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x102fdwithoutgrilleamateaudio-copiaAmate Audio exhibiting in Catalan Innovation Zone @ISE Live
Thursday, 27 May 2021

Spain - Amate Audio is exhibiting in the Catalan Innovation Zone at ISE Live, in Hall 2 of the Fira Barcelona Gran Via exhibition centre, in association with ACCIÓ, an agency of the Government of Catalunya promoting business competitiveness, which is hosting a dedicated zone showcasing some of the leading companies and technologies from the region.
Barcelona-based Amate Audio will be featuring spread of .some of its latest loudspeaker products.
The company’s flagship Xcellence series X212AF large format, 3-way line array and accompanying dual 18” X218WF ‘compact’ sub were the major product introductions on its booth at ISE 2020.
Also from the Xcellence series, the all-new X102FD is an ultra-high output compact point-source alternative to line arrays in medium and smaller size application environments. Its advanced cabinet geometry incorporates two 10“ drivers in a concentric V-configuration, a 1.4″neodymium HF driver with a simple ‘no tools required’ ‘pull & turn’ rotatable aluminium horn. With a compact form factor in relation to its extremely high power and signal output, which enables a single pair of X102FD cabinets to outperform up to two 4x 8” line array strings.
The new G7 premium commercial audio loudspeaker features Amate Audio’s proprietary hexagonal form, injection moulded reinforced ABS plastic enclosure. Described as “offering the highest quality and performance to price ratio achieved with a plastic cabinet”, the G7 is a ground-up, fully in-house development to create “a compact injection-mould

slx-dsocialwebbannerShure expands SLX-D capabilities
Thursday, 27 May 2021

UK - Shure has announced free software networking capabilities for its SLX-D Digital Wireless System. Shure’s Wireless Workbench 6 software and ShurePlus Channels iOS app will be compatible with SLX-D later this summer. The software solutions offer the necessary RF management that professionals rely on for critical oversight and control of Shure wireless systems.
Shure’s Wireless Workbench 6 software allows audio professionals to discover and automatically connect to all Shure devices on the network for remote monitoring and control. With just a few clicks, users can scan the spectrum, identify open frequencies, and deploy to networked systems.
To ensure an optimal working environment, and smooth production with SLX-D, Wireless Workbench 6 can also help: establish network parameters and track all devices used in any given production; manage alerts and make adjustments in real-time without interrupting the performance, and Implement necessary changes to Shure devices remotely from a computer.
The ShurePlus Channels app gives users optimal control from the palm of their hand, helping them monitor events and make important real-time changes using a mobile device. The easy-to-download iOS app can be connected via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet adapter to automatically discover and manage Shure networked devices. Users are able to precisely monitor RF signal strength, audio levels, and battery life, from their mobile device for on-the-go performance management. Additionally, users can remotely diagnose and adjust critical channel information - ensuring the s

sonagabeach1Harman on song for Sonaga Beach ballroom
Thursday, 27 May 2021

Vietnam - Harman Professional Solutions recently collaborated with BaSao Audio to equip the ballroom at Sonaga Beach Resort & Villa with a new audio system.
Located on the Vietnamese island of Phú Quốc, Sonaga Beach Resort & Villa is a luxury resort that offers upscale accommodations in addition to a restaurant, swimming pool, fitness centre, ballroom and bar. The facility owners hired BaSao Audio to outfit the main ballroom with a complete Harman sound system.
BaSao installed a combination of JBL loudspeakers, AKG microphones and Soundcraft audio mixers to support a wide range of events in the venue.
JBL BRX308-LA loudspeakers and BRX325-SP subwoofers were selected for the main sound reinforcement system. Additionally, the installation team equipped the space with JBL EON612 portable PA speakers to provide premium sound quality and flexibility for remote events.
BaSao Audio also included AKG KM200 wireless microphone systems to provide reliable speech reinforcement with clarity and high intelligibility. Soundcraft Signature 16 analogue mixers control the system.
“Sonaga Beach Resort & Villa required powerful and compact audio solutions to complement their sophisticated venue,” said G Amar Subash, VP & GM, Harman Professional Solutions, APAC. “We would like to thank BaSao Audio for delivering our latest product line, JBL BRX300 as part of well-planned solutions with exceptional expertise and creating an engaging space for the resort’s patrons.”

springSpring loaded with Coda Audio N-RAY
Thursday, 27 May 2021

China - The annual Spring Festival Gala staged by BTV (Beijing Radio and TV Station) which celebrates the Chinese New Year is one of the most watched television spectaculars in the world. The 2021 edition of the show, with its central theme of unity was no exception, attracting a large audience and wowing its audience with a combination of art and high tech.
Recorded at the 3,600sq.m studio at Xingguang Film and TV Centre in the Daxing District of Beijing, the Gala presented a song and dance extravaganza (including virtual performances) that used a 360° panoramic immersive performance area.
The show presented its production team, Beijing Zenith Culture and Art Company, with many challenges, breaking down as it did the traditional barriers between audience and performers.
The design of the audio system in particular was demanding - the immersive approach meant that performance areas were fragmented and a staggered layout would be required. Audio specialist Mr Ma Xin, of the Chinese Coal Mine Art Troupe, was the chief sound designer for the Gala and deployed Coda Audio’s compact three-way line array N-RAY system to overcome challenges.
The immersive layout of the space required not only that the audio had to be of the highest quality, but that the enclosures had to be small and lightweight and have very accurate directional control. Without the necessary accuracy, there would be an increased danger of feedback and also that the sound reflections in the room could compromise the clarity across the venue and even affect the recording quality of

mummiesL-Acoustics delivers for mummies on parade
Thursday, 27 May 2021

Egypt - The National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation (NMEC) in Fustat is one of UNESCO’s projects to help safeguard and preserve Egypt’s cultural heritage. The April opening of the new-build museum was marked with a lavish ceremony, in anticipation of which the Egyptian government undertook a multi-million-dollar investment to re-paint, re-light, and equip downtown Cairo with sound.
The epic opening ceremony, which was supervised, directed and organised by Media Hub Saadi-Gohar Company, combined marching bands, cheering children, synchronised lighting, and a line-up of famous Egyptian actors and singers. The centrepiece of the productions was the transfer of the mummies of the ancient kings and queens of Egypt from their previous resting place in the Egyptian Museum to their new home.
Twenty-two mummies in chronological order of their reigns, from the 17th Dynasty ruler, Seqenenre Taa II, to Ramses IX, who reigned in the 12th Century BC, were paraded through in the heart of Cairo while Egyptians - and the world - watched and listened to the historic pageant. Each mummy sat in a nitrogen-filled box - to protect against decomposition caused by oxygen exposure - atop a decorated vehicle disguised to look like an Egyptian boat. Each of these vehicles was fitted with heavy shock absorbers to protect the fragile National treasures from possible bumps in the road, despite the road's recent re-pavement in preparation for the royal transport. For the occasion, L-Acoustics kept the pharaohs’ sound as golden as their sarcophagi.
"Through this whole parad

projectregistration-imgPowersoft launches discount scheme for installs
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Italy - Powersoft has launched a project registration process on its website that will allow subscribers to receive a discount on Powersoft products to be purchased for any installation project, as well as direct support from Powersoft’s expert technical team.
Registrants can be any company or user in the project chain, such as distributors, end users, system integrators or resellers, and the discount and support will be accessible to customers once the submitted project, after meeting certain requirements, has been considered eligible.
To be eligible, registrants must provide at least three months prior to the estimated product delivery date, all project details (including programme and products of interest) to the official project registration form, accessible via MyPowersoft.
"We have launched this initiative to further support projects around the world in light of current market conditions," commented Powersoft's Fabrizio Romani Bolzoni, Powersoft sales distributor manager. “This launch will allow anyone in the chain to benefit from a discount, additional support and allow them to optimize their investment in audio system installation.”
After registration, registrants will receive a confirmation email and will be contacted by authorized personnel to receive information on the benefits they will be entitled to.
"This is our way of further assisting the AV industry, along with the extended warranties launched at the beginning of this year and last years’ service plan," commented Bolzoni. "This initiative will allow us to prov

bromptonBrompton backbone for 80six studios
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

UK - Video technology company, 80six, recently opened the doors to its virtual production studios in Slough. The VP facility boasts a pre-configured curved LED stage, suitable for shooting in-camera VFX. Brompton Technology products are part of the studio's high-end technical backbone.
80six has been at the leading edge of building and implementing xR stages and has now directed its attention to live LED in-camera virtual production, which uses similar technologies. The company has spent the last 20 months carrying out extensive R&D with LED and cameras for film and TV productions with partners such as Epic Games, Dimension Studio, DNEG & OSF.
“Throughout the last couple of years, we have carried out various tests that have given us a solid understanding of the principles of VP. We can now confidently advise our clients as to the benefits and limitations they can expect when shooting in-camera VFX or when using LED video panels as light sources,” says Jack James, director at 80six.
Set in an overall area of approximately 335sq.m, the Virtual Production Stage includes an 18m x 4.5m high-resolution LED volume, built with award-winning ROE Visual Diamond DM 2.6mm for the rear wall and ROE Carbon 5.7mm for the LED ceiling, along with movable lighting dollies.
The ROE screens run on Brompton Tessera SX40 4K Version 3.1 LED processors. “Brompton’s 3.1 software high frame rate capabilities allow for smooth, fast play-back of content, which is particularly useful for slow-motion for film, TV and esports,” says James.
"We we

saw-group-photo22-kyalamiStage Audio Works on the move in Jo’burg
Wednesday, 26 May 2021

South Africa - Event and entertainment technology solutions supplier Stage Audio Works has relocated to new premises in Kyalami Park, Midrand, Johannesburg.
The move follows a change in strategic direction of the company’s Mitech Direct division (MI retail sales) to a stronger presence online. The new business model has enabled SAW to reorganise operations in a way that reduces the requirement for physical space overall whilst deploying more resources in key areas for increased profitability.
“We are fortunate in that our business has remained strong throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” states SAW group CEO, Will Deysel. “However, to ensure that, we’ve had to remain agile and react quickly; one of our early decisions was to move Mitech Direct to a predominantly online sales model, which has prompted our relocation to new, appropriately sized premises in Kyalami Park.”
The business is split across two buildings; one that houses sales, distribution and service operations including a showroom that showcases SAW’s full portfolio; and the other that houses manufacturing for SAW’s own brands along with a dedicated showroom.
“The move will be beneficial for our business in a number of ways,” continues Deysel. “In addition to providing significant cost savings on the physical space, it’s also an excellent opportunity to streamline our warehousing and operations and we’ve invested in automated storage and racking to facilitate that. We’re also delighted to unveil a new showroom for our own product ranges in the manufacturing b

plasa-jagermeister#WeMakeEvents features in Jägermeister’s Meister Series
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

UK - Founders of the global #WeMakeEvents movement feature in the fourth episode of The Meister Series, Jägermeister’s project celebrating “the mavericks and innovators in the music and events industry.”
In April 2020, #WeMakeEvents was launched by PLASA in response to the impact of the pandemic on the live events ecosystem. What started as a single UK campaign soon grew into a global movement now spanning 40 countries. Since then, through fundraising, mental health support and campaigning, the organisation has worked tirelessly to keep the music industry alive and support those impacted by the crisis.
In this fourth episode, founders and board members of #WeMakeEvents - Nicky Greet and Peter Heath from PLASA, Koy Neminathan from Avolites and James Gordon from Audiotonix - join Jägermeister in a passionate conversation about the origins and work behind the movement.
#WeMakeEvents said: “The latest Meister Series episode by Jägermeister is a beautiful piece of work and it’s an honour for #WeMakeEvents to be involved in such a great project. This episode plots our development from April 2020 when six of us decided to start a campaign to help the businesses and people in the live events supply chain, up to today, now with 40 countries aligned in a global movement.
“At #WeMakeEvent, we live for live events; the performances that delight, inspire and improve our wellbeing. Whilst we are seeing some positive small steps in audiences being able to return to enjoying live

surroundscapesBluesound launches latest Surroundscapes
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

UK - Bluesound Professional has announced the launch of the fourth instalment of its podcast series called Surroundscapes. The series continues to feature expert guests from around the world offering perspectives on changes affecting the current and post-pandemic workplace.
The series is targeted at commercial A/V integrators, consultants and business owners interested in the idea of using audio visual technology to ‘help create memorable and immersive experiences in commercial environments amidst our new reality’.
Hosted by Graeme Harrison, VP and GM of Bluesound Professional, Surroundscapes Series 4 is theme focused on the Future of Music and Music Creation. Harrison, along with invited industry experts, will explore two principal areas of the music industry. First, they will investigate new ways of both composing and performing music often using innovative technologies, and second, how songwriters and musicians can make a fair living in the age of digital technologies and platforms, centring around new ways of creating value and connecting with audiences - both large and small.
Surroundscapes is presented in quarterly series, with each comprised of five to 10 episodes of audio podcasts focused on a specific topic within the central theme of the ‘future of business’. Created for mobile consumption, the podcast is an interview-style content series hosted by Harrison, where he and invited expert guests explore the use of A/V technologies in shaping human perceptions and experiences of space, and their impacts on

blessingDiGiCo in control for The Blessing USA Tour
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

USA - One of the most highly anticipated tours in the Contemporary Christian music world this year is The Blessing USA Tour, pairing six-time GMA Dove Award winner Kari Jobe and husband/partner Cody Carnes. Kicking off in Pittsburgh on 15 April and culminating in Brandon, Mississippi on 18 June, the tour is taking the singer-songwriter duo on a 24-city run of shows at large houses of worship and theatres across the Midwest and South, including Dallas, Orlando, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Houston and elsewhere.
Sponsored by illumiNations and, the tour is implementing “socially distanced and/or reserved COVID-safe seating and capacities” in each venue, and tour members will be tested and everyone entering will be temperature checked, in addition to other standards and local requirements. What’s also different about this tour is how the DiGiCo Quantum338 console, operated by production manager Brenton Miles and supplied by tour outfitters Spectrum Sound, Inc. and IPS Live, is acting as the literal hub of every aspect of the tour’s sound.
Miles is at the centre of that hub. He’s mixing the show’s front-of-house sound as well as the in-ear monitors for the entire band, as well as for a 10-person VIP group that can access the stage, band, artists and crew in each city before the show. These are mainly volunteers and staffers from local churches that Miles and other The Blessing USA crewmembers will walk and talk through the tour’s workflows and equipment.
The Quantum338 gets plenty of attention because those VIP attendees are

duke-universityDuke University given green light with MLA
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

USA - After the widespread cancellation of the 2020 Graduation and Commencement season in the States, students were anxious to know whether this year they would be able to celebrate the completion of their degree programmes on a grand stage.
Cooper Cannady of Martin Audio partner RMB Audio, the event’s long-term services provider, was faced with the same conundrum.
“We have serviced Duke University Commencement at the Wallace Wade Stadium [in Durham, N. Carolina] since the evolution of the campus back in 2003,” said the RMB Audio owner, whose company is based nearby.
“This year I was invited to initiate planning for an event which I knew may never occur.” However, when University president, Vincent Price, finally received the green light from the Centre for Disease Control and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the RMB Audio tech team had to function test all equipment that had been dormant for one year.
The event was set for 2 May; the stage loaded in on 23 April and the RMB Audio crew arrived on 27 April. But the problem was that with strict socially distanced guidelines in force, the layout kept changing. “Every day brought with it a new scenario,” stated Cooper. While some 5,700 students had graduated, 2,000 undergraduates would attend, originally spaced 6ft apart in the inner field (to engage them closely with the event), while the seating plans revised to allow an additional two guests. The 40,000-cap stadium would now host a total of 6,000 attendees, and the original 6ft social distancing was reduced t

nflL-Acoustics K2 is first round pick for NFL Draft
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

USA - Each spring, the annual NFL Draft broadcast offers millions of sports fans an opportunity to discover with which franchises players will be signing for the upcoming football season. This year’s event, held in Cleveland from 29 April to 1 May, welcomed 50,000 fans a day for live events, including the NFL Draft Experience interactive football festival and nightly concerts from Black Pumas, Kings of Leon, and one of the city’s native sons, Machine Gun Kelly.
Once again, the National Football League and events promoter C3 Presents chose Houston-based certified provider LD Systems as the live sound vendor for the NFL Draft. LD’s primary deployment was for the Draft Theatre, a massive 200ft-wide by 220ft-deep by 80ft-tall half-moon structure created by Stage FX. Erected near FirstEnergy Stadium and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, overlooking Lake Erie, the structure housed the NFL Draft TheatreStage, where NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made pick announcements and where all concerts and other main events took place.
“We never had any doubt that an L-Acoustics sound system would be the best tool for the job, but as we experienced at both the 2019 Draft in Nashville and during the planning phases of the 2020 Draft in Las Vegas prior to that event being cancelled due to COVID, we knew to expect limitations on where and how high or low we could fly our arrays,” recalls LD Systems audio department operations manager Thomas Ruffner, who worked closely with 2021 Draft Theatre Production manager Shawn Worlow of The Production Collective and C3 Prese

alconsSchool’s out for Alcons Audio in De Fabriek
Monday, 24 May 2021

The Netherlands - Located on the banks of the Zaan river in the city of Zaandam, a few kilometres north-west of Amsterdam, Filmtheater De Fabriek (The Factory) is a popular cinema. The cinema has recently added a new 30 seat theatre and, at the same time, updated the audio in its existing 90 and 64-seat theatres, all with Alcons Audio pro-ribbon systems.
Filmtheater De Fabriek offers an in-depth movie experience, each month offering introductions, after-talks or panel discussions about its programme of films. These provide more context for the films and the viewer with food for thought. This approach to providing a more complete experience includes the sound.
De Fabriek occupies a 100-year-old former school building, which has seen many changes over the years. A recent refurbishment saw original details being preserved and, at the same time, the cinema being brought right up to date with the installation of a Dolby 5.1 system in the new theatre and improving the existing theatres with a modern, high quality sound systems. This included upgrading the largest theatre from Dolby 5.1 to 7.1.
Cinema integration company CinemaNext was approached and, after recommending Alcons pro-ribbon systems, Filmtheater De Fabriek’s board member Marc Zeldenthuis, managing director Katrien Lamers and project coordinator John de Jong visited the ISE 2020 trade show.
“We first heard Alcons in the company’s demo room at ISE 2020,” says John de Jong. “We also visited several other cinemas for information and to listen to their systems. In terms of audio qua

sydneytheatrecompanySydney Theatre Company re-opens with Meyer
Monday, 24 May 2021

Australia - Sydney Theatre Company (STC) has reopened its home venue, The Wharf, at Walsh Bay in Sydney, following a two-year closure for a total renovation. A highlight of the complete technical upgrade was the installation of 32 new Meyer Sound loudspeakers, largely drawn from the company’s new Ultra-X series.
The system was designed by Bob McCarthy and Josh Dorn-Fehrmann to implement Spacemap Go, Meyer Sound’s new tool for spatial sound design and live mixing. When it opened in late February, STC’s production of Playing Beatie Bow became one of the world’s first theatrical productions to use dynamic spatial effects provided by the new technology based on the Galaxy 816 Network Platform utilising Milan and a new iPad user interface.
For the theatre’s sound & video manager Ben Lightowlers, selection of the right solution was critical, so the venue chose to retain complete control of the PA budget, from specification all the way through to installation. The system renewal was a logical extension of a decades-long relationship with Meyer Sound.
“We did explore options from other manufacturers,” he says, “but over the years we’ve been happy with the UPJ and UPM loudspeakers, which we could easily integrate into the new systems. More importantly, we were very impressed with the new Ultra-X loudspeakers. They are excellent for vocal clarity, which is paramount as the dialogue must be out front. But they are also exceptional for music.”
The flexibility and scalability of Spacemap Go enable the system to be easily reco

ssaandermatt-ch-rh2721-0062-c-roland-halbeAndermatt Concert Hall enhanced with Renkus-Heinz
Friday, 21 May 2021

Switzerland - The Andermatt Concert Hall, located in the village of Andermatt in the Ursern Valley of the Swiss Alps, opened its doors in 2019 to rave reviews by hosting the Berlin Philharmonic, bringing world-class classical music performance to the alpine wonderland (see LSi Jan-Feb 2021).
The concert hall is a beautiful venue with seating for up to 650 and offers an up-close and intimate atmosphere with enough room for a 75-piece orchestra. The hall's stage and lower level are below ground level, and the space features a high ceiling with upper-level walls of glass, wood-finished ceilings, and a wrap-around balcony. Studio Seilern Architects created a captivating space, integrating acoustically optimized “origami” panels to provide an immersive, lively acoustic in every seat. A new enhanced acoustic system was also deployed to increase the subjective volume of the space for varying performances.
To address acoustic challenges, Andermatt Swiss Alps brought in KahleAcoustics, specialists in space acoustics for concert and performance venues, and Amadeus Active Acoustics, developers of the Amadeus multi-channel, active acoustic and immersive sound system. They were challenged to design and deploy a high-quality sound system that was both accurate and natural. To do this, the team used 75 CX41 loudspeakers and eight CX/CA118S subwoofers from Renkus-Heinz

montbleucasino1MontBleu Resort upgrades with JBL and Crown
Friday, 21 May 2021

USA - XXXX Audio Systems recently outfitted MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa with a Harman networked audio system.
MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa is a casino hotel in Stateline, Nevada owned by Bally’s Corporation. Originally constructed in 1978 and known as Caesars Tahoe until 2006, MontBleu includes a 48,456sq.ft casino and 438-room hotel along with multiple restaurants and shops.
MontBleu needed to upgrade its aging audio system and hired XXXX Audio Systems to replace its existing system with a networked audio system consisting of JBL Professional, Crown and BSS solutions.
“Our overall goal was to create a vibrant sound experience for our guests from the minute they arrive to the time they’re playing their favourite slot machine or table game,” said Marimille Dacia, director of marketing, entertainment and retail, MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa. “The sound quality provided by the new system is outstanding. The difference between it and the previous system is night and day. I noticed the drastic improvement immediately. The new system is also very user-friendly - you don’t have to be an audio professional to make adjustments.”
XXXX Audio installed a total of 212 JBL Professional loudspeakers throughout the facility, including JBL Control 45C/T ceiling-tile loudspeakers and Control 40CS/T in-ceiling subwoofers for the casino’s main floor.
“We selected the JBL ceiling loudspeakers for their excellent sound quality and coverage,” said Carl Sagen, lead technician, XXXX Audio Systems. “After installation, I walked

cathedralAdamson gives new voice to Eisenstadt Cathedral
Friday, 21 May 2021

Austria - As historic churches strive to serve their existing congregations and expand their reach using new technology, inevitably they find themselves balancing their needs for quality audio systems with the desire to maintain the aesthetic beauty and singular atmosphere integral to the worship experience.
That’s of particular concern in historically important spaces like Eisenstadt, Austria’s Dom St. Martin, which recently deployed a low profile, high fidelity Adamson Systems Engineering PA to improve speech intelligibility and reinforce small, contemporary musical ensembles with clarity and depth.
Previously known as St. Martin's Church, the Gothic cathedral was completed in 1522 and features a pipe organ created to the specific instructions of Austrian composer and ‘Father of the Symphony and String Quartet,’ Franz Joseph Haydn. Over time, it’s been damaged by fire and rebuilt, and, more recently, in 2003 underwent a painstaking remodelling undertaken by architects Lichtblau-Wagner.
The Dom is also renowned for its presentation of sacred music, including Eisenstadt’s annual Haydn Festival, and required an audio system that delivered class-leading vocal and instrumental reinforcement and pristine reproduction of speech.
“These types of churches were designed to project the voice without any reinforcement because there was no reinforcement,” says Jochen Sommer, Adamson’s Hamburg, Germany-based director of operations. “It’s a difficult acoustic environment. So, to upgrade and achieve more intelligibility, from a system

britsLive sound returns with Britannia Row at the BRITs
Friday, 21 May 2021

UK - The 2021 BRIT Awards made history on 11 May as 4,000 audience members gathered at London’s O2 Arena for the UK’s first indoor live music concert in 14 months.
In celebration of the best in British and international pop music, The BRIT Awards audience - made up by primarily of NHS key workers - brought hope back to live music crews.
The test show was a momentous return to multi-artist, large scale productions, and although the limited numbers presented challenges, the Britannia Row team was happy to take up the mantle.
Safety was paramount, as crew chief Steve Donovan explains: “The BRITs were very different this year in terms of crew logistics and, in particular, the Covid-19 testing of every individual onsite. Crew were tested every 72 hours minimum throughout the course of the build and show. It was critical to ensure we didn’t have positive tests prior to show day.”
Social distancing, masks and a strict hygiene system was implemented. “The BRITs team handled testing with such efficiency that results were coming back in just 15 minutes,” says Britannia Row’s Josh Lloyd.
Lloyd was charged with PA design and FOH artist mixes, while Chris Coxhead was handling presenter audio. Lloyd opted for DiGiCo Quantum 7 consoles whilst Coxhead used a pair of mirrored SD12s with multiple layers of redundancy. A DiGiCo SD11 was utilised for the comms talk back system.
A different approach was mapped out for 2021. With no second stage required due to the limited capacity, Lloyd formulated an in the round system to suit the

modulopi-modulokinetic-v4-1Modulo Pi releases Modulo Kinetic v4
Thursday, 20 May 2021

France - Modulo Pi has announced the immediate availability of Modulo Kinetic version 4. With this release, the fully integrated media server solution offers a revamped user interface, improved 3D engine, and new extensive capabilities dedicated to virtual productions.
Introduced in 2016, Modulo Kinetic makes a major step forward in its development with a variety of new features and improvements. The Modulo Kinetic Designer offers a revamped user interface with new icons, optimised views, toolbars, timelines, nodal programming editor, and more.
Special attention was paid to the 3D scene viewer to offer users a smooth navigation and polished experience with the software.
Version 4 includes the support of Notch Block, 10-bit Apple ProRes, and 10-bit GoPro Cineform. Modulo Kinetic also supports LUT format, allowing creative filters and real-time colour grading.
With support of the WebSocket protocol, it is now possible to create custom web applications, and interact with shows created in Modulo Kinetic from a smartphone, a touch screen, or any other computing device.
Improved 3D engine Modulo Kinetic V4 includes a large series of improvements to its embedded 3D engine. New features allow to significantly enhance show study and simulation in Modulo Kinetic. Projectors can be easily imported into Modulo Kinetic Designer from a csv file. Their distribution in 3D scenes is much faster and easier thanks to a new clone and symmetry tool.

digicoocs1Westlake school mixes it with DiGiCo S21
Thursday, 20 May 2021

USA - Established in 2001, Oaks Christian School (OCS) in Westlake Village has quickly flourished over the past two decades to become one of the most sought-after private middle/high schools in the West Los Angeles area. With a number of the school’s events now being held outdoors on its 25-acre Conejo Valley campus per current health and safety protocols, OCS recently purchased a portable sound reinforcement system that is being piloted via an S21 digital mixing console from DiGiCo.
David Alexander is Oaks Christian School’s technical director as well as the facility manager for the Bedrosian Pavilion, the campus’ 30,000sq.ft multipurpose performing arts centre that opened in 2007. “We have a large-format desk as our mainstage console at the pavilion, but it’s far too big to move quickly and deploy easily as an outdoor desk for mid-size events,” he says. “We needed something that would be much more portable, but also wanted something that would sound great without requiring additional outboard gear. The DiGiCo S21 was perfect.”
OCS typically pairs its new S21 with either two or four stacks of JBL line arrays, each featuring two self-powered VRX932LAP full range cabs and a single VRX918SP subwoofer. “Our new rig is designed to fill the gap for any and all outdoor events, including High School worship events - we are doing them on a grade-level-only basis for now to keep our students and faculty appropriately distanced - and admissions events, like our Family Tour Day and Open House. Eventually, when we are cleared, the new system will al

carolinaSouth Carolina high school connects with LEA
Thursday, 20 May 2021

USA - Ridgeland High School in Jasper County, South Carolina, is an school of about 700 students focused on preparing young adults for successful college and career paths. When faculty at the school decided they needed to modernise and upgrade their gymnasium sound system, local installer, Sound Systems and More recommended LEA Professional amplifiers.
Ronnie Carroll, the lead installation technician at South Systems and More, explained that the Ridgeland High School had a sound system in place that was out of date, limited in its functionality and connectivity, and only half functional. The gymnasium seats a little over 200 and the old system had poor sound quality and coverage and was difficult to use.
"Ridgeland had many issues with their previous sound system, and their top requests for a new system were for excellent system quality, flexibility and usability," said Carroll. "We were able to give them the quality they needed, and we gave them the capability to connect via Bluetooth, allowing them to play music during pep rallies and events without the equipment being directly in the gym. Plus, the entire system is easier to use, more efficient, and much more flexible. The amplifiers from LEA Professional greatly contribute to the system's success."
The team installed a new system that included a mix of about a dozen Community R Series loudspeakers and subwoofers, driven by a set of three Connect series amplifiers from LEA Professional. The LEA Connect 704 is a 4-channel, 700W professional-grade amp suited for small- to medium-scale installations

first-presbyterian-church-wonjuAmate sees growth in Korean worship sector
Thursday, 20 May 2021

South Korea - Daelim Musical, Amate Audio’s long time exclusive distribution partner in South Korea, has been installing Amate Audio line array systems extensively in churches throughout the country. Over the previous 14 months the company has installed Amate Audio systems in more than nine churches.
The largest of these, in the First Presbyterian Church in Wonju city, comprises 16x Nitíd N208 1500 W active, self-powered line array cabinets and two 2500 W N18W sub bass cabinets, flown in L – R strings. A majority of the installations, however, have deployed Amate Audio’s Xcellence series X12CLA ultra-compact constant curvature array.
Since March 2020 Daelim, has designed and installed five sound systems in churches featuring the X12CLA array together with the X18T active sub; with left and right flown strings comprising an X18T sub and four X12CLAs: Seo Won Church in the city of Cheongju, Mu Guk Central Holiness Church in Eumseong city, Yumchang Central Church in Seoul, Chuncheon Gwangyum Church in the city of Chuncheon and Jangheung Central Church in the city of Jangheung.
Daelim musical general manager Sun Uk Ji states, “Four cabinets of X12CLA will provide 110˚ x 60˚ with a fully uniform coverage for a hall throughout two floors.” While Mr. Ji references power and performance in determining his customers’ preference for the X12CLA over products from competing brands, he is also highly appreciative of the onboard DSP system management in greatly reducing the time required to install, tune and fully commission an installation.

dnacedrice-4340-3QSC to present Mental Health Amplified event
Thursday, 20 May 2021

USA - Costa Mesa-based manufacturer, QSC, will present Mental Health Amplified, a special virtual fundraising event to celebrate the healing power of music. This live, 90-minute musical event, to be held on 27 May from 4pm to 5:30 pm (PST,) will celebrate the magical power of music to transform peoples’ lives and enhance our mental, physical and emotional well-being.
All proceeds support The Priority Centre of Orange County California, whose mission is to deliver life-changing programmes to assist people in crisis by giving them the tools and support necessary to end the generational cycle of trauma- including prevention of child abuse and neglect, through early intervention and mental health services and advocacy.
Headlining the event are three of today’s top up-and-coming artists – singer/songwriter Lee Coulter, R&B artist Cedrice and Latin soul artist Andy Vargas & Soleras – each of whom have been lifted-up and transformed by music in their own lives.
The event will be hosted by Wesley Geer, founder of Rock to Recovery, which helps people heal and transform their lives through the powerful experience of writing, playing, and performing music as a group.
Sponsorship opportunities remain available through 20 May at all levels, some of which include dinner or appetisers as well as drinks delivered to sponsors’ recipients of choice in the local Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas.


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