

armoniaplus2Powersoft refreshes ArmoniaPlus
Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Italy - Powersoft has announced that version 2.3 of ArmoníaPlus - a major update which enables system designers and integrators to have a more granular control of the company’s Dynamic Music Distribution solution - is now available to download from its website.
Dynamic Music Distribution offers system integrators the ability to scale inputs and zones conveniently and efficiently with dynamic routing capabilities embedded on its amplifier platforms. This makes it simple to dynamically route music and other signal sources along with control signals between different zones and across multiple amplifiers - all independently of source location and without the need for a centralised DSP.
The latest update to ArmoníaPlus software will provide integrators with the tools to easily select groups of loudspeakers within a zone to create sub-zones with their own audio level controls, says Powersoft. While the audio source is common for all, the audio level of each sub-zone can be individually adjusted by the user via any of the Powersoft control interfaces, such as the WM Touch and Sys Control App.
“We are really excited to announce a complete revamp of the Sys Control App. It packs powerful new features to fine tune a running system and an improved interface for a better overall experience,” says Luigi Chelli, Powersoft’s UX design specialist. “Instead of simply adding more buttons, we fulfilled the requests of our users by creating something more enjoyable, with a slick touch-friendly approach.”

warWar of The Worlds returns with Martin MLA
Wednesday, 20 April 2022

UK - The constantly evolving production of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds - which has been touring arenas for 16 years - has been revitalised, with a new cast, additional music and an immersive experience for audiences.
A regular feature over the past 12 years has been sound designer and consultant, Simon Honywill, in the FOH mixing position, and a Martin Audio PA delivering the complexity of sound, while RG Jones Sound Engineering have again provided the inventory of sound equipment.
Honywill is now on his sixth tour of duty, and in keeping with the production, he has kept the sound suitably refreshed as technology has evolved. His adoption of Martin Audio’s award-winning MLA back in 2012, with its multi-cellular control ensured that audiences in the front stalls were subject to exactly the same sonic experience - the full explosion of music, spoken word and special effects - as their more distant neighbours at the rear of the upper circle.
This time around, for a production dubbed The Life Begins Again tour, Honywill says despite his extensive experience of the production and the venues it visits, the challenges remain the same. “It never gets any easier,” he admits. “The schedule is pretty gruelling, but as time has gone on, we are now very confident about using Martin Audio’s DISPLAY2 shells from previous shows to speed up the process of system optimisation and array deployment.
“Ten years and more down the line with this system, I am still entirely convinced that it is way ahead of the comp

apgAPG meets challenge of Bayeux aquatic centre
Wednesday, 20 April 2022

France - Twelve APG MC2C compact satellite loudspeakers are providing maximum intelligibility in the humid and challenging environment of the busy Centre aquatique Auréo in Bayeux.
Opened in 2019, Auréo is an aquatic centre combining multiple swimming pools with a 515sq.m ‘wellness area’ featuring saunas, a jacuzzi, a salt cave and a balneotherapy pool. The 2,300m², €12.6m complex is the only municipal swimming pool serving the nearly 15,000 residents of the district after the previous piscine de Bayeux closed a year earlier.
When it came time to upgrade the aquatic centre’s AV system, the previous installation having not lived up to expectations, the town of Bayeux selected local system integrator Music Light, a long-term partner of both Bayeux and APG. “We have already equipped various locations in Bayeux with APG, so our client had references and was already familiar with the quality of the products proposed,” comments Gaëtan Potier, Music Light’s managing director.
After conducting an acoustic and technical study, Music Light specified a total of 12 column-shaped install dedicated APG MC2C speakers for Auréo, which are installed across three zones: four loudspeakers in the leisure pool, six in the sports pool, and two in the wellness area.
Music Light has worked with APG since 2010 (it was “love at first sight for my ears”, jokes Potier) and the company was able to draw on past experience to tackle the most challenging aspect of the Auréo install: the high ambient temperature and humidity presented by an indoor swi

hideo-matsushitaAudio-Technica celebrates 60 years
Wednesday, 20 April 2022

World - Japanese transducer manufacturer Audio-Technica will mark its 60th anniversary this year with a series of events that will celebrate A-T’s commitment to analogue sound.
Company founder Hideo Matsushita developed the first AT-1 cartridge on 17 April 1962 with the aim to bring the warmth of analogue listening to a wider audience. He was inspired by the depth of emotion he witnessed at vinyl listening sessions organised during his tenure at the Bridgestone Museum of Arts in Tokyo.
The success of the AT-1 and the AT-3 enabled him to expand the business, opening an HQ in Machida, where the company continues to operate today.
In 1974, Audio-Technica started producing headphones, adding microphones in 1978. When Kazuo Matsushita, son of Hideo, became president in 1993, the business continued to expand, opening offices throughout the world and developing products such as the modern VM series of cartridges, the ATH-M50x headphones and the AT2020 microphone.
Kazuo Matsushita comments: “It is an honour to provide a quality audio experience to millions of people throughout the world. What begins as a simple vibration - a subtle movement - results in an emotional connection, whether that be when listening deeply to an album or sharing your voice with the world.”


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