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erindale-theatre-1Erindale Theatre upgrades with JBL
Friday, 29 October 2021

Australia - Due for a complete audio overhaul, the Erindale Theatre recently collaborated with CMI to outfit its facility with JBL Professional BRX300 line array systems.
With 443 seats, the Erindale Theatre is the largest theatre space south of the Canberra central business district. Featuring a full fly rigging system for set changes, an acoustically optimized orchestra pit and advanced AV and lighting equipment, the multi-purpose space can accommodate a wide range of functions from theatrical productions and concerts to large corporate seminars and community group presentations. To ensure a high-quality audio experience, Erindale Theatre needed a modern sound reinforcement system. CMI selected the JBL BRX300 modular line array system for its excellent sound quality and coverage in a compact, easy-to-use form factor.
According to CMI staff, the variety of performances and events held at the theatre dictated that the new audio system needed to be compact, easily manageable and provide the highest-quality sound. They reported that the JBL BRX300 modular line array system met all of the requirements, deploying in minutes and providing optimal sound throughout the venue.
The JBL BRX300 system consists of four BRX308-LA line array elements and one BRX325SP powered subwoofer.
In addition to providing clear, powerful sound with broad coverages, the JBL BRX300 system provides versatility, easy setup and flexible configuration. The line array units can be stacked on top of the subwoofer, pole-mounted with the optional BRX308-PM pole accessory or flo

lajazz-a-la-villette-202101L-Acoustics L-ISA for Jazz à La Villette
Friday, 29 October 2021

France - Each September, thousands of jazz fans descend on the third largest park in Paris, The Parc de la Villette, to enjoy renowned festival Jazz à La Villette. Highlighting the most prominent artists of the moment and the many styles of jazz, the festival also looks back at the history of this musical genre, often paying tribute to a particularly important year or an inspiring musician.
With sets from a wide roster of artists, this year’s festival presented a varied programme that opened new audio perspectives thanks to L-Acoustics L-ISA Hyperreal Sound technology.
Cité de la Musique, one of two buildings comprising the Philharmonie de Paris, was one of the key venues for the festival. Emmanuelle Corbeau, Deputy head of the Audio-Visual Department at the Philharmonie de Paris, managed the deployment of L-ISA at the Cité de la Musique’s Salle des Concerts (Concert Hall).
“I have been fascinated by sound spatialisation for as long as I can remember, but initially working as in-ear monitor engineer did not offer much opportunity to play with that technology, apart from looking into some binaural research available at the time,” says Corbeau. “When I joined the Philharmonie de Paris in 2015 as their front of house engineer, it opened up a new world of possibilities in spatialized sound for me. One day, a friend of mine, who was mixing a Bubble in 23.1 for L-Acoustics Creations Island, mentioned that it was much easier to mix with L-ISA ‘because everything was so natural’. This really made me want to get my hands on L-ISA technology

audio-technicaA-T adds Dante-enabled wireless system
Thursday, 28 October 2021

Europe - Audio-Technica has announced the release of its new 3000 Digital Series wireless system, which joins the original UHF-based 3000 Series in the company’s wireless offering.
The new system features 24-bit/48kHz processing, a wide dynamic range of 120dB and 60MHz tuning range to ensure both exceptional audio performance and flexibility, with analogue-balanced audio outputs achieving a latency of just 2.5msec.
With audio networking a key requirement for many users, the 3000 Digital Series receiver is Dante-enabled and ready to slot into any Dante network. Up to five ATW-DR3120DAN dual-channel receivers can be connected to allow a single pair of antennas to feed up to 10 channels of wireless, reducing the rack space required and minimising cost. Control of the system is made straightforward via software monitoring that gives access to frequency co-ordination, charging status and log display information.
Further networking and scalability options are enabled by the 3000 Digital Series’ support of IP touch panel interfaces from the likes of AMX and Crestron, allowing tight integration to existing AV systems.
The 3000 Digital Series also offers security features. By using a four-digit code as a common encryption key for the PIN code, only the set microphone and receiver are able to communicate, while an AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) setting protects audio signals from eavesdropping and leakage.
In terms of transmitters, the ATW-DT3102 handheld transmitter is equipped with an industry-standard thread to allow use with Audio-

albaniaProsound installs Martin Audio in Vlorë bar
Thursday, 28 October 2021

Albania - Part of the Diamond Hill Resort & Spa the new 400-capacity Rooftop Lounge Bar in the Albanian city of Vlorë, has been fitted out with a high-power Martin Audio sound system, comprising components from the BlacklineX and CDD series - supplied and installed by their territorial distributors, Prosound.
Offering panoramic views, the lively venue delivers a combination of house music from DJs interspersed with live bands by night, and BGM during the daytime.
Prosound had been contacted by the venue’s architects to provide a solution. “But the procurement process was similar to that of a tender since the client also received offers from other providers,” acknowledges Prosound’s technical director, Endrit Veleshnja, who recommended Martin Audio and designed the system around it.
Explaining his reasons, he said, “BlacklineX series has continuously shown that it offers the ideal speaker models in situations where quality sound with moderately high SPL levels is required. Another consideration was that the system needed to be affordable.
“As for CDD series, offering premium sound quality and weather protection, it was the perfect choice for the terrace.”
Installed inside the venue are 10 Blackline X8, along with a pair of X10 and four SX210 subwoofers, ground stacked. Outside on the U-shaped terrace, which bends around the indoor perimeter, are 10 CDD6 and four SX110 subs, suspended from the small terrace roof.
In addition, Prosound installed the mixing console and the matrix system that divides the sound zones (

danteSyracuse University switches to Dante
Thursday, 28 October 2021

USA - The historic Setnor School of Music at Syracuse University was founded in 1887 and currently occupies one of the oldest facilities on campus, a building constructed in 1889. Recently, the prestigious school of about 300 students modernised and upgraded its department infrastructure, including a move from analogue cabling to audio networking – a task completed with consideration to the historic significance of the building thanks to Audinate’s Dante.
Copper wire and XLR cables running between rooms at Setnor were installed sometime in the 1950s. The old analogue cabling and break-out panels had become outdated, noisy, and inflexible. Dante was critical for the school during the upgrade as it offered a solution with minimal impact on the historic buildings on campus.
“With a building like this, we can’t just knock big holes in the walls and run more and more copper,” said Kevin Muldoon, an instructor and the sound recording engineer at Setnor. “We’re replacing all the many runs of copper and XLR with about 200 feet of fibre optic cable to navigate through all the twists and turns to get signals from the auditorium to my office.”
Muldoon is also responsible for recording student performances for live streaming and archiving. With a Dante audio network connection in place, Muldoon and his team run all their microphone inputs through Dante-enabled Rupert Neve RMP-D8 eight-channel microphone preamps to the live board for mixing, recording, and live streaming.
Specifically, the XLR microphones in the auditorium connect to the RM

dpajonas-brothersDPA deployed on delayed Jonas Brothers tour
Thursday, 28 October 2021

USA - The Jonas Brothers’ monitor engineer Jon Kooren deployed DPA microphones for the group’s The Remember This Tour. Originally delayed due to the pandemic, the tour launched in Las Vegas in August and wrapped around the country, with a final show at the Hollywood Bowl on 27 October 27.
Deployed primarily for percussion and vocals, the large collection of DPA mics on the tour included the 4011 Cardioid, 4099 Core Instrument and 2011 Twin Diaphragm Cardioid microphones for drums and percussion, as well as the d:facto 4018V Vocal microphone for backup and the d:facto 4018VL Vocal microphone for Kevin Jonas.
“There’s a lot of mics; we use two 4011As for percussion overheads, above the cymbals and chimes, another as a direct source for shakers and tambourine, and a fourth on snare bottom on the drum kit,” explains Kooren. “Then, we have 4099s on high and low congas, the bongos, two toms and two timbales, and the 2011Cs on smaller trashcan-style snares. The d:factos for Kevin and backup are very natural sounding, with great-off axis rejection that decreases the bleed from other instruments on-stage compared to other mics we’ve used in the past.”
Originally implemented on the Jonas Brothers’ previous arena tour, the DPA’s were selected on recommendation from Kooren’s friend and fellow monitor engineer Eddie Caipo. “It started with the d:facto VL [for Nick Jonas], and those were great, and then I added the 4099s and we’ve just expanded from there,” Kooren says. “When we added the percussion section, I took the opportunity

venu-208-1Void Acoustics adds to Venu V2 series
Wednesday, 27 October 2021

UK - Void Acoustics has announced the latest addition to its popular Venu V2 loudspeaker series.
The Venu 208 subwoofer incorporates all the key elements of the Venu V2 range in a compact and stylish, loudspeaker enclosure. It is suitable for multiple applications including bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants and lounges, as well as high-end domestic installs.
Void says there had been a growing demand for a versatile, low frequency compact speaker solution that utilises all the specifications of the larger Venu speakers but contained within a flexible, smaller unit.
This addition to the series has already received high levels of interest, and pre-orders have resulted in initial production runs being increased by over 50% to meet initial demand.
The product inspiration was driven by the North American team who utilised previous design knowledge to drive the sonic characteristics and the design aspects of the product from the start of the R&D process.
“We knew there was a market demand for this type of enclosure - smaller and more compact, but with the recognisable and exceptional audio quality of a Void product” explains Mike Newman, Void Acoustics’ head of sales. “We designed the product specifically with low SPL applications such as restaurants or relaxed bar settings in mind. It needed to be inconspicuous but still pack a punch in terms of the audio delivery.”
The Venu 208 offers flexibility for smaller and more intimate venues and even domestic settings. It is designed to offer ease of installation in a wider varie

klangmidaskorolevDiGiCo and KLANG give Midas golden touch
Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Russia - Sound engineer, Aleksey ‘Midas’ Korolev, has recently moved to an immersive audio environment, expanding his work with d&b’s Soundscape system by adding KLANG’s immersive in ear system to his workflow. The move to KLANG also prompted him to switch from his long-term choice of console to DiGiCo, taking advantage of the SD-Range’s native integration with the KLANG system.
Midas first came across KLANG a few years ago at the ProLight + Sound trade show. “I was heading somewhere else when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a booth with something to do with IEMs. Or maybe it was just the brand’s colour that attracted me,” he says. “I took a brochure, but at that time I thought the technology was an interesting start-up amongst many others and I didn’t think I would be a user one day.”
When Midas first joined his current band, a few of them used IEMs in mono. He switched them to stereo and a little later the entire band, except one guitar player, were using stereo IEMs. Still he felt he could achieve a better result. Despite developing a show file that provided consistent results from show to show, there were still occasional signal masking issues on certain arrangements and in particular acoustic environments when combined with the PA.
“When I found that our local distributor had a KLANG demo unit, of course I contacted them to ask if I could try it,” he says. “When I heard the results, I knew it would be really hard to go back to stereo. It’s very addictive. The sound environment created by the system feel

lido-002Harman in Bangkok venue makeover
Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Thailand - Mahajak Development Co recently outfitted the Lido Connect entertainment complex with Harman audio solutions to deliver quality sound and flexibility for cinema screenings, live music, performing arts and other events.
Lido Connect is a multipurpose entertainment and retail venue located in the former Lido Multiplex Movie Theatre in Bangkok’s Siam Square. After the 50-year-old multiplex closed in 2018, the building underwent extensive renovations to transform it into a cultural hub for moviegoers, music fans, artists and shoppers. As part of the renovations, the former Lido 1 theatre remained a screening room but received major upgrades, while Lido 2 and Lido 3 became a live music venue and a small black box theatre, respectively.
To provide pristine sound for movies, concerts and other events, each of these spaces required new sound systems. To execute their client’s vision, Mahajak Development Co. equipped Lido Connect with a range of JBL Professional, Crown, Soundcraft, BSS and dbx audio solutions.
“The client wanted to enliven the space with immersive, hi-tech audio systems to deliver pristine sound quality while ensuring a smooth listening experience,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, project director, Mahajak Development Co. “To support the varied range of events to be held at the venue, we carefully selected Harman fixtures that reproduce speech, music and other sound effects with finest detail and fullest dynamics.”
To deliver cinema-quality sound in the renovated Lido 1 theatre, the Mahajak team deployed JBL

laflux1Standardisation for object-based audio sought
Wednesday, 27 October 2021

France - Several pro audio manufacturers have joined forces to initiate a common language to ease immersive audio system integration within the production process.
Flux Immersive, L-Acoustics, Radio France, and other major industry manufacturers are bidding to standardise Open Sound Control as a streaming protocol through ITU BS.2076-2 Audio Definition Model (ADM).
ADM-OSC provides an implementation that follows the ITU standard, allowing to stream positioning information of audio objects in realtime using the Open Sound Control protocol. More importantly to integrators, ADM-OSC offers a universal communication language among object-based audio software for live and post-production.
To advance the proposal, a technical workgroup has been set up with industry peers. The workgroup has received the support of multiple manufacturers and the ADM-OSC language is currently implemented in some audio software.
“Since 2018, Radio France has been experimenting with object-oriented audio productions of electronic music concerts,” explains Hervé Déjardin, audio innovation project manager at Radio-France. “These trials have highlighted the need for a common protocol between the different elements of the chain. The objective is to be able to address the metadata streams to different rendering engines without using translators.”
Hugo Larin, Flux Immersive business director, adds: “Few things are more of a roadblock than trying to build an integrated workflow that incorporates multiple manufacturers and getting stuck in a proprietary communi

fulcrum-acoustic-ahs-seriesFulcrum introduces modular AHS Series
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA - Fulcrum Acoustic has released the AHS Series, a modular scalable system targeted at applications where very high output and precise pattern control are required. This new series of products represents “a leap forward in achieving digitally configurable coverage for long-throw applications, all within a surprisingly compact envelope” says Fulcrum.
"We've had ongoing requests from system designers for even higher output versions of our existing AH and AH4 products," says Rich Frembes, Fulcrum Acoustic's product manager. "The AHS' configurable vertical pattern allows dispersion to be tailored to a venue's needs. Its modularity allows it to scale as needed to tackle very long-throw applications, such as those encountered in stadium end-zone/scoreboard deployments."
The AHS440 (45° horizontal beamwidth) utilizes 4 high-frequency horns, each paired with a coaxial compression driver. The AHS460 (60° horizontal beamwidth) uses three high-frequency horns. Both models incorporate four high-power 10" woofers loaded by Oculus phase plugs. The compression head extends the low frequency horn length, allowing for low frequency extension to 60Hz in a modest 28" of depth. Frontal dimensions are a compact 36" wide x 31" tall.
Fulcrum Acoustic's TQ Processing combined with beam-forming DSP algorithms configure AHS vertical dispersion to match a venue's specific geometries and throw distances. Multiple high frequency horns combine coherently to provide the output necessary to combat high frequency air loss which can be substantial in stadium-scale applicati

exbox-rav-greenDirectOut celebrates with limited edition
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

USA - Connectivity specialists DirectOut is celebrating a decade as a Ravenna partner with the launch of a limited edition of their EXBOX.RAV AoIP-to-MADI converter. Only 50 units of the anniversary edition will be made, distinctive by its striking Ravenna green livery.
EXBOX.RAV, a popular edition to the well-established EXBOX converter range, was launched in late 2020 based on DirectOut’s proven RAV2 board, also available as OEM product and already adopted by other manufacturers.
Four gigabit ports with an internal switch and PoE, plus three MADI ports in BNC, SC and SFP format offer bidirectional conversion and routing of up to 64 audio channels, with built-in SRC functions (FastSRC™) and automatic redundancy switching (EARS™). In addition to fully supporting RAVENNA with a wide range of configuration options, it also supports NMOS for stream and device discovery and connection management.
“We’ve been a Ravenna partner since day one,” says DirectOut CEO/CTO Claudio-Becker-Foss. “We were totally convinced by Ravenna’s open approach and its use of existing and publicly available standards. Our congratulations go to the fantastic team at ALC NetworX, the company behind Ravenna technology, who had a vision of next-generation broadcast technology and brought it to life. Even now, 10 years later, Ravenna remains the cutting-edge solution of the market, both in terms of performance and reliability.”
Andreas Hildebrand, Ravenna evangelist at ALC NetworX is equally pleased to mark the anniversary. “Ten years with Ravenna should

broamanBroaMan Mux22 for ERR flagship OB van
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Estonia - ERR is the largest media organisation and government-owned radio and television public broadcasting company in Estonia. For its mobile units, the organisation relies on the experience of Lithuanian-based TVC Solutions, who have been designing and coach-building OB vans for over 20 years, and the fit-out includes specifying the most efficient, state-of-the-art technological infrastructure.
A key feature of the latest 12m long 18-camera van (designated ‘OB-1’) is an efficient use of internal space. They were able to create five working areas, and in total 19 separate workplaces on a chassis-based design. This includes: Main isolated equipment racks with redundant cooling system; Shading area (four workplaces); Second programme area (three workplaces); Main programme and slow-motion operators’ area (10 workplaces) and an advanced Audio room with improved sound isolation. OB-1 can operate with either one or two expanded sides.
The audio control features advanced, point-to-point signal transport over fibre from a pair of the increasingly popular BroaMan Mux22 IVT/IVT devices, which are fast becoming ‘go to’ solutions for complex multi-format transmission such as this. Selected for this purpose by the customer, different formats of video and data can be combined and transported down a single duplex fibre cable. It is possible to control and monitor every channel and transceiver in the device in real time remotely using Optocore Control application.
In this instance Mux22 has been custom-configured as a point-to-point pair as required

elation-coffee-break500x500-8Elation Coffee Break goes XL
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Europe - Back in June, Elation Coffee Break hosts Alistair Smyth and Frederik Afif discussed lighting livestreams and other broadcast environments like a pro using the full-spectrum KL Panel LED softlight. But can a softlight do more? A new XL version of Elation’s broadcast-quality luminaire can, the KL Panel XL, and the next Elation Coffee Break is an opportunity to get a closer look.
The KL Panel XL offers the same precise colour temperature control, full-spectrum colour rendering, high CRI and even wash coverage of the original but extends the size, emits nearly twice the power (44,000 field lumens) and offers multi-zone control for dynamic effects. Tune in to the Elation Coffee Break on Thursday, 28 October 11:00 a.m. CEST to find out more. No registration is required.
The Elation Coffee Break is an online presentation series from Elation’s European office in Kerkrade, the Netherlands that takes an up-close look at some of the company’s most popular product series.

integrisure17Audac audio solution for IntegriSure
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

South Africa - System integration specialists Livingstone Productions have provided a sophisticated end-to-end Audac background music (BGM) system for IntegriSure, one of South Africa’s largest motor and home insurance brokers and its subsidiary company VIA Soft, which specialises in extended IT and administrative systems for financial services.
Based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, the IntegriSure Group required a reliable and stripped back audio system that would seamlessly blend with their modern corporate environment. As the exclusive distributor of Audac in South Africa, Stage Audio Works (SAW) oversaw the design of the project, the supply of the equipment, and the commissioning of the system before handing back over to Livingstone Productions, who carried out the integration, delivering a solution that places the end-user experience at the heart of the operation, and will maintain it going forward.
At the centre of this install, Livingstone Productions integrated an Audac M2 8x8 Matrix Mixer, a multi-media audio distribution system, which boasts 11 powerful DSP processors. It can handle a diverse array of input signals, making it a suitable choice for this project, where the client required seven separate zones for their workspace.
A total of 23 powerful flush-mount Audac CALI660 ceiling loudspeakers deliver quality audio playback throughout IntegriSure’s headquarters with minimum visual impact thanks to their elegant design. A further two surface mounted ATEO6s were utilised where greater horizontal dispersion was needed - recommended by SA

martinMLA Mini helps Jalsa Salana celebrate
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

UK - Jalsa Salana is the annual three-day international gathering of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community which takes place on a 200-acre farm in Alton, Hants.
Over the three days, up to 35,000 people from across the world have traditionally congregated at the location, where the Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMC), Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, delivers a daily address.
Back in 2016, Simon Honywill helped Jalsa Salana celebrate its 50th anniversary by completely redesigning the audio infrastructure around a uniquely Martin Audio set-up. By turning to the MLA platform for the first time he could achieve supreme control and vocal projection in a challenging environment. Since the address itself is in the form of a very quiet and humble series of speeches, sermons and teachings powerful projection is required. There is no music, it is all about speech intelligibility, and Honywill’s carefully considered redesign in his quest for perfection was built predominantly around an MLA Mini central cluster.
Fast forward five years, and in a post-pandemic world (following the cancellation of the scheduled 2020 event), the challenge this time was to scale back down for a socially distanced event without compromising the audio, since instead of the usual 35,000 the Gathering would accommodate a mere 4,000. Once again RG Jones, who have been involved in the event for many years, were working under the direction of the Sami Basri (audio visual) team, headed by the national secretary audio visuals UK Safdar Ali and deputy national secretary Imran Ali.

cowgirlsKV2 saddles up for Cowgirls Gathering
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Australia - The sleepy rural town of Kilkivan in Queensland was recently transformed into a hive of activity as thousands of horse lovers - and their horses - descended for the first edition of Cowgirls Gathering; three days of interactive workshops and clinics with educators, trade stalls, competitions, music, art and entertainment to celebrate the western lifestyle of women all over Australia and beyond.
Production specialists Gigawatt Sound & Light based just north of Brisbane were contracted to supply clear, precise audio throughout the festival, which they chose to do with KV2.
The requirement was broad ranging, from background music, to paging, to foreground audio distribution and speech reinforcement. All systems were in use from 7am to midnight every day. Gigawatt’s technical systems manager, Andrew Wood takes up the story: “This was an unusual assignment for us - we’re more accustomed to loud rock & roll bands and festivals, or corporate shows for which we supply turnkey AV, but it was thoroughly enjoyable - we sent a couple of guys down for a site assessment in the days prior to the festival to ensure an optimal deployment.”
Gigawatt supplied systems for the main covered arena, plus a large open-air corral known as Campdraft, and the Education Tent which also doubled as a performance space for live bands. Ben Finlay, owner of Gigawatts selected the compact, 2-way active EX10 loudspeakers for the main arena, each deployed on a single bus per speaker to allow the various audio signals to be routed to each speaker as required.

kevin-poeung-in-merlin-photo-emma-kauldharNorthern Ballet dances on with Rivage PM3
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

UK - Describing itself as ‘the UK's foremost narrative ballet company’, Northern Ballet performs a repertoire that ranges from traditional to contemporary. A key part of its work is taking shows on tour, performing for audiences away from its Leeds base. With touring now resuming, the ballet has looked to the future by investing in two Yamaha Rivage PM3 digital mixing systems. These were first put to use on the world premiere of the ballet Merlin, which started its tour at Nottingham Theatre Royal.
Founded in 1969, Northern Ballet has used Yamaha digital mixers for a number of years, starting with the M7CL. “As a touring company, reliability is of primary importance and we’ve always been really happy with Yamaha in that regard,” says Steve Wilkins, the ballet’s technical director. “We’ve only ever lost one fader and socket through touring damage, whereas experience of other manufacturers’ consoles showed them to be less reliable. So, when we needed to upgrade, we were more than happy to stay with Yamaha.”
Steve asked the ballet’s system designer Alastair West to specify a genuinely futureproof system, to support the ballet’s expanding touring repertoire. The system needed to cover a wide range of bases, including venues ranging from studio theatres to large arenas, be adaptable to any kind of production, allow on site recording and be used with any number of musicians.
Alastair initially looked at Yamaha CL digital mixers but, when Rivage PM3 was launched, its benefits were obvious. “Apart from PA - we use house syst

nota-prensa-afial-2021-20-10-21-2AFIAL 2021 brings AV industry together
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Spain - AFIAL 2021 closed one of its busiest editions in Madrid on 7 October, the event’s organisers have reported. Three intense days before, the trade show highlighted, once again, the capacity of unity, strength and resilience of the AV industry.
AFIAL 2021 was attended by PLASA in the framework of the collaboration that it recently has signed with AFIAL after more than one year of joint effort in the #WeMakeEvents movement - a relationship that will be expanded in the near future with new projects and initiatives.
One of the success stories of this edition was the AFIAL Conecta space, where visitors had the opportunity to attend a powerful panel of conferences, in addition to a comprehensive programme of activities complemented by demonstrations of outdoor sound carried out in the Pavilion of Crystal esplanade, which welcomed visitors interested in knowing first-hand the latest developments in outdoor equipment.
AFIAL, as organiser of the event, appreciates the involvement and confidence of the exhibitors and visitors in an edition that has managed to be a success in spite of the present situation.

glad-tidingsGlad Tidings Church rejoices with EM Acoustics
Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Canada - Founded in 1930, Glad Tidings Church has served Vancouver for over nine decades in three different locations. Established in its current location since 1963, the church built a new 1900-capacity sanctuary in 1983 which remains its home today.
Whilst the structure of the auditorium has changed little over the years, it has continued to evolve at a technical level. The most recent development has been the design and installation of a new HALO-C compact line array system from British manufacturer, EM Acoustics.
Recognising the need to replace their aging point source system with something more modern and efficient, Glad Tidings approached Canadian production company and AV integrator, Gearforce, headed by Bryan Adams’ long-term monitor engineer, Rob Nevalainen.
Whilst the touring scene is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nevalainen has turned his considerable expertise to designing audio systems. He takes up the story: “This year Glad Tidings has a new pastor who was keen to revitalize the building and grow the congregation. One of his most important criteria was to ensure that his words could be heard clearly throughout the auditorium so that every member of the congregation could benefit from the same worship experience, regardless of where they were seated.”
Gearforce was asked to specify a sound system that could deliver exceptional audio yet come in at a reasonable price point. Specifically, Nevalainen and co-designer Dakota Poncilius were looking for a system with a high level of predicatability and even propag

dpa-6060oxygenemelanie-laurent-inside-podDPA solutions for Oxygène production
Monday, 25 October 2021

France - When it came time to record the Netflix original French-language film, Oxygène, the audio team had quite the challenge in front of them. The premise of the scientific horror film focuses on a scientist, played by French actress Melanie Laurent, who has lost her memory, awakens, trapped in a medical pod and must find her way out before the oxygen levels diminish.
Given the setting, the pod is used for 90 percent of the film and, with its tight quarters, Production Sound Mixer Ken Yasumoto and Boom Operator Josselin Panchout knew they needed a reliable and unobtrusive microphone solution, which they found in DPA Microphones.
Having small, portable, easy-to-use tools became even more important when the film’s director Alex Aja and director of photography Maxime Alexandre built a second pod for ease of filming some of the tighter shots. Although there were two sets, the team utilised only one video/audio production kit, which required them to frequently move gear from one location to the other.
Fans of DPA from previous work, Yasumoto and Panchout decided to primarily utilize the brand’s 6060 Core Omnidirectional Subminiature microphone for the film because of its diminutive size and discreet yet powerful presence on the narrow set. They also deployed DPA’s 4080 Core Miniature Cardioid and 6066 CORE Omnidirectional Headset microphones for the film.
Panchout explains that he outfitted a pair of 6060s with Bubblebee lavalier concealers, designed specifically for the 6060. Wardrobe then used a tube to run the lavalier’s cab

upitt-20211Riedel plays key role for Pitt Athletics
Monday, 25 October 2021

USA - The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, employs a campus-wide communication system that consists of Riedel's Artist, Bolero and SmartPanels.
The system supports flexible communications and audio transport for live broadcast production of Pitt Athletics events on the ACC Network for ESPN. The decentralised wired and wireless intercom systems enable clear, reliable communications while also providing exceptional flexibility of configuration across campus at all sporting complexes, and multiple studios.
Utilizing multiple Artist digital intercom matrixes, 1200 and 2300 Series SmartPanel user interfaces, and 24 Bolero wireless beltpacks scattered across campus, the Pitt Athletics production team coordinates centralized live sports production for broadcast and streaming. Riedel's Director software coordinates configuration and management of all the matrixes into one, providing the coverage, performance, and functionality essential to orchestrating multiple simultaneous productions across different venues and control rooms.
The system not only facilitates communication between team members at each venue, but also ties into ESPN's intercom system supporting remote talent, including directors and producers.
Working with NEP Integrated Solutions, Pitt Athletics deployed the Riedel Artist system in a campus-wide, fibre-redundant hub-and-spoke configuration. This enabled communications at the Petersen Events Centre (basketball), where the university's centralised broadcast production facilities are located, as well as at C

stormzyVideo Design on stage with Stormzy
Monday, 25 October 2021

UK - For the production industry the August Bank Holiday was always going to be the big heave of the re-opening, with Leeds/Reading festival leading the way. That no bad news emerged from the three-day bacchanal means the production industry could give itself a big pat on the back. Not that it was easy, but it was a blast.
“We were all apprehensive,” says Richard Larkum, LD for Biffy Clyro, echoing the sentiments of many. “As it transpired, it was a career defining show.”
Joel Stanley, production manager for Stormzy was equally relieved: “In terms of going from nothing to full-on production it did feel very natural.”
Default sound, IMAG and lights for the main stages came from SSE, CT and Neg Earth respectively. As Stanley observed, “As with Neg Earth and Video Design in our individual production packages, we felt very comfortable and well favoured by all the vendors. Everyone wanted to put their best foot forward.”
Both acts were headliners, Liam Gallagher a worthy third. Misty Buckley designed stage sets for Stormzy and Biffy (built by Scott Fleary and All Access respectively). Distinct, unfussy but of enormous impact, both sets leaned heavily on video elements to project the energy and emotion of the performers far out into the joyous crowds. Video Design has partnered Stormzy and Biffy for some time now, so too Neg Earth for lighting, and both companies contributed heavily to their individual productions.
“Scott Fleary’s company is new to live rock and roll,” explains Stanley. “We’ve invested time in let

lanmk3L-Acoustics appoints NMK distributor for Middle East
Monday, 25 October 2021

UAE - With offices in Dubai, Sharjah and Doha, NMK Electronics has been appointed L-Acoustics certified provider distributor for the Middle East.
“Our team of pro-audio specialists with decades of experience respond to local demand and also offer technical and design support across the board,” says Dino Drimakis, commercial director at NMK Electronics. “NMK works closely with partners from several market segments of the AV industry. We are thrilled to add a world-leading audio manufacturers to our portfolio. L-Acoustics fits perfectly with our product mix. We also appreciate their drive to consistently innovate and enhance the experience for audiences and end-users. We are proud to bring their innovative technologies to the region.”
NMK’s mission is to increase the demand for high-end audio and to bring the latest technologies to market. To help accomplish this, NMK is constructing a 16,500sq.ft experience centre in Al Quoz, the heart of the city, to showcase real-life audio-visual applications. L-Acoustics L-ISA immersive technology will be a centrepiece of the NMK experience centre.
“L-ISA technology is becoming ever more prevalent both for portable systems and for install applications around the world,” says Chris Mead, L-Acoustics sales manager, Middle East - India - Africa. “Being able to showcase L-ISA in the NMK Experience Centre where end users, consultants, integrators, rental companies and promoters can experience it will open even more doors in the region for us.”
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