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pmcGAT3 installs PMC monitors in Dolby studio
Thursday, 21 December 2023

USA - GAT3, an audio facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, has transformed a former stereo tracking room into a 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos studio equipped with PMC Ci series monitors.
Established 27 years ago by Glenn A Tabor III and his wife Susan, GAT3 is renowned for its outstanding facilities and equipment. The facility has five studios handling a range of audio projects, from music recording, mixing and mastering to voice overs, ADR and post production for film and television. It also has two sound stages, two video stages and a recording academy, teaching the next generation of audio engineers the skills of their trade.
Each of the facility’s studios are named after a precious stone (Opal, Onyx, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire), and take their interior décor colour palette from the colour of the stone they represent. GAT3’s centrepiece, the new Dolby Atmos Sapphire Room, will soon be headed up by mix engineer and Dolby Atmos expert Richard Chycki, who is relocating from Toronto to join the company.
“We decided to upgrade the Sapphire Room to Dolby Atmos because many of our customers were asking for album projects to be mixed in this format and we needed a state-of-the-art facility that would allow us to satisfy these demands,” says Glenn A Tabor III.
“The decision to install a PMC monitoring system was an easy one to make. I’d heard PMC speakers in many other studios and had always loved them because they are so precise. As an audiophile who has been into HiFi from a very young age, I felt there was only one brand that could deliver the

jerry-harveyJerry Harvey Audio files for Chapter 11
Thursday, 21 December 2023

USA - In-ear monitor specialist Jerry Harvey Audio LLC (JH Audio) has filed for Chapter 11 reorganisation protection with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Florida.
Although the specific details and terms of the filing currently remain undisclosed, JH Audio Founder Jerry Harvey has issued the following statement: “The recent global pandemic created unparalleled challenges for businesses across the nation, and our company was no exception. Despite the resilience and determination of our team, the prolonged closures within the music and live sound industry, combined with reduced customer traffic, made it increasingly challenging to sustain normal business operations.
“In those unprecedented circumstances, we sought financial assistance through federal loans. Unfortunately, the complexity of the federal loan terms and the uncertainty surrounding the economic recovery have posed additional hurdles on us, and after careful consideration and exploring all other available options, we have made the decision to file for Chapter 11 reorganization protection.
“This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but it was a necessary step to restructure our financial obligations to allow us to get back to developing and managing the business. I am extremely grateful to my employees, customers, and partners for their unwavering support at this time.
“My priority is to repay their support and emerge from this process as a stronger and more resilient business. Our drive to innovate has never been stronger with new products coming to market,

samsung-experience-centre-frankfurtKSCAPE & Samsung collaborate in Frankfurt
Wednesday, 20 December 2023

Germany - Samsung has collaborated with KSCAPE to transform the meeting room experience at the Samsung Display Experience Centre in Frankfurt. The result is a solution based around KSCAPE Rail, which aims to eliminate the chaos of cables via integrated lighting and audio capabilities within a single dedicated product.
The inspiration for this project can be traced back to conversations between Kris Hogg, head of partnerships at Samsung, and Tom Ríby, global sales and marketing manager at KSCAPE.
“Kris and I shared a frustration with modern meeting room disorganisation and complexity. It was clear to us was that the productivity buzzkill caused by cable clutter and technological issues during video calls was a massive time and money drain to businesses,” explains Ríby. “We started discussing how Rail and Samsung could be used together to create an intelligent, elegant yet simplified meeting space - free from cables and with effortless plug-and-play connectivity.”
A key focus of this project was to challenge the existing norms of the meeting room experience. With the meeting space at Samsung's Experience Centre due for a refresh, the opportunity presented itself to showcase a new take on an advanced meeting room experience.
Within the meeting space, two Rail units with symmetric, tunable lighting are installed above the table. A Truffle-KTR25 subwoofer from K-array, positioned under the table, adds depth to the audio experience. A K-array Kommander-KA04 amplifier powers both Rail and Truffle.
“Rail takes the necessary component

aesfrconference1200x675-9900000000079e3cL-Acoustics sponsors AES Le Mans convention
Wednesday, 20 December 2023

France - L-Acoustics is to be the platinum sponsor of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) International Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement Conference in Le Mans France from 23 to 26 January 2024.
Arica Rust, member of the Education & Scientific Outreach division at L-Acoustics is co-chairing the conference, whose objective is to bring together the minds of leading researchers and practitioners to discuss new ideas and to foster the next generation of industry innovators through the promotion of inclusivity and diversity.
The conference organising board consists of members of the AES Technical Committee on Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement, among others: Arica Rust, Manuel Melon, Adam Hill, Elena Shabalina, Marcel Kok, Hannah Goodine, Etienne Corteel, David Williams, Peter Mapp, Eddy Bøgh Brixen, and Pierrick Lotton.
The event will be hosted at and is being developed in partnership with Le Mans University, which is home to one of European Union’s largest acoustical labs.
Scott Sugden, director of product management at L-Acoustics will give the keynote presentation on the first day of the conference, offering attendees a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between sound and audience engagement.
L-Acoustics will present five papers and three workshops on a wide array of topics that include: groove perception in large immersive installations; main/sub summation quality; resonance perception in Ambiance; Milan AVB benefits for end-users; and loudspeaker system radiation estimation.
Attendees of the AES Internation

focusrite-plc-purchase-outboard-electronics-and-timax-immersive-audio-solutions-1jpg-bothFocusrite purchases OutBoard and TiMax
Tuesday, 19 December 2023

UK - Focusrite plc has announced the acquisition of UK-based Sheriff Technology Limited, trading as OutBoard, the company behind both TiMax immersive audio solutions and OutBoard stage rigging motor control products and PAT4 enterprise electrical safety testing. They will join the Audio Reproduction division of the Focusrite Group alongside Martin Audio, Optimal Audio, and Linea Research.
Founded in 2001 by Robin Whittaker and David Haydon, OutBoard is a UK-based company specialising in innovative entertainment technologies, which it sells globally. Operating under two sub-brands - TiMax and OutBoard - its products are vital for professionals in the audiovisual industry, particularly in live performances, event management, and the rapidly expanding sector of immersive sound experiences.
TiMax are pioneers in immersive sound, specialising in innovative audio and show control technologies through its Soundhub and Tracker D4 products, catering for a wide range of applications including entertainment, events, branding, themed environments, and exhibition spaces. Its solutions are frequently used for Broadway and West End shows, and together with sister Focusrite brand Martin Audio in particular, there will be many opportunities for future collaboration.
Under the OutBoard brand, the business designs, manufactures and sells industry standard rigging control products for live events, together with enterprise-level safety test, preparation and quality management for global rental companies and venues. Its solutions are commonly used across European markets

vickileeprimage1Genelec showcases sonic capabilities
Tuesday, 19 December 2023

Australia - Seoul-born but now Bondi-based artist Vicki Lee recently opened her new gallery space in the neon-lit landscape of Potts Point, Australia. A love letter to Sydney, the gallery celebrated its launch with Lee’s new exhibition The Sound of Yellow. Playing with solfeggio frequencies - which have been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep and increase creativity - Genelec helped plug guests into the introspective exhibition.
The project began with Genelec’s Australian distribution partner Studio Connections, who were introduced to Lee through a mutual friend. Always advocating for the sonic power of Genelec, Studio Connections knew straight away that the brand would be an excellent choice for Lee’s immersive project. “It was a challenging concept which pushed us out of our comfort zone, but as we were relying on a Genelec system, we knew that the result would be really powerful and moving,” explains Deb Sloss, managing director at Studio Connections.
The Sound of Yellow encouraged visitors to play with their perception of three of the five senses. Lee describes painting as a “transcendent experience,” where colours have different sounds and scents, specifically yellow which she hears the loudest. “It’s forceful. It represents the beginning of each day, a sense of hope, and also the end of each day and a sense of rest,” she says. “It’s happy and melancholic at the same time.”
For the sound element of the exhibition, guests arrived in groups of six and were invited to “shed their persona” by uncloaki

polandKV2 delivers for Polish DJ Championships
Tuesday, 19 December 2023

Poland - As the year draws to a close, clubbers eagerly awaited the conclusion of the Polish DJ Championships, organised for the fifth consecutive year by Clubsound Management. This hotly anticipated showdown brought together the most talented club players, all vying for the coveted title of the ‘Best in the Art’. Past champions Mave, SPLT, PLK, and Wilga have paved the way, and on 9 December, the next champion emerged at Warsaw's Explosion Club.
The semi-final auditions kicked off at 11am, featuring 20 semi-finalists. In a format introduced in 2019, participants selected one of 10 flash drives with music and had 20 minutes to prepare their 10-minute competition set. The jury, consisting of renowned DJs, club residents, event organisers, and the editor-in-chief of DJ title, Shining Beats, carefully evaluated each performance. The top three DJs -Korn, DJ PLK, and DJ Salis - earned their spots in the night's final party.
Arcade Audio, KV2’s Polish distributor, provided a KV2 ES system for the competition. The jury opted for relatively low volume levels during the auditions, as it occasionally exceeded 93dB in their centre box, yet the ES1.0 mid-high loudspeaker ensured prolonged listening comfort and precision for nuanced DJ techniques during the several hours of auditioning. The accompanying ES1.8 subwoofers delivered a satisfying bass experience during high-energy performances.
“The ES system is a favourite amongst DJs the world over,” says Arcade Audio’s sales manager Zbigniew Kalarus. “It delivers world-beating sound quality i

timaxTiMax manages spatialisation in The Matrix
Tuesday, 19 December 2023

UK - Free Your Mind: The Matrix is the immersive, dance-based reimagining of the ‘90s movie franchise, created specifically as the opening event for Manchester’s impressive new cultural space within Factory International. The brainchild of director Danny Boyle - who teamed up with choreographer Kenrick ‘H20’ Sandy, composer Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante of Boy Blue, designer Es Devlin and writer Sabrina Mahfouz - the epic vision behind the production inevitably pulled the UK’s most creative talent into its orbit.
Sound design is by Gareth Fry, who specified TiMax SoundHub to handle the complex spatial audio requirements of The Warehouse where the event’s main action takes place.
The production moves from the smaller theatre space in Aviva Studios after the interval and significantly scales up into the vast 21m-high Warehouse, with its aircraft hangar proportions. Set up in a traverse and promenade configuration, Fry explains, “In such a big space, with that audience-performer configuration, imaging is critical.”
Whilst the role of TiMax in the performance is to guide the eyes of the audience to the next point in the action, TiMax provides extensive support to deal with what Fry describes as “the complexities of positioning sound in space as well as the complex delaying of multiple speaker systems. Fry explains further that, “…the distances of the stage extremes in comparison with the slow speed of sound really interfere with each other, especially when you have high tempo rhythmic music.”
Playback for the show is handled

lisbonL-Acoustics drives massive World Youth Day
Tuesday, 19 December 2023

Portugal - World Youth Day was first celebrated in 1985 at the invitation of Pope John Paul II, who organised a gathering in Rome on Palm Sunday to celebrate the Youth Jubilee of the Holy Year of Redemption. Sixty thousand young Catholics were expected, but 250,000 people from different countries came. Today, the event is celebrated every three to four years in a different country.
In 2023, World Youth Day took place over six days in Lisbon, attracting over 1.5m attendees. The largest event ever to be hosted in the city of Lisbon, the expansive, 100-hectare riverside Parque Tejo served as the primary location, with a massive stage and a series of screens and audio systems set up along a 3.5km-long open-air space to accommodate the international audience.
Supporting the event with concert audio capable of serving the massive crowds was an L-Acoustics K Series sound system, designed and deployed by Pixel Light.
Headlining the event, Pope Francis delivered a message of hope and unity to the world's youth from a 40m-wide and 24m-high stage conceived by architect João Matos. For Pixel Light, the challenge of creating a sound system that could encompass an audience spread over 430sq.m while maintaining impeccable speech clarity was familiar. An L-Acoustics rental partner since 2016, Pixel Light has a solid foundation of successful collaboration on major projects such as the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. For World Youth Day, Pixel Light’s daunting challenge was to ensure comprehensive audio and video coverage to 1.5m people over a sprawling 3.5km expa

allen--heathA&H dLive in the mix for Kaylee Bell
Monday, 18 December 2023

New Zealand - The recent integration of an Allen & Heath dLive system into Kaylee Bell's Boots 'N All tour brought about a transformation, enhancing the performance experience for both the renowned New Zealand singer-songwriter and her band.
As someone who wears multiple hats during the live show, Kaylee Bell's front-of-house engineer and production manager Joshua Anderson described the arrival of the dLive system supplied by Jansen Pro Audio as a game changer for both him and the performers. "Eliminating the task of maintaining show files for multiple consoles has saved me endless amounts of time and has brought a whole new level of consistency to everything,” said Anderson.
One of the stand-out features of the dLive system is its DEEP processing capabilities, which have left the production team astounded. The ability to use onboard processing like DYN8, a powerful and sophisticated processor boasting four bands of dynamic EQ and four bands of multiband compression, and other FX have allowed Anderson to move away from relying on the external plugin solutions that were previously utilised. This transition has not only streamlined operations but has also significantly enhanced the audio quality of the performances.
In a notable shift, the band's monitoring has been seamlessly integrated into the dLive system, managed on a dLive Director setup handled by Nick Campbell. dLive Director serves as an editor and control software for dLive, enabling users to pre-configure the system offline, review and modify show files from guest engineers, and co

em-acousticsWolf Performance Hall upgrades with EM
Monday, 18 December 2023

Canada - The Wolf Performance Hall is a concert hall, theatre, and meeting facility in downtown London, Ontario, located within the London Public Library. A fully accessible 369-seat theatre and cultural hub, Wolf Performance Hall’s tiered seating, excellent sightlines and outstanding acoustics make it one of the city’s most sought-after venues for performers and audience members alike.
The venue recently upgraded to a full EM Acoustics sound solution, installed by local integrators, Armor Pro in collaboration with OCTAV Integrated Design and Contact Distribution.
“The venue required a system that would provide even SPL coverage front to back without obstructing sight lines. Due to the multi-use nature of the venue, a left-centre-right configuration with a centre cluster dedicated to lecture and movie applications was also part of the initial brief,” explains Vaino Gennaro of Contact Distribution who was responsible for specifying the system. “EM Acoustics was chosen because of the precise tonal balance and coherent sound signature between all the different models in the product line.”
EM Acoustics’ flagship Reference series loudspeakers were chosen as the foundations of the system, with EM R12s installed in the left, centre and right positions, with the centre further reinforced by one R8. EMS-81s and EMS-51s were installed for out-fill and front-fill, and in the FOH sound booth. The EM Acoustics system was completed by EM DQ20 amplifiers, offering extremely high-power density in a convenient and flexible format.
“Through the

daniel-paracha-and-mariano-caraballoPMC appoints Planeta Analogico Argentinian distributor
Monday, 18 December 2023

Argentina - UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has appointed Planeta Analogico as its distributor in Argentina, with responsibility for its range of professional monitoring products.
Based in Buenos Aires, Planeta Analogico was established in the early 2000’s by CEO and founder Daniel Paracha. The company represents more than 40 high-end pro audio brands including API, Audient, Chandler, Crane Song, Eventide, Maselec, Telefunken and Weiss.
Commenting on the appointment, Daniel Paracha says: “We are delighted to be distributing PMC as we see a huge potential for the brand in Argentina. PMC’s result6 nearfield monitors, along with the PMC6, PMC6-2, PMC8-2 and associated subwoofers, are all products that can open up the market because they are the best professional studio monitors you can buy at this price range. They are perfect ambassadors for the entire PMC professional range, and I can’t wait to introduce them to our customers.”
Dan Zimbleman, PMC’s senior export business development manager, adds: “Daniel and his staff are incredibly knowledgeable and deliver exceptionally high levels of service to their customers. This matches PMC’s philosophy regarding customer service and we are delighted that a company of this calibre is now representing our professional product range.”
The process of alerting Argentinian audio professionals to PMC has already started, with Planeta Analogico holding product demonstrations at its in-house recording studio. Paracha says reaction to these demos has been very positive and has resulted in imme

vision2ClearOne strengthens regional network
Friday, 15 December 2023

USA - ClearOne is strengthening its regional sales rep network with the appointment of Vision2 Marketing to represent the company’s entire line of solutions in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.
According to ClearOne CEO Derek Graham, Vision2 Marketing has the extensive industry experience and in-depth local market knowledge across all channels to best present the ClearOne value proposition to partners and end user customers. “Vision2 has what we need to significantly grow our business throughout the south and southeast of the United States,” Graham said. “Expert product specialists, channel focused sales professionals who understand what each channel needs, and a service and training team that supports the entire sales process.”
Vision2 Marketing CEO Mick Beisel stressed, “We are proud to add ClearOne to our portfolio of industry leading brands that offer real value to both integrators and end user customers alike. The market demand for customizable, channel specific conferencing and collaboration solutions is growing stronger by the year and the addition of ClearOne to our line-up is going to be warmly welcomed by our customers.”
With offices located in the South, Southeast and Western regions, Vision2 Marketing represents a number of industry leaders including Harman Pro Group, Analog Way, Audinate, Avid, ClearCom, Datavideo, Denon Marantz Pro, Digital Projection, Lightronics, RDL, Televic, and Williams Sound.

vans-station-sindangLD Systems goes underground in Seoul
Friday, 15 December 2023

South Korea - At the end of October, US shoe manufacturer VANS went underground in the South Korean capital of Seoul. The skate brand organised a two-day pop-up event with a shopping market, skate shows and DJ concerts in an unused underground station.
The Korean audio specialists from Sonic Value relied on an extensive LD Systems setup consisting of MAILA, CURV 500, MAUI P900 and more to provide optimum sound reinforcement for all programme items in the challenging acoustic environment.
"The location was a real challenge," confirms Ethan Yoon, head of the technical team at Sonic Value. "Stone surfaces almost everywhere, lots of pillars, a tubular shape and low ceilings. Due to the almost unhindered reflections from the hard surfaces, it was clear from the start that we couldn't play the room at high levels, but had to rely on a clever multi-zone system to avoid blind spots or a drop in level or sound quality."
Sonic Value used a double LD Systems MAILA ground stack setup as the main PA for the DJ concerts: MAILA L with two 2x15'' MAILA SUB high-performance subwoofers each for the external stereo sound reinforcement and a MAILA M with 2x2 MAILA SUBs as the internal stereo system.
"Our aim was to create a natural sound image throughout the room that surrounds the audience," explains Ethan Yoon. For this reason, Sonic Value added surround systems to the sides and rear of the main PA. In addition to another MAILA S stereo system at the rear, a total of ten CURV 500 array systems, each consisting of a D SAT duplex satellite and an SLA SmartLink

dee-millerSSL Live consoles support Peter Gabriel tour
Friday, 15 December 2023

Europe - Peter Gabriel recently completed his first live tour in six years, covering Europe and North America. This tour supported his latest album, i/o, which is his first release of original studio material since 2002. Both legs of i/o – The Tour carried three Solid State Logic Live mixing consoles, including an L550 Plus at front-of-house, another L550 Plus for band monitors and an L650 for Gabriel’s monitors, plus a compact SSL SiX to mix Gabriel’s keyboards.
Peter Gabriel, an artist and studio owner, has a longstanding association with SSL. Within his personal production spaces, and at Real World Studios in Bath, he has installed several of the company's large-format studio consoles. Since their introduction, Gabriel has exclusively relied on SSL Live consoles throughout his tours.
“Interestingly, I was the first person to use the SSL Live desk on his tour,” reports veteran monitor engineer Dee Miller, who has been working with Gabriel since the end of the Growing Up Tour in 2003. “I've been using the SSL Live desk since its inception. I'm extremely comfortable with it and I find it very easy to navigate.
“It absolutely sounds stunning. As far as I'm concerned, it’s the best sounding desk in the world. It's the only desk I use now.” Miller, set to mark 40 years on the road in 2024, has spent the last two decades collaborating with Robert Plant. Additionally, he had a long history with Jeff Beck and has worked with renowned artists such as The Who and Diana Ross. On i/o – The Tour he typically created 14 stereo in-ear

db-thursford-christmas-spectacularThursford hosts ‘highest-resolution’ Soundscape system
Friday, 15 December 2023

UK - The Norfolk village of Thursford, known for its steam engines, musical organs and fairground rides, as well as its spectacular theatrical shows, will be delivering a new, immersive sound experience with its Thursford Christmas Spectacular this year, thanks to a d&b Soundscape from audio technology and solutions company, d&b audiotechnik.
Designed and installed by Southby Productions, the system features 143 loudspeakers covering the 40m wide performance stage and is – to date – the highest-resolution d&b Soundscape system installed anywhere in the world.
Having been impressing audiences with its shows for 45 years, Thursford takes great pride in its high production standards – and for 2023, it was time for a sound system upgrade. Sound designer Mark Rogers explains, “Because our room is very wide and not very high, we’ve never been able to use line arrays, so we had a distributed point source system with over 50 boxes. This meant that pretty much every audience member heard most of their sound from the speaker nearest them.”
As the shows increased in complexity, the challenge of balancing sound became more of a compromise, with some elements sacrificed in favour of others. Nor did the system allow for any concept of sound localisation – a failure exacerbated by the stage’s extreme width. Rogers recalls, “When a sound began, we could see audience members trying to work out where the thing was, and in those few seconds, the performance had lost their attention.”
Rogers, who had long been aware of d&b So

alignedFulcrum Acoustic partners with Aligned AV
Friday, 15 December 2023

Vietnam - Fulcrum Acoustic has appointed Aligned AV as their distribution partner in Vietnam. Based in Ho Chi Minh city, Aligned AV, specialises in delivering AV products, software, and solutions to commercial and corporate clients.
Val Gilbert, director of business development for export at Fulcrum Acoustic, expressed his enthusiasm stating, "Expanding into the APAC region is a strategic goal for Fulcrum Acoustic, and Vietnam holds immense potential for us. Our goal is to bolster support for our existing customers in the country while opening doors for new opportunities.
“We are thrilled to collaborate with Aligned AV, a company that shares our dedication to innovation and customer-centric solutions. This partnership aligns with our mission to deliver exceptional audio solutions on a global scale."
Ms Thu Ta, director of Aligned AV, adds, "We are honoured to work alongside Fulcrum Acoustic, a company known for its innovative audio technologies. This partnership reflects our commitment to providing high-quality products and comprehensive customer support. Beyond distributing Fulcrum Acoustic's full line of products in Vietnam, we are dedicated to offering our customers the highest level of product knowledge, technical assistance, and training programs. We anticipate a successful and mutually beneficial relationship.”

showcaseSound Technology hosts Troxy showcase
Friday, 15 December 2023

UK - Sound Technology, distributor of Harman Professional audio and lighting solutions in the UK, is holding a technology showcase event at Troxy in London on 17 & 18 January 2024.
The event will allow visitors to experience the JBL Professional Performance Audio range, including the VTX A Series line array - A12, A8 and the ultra-compact A6 – as well as the new SRX900 powered line arrays. The showcase also features the smaller format and portable PA systems including the IRX100, EON700 and PRX900 series, as well as the IRX One, EON One Mk2 and PRX One column PA systems.
In 2019, Troxy chose JBL Professional VTX A Series as its house PA system, installing two 12-box arrays of VTX A12 with additional VTX A8 boxes fulfilling front fill duties.
More recently, Troxy replaced its in-house lighting rig with Martin fixtures, consisting of MAC Ultra, ERA 800 Performance, MAC Aura PXL, VDO Atomic Dots, with Martin’s P3 video processing.
The event will showcase the capabilities of this new lighting rig, alongside the new Martin MAC One creative beamwash fixture which will be making its first public UK appearance.
The showcase takes place over two days, with sessions starting at 11am & 3pm on Wednesday 17 January and 2pm on Thursday 18. Those visiting on the Wednesday are invited to stay for an afterparty from 6pm with food and live entertainment.
Registration is at

crestronTeamConnect supported by Crestron
Thursday, 14 December 2023

Europe - Sennheiser has announced that its TeamConnect Medium (TCC M) ceiling microphone for mid-sized meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces has been integrated into the Crestron Automate VX voice-activated speaker tracking solution.
Automate VX technology enables a high-quality meeting experience with production-style cuts across a variety of applications including corporate boardrooms, multipurpose spaces, and training rooms. The combination of TCC M and Automate VX technology leads to more inclusive meetings, especially for mid-sized collaboration spaces and lecture halls. High-quality audio and intelligent video technologies are vital to supporting a critical and dynamic collaboration experience.
With the Automate VX solution, multiple cameras around the room work together to track active speakers, while removing distractions that are typically visible when a camera pans, tilts, or zooms. As the conversation moves around the room, TCC M’s patented automatic dynamic beamforming technology ensures the speakers are continuously being heard.
With the integration of the complete Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Family into Crestron's Automate VX technology and the Intelligent Video Designer software, integrators can now streamline the setup of larger systems, making the process more efficient and time effective.
"This exciting integration between Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling Medium and Crestron’s Automate VX brings optimum equity to meeting participants in meeting rooms, lecture halls, and collaboration spaces,” said Bob B

nexo-web-28Nexo fits the bill at Théâtre d'Aix
Thursday, 14 December 2023

France - A grand, Italian-style theatre dating from 1899, the Casino Grand Cercle Theatre in Aix-les-Bains is considered a masterpiece for both its architecture and its decoration.
As part of a sympathetic renovation of this historic and much-loved venue, operators called in local technical solutions specialists Groupe Elypse to design a sound system that would equip the 830-seat venue for a varied programme of productions ranging from drama and operetta to concerts, without detracting visually from the sumptuous internal decor of a venue with no hanging points for line arrays.
“We have a long-established relationship with the Théâtre d'Aix and considered carefully both the technical requirements and the available budget,” reports Bruno Favre-Martinoz, founder and CEO of Groupe Elypse. “For this project, Nexo proposed to us the ID84 column loudspeaker which impressed us with both its performance and cost. Nexo also has a very complete range of products with good availability and excellent technical support, which is important for an integrator.”
Using an array of dome tweeters rather than a compression driver significantly lowers HF distortion and gives the ID84 a ‘hi-fi-like’ sonic character, while a switch on the rear of the cabinet controls a passive filter which effectively changes the HF vertical dispersion from broad (0˚ to -25˚) to narrow (0˚ to -10˚).
Accompanied by their partner IDS312 subs to extend LF performance down to 40Hz, left and right pairs of ID84s address each of three seating tiers, with an additional pa

lamusilacimg1L-Acoustics K reinforces Musilac Festival
Thursday, 14 December 2023

France - Each July, the southern town of Aix-les-Bains opens its arms to throngs of rock music fans as it hosts the storied pop-rock festival Musilac between the shores of Lac du Bourget and the Alps. This year for its 21st edition, Musilac broke its own attendance record, welcoming a crowd of 110,000 people over the four-day event, which saw internationally recognised acts like Arctic Monkeys, Gojira, Indochine, Phoenix and Franz Ferdinand take to its stages.
The layout of the open air Musilac Festival is designed to take full advantage of its lakeside location, with two main stages situated side by side - one near the water’s edge and the other abutting the mountain. While perfect for the stunning backdrop, this setup requires a sound system that can cover a wide audience with impeccable concert-grade sound for all.
L-Acoustics-certified provider Dushow has provided sound for Musilac for the last 15 years. Their priority is to offer consistent, top-of-the-line sound across the 140m, double-wide audience area. To be sure to hit all the high notes, Dushow designed a double left-right configuration with three hangs of L-Acoustics long-throw K1 and K2 loudspeakers.
Using Soundvision, L-Acoustics’ 3D real time modelling software, Dushow was able to design and simulate the sound setup before arriving onsite. They created a left-right/left-right system using three hangs of 14 K1 with three K2 down, sharing the centre hang alternately as left or right, depending on which stage was active. Three flown arrays of 12 KS28 each were hung behind the main h

stage-electrics-showcase-2024-artworkStage Electrics Showcase returns in January
Thursday, 14 December 2023

UK - Hosted in the Heineken Suite at Bristol City’s Ashton Gate stadium - the Stage Electrics Showcase will feature more than 25 of the leading manufacturers of lighting, audio, rigging, pyrotechnics and special effects. The showcase on 25 January presents an opportunity for visitors to get hands-on experience with the latest products from exhibitors, and to discuss their needs with representatives from all the brands.
The Stage Electrics Showcase is free to attend, registration is now open. Delegates who sign up to attend the Showcase before 20 January, will be eligible for free car parking at the venue (normally £7.50). The showcase is open 2pm-7pm, with a seminar from Prolyte planned for 1pm. A pyrotechnics display will take place during the event, with the opportunity to discuss your pyrotechnic needs with the team from Le Maitre.
Stage Electrics sales director, Anna Western comments: “We’re really excited to host another Showcase event. The last one in January 2020 was attended by over 200 people - all of whom had a positive experience meeting exhibitors and networking with fellow delegates. The entire team and I are looking forward to meeting with customers old and new at the event, and chatting to them, in an informal and relaxed setting. We can’t wait to see you there.”
The confirmed list of exhibitors at the Stage Electrics Showcase is: Chauvet, Chamsys, Doughty, EM Acoustics, ETC, High End, Le Maitre, Magic FX, Signify, Prolyte, Avolites, Sennheiser, Yamaha, RCF, Admiral Staging, Martin Professional, Ambersphere, Panasonic, AVM,

campbell-university-gore-arena-2Gore Arena upgrades with Biamp Community
Wednesday, 13 December 2023

USA - Gore Arena has a seating capacity just under 3,100, and is used by basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams, as well as to host other indoor events, across Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina.
In the process of revamping the auditory experience at the Gore Arena, it was crucial to address specific challenges posed by the former sound system. Community loudspeakers from Biamp were chosen as the solution.
The Community loudspeakers from Biamp helped address one of the most evident issues - the inconsistent sound quality across different seating areas, which often left sections of the arena audience straining to discern announcements, commentaries, or even the ambiance of the sporting event. Equally, the old system lacked the desired clarity, muddling certain frequencies and diminishing the overall auditory experience.
“Once we understood the needs for the Gore Arena, Biamp’s Community loudspeaker product family was the obvious choice,” said Joe Andrulis, executive vice-president of corporate development, Biamp. “Through Biamp Community loudspeakers, athletes, students, and visitors can be assured every announcement and song will come through crystal clear.”
"Before the installation, the depth and clarity of the sound system was a challenge,” said Charles Phillips, director of A/V, Campbell University. “Now, every word from the PA announcer and the lyrics in the music are clearly heard. The installation has significantly improved our in-venue experience at Campbell University. There isn't a bad seat in the b

extrema-2Pioneer Professional reports successful year
Wednesday, 13 December 2023

UK - Pioneer Pro Audio recorded another successful year in 2023 on all fronts. From professional and commercial installs on every scale, to live entertainment, ranging from pop-up presentations to major festivals, the company’s portfolio has been in high demand. The company has seen ‘robust and sustained demand’ for its loudspeaker ranges.
The year began with the launch of XPRS2 series of powered loudspeakers, which couple the versatility and mobility of the original XPRS Series with elevated audio sound-performance and audio intelligibility. Demonstrations of XPRS2 at ISE in Barcelona were very well attended, with guests introduced to the concept of ‘Versatile XPRSion’ from lighter and even more competitively priced units. The speakers were in evidence at a number of eye-catching locations during the year, including Trevarefest in Norway.
XPRS2 were also popular supplements on some larger installs and live events. XY-Series continued to be in demand on multiple stages at large festivals such as Extrema and Pukkelpop - the latter benefitting from an ambitious immersive setup by KAGE Audio.
The Pioneer PRO Audio CM-Series of wall and ceiling-mounted commercial audio loudspeakers made a strong impact in 2023, building upon a reputation earned through a number of prestigious installs in recent years. CM-Series speakers found their way into yet more leading culinary hotspots across Europe, such as Auberge Napoleon in Meise, Bomaki in Milan and the recently opened Arcade at the Battersea Power Station site in London.
Federico Sidero, mar


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