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presonusPreSonus launches Revelator interface
Friday, 13 August 2021

USA - PreSonus is shipping the new Revelator io24 USB-C audio interface, which integrates high-headroom mic preamps, a two-channel loopback mixer, and extensive processing to deliver polished, professional-sounding results for streaming, podcasting, and music production.
Revelator io24 is designed for both recording and streaming. Its easy-to-use mixer lets you quickly record Zoom calls or Skype interviews and add backing tracks and sound effects for podcasts, live stream performances, music production, and more, says the company.
Two analogue mic/instrument/line inputs with PreSonus’ professional-grade XMAX-L microphone preamps which can be stereo linked, make Revelator io24 a high-quality production front-end. You also get two balanced 1/4-inch line outputs, a high-powered headphone output, professional metering, and zero-latency monitoring. You can record up to 24-bit, 96 kHz audio to the included Studio One Artist or other recording and production software.
The Revelator io24’s simple loopback mixer makes it easy to add backing tracks to live stream performances or conference in a Zoom caller to a podcast. With two dedicated stereo channels for loopback audio on macOS or Windows, you can simultaneously mix and record the audio from two different applications, along with the two analogue input channels.
The interface locally stores two presets per channel, and eight more factory presets can be loaded from Universal Control for fast processing.
Revelator io24 comes with a selection of software, including Studio One Artist and t

onerack-spider-imagetvONE ships enhanced DC power solution
Thursday, 12 August 2021

USA - tvONE is now shipping ONErack Spider, a universal multi-voltage DC power solution, which is the latest addition to the company’s ONErack universal rack mounting system.
The ONErack Spider optimises installations by eliminating unreliable DC wall warts and other power clutter from the rack design. At the same time, it also ensures the provision of reliable power for a choice of up to seven different voltage options - 5V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V, 13.5V, 18V, and 24V. Available in a 1RU half-rack version (7-module capacity) or rear strip version (23-module capacity), the ONErack spider can be installed at the back or side of the rack to provide the ultimate installation flexibility.
“Not every rack has enough space for a full ONErack chassis, and the Spider offers the same simultaneous DC voltages but with rear or zero space racking,” says Mark Armon, global product manager at tvONE. “Everyone knows and has experienced the mess just a handful of wall-warts can cause when servicing or installing a system. The ONErack products have proven that there is a better way.”
The ONErack concept is a modular rack mount system designed to improve the installation and serviceability of small devices. It allows variously sized, externally powered devices from any manufacturer to be converted into slide-in modules that can be designed precisely, installed quickly, and serviced easily.
“The Spider’s innovative, multi-voltage design will bring the award-winning power capabilities of our ONErack system to a smaller, more flexible level of installation wo

fulcrumFulcrum reinforces First Baptist Church
Thursday, 12 August 2021

USA - At the end of 2019, a major fire damaged the sanctuary at First Baptist Church in Texarkana, TX. In 2020, renovations began to restore the 2,400-seat space; a new sound system was required as part of this work. First Baptist staff asked Ford AV to design a suitable system for their modern rock worship services and other events held at the space.
The church wanted a sound system capable of high output without sacrificing musicality, clarity, and speech intelligibility.
Ford AV deployed 10 Fulcrum Acoustic AH4 Higher-Output Coaxial Horns in a semi-circle above the altar for the main coverage. The AH4s were deployed in five groups of two vertically arrayed units. Each array consists of an AH443 over an AH463, with the AH443 providing long-throw coverage and the AH463 oriented downward to serve the lower-level seats. The broadband pattern control and extremely high output of Fulcrum’s AH4 delivered the power that First Baptist Church was seeking while maintaining fidelity and clarity.
“Fulcrum’s AH4 is perfect for the space,” says system designer Jim Tassey. “It ended up supplying more power than a line array with focused coverage and high fidelity. We knew First Baptist wanted to push the system and it needed to sound amazing under pressure without distortion and the AH4 pulled it off.”
Ford AV installed Fulcrum’s US221 subwoofers in stacks of four on both sides of the centre array in an active cardioid array. “I was really excited about the US221s for this project,” says Tassey. “None of us had used 21-inch subwoofers b

genelecscandichelsinki-21-editGenelec sustains award-winning Helsinki hotel
Thursday, 12 August 2021

Finland - Founded in 1963, Scandic is the Nordic region’s largest hotel operator with a network of some 280 hotels across six countries. With 70% of their revenues coming from the business travel and conference sector, Scandic is a pioneer in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practices, and the majority of its hotels are certified according to the Nordic Ecolabel’s new requirements.
The chain has also won numerous awards, recently being recognised as Sweden’s most sustainable hotel brand for the 11th year in a row by Sustainable Brand Index, Europe’s largest brand study in sustainability. The latest hotel to open its doors is the Scandic Grand Central Helsinki, complete with a comprehensive Genelec sound system designed and installed by Finnish AV systems specialists, Murea Oy.
Housed in an imposing Art Nouveau building that was formerly the head office of Finland’s national railway company, the listed building has undergone a two-year transformation that retains much of the glamour and grand proportions of a bygone age combined with every modern comfort. Scandic Grand Central Helsinki is now also the first hotel building in the world to achieve the LEEDv4 Platinum rating for the project phase of its development.
Kristian Sahenkari, partner and key account manager at Murea, notes that the historical significance of the building and the preservation of its former glory was a key element in the transformation from HQ to hotel. “The building has a long history, and part of our brief was that this should be preserved as much as possibl

hadestown1Broadway back on song with Meyer Sound
Thursday, 12 August 2021

USA - Broadway will celebrate its reopening in September with the 74th Tony Awards in New York. Two nominees for Best Musical, Jagged Little Pill and Moulin Rouge! The Musical, are powered by Meyer Sound systems, with the veteran sound designers for the two productions, Jonathan Deans and Peter Hylenski respectively, each nominated for Best Sound Design for a Musical. The two shows also received the highest total of Tony nominations, with 15 for Jagged Little Pill and 14 for Moulin Rouge! The Musical.
Productions scheduled to return that principally rely on Meyer Sound, with respective sound designers, are David Byrne’s refreshed and relocated American Utopia (Pete Keppler), Dear Evan Hansen (Nevin Steinberg), Hadestown (Jessica Paz and Nevin Steinberg), Ain’t Too Proud (Steve Canyon Kennedy and Walter Trarbach), and West Side Story (Tom Gibbons). Finally, the mega-hit Wicked is back for its 18th year, with the original sound design by Tony Meola updated for the new season by his associate, Zach Williamson, in consultation with Meyer Sound director of system optimisation Bob McCarthy.
Sound designers Jonathan Deans and Peter Hylenski are eagerly awaiting audience and peer reactions to their work. “The approach to Pill in New York is quite different from a standard production,” says Deans. “I will be interested to hear from those who - I would hope - will enjoy this unique sonic experience.”
“Sound design for Moulin Rouge blends concert musicality with B

jack-singerCalgary’s JSCH updates with DiGiCo Quantum
Thursday, 12 August 2021

Canada - Over time, the Jack Singer Concert Hall (JSCH) in Calgary has undergone many upgrades to ensure it remains a leading performance venue, including a complete overhaul and replacement of its seating and house lighting in 2017. Most recently, that process required a comprehensive retooling of its audio infrastructure that included an upgrade to the hall’s existing DiGiCo console and the purchase of a new DiGiCo Quantum 338.
While much has changed in recent years, the venue’s ongoing reliance on DiGiCo consoles at JSCH and throughout the Arts Commons complex’s other venues, has not. Jack Jamieson, head sound technician at JSCH explains, “I’ve been using DiGiCo since 2012. We started with a compact version of the DiGiCo SD8 in 2012 and we were so impressed with its reliability and flexibility that, in 2014, we upgraded from analogue consoles to DiGiCo digital consoles throughout the rest of the facility.”
JSCH is home to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as Arts Commons Presents’ BD&P World Music, and TD Jazz. It’s a very versatile venue, hosting events ranging from TED talks to comedy shows and full-on rock concerts. “There’s an interesting dichotomy in this room in terms of the artists that play here and the audiences that attend shows,” Jamieson notes. “We have a symphony audience who want a very nuanced, quiet sound system that allows us to fold the amplified sound into the acoustic sound. And then there’s another demographic, coming to see rock and pop shows, and their expectation is an extreme amount of l

leeds-playhouseLeeds Playhouse upgrades with Shure Axient
Wednesday, 11 August 2021

UK - The award-winning Leeds Playhouse is the largest regional repertory theatre in the UK outside London and Stratford and has earned an international reputation as one of Britain's most exciting producing theatres. The Playhouse has been welcoming audiences for over 50 years and most recently underwent a £16m transformation which includes improved access to and around the theatre, a new city-facing entrance and the addition of a new studio theatre, the Bramall Rock Void.
The theatre’s continuing investment in its audio infrastructure has seen the recent purchase of 24 channels of Shure’s Axient Digital wireless systems from Autograph. Tom Cuthbertson, deputy head of sound at Leeds Playhouse, comments: “Our old RF systems were in need of replacement after many years of use. Unfortunately, we also lost the use of around half of them in the most recent Ofcom frequency changes, so it was time to update.
“We had seen all the main brands coming through on touring shows and there were several things about Axient Digital that really appealed to us - the build quality was obviously there and then adding in the really useful things like remote control and network access made it even more attractive.”
Tom continues: “The redundant frequency spectrum management facility on Axient Digital is also great for us. As a city-centre location there is a lot of RF flying about locally so the system’s ability to scan the local spectrum, create a bank of free frequencies then auto-reassign if necessary really takes all the stress out of day-to-day frequen

prgPRG expands virtual studio capabilities with L-ISA
Wednesday, 11 August 2021

USA - PRG has incorporated L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound Technology into its Los Angeles Virtual Production Studio. This advanced audio technology pairs with PRG’s extended reality setup to offer an array of tools for multi-sensory immersive experiences.
In addition to the L-ISA technology permanently available in the Los Angeles studio, which includes an immersive loudspeaker configuration and processing hardware, the new L-ISA Studio software suite, launched in April, makes it easier for sound creators to design immersive audio with 3D control interface and audio processing, all available on a personal computer. Creators can use L-ISA Studio software from any computer, listen to and prepare their content in binaural sound using headphones, and then bring their creation to the PRG Los Angeles Virtual Production Studio where it will seamlessly translate to L-ISA hardware.
"We're excited to see PRG be early adopters of the L-ISA technology and the L-ISA Studio software suite," says David Brooks, L-Acoustics application manager, touring liaison, USA and Canada. “The enhanced streaming capabilities put PRG’s Los Angeles Virtual Production Studio far ahead of other studios in offering the most intuitive tools for immersive live and streaming performances.”
This method for sound mixing expands the possibilities of spatial audio creation with ‘a host of powerful tools for sound creators’.
“Adding L-ISA technology to PRG’s toolbox sets us apart from other production studios, and I’m excited to see and hear the outstan

zimfestJPS gives HDL 30-A colourful festival outing
Tuesday, 10 August 2021

UK - Having given their new RCF HDL 30-A rig an auspicious debut at Rutland Water recently for the Frankie Valli tribute act, Frankie’s Guys, JPS Sound & Light were in action again at the Colesdale Farm festival site near Potters Bar for the now firmly established Zimfest Live - a colourful celebration of Zimbabwean music.
Working alongside Gareth Wildman’s Stage Tec as they frequently do, John Southee’s Peterborough based company populated the 12 x 10m Alidome stage with two hangs of eight HDL 30-A active two-way line array modules. These were underpinned with two 18 RCF SUB 9006-AS on the ground in front of the stage, while across the stage lip were RCF’s NX 15-SMA reference monitors.
Wildman, who has known John Southee for the past 20 years, has increasingly turned to the sound system specialist for his deployment of RCF’s control tool, RDNet.
With site management, environmental health and sound containment now hot tickets on every council agenda, this is now vital. “This site for example,” notes Wildman, “faces potential issues with high-end houses surrounding it, but RDNet will take care of that. It’s a good selling point for us as we work a lot in stately homes.”
John Southee agrees. “The ability to control the line array is paramount. Our audience zone is set at 75m; you input where you want to fire the PA and RDNet provides a visualisation readout - which is why we have a steep arc. Councils will be requesting this type of assurance more and more.”
His investment in RCF systems began with the smaller

point-sourcePoint Source Audio on track for Tosca
Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Italy - Sound engineers chose Point Source Audio's CO-8WL omnidirectional waterproof lavalier microphones for the immersive production of Puccini's Tosca, staged in the courtyard of Palazzo Farnese in Northern Italy's city of Piacenza.
Due to the necessary social distancing of the audience and performers, this production called on many more technical elements than you would usually find in an opera. From the projection mapping around the facade of the courtyard used for the staging to the immersive audio environment created by the Outboard TiMax system, this was a performance where technology came to the forefront to transport the audience back to Napoleonic Rome.
Creating the kind of audio environment where every nuance could be reproduced naturally and precisely required premium components at every stage of the signal chain.
"Point Source Audio's CO-8WL offered many strengths for this production," explained sound designer and mixing engineer Federico Bianchi. "First and foremost was the quality and the linearity of the sound. I needed to make very few adjustments to the timbre of the microphones, which were already 'flat', and able to preserve all the dynamics and colours in the singers' voices. In addition, the mic size and shape made them invisible to the audience, while allowing useful positioning and precise capture."
Performers wore the microphones on the forehead or on the ear, depending on the hairstyles and the stage needs. "In both cases, the result was excellent right from the start," said Bianchi. "The mics allowed me to m

voiceover-logoAudient supports The VoiceOver Network
Tuesday, 10 August 2021

UK - Audient has announced a partnership with The VoiceOver Network. As part of the pairing, Audient is contributing to the voice over industry Buzz magazine, the associated podcast and the monthly Voiceover Hour webinars, as well as offering discounts to members.
Started back in 2013 by Rachel Naylor, The VoiceOver Network provides a friendly and supportive hub for voice over professionals of all levels to share and develop their expertise in this booming industry.
Audient’s marketing director, Andy Allen says, “We are proud to have partnered with The VoiceOver Network and look forward to working closely together in supporting the fast-growing VO community. With more content than ever being made, we are dedicated to ensuring all voice over artists have access to and understand the benefits of using professional grade audio products when recording.”
The VoiceOver Network business development manager, Alan Shires is equally happy with the arrangement. “I am exceptionally pleased to be in partnership with Audient. Here at The VoiceOver Network we are passionate about establishing relationships with the world's leading brands for delivering top quality audio. Every voice over artist needs the ability to record and Audient is the solution to that need, so we are proud to have them join us as we endeavour to strengthen and support the voice over industry.”
As with many of The VoiceOver Network team members, Alan works as a professional in the industry himself, having provided voice over for the BBC, Euro 2020 and Ford in the last f

mainline-show-productionsMainline joins the Wavefront Precision family
Tuesday, 10 August 2021

UK - Mainline Show Productions have invested in both Martin Audio’s Wavefront Precision WPS and WPM rigs.
The Manchester-based event providers, described as a one-stop shop for most technical aspects of live production and dry hire, decided to extend their capacity rather than simply replace existing PA. “We saw WPS opening up more possibilities for us on small to medium festivals, so went for 16 boxes. WPM will give us flexibility on smaller gigs in its own right, or as fill for WPS-rigged stages, so we opted for eight enclosures,” states Director, Rob Lorton. He confirms that the company will also be pushing further into corporate and installation work as the industry emerges from lockdown.
Carrying on the festival theme, he says, “We're confident the kit list should double our capability for a reasonably sized independent festival stage or major festival supporting stage. We'll now be able to supply to multiple smaller stages. The ability to pole-mount [Martin Audio] LE100 or LE200 wedges will be useful too. Murphy's Law normally sees us split across multiple jobs on a weekend, having to divvy up boxes, amps and cross-hires.”
The search for a new system began in earnest at the beginning of 2021. “We were soon well down the line considering a rival system that ticked so many boxes for us,” he admits. “We tested the water with our good friend James Jewry ( who suggested Martin Audio might suit us better, with more immediate appeal.” And so it proved.
Their existing front-line system was nearing end of life:

hi-x15Austrian Audio releases Hi-X headphones
Monday, 9 August 2021

Austria - Austrian Audio is now shipping the new Hi-X15 closed-back headphones and the Hi-X25BT. They’re designed for ‘studio, stage, rehearsal room, on tour, or practising at home’.
The folding design of the Hi-X15 makes them easy to store and carry. They are extremely robust, thanks to the durable all-metal hinge and bow. The closed construction and insulation of the Hi-X15 headphones open up many areas of application: in studio recording sessions, as a monitor on stage, and as a reliable companion in the rehearsal room, says Austrian.
The Hi-X25BT gives ‘ultimate listening flexibility’. You no longer need to change headphones for different tasks or locations. If you’re wearing them in the studio, working on a record or a mix, you'll connect with analogue or digital audio.
The Hi-X15 and the Hi-X25BT headphones use the award-winning drivers of the Hi-X series. The ear pads are made of soft memory foam and adapt to the shape of the head without pinching—and they’re replaceable.

neumann-studio-subwooferNeumann debuts subwoofer for AES67 environments
Monday, 9 August 2021

Germany - Neumann has introduced the KH 750 AES67 subwoofer, a product variant of the KH 750 DSP for AES67-based environments. Thanks to its DSP power provides access to Neumann's Automatic Monitor Alignment MA 1, thus allowing for room adaptive correction of the entire monitoring system, including even the connected analogue Neumann loudspeakers – in amplitude and phase.
“The compact KH 750 AES67 is suitable for all areas in which audio over IP in existing AES67 infrastructure is to be routed all the way to the loudspeakers in a redundant and lossless manner. Its AES67 interface allows to address not only the subwoofer but the entire stereo system, including the speakers connected to the KH 750 AES67,” explains portfolio manager Markus Wolff. “Its dual AES67 audio network connections are fully compliant with broadcast standards such as ST 2110 and ST 2022-7 redundancy. At the same time, the KH 750 AES67 is also compatible with Dante-generated AES67 network streams.
“The acoustic properties of the successful KH 750 DSP have been retained, as well all other features, such as the Bass Manager with four routing modes, flexible acoustical controls for a wide range of configurations and setup conditions, as well as analogue and digital inputs and outputs. Of course, the KH 750 AES67, too, features a powerful DSP engine.”
“The new KH 750 AES67 is Neumann's entry into the continuous support of AES67 networks. It raises the entire monitor system to a new level: deeper bass, higher SPL capability, and even greater sound transparency. In additio

clear-oneClearOne solution for NYC’s Utica College
Friday, 6 August 2021

USA - Having worked with AV technology for most of his professional career, Mike Roberts, director of technology at Utica College, recognised the necessity for a first-rate microphone upgrade in the institution’s Donahue Auditorium lecture hall which would provide complete audio coverage for both instructors and students alike. Roberts turned to ClearOne for the solution that would meet his needs.
Located in the heart of Central New York, Utica College is a comprehensive, independent, private institution that offers many of the advantages of a large university, such as undergraduate and graduate degree options, excellent academic programs, and outstanding faculty, but with an intimacy and a high degree of personal attention more closely associated with smaller private colleges.
The Utica College Donahue Auditorium is primarily used for lectures and seminars, including the famous Asa Gray Seminar Series, the longest-running seminar series at Utica College through which scientists are invited from all around the U.S. to present seminars regarding their ongoing research.
According to Roberts; “We were getting some complaints from students about not being heard from the back of the classroom. We wanted to improve the learning experience for these students, and allow their voices to be heard, regardless of where they were in the room.”
In addition to his positive experiences using the ClearOne Converge Pro 2 professional-voice DSP platform on the campus, Roberts was confident that ClearOne could provide a solution that would meet their demand

spacemap-goroadshow3Meyer spatial sound takes stage at InfoComm
Friday, 6 August 2021

USA - Meyer Sound will take over the 2,643-seat Linda W. Chapin Theatrein the Orange County Convention Centre at InfoComm 2021 in October for “real world” demonstrations of Spacemap Go. During that time, the theatre’s permanent Meyer Sound reinforcement system will be augmented with additional AVB Milan certified Galileo Galaxy Network Platforms and surround loudspeakers to support the demos and special guest presenters joining the Meyer Sound team.
“This is our first major trade show since we introduced Spacemap Go, so we are going all-out to make these demo sessions an InfoComm highlight,” says Tim Boot, Meyer Sound’s director of global marketing. “Instead of the scaled-down demo room simulations others have shown, at InfoComm we will launch a full-blown experience of what Spacemap Go can do in immersive music concerts and sophisticated theatrical productions.”
In addition to the native control via a free iPad app, Meyer Sound also will demonstrate plug-ins for major console manufacturers. The console plug-ins enable direct control of Spacemap Go functions in the GALAXY Network Platform using the console control surface. Programmed Spacemap Go functions can be stored along with the console’s show files for streamlined workflow, and “on the fly” spatial sound trajectories can be manipulated in real time using the console touchscreen.
“The introduction of these plug-ins means our demo sessions are a must-see for anybody who’s doing immersive sound, whether in touring, theatre, installed sound, museums, or themed spectacles,

esc-rotterdam-2021L-Acoustics plays key role at Eurovision 2021
Friday, 6 August 2021

The Netherlands - Following a year-long hiatus, the Eurovision Song Contest returned this year with a lavish production that met the immense expectations of dedicated Eurovision fans the world over.
Ampco Flashlight was awarded the role of official technical supplier, with group member Purple Group supplying an extensive L-Acoustics loudspeaker system as part of the overall audio-visual requirements. Erwin Rintjema of Sightline Productions was leading the ESC-team as head of production.
Jeroen ten Brinke was ESC head of live sound. Ten Brinke designed an audio system around L-Acoustics K and X Series, with a total of 300 L-Acoustics cabinets deployed.
Commercial and operational director, Dennis van der Haagen, was overseeing the project on behalf of official technical supplier Ampco Flashlight. “Ampco Flashlight was awarded the contract for rigging, lighting and sound,” explains Van der Haagen. “We approached it as a group effort and looked to Purple Group to supply the loudspeaker elements. Jeroen’s spec included three alternative loudspeaker brands, and L-Acoustics was the final choice, with its easy availability and excellent quality. For us, having L-Acoustics and Purple Group in the spotlight with a show as prestigious as Eurovision was a good thing from a group perspective.”
The show’s set design was a departure from the cancelled 2020-show.The green room, used for interviews with the delegates, has traditionally been placed away from the main show space. This year, the green room was located in the centre of the arena floor,

cropredyGovernment-backed insurance boosts events industry
Friday, 6 August 2021

UK - The live events sector is set to get a boost with a government-backed insurance scheme worth over £750m, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced yesterday (5 August).
The news comes after many months of campaigning by the events sector and the wider music industry for the introduction of such a scheme. However, it comes too late for many, with over fifty per cent of scheduled festivals – both large and small – cancelled or postponed.
The government has partnered with Lloyd’s to deliver the Live Events Reinsurance Scheme as part of the Plan for Jobs. The scheme will see the government act as a ‘reinsurer’ – stepping in with a guarantee to make sure insurers can offer the products events companies need.
This scheme will support live events across the UK that are open to the general public - such as music festivals and business events. It will cover costs incurred in the event of cancellation due to the event being legally unable to happen due to Government Covid restrictions.
A number of prominent insurers in the Lloyd’s market, including Arch, Beazley, Dale, Hiscox and Munich Re are supporting the scheme which will provide events companies with the option of purchasing cover from next month, alongside standard commercial events insurance.
Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak said: “The events sector supports hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country, and I know organisers are raring to go now that restrictions have been lifted. But the lack of the right kind of insurance is proving a problem, so as the econo

akiraPowersoft appoints global marketing director
Thursday, 5 August 2021

USA - Powersoft has confirmed the appointment of Akira Mochimaru to serve as its new global marketing director, effective immediately.
His duties in this role will be to connect dots between customers, technology, products, communication, and distribution through strategic business planning and guiding implementation. Based in the US, he will also coordinate with Powersoft’s operations in New Jersey to help growing the company’s presence in the install market through his knowledge and network of contacts.
Mochimaru has made his move to Powersoft permanent after serving as a consultant for three months. He comes with a pedigree and track record extending over 38 years in the pro audio industry, including working as general manager for Bose Professional.
“My personal mission is to connect customer experience and products through the use of advanced technology with unique value,” said Mochimaru. “I have already experienced situations where customer problem-driven ideas met a company’s technology driven ideas. Powersoft has the capability and foundation to convert technologies to solve customers’ problems and improve their experience, so I look forward to working closely with staff across the divisions to develop a plan and execute it with excellence.”
“We are proud and delighted to have Akira Mochimaru joining our team” said Luca Lastrucci, CEO at Powersoft. “His appointment represents an important step in the process of implementing Powersoft's strategy of strengthening its presence in the installation sector, especially

crestronshuremxa910ucc100tShure partners with Crestron to gain certification
Thursday, 5 August 2021

UK - Shure IntelliMix Room is the first software-based digital signal processing (DSP) for AV conferencing to achieve official certification for Microsoft Teams when installed on the Crestron UC-C100-T Flex Video Conference System Integrator Kit. Now users can deploy end-to-end certified solutions for Teams systems without the need for a separate DSP device. This is key because DSP is valuable in ensuring that meeting room audio sounds intelligible and natural for all meeting participants.
Shure’s collaboration with Crestron helped enable IntelliMix Room software to achieve this certification. Crestron has been a Microsoft partner for more than 15 years and AV integrators rely on the UC-C100-T Crestron Flex Integrator Kit to bring Microsoft Teams Rooms into custom spaces. The Crestron Flex series provides users with the components needed to build a fully customised video conferencing space, whether for a company-wide annual meeting in the auditorium, for sharing content in the boardroom, or for connecting stakeholders around the world.
“Crestron is the leader in enabling customisable conference rooms with the award-winning Flex-series solutions. Now, with the integration of Shure’s IntelliMix Room software DSP, the entire experience is further enhanced by providing an end-to-end Microsoft Teams Certified solution that significantly simplifies the deployment,” said Andrew Ludke, director of product management at Crestron.
“With Crestron Flex being a true ‘technology platform,’ integrating Shure’s Microflex Advance Array Microphones an

nymrod-logoNymrod Comms adds Pliant intercoms
Thursday, 5 August 2021

UK - Pliant Technologies recently expanded its reach in the UK with new distributor, Sussex-based Nymrod Comms. Founded in 2015, Nymrod Comms was established to provide the U.K. and European markets with full-duplex communication systems. Adding to its product line-up, Nymrod now offers Pliant’s CrewCom and MicroCom wireless intercom systems.
“We are honoured that Pliant Technologies has joined our portfolio of broadcast communication systems,” says Paul Rapley, co-founder at Nymrod Comms. “Our strength in providing the market with professional equipment and high-quality customer service has led Nymrod Comms to grow year-after-year over the past six years. With our customers requiring an advanced wireless system, we recognize Pliant’s wireless intercoms as leading solutions.”
Nymrod’s primary client base includes industries that are traditionally limited to handheld radios, covering various applications such as sports, medical, crane operators, tours, hospitality, TV and film production, marine, houses of worship, and more. The distributor was specifically drawn to Pliant’s range of wireless intercom products for the flexibility and expandability that they offer. With Nymrod’s customer base working on large-scale productions, live events, and various broadcasting applications, it needed a flexible system to meet its requirements.
“Over the past year, we have been looking to improve our wireless communication offerings in the U.K. market,” says Max Hawkes, co-founder at Nymrod Comms. “During our research, we saw that Pliant

eaw-mix3-at-joia-beach2EAW Anna joins Independence Beach party
Thursday, 5 August 2021

USA - When Miami’s Joia Beach Club and Rapture Festival hosted Independence Beach during the 4th July weekend, Eastern Acoustic Works’ (EAW) Anna ADAPTive loudspeaker system kept the party going at the beachside setting.
Prior to the event, the venue’s management called upon Jorge Tapia from Mix3 Sound, a full-service production company based in south Florida, to design a PA system capable of producing higher SPL in the venue without disturbing the neighbours across the bay. Mix3 Sound provided eight EAW Anna loudspeakers, four EAW SBX218 powered subwoofers and two EAW RL12 speakers for the event.
“We knew how amazing EAW’s Anna system was and how it could be a game changer for the Independence Beach event, so we presented it to them as an option,” says Tapia. “The folks at the venue were sceptical at first, but promoter Yusf from Rapture Festival believed in the tech and in us and gave the Anna system a chance. Once the event was running and in full swing, all skeptics became believers.”
Independence Beach was headlined by Canary’s vigorous Pablo Fierro and the Burning Man favourite duo Sabo & Goldcap and also featured Miami talents Yusf Osiris and Enzo GD.
“The sound and the versatility of the EAW Anna’s were simply fantastic,” adds Tapia. “The venue usually has multiple complaints nightly from neighbors about the sound. The EAW Anna system changes everything, and this speaks volumes for how controlled it really is.”

gregalisonOptimal Audio appoints Audiosure as SA distributor
Thursday, 5 August 2021

South Africa - Recently launched UK manufacturer Optimal Audio has announced the appointment of Audiosure as its sole distributor for Southern Africa.
Optimal Audio, part of the Focusrite Group, manufactures a one-stop solution of control, amplification and loudspeakers for small to medium sized commercial installations, with a focus on supporting multi-zoned venues.
Audiosure, part of the First Technology group of companies, has been a leading distributor in the South African market for more than 20 years, and represents a portfolio of top international audio, lighting and AV brands. The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, with branches in Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein which enable it to efficiently service the needs of its wide-ranging network of specialist dealers.
Sales director of Audiosure, Greg Payne comments: “We are pleased and proud to have been appointed as Optimal Audio’s sole distributor in Southern Africa. We’ve been seeking a commercial audio brand for some time that combines ease of installation and operation without compromising on quality. In our view Optimal Audio represents exactly that and will occupy a very important space in our brand portfolio. Audiosure is excited by the prospect of introducing such a brilliantly conceived package at such an affordable price. We’re confident that Optimal Audio will gain market-share quickly.”
Dom Harter, managing director, Optimal Audio adds, "We're delighted to be partnering with Audiosure in South Africa. Greg, Alison and their team have built a strong reputatio

dpabirdsDPA delivers for Birds in the Moon
Wednesday, 4 August 2021

USA - Facing lockdowns and shuttered theatres in the wake of the pandemic, composer Mark Grey, along with a creative team of visual artists, sought to create a travelling chamber opera that would bring back live theatre. While developing Birds in the Moon, Grey knew he would need a durable microphone with superior sound quality capable of handling the unique conditions of the production’s stage setup. He found the solution he was looking for with DPA Microphones’ 6061 Core Omnidirectional Subminiature and 4099 Instrument Microphones.
Birds in the Moon is a travelling chamber opera built into a shipping container capable of bringing performing arts to locations where theatrical experiences are often sparse or unavailable. The container is designed as a multi-use performance space, suitable for showing films, presentations, visual exhibits, small theatrical works, concerts and chamber operas. The entire container can be utilised, with the side dropping down to create a stage extension and the roof accessible for performers.
For Birds in the Moon, Grey employs two 6061 Core mics and four 4099 instrument mics. “The actor is a spoken role, the soprano is a sung role and those are both using 6061s,” he says. “The string quartet, which is the live music that supports the cast, uses the 4099s with the respective instrument clips for two violins, one viola and a cello. The DPA microphones that we are using not only sound amazing, but they hold up incredibly well to the outdoor conditions they are subjected to. They are far superior to anything else out t


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