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eulsukdocenter2JBL and Crown drive Eulsukdo complex
Thursday, 14 April 2022

South Korea - For the Eulsukdo Cultural Centre, TechDataPS Co installed a comprehensive audio system featuring Harman Professional Solutions.
Founded in 2002, the Eulsukdo centre is a multi-purpose space for visitors to experience various art forms and performances with the natural beauty of Eulsukdo Island as a backdrop. Designed to achieve ‘a harmonious blend between nature and culture’, the centre features an outdoor performance hall overlooking a stunning sculpture park and the island’s natural beauty, as well as three indoor exhibition areas.
TechDataPS Co reported that the client requested a new audio system for crystal-clear sound and full coverage within both indoor performance areas. However, the deep balconies in both areas made achieving true tonal clarity for all audience members a challenge. The installation team developed a design that achieved immersive, reflection-free sound with JBL Professional, Crown and Soundcraft audio solutions.
The new system primarily features the compact JBL VTX A8 line array speaker, which provides impactful sound and full coverage thanks to its 110° dispersion and mid-frequency Radiation Boundary Integrator design. Additionally, JBL VTX B18 subwoofers reinforce the lower frequencies and feature a patented Slip Stream double-flared exponential low-frequency port design to avoid muddling the system’s overall clarity.
Finally, JBl VTX M20 stage monitors with Differential Drive transducers and D2 dual diaphragm, dual voice coil compression drivers ensure isolated and coherent audio for the pe

raise-tokyo-9Void Acoustics flies sky high in Tokyo
Thursday, 14 April 2022

Japan - As night-time descends, the metropolitan centre of Tokyo offers a sensory overload of lights and sound. And the upmarket district of Ginza is home to the glass-fronted Tokyu Plaza skyscraper where, on the sixth floor, a new nightclub and DJ lounge has opened.
Raise Tokyo is owned by prolific Japanese venue operator Lounge Operation (operator of other Tokyo venues including Sel Octagon, Ce La Vi and Plus) and offers a VIP nightclub experience.
The club boasts a bold mission statement to ‘re-define the nightlife experience’. The stylised design brief for the 800 capacity, 740sq.m venue is evident throughout, and the chrome Void speakers, which are almost highlighted as design features, add to the futuristic style of the venue.
“The high-end audio installation in Raise is the first time we have specified Void Acoustics for a Lounge Operation venue - but the GM is a Void fan and was keen to see the brand deployed throughout the club, not only because of the audio excellence, but because of the design aesthetic of all Void products”, explains Tocci Satoru, director of eastaudio inc. and Tokyo Sound System Laboratory - the long-term exclusive distributor for Void Acoustics in Japan.
The audio installation is significant and Tocci and his team believe they have delivered a well-balanced audio-scape despite the constraints of limited space and various other unique challenges.
The distinct designs of bespoke chrome coloured Tri Motion and Airten V3 loudspeakers adorn the dancefloor, supported by a substantial number of Venu V2 a

shureShure’s Axient Digital backs Country to Country
Thursday, 14 April 2022

UK - Shure was chosen by SSE Audio for C2C: Country to Country, Europe's biggest country music festival. Initiated in 2013 the event takes place each March simultaneously at London’s O2 arena, Glasgow Hydro and Dublin 02, with three days of country music and programming. Performances come from country stars including Keith Urban, Luke Combs, Ashley McBryde and Darius Rucker as well as emerging talent from Nashville, UK and Europe.
For the headline bands especially, the artists and musicians needed to be able to move around the stage freely without being tethered down by a cable. The same applied for the backline and monitor tech crews that need to be able to move around the wing and backstage area with ease, meaning a wireless microphone system was essential for this production.
Twelve Shure Axient Digital microphones with a mixture of handheld and lavaliers, along with 12 ways of PSM1000 IEMs, and an Axient spectrum manager were selected. John Reynolds, RF tech comments: “SSE/Solotech wish to provide the best standard of product available which is currently the Shure Axient range. Axient Digital allows more channels to be allocated into a frequency range than with previous analogue systems, which increases the ability to fit more channels into a coordination than before.”
Frequency coordination was highlighted as a main hurdle to overcome on this project - this was all planned in advance by the SSE/Solotech office so the technical team can confidently go to each site knowing that everything would work together seamlessly. John adds: “An ad

coda-audioCoda Audio’s N-Ray for All Nations
Wednesday, 13 April 2022

USA - Los Angeles’ All Nations Church Onnuri (ANC) is one of the biggest Korean churches in Southern California. Recently, ANC took the decision to upgrade its sound system to better meet the needs of its congregation. Music plays a central role at the church, with bands and musicians playing an important part in a wide range of services and events.
For a long time, ANC had deployed a system comprising a centre cluster of loudspeakers in mono. This system had begun to show signs of deterioration, demanding frequent repair, and the decision was made to seek a modern, high quality system of lighter and more compact units.
The church invited a number of vendors to demonstrate different systems. One of those invited was Troy Choi of Solid Sound Solution, who demonstrated a Coda Audio N-RAY system, having deployed CODA systems on two previous very challenging church projects where he worked closely with Coda Audio USA’s team.
“The N-RAY is a beautiful, high quality and compact box that looks gorgeous when it hangs in the air, and produces crystal clear high frequency even at low SPL,” he says. “For all its compact appearance, it’s actually a very powerful beast. Years ago, we needed big boxes to create a big sound but now compact boxes make big sounds. N-RAY is the best example! Around a year ago I installed an N-RAY system at Grace Ministries International Church in LA. They’ve since had many big events and the results have been brilliant - to be honest it’s the best high frequency sound I’ve ever heard - so I had a lot of confidence

pioneerxbomaki-22Pioneer Pro Audio speakers suit Bomaki
Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Italy - Milan’s historic district of Brera is an epicentre of cultural energy, and recently became the location for the seventh restaurant opened in the city by culinary fusion specialists Bomaki. The venue offers a combination of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine in a vibrant setting.
Bomaki’s sensory concept relies on high-quality interior design that uses lighting fixtures created from reclaimed materials and Colombian-inspired furnishings and decor. Caribbean music is added to the mix to complete the atmosphere, and for this, the highest quality audio was considered essential.
A Pioneer Pro Audio system was chosen for both its quality and aesthetic, as Bomaki marketing manager Marco Zaki explains: “Music is a central part of our concept. We want to offer our customers a clean, high-quality sound to accompany their lunches and dinners, and that’s what led to our choice of Pioneer Pro Audio CM speakers. Having already installed a Pioneer Pro Audio system at our Jazz Café, we were very aware of the quality and reliability of the sound, so when we factored in the superb design characteristics, they were a natural choice for Bomaki, where visual impact is a very important part of our experience.”
The installation was carried out by audio specialists Skeldon Cooperative Society of Voghera whose sound technician, Sergio Caio, describes the challenge: “As it was a new restaurant, everything to do with the system design had already been prepared when the project was presented, so this made for a relatively straightforward installation. There

roswellminik67horizontalRoswell Pro Audio extends Mini K collection
Wednesday, 13 April 2022

USA - Roswell Pro Audio has announced a new addition to their Mini K microphone collection with the Mini K67x. The first in the line with a transformer-coupled circuit, the Mini K67x is designed to ‘infuse colour, character and mojo into vocal and instrument tracks’. The mic retains the “point and shoot” simplicity of the Mini K line-up, as well as the familiar compact form factor that makes it simple to position where many larger mics struggle to fit.
“If all of your microphones sound the same, you'll be in for some rough sessions,” says Roswell Pro Audio founder, Matt McGlynn. “Painters have many different colours. Recording artists and engineers should, too. We call this idea 'sonic diversity' and we design microphones to deliver that promise. Each of the Roswell microphones has a unique sonic signature. The Mini K67x expands the aural landscape of the Mini K product line with a harmonically rich circuit and a unique new capsule design.”
The mic's name, K67x, refers both to the capsule design and circuit topology. The capsule is dimensionally based on the K67, although Roswell has created a proprietary voicing, which gives the mics its characteristic extended frequency response. The ‘x’ refers to the transformer-coupled circuit, designed to complement the source with rich harmonics, says the company.

chunhyangartcenter3Harman systems deliver for Namwon arts centre
Wednesday, 13 April 2022

South Korea - For the Chunhyang Culture and Art Centre, TechDataPS Co. selected and installed ble JBL Professional, Crown and Soundcraft audio solutions.
As a multi-purpose artistic space in Namwon - the birthplace of the Korean traditional folk music Pansori - the centre highlights the character and culture of Namwon, a city founded more than 1,000 years ago. With a land area of 10,604sq.m and a total floor area of 4,410sq.m, the three-story venue features a 778-seat grand performance hall.
TechDataPS Co. reported that the client requested a full overhaul of the venue’s audio system for greater coverage and output across all floors. To meet these goals, the installation team enlisted JBL VTX Series speakers, Crown amplifiers and Soundcraft mixers for a comprehensive and powerful audio system.
Through pre-simulation, analysis and adjustment, the TechDataPS team achieved uniform sound distribution throughout the entire space. After removing the existing point source speakers on the second floor, the team installed next-generation JBL VTX A8 line array speakers with 110° dispersion on both the second and first floors.
Additionally, JBL VTX B18 subwoofers reinforce the system’s low end for a more impactful sound for every audience member. Featuring JBL’s patented Slip Stream double-flared exponential low-frequency port design allows the B18 to move air more efficiently while reducing audible turbulence even at maximum output. Combined with the A8, which shares the same width and suspension hardware as the B18, the speakers create a full a

canadaToronto research centre adds Brompton Tessera
Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Canada - The Screen Industries Research and Training (SIRT) Centre at Sheridan College is one of Canada’s leading Technology Access Centres (TAC), dedicated to research, applied learning, and innovation in the screen industries. Located at Pinewood Toronto Studios in the heart of the city’s entertainment district, SIRT is a premier destination for film, television, and gaming professionals to test and validate emerging technologies and new workflows.
One of SIRT’s main roles in the industry is to explore emerging trends to encourage innovation and technological advancement. For the past several years, SIRT has been prioritizing virtual production for film and television, working with some of the country’s top studios including Pixomondo and Spin VFX on research and validation. A key area of focus is on in-camera visual effects for productions filmed in LED volumes.
SIRT channelled its efforts in this area into an official Virtual Production Innovation Hub which opened in April 2021. Through a partnership with APG Media, SIRT has had the opportunity to test multiple different products and configurations for virtual production, and recently opted to purchase four of Brompton’s Tessera S8 LED video processors to power its main LED volume, which measures 2,800sq.ft and is comprised of 77 Hyper Pixel LED panels.
Validating Brompton’s innovative features such as 3D LUT and Frame Remapping are a high priority for the team at SIRT. 3D LUT lets users import their look up tables directly into the LED processor to instantly apply them to content on

entec-teenagecancertrust-imageEntec Live supplies 20th Teenage Cancer Trust season
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

UK - Ever since The Who reformed for the first Teenage Cancer Trust show at the Royal Albert Hall in the year 2000, under the patronage of Roger Daltrey CBE, this seven-day event has thrown up some outstanding performances. This year, the show returned for its 20th edition following a three-year break.
A constant throughout has been the event’s exclusive sound production company, Entec Live. Entec worked alongside show producer, Des Murphy, and production manager, Julie Chennells (of Ginger Owl) - the latter having been ever present since the first event in 2000.
Once again, the experienced Entec crew, under freelance project manager Matt Grounds, were equal to the challenges thrown up by the venue’s acoustic quirks, and varied line-up. Reflecting on the event, Grounds says: “We constantly review our spec to ensure it best fulfils the production’s needs, and this was the first year we’ve done the event with KSL.”
d&b’s new line array, aimed at superior directivity control, fully justified Entec’s investment. The main PA hangs comprised 16 KSL a side with 14 d&b V series side arrays, and Y-series enclosures providing front and balcony fills. “It’s a natural continuation of the J-series,” adds Grounds.
But the big step forward this year, he explains, was with the 14 SL subs which replaced the previous J-subs. “SL is a cardioid box by nature and a punchier sub than the J. We opted for a centre column to maximise vertical coverage, with an additional horizontal array on the ground to give energy in the stalls. With

thumbnail2-jean-michel-jarrehyper-weekend-festival08Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxymore goes live with BroaMan & Optocore
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

France - A pioneering series of immersive concerts by French electronics maestro Jean-Michel Jarre was hosted recently by Radio France. It took place during their Hyper Weekend Festival in Paris, and was staged at their La Maison de la Radio HQ.
Planned as a homage to pioneering electronic musician, Pierre Henry, who had bequeathed a series of sounds to Jean-Michel Jarre during his lifetime, Oxymore a brand new musical creation by Jarre, was performed twice daily across three days. It was broadcast and live VR streamed to tens of thousands of viewers, while audiences of 250, immersed in the 360° space, witnessed it live.
The event followed his successful Welcome to the Other Side Notre Dame Cathedral VR experience, which took place last New Year’s Eve during lockdown. The Radio France live performances were broadcast via radio and streamed in 6DoF binaural format to the virtual platform VRChat - from ‘metaverse architects’ VRrOOm / XR Studio, where the giant 3D city was populated by avatars.
The immersive 17.2 sound system, designed by system engineer Christophe Dupin and Radio France’s innovation audio project manager and immersive specialist Hervé Déjardin, was based around the L-Acoustics L-ISA immersive sound, and the SPAT spatialisation suite he helped to design, with all distribution taking place over a BroaMan / Optocore fibre backbone, provided by Gilles Bouvard’s GB4D. “The technical request from Radio France for this operation required a lot of preparation,” notes Bouvard. “François Lund assisted with the set

kelly-cornfieldVersion 2 names Kelly Cornfield sales director
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

UK - Television lighting specialist Version 2 has appointed Kelly Cornfield to the position of sales director at their Reading operation.
Graduating with a degree in Live Event Technology, Cornfield began her career at the Vari-Lite warehouse in 2002 (later VLPS). After a year out travelling in New Zealand, she returned to the warehouse, since acquired by PRG, and moved to an office role, working under project manager Mick Healey on major events including the Robbie Williams’ 2006 World Tour to the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.
Cornfield went on to focus on the TV market covering numerous shows including the Brit & MTV Music Awards, X Factor, Britain’s got Talent and more recently The Masked Singer.
Over the last 20 years she worked her way up the ranks to become head of TV and film at PRG.
Version 2, MD Nick Edwards comments: “We are delighted that Kelly has chosen to join the board of directors. For me, without doubt Kelly is the leading account manager in the light entertainment television sector.”

albertsschlossMartin Audio reinforces Albert’s Schloss venue
Tuesday, 12 April 2022

UK - Described as “a retreat from the modern world” the German-themed Albert’s Schloss emporium was influenced by the operators’ across Alpine Europe.
Named after Prince Albert, the second unit in Birmingham (following the opening in Manchester) is set on a giant new-build footprint - part of the city’s Paradise Forum development - which required an equally expansive sound system.
Integrator Richard Anderson of Pro Technical (UK) who had worked with directors of the operating company, Mission Mars, in the days when they ran the hugely successful Revolution bars, recommended Martin Audio’s new Torus constant curvature array, combined with a CDD solution. This has now been adopted as the template for future openings.
“These venues are solid entertainment venues,” comments Anderson. “Therefore, they wanted a powerful array for the stage but also something that would fit within the budget. Martin Audio is a reputable brand and we have used CDD many times over the past ten years.”
Torus had been suggested as the nearfield solution for the stage in the giant beer hall, which has a vibrant programme of live bands - from cabaret to full-on rock -seven nights a week, as well as DJs and background music during its all-day trading hours.
Thus, Richard Anderson mixed pairs of Torus T1230 (30° vertical dispersion) and T1215 (15° vertical dispersion) constant curvature arrays in stacks either side of the stage, with Martin Audio’s proprietary DISPLAY software optimisation and manual horizontal dispersion adjustability, providin

l-acousticsEvanescence back Bitter Truth with L-Acoustics
Monday, 11 April 2022

USA - Evanescence have just wrapped up a US tour supporting The Bitter Truth, the band’s first new album of original material in a decade.
For the outing, Solotech, Evanescence’s sound reinforcement provider since 2017’s Synthesis tour, carried an L-Acoustics K2 loudspeaker system.
“Amy Lee is an incredible singer, songwriter, and storyteller, so ensuring the emotional connection between the stage and audience is of utmost importance, and K2 definitely gives us that,” shares Eddie Mapp, Evanescence’s front-of-house engineer since May of 2003, when the band’s career skyrocketed with the debut of Fallen. “Although the original specification for this run called for K1, production chose to use K2 as it provided a more compact truck pack while still giving us terrific vocal intelligibility, tonality, and precise control.”
With the tour stopping at a wide variety of venues, from larger clubs to arenas, the most typical PA deployment featured left and right mains of 16 K2, with six K1-SB hung behind each array, plus 12 more K2 flown per side for out-fill. “The band loves to feel the low end on the stage, so we also deployed 16 K28 as floor subs to facilitate that,” notes Hilario Gonzalez, Solotech’s systems engineer.
“There’s a lot to manage impact-wise on the low end, from the kick drum, bass guitar, Moog Taurus pedals, synths, et cetera,” adds Mapp, referring to the house mix, “and the KS28 subs absolutely deliver that in a powerful yet tonal way for both the band onstage and the audience as well

digicoChicago museum installs DiGoCo S21 consoles
Monday, 11 April 2022

USA - Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) has acquired and installed a pair of DiGiCo S21 audio mixing consoles.
With consulting and purchase provided by Second City Sound & Communications and integrated by SCS’s Gerry Formicola and Brad Galvin working with the MCA production team, the S21s now reside in the museum’s Edlis Neeson Theatre. The desks are each paired with a DMI-Dante card for networking, plus three DiGiCo A168 stage boxes also connected via Dante.
One console now serves as the front-of-house desk for the Neeson Theatre and is further fitted with a DMI-AMM (Automatic Mic Mixing) card. The second console is situated in the theatre’s audio/video control room where it’s used to mix streams of the events and presentations originating in the venue, and can also be called upon for monitor-mixing work when needed.
“The museum has moved to a visitor model with people inside the museum and theatre but much of what takes place here is also available via streaming,” says Matthew Test, the MCA’s audiovisual manager. “Most of the in-person events are simultaneously streamed, and the S21 in the Audio Visual room gives us the flexibility to create a unique mix for the virtual audience in addition to the one from the S21 at front of house.”
In researching the equipment for the theatre’s audio update, Test says the staff was looking for consoles that could be easily networked together and that offered versatility, flexibility, and impactful sound, but that were also small and compact, to minimize seat loss at front

bassinsdeslumieres5Meyer Sound powers Bordeaux digital arts centre
Monday, 11 April 2022

France - Housed inside a former World War II submarine base in Bordeaux, Bassins des Lumières (Pools of Light) claims to be the world’s largest digital art centre, with more than 13,000sq.m of projection surface to back up the claim. But the immersive exhibitions of classical and contemporary art are not only a visual experience, as each programme is accompanied by a complementary and equally enthralling musical score.
Bassins des Lumières relies on zoned distributed systems of more than 80 Meyer Sound loudspeakers, including - for the most problematic acoustics - 36 CAL 32 column array loudspeakers with advanced digital beam steering.
All video, audio, and lighting systems for Bassins des Lumières were designed and installed by the French integration firm CADMOS. Project manager and sound designer was Philippe Wojtowicz, aka Wojto, who worked in collaboration with Best Audio, Meyer Sound’s French distributor, on the audio side of the endeavour.
“With the water and the flat concrete walls, this is an extremely reverberant environment,” notes Wojto, “yet we had to cover all the places where people would be standing with uniform sound levels. This would be almost impossible with conventional loudspeakers, but with CAL 32 we could focus the sound only where it was wanted. Depending on the placement, we would adjust the beam to between 10 and 15 degrees with a tilt between seven and 20 degrees, giving us a defined range of about 15m.”
Several other locations requiring broader coverage patterns with high-quality sound are served

direct-outDirectOut appoints Contact Canadian distributor
Monday, 11 April 2022

Canada - German audio network and interconnectivity specialist DirectOut Technologies has appointed Contact Distribution as its Canadian distributor.
Jan Ehrlich, CEO and sales director of DirectOu, explains the decision. “Our clients, designers and users as well as our engineers, support staff and products all strive to offer the absolute best in the audio industry,” he says. “Our global partners carry on that ideal and Contact’s 34-year history of servicing the top of the North American pro audio and broadcast industries is a perfect match. Contact’s expertise in digital audio networks and fibre-based solutions is exemplary and the ideal basis to take Prodigy and our entire portfolio to the markets they were created for.”
Bill Coons, director of Contact, adds: “DirectOut products and the people behind the brand are in the rarified air where very few manufactures exist. Their precision and quality is virtually unrivalled. The mind-blowing capabilities of Prodigy.MP processor version has now stunned the live production and integration markets in the same way the Prodigy.MC conversion units astonished the global broadcast industry. These models in conjunction with globcon control software are the long-awaited universal solution every high-level audio system any application could ever reliably require.”
Prior to this appointment, in Canada DirectOut has established a solid list of leading audio users including CBC, Cirque du Soleil, Bell Media, Solotech as well as personal use by many of the country’s leading recording producers and

grammysShure wireless delivers audio for 64th Grammy Awards
Friday, 8 April 2022

USA - Broadcast live for the first time ever from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the 64th Grammy Awards featured artist performances supported by the sound of Shure wireless audio technology. As in years prior, the majority of the night’s performances featured Shure Axient Digital wireless microphones, including Jon Batiste, winner of Album of The Year.
The evening kicked off with a performance from Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak as Silk Sonic. The retro soul-funk artists relied on Shure wireless microphones as they performed their hit, 777. Later that evening, Silk Sonic won four Grammys. Behind the scenes, Chris Rabold, FOH mixer for Silk Sonic, was overseeing their performance with the support of Shure Axient Digital.
“Having Bruno and Anderson and the whole Silk Sonic gang on Axient Digital for not only the Grammys, but for their Las Vegas residency is just such a no brainer,” shares Rabold. “There are things you do, decisions you make, from a live audio perspective that are done out of preference and then there are the things you do because it’s simply the smart move. For us, Axient is the latter of the two. It’s the most stable, most reliable, best supported and, most importantly, best sounding option available. Period, bottom line. And it has been for a while. Bruno, specifically, is too smart, too aware and too involved of an artist for us to use anything less than the very best. I mean that.”
The live broadcast of the show was overseen by audio producer, Michael Abbott and his long-time team of accompl

dpaDPA brings headsets and shotguns to NAB
Thursday, 7 April 2022

USA - DPA Microphones will highlight its latest microphone solutions, designed to meet the growing live production needs of the broadcast and AV markets, at the 2022 NAB Show (Booth C8609).
As the rapid adoption of live streaming continues to grow in broadcast applications, speech intelligibility remains at the forefront of all productions. In recognition of the changes in the media landscape, DPA recently released the 4097 Micro Shotgun Microphone and Interview Kit, along with two other important broadcast mic solutions, the 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones.
“The pandemic has shown us the true importance of being quickly and easily adaptable to a rapidly changing media landscape,” says Christopher Spahr, vice president of sales and marketing, DPA Microphones, Inc. “These new offerings are a direct result of the innovation and forward-thinking response to the industry, and we are excited to finally present them in-person at the NAB Show.”
Based on the design of the company’s 6066 Subminiature Headsets, the new 4466 CORE Omnidirectional and 4488 CORE Directional Headset Microphones feature the brand’s popular 5mm round microphone capsule. These latest offerings provide the security, durability and flexibility necessary for use in broadcast, worship, theatre and corporate conferencing, says DPA.
In addition, the new headsets share the same interchangeable cable and boom options as the 6066 Subminiature Headsets. This includes the 90-degree cable management guide at the neck.
The 4097 CO

pacalculateRCF sponsors PAcalculate app update
Thursday, 7 April 2022

Europe - RCF has introduced PAcalculate version 1.3.2, an Android and iOS app for mobile phone or tablet with over 30 calculators, reference info, and utilities for sound reinforcement and lighting professionals.
The new version boasts in-line and broadside subwoofer array calculators. The former allows for simulation of end-fire and gradient arrays, including an obscure 4-element topology originally proposed by the very Harry Olson. The broadside section features independent mechanical and electronic arcing and steering, with the possibility of adding a gradient line, or several end-fire lines, a type of subwoofer configuration that has become widespread to achieve wide uniform subwoofer coverage with reduced stage leakage.
Frequency response graphs (front-to-back ratio as well as multi-angle responses), an isobar display, polar plots and coverage maps provide a comprehensive set of graphics for an insightful analysis of design alternatives. Up to 96 elements (sound sources) can be simulated, 48+48 in L/R mode. A table is displayed with coordinates and settings (delay, polarity) that can be emailed for reference. A footer alerts the user if the specific configuration requires delay tuning on top of the results calculated (such as for gradient arrays).
The dedicated tool reportedly helps getting results quickly and easily. As an example, comparing between electronic and mechanical steering just requires entering the angle in the rotation input field of the broadside array calculator to get results for the former, and then clicking on a radio button

pmlAudiologic supplies Marine Matters Centre
Thursday, 7 April 2022

UK - Audiologic has announced their collaboration with GVAV, to deliver an enhanced lecture theatre audio system to Plymouth Marine Laboratory for the Marine Matters Centre (MMC).
The Plymouth Marine Laboratory, a flexible conference venue with facilities to host up to 200 attendees, required an upgrade to their AV system in order to support their diverse application use. GVAV approached Audiologic to work with their teams to work up a design and specification that would provide a premium audio solution to support presentations, workshops and a variety of meetings and events. This included content streaming capabilities via a unified communications system such as Teams or Zoom, with the additional option of live streaming to YouTube.
Offering a versatile solution with precise coverage was key to ensure that speech intelligibility is maintained throughout the large space and prevent unwanted pickup from microphones within the room.
The true technical feat of the system specification is that of the auto-tracking system within the space. Commissioned by Audiologic application support engineer Diogo Scutti, the QSC Core 110f digital processor running a custom script, controls three QSC PTZ cameras to track participants within the room using speech picked up from four Shure MXA 910 ceiling microphones and an MX418 gooseneck microphone.
Using the microphones’ eight lobes, the system is able to trigger a range of camera locations to be shown based on the position of the active participant. The diversity of this room, with many different layouts a

plscameostandAdam Hall Group returns to Prolight + Sound 2022
Thursday, 7 April 2022

Germany - Adam Hall Group will be present at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition centre for Prolight + Sound 2022 from 26-29 April, with separate booths for its Cameo and LD Systems brands. These booths will showcase new products from Adam Hall Group’s extensive event technology portfolio. In addition to new Cameo fixtures for stage, theatre, architecture and broadcast usage, visitors can look forward to ‘a pioneering sound reinforcement solution from LD Systems’.
LD Systems comes to Prolight + Sound with one product. Just ONE product – and yet so much more! At its booth (located at Hall 11.0 #A21), the pro audio manufacturer will present the next milestone in its brand history: a scalable system that ‘sets new standards in user-friendliness and flexibility in the professional rental market’.
With the new OTOS H5, Cameo (Hall 12.1 #B24) is directly addressing the needs of professional lighting designers and rental companies who require a fully road and rider ready beam spot wash hybrid moving head in their portfolio. In addition to its use in venues with large capacities, the OTOS H5 – with its high light output (19,000 lm) and IP65 certification – is particularly impressive in outdoor applications such as open-air concerts and festivals. This flexible 3-in-1 spotlight combines a powerful light and effect output with a low weight of only 33 kg, making the OTOS H5 currently the lightest product in its performance class.
With the P2 Series, Cameo presents its first profilers for professional theatre, TV and event applications. The series i

jhsSenior management changes confirmed at JHS
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

UK - John Hornby Skewes & Co (JHS) has announced the appointment of Paul Smith as managing director, along with further changes in management, sales and administration.
Founded in 1965, JHS is a family owned and led SME, distributing a range of over 4,500 products across a blend of third-party distributed and proprietary brands through a variety of channels in over 150 countries.
With effect 1 April, Adam Butterworth, who joined the company in May 2006, is appointed to the position of director of sales. Adam, who has been instrumental in the growth and consolidation and success of JHS’ export business, will be bringing his considerable commercial acumen and sales skills to bear across JHS’ export and domestic sales activities.
Simon Turnbull, another long serving JHS team member is appointed to the position of media and communications manager. Simon, who has been with JHS since 1984 will be ‘building upon his decades of experience to align the JHS Media Department to the ever-changing needs of todays and tomorrow’s markets, products and customers’.
In the purchasing department, Dominic Rossington becomes senior buyer. Dominic brings a wealth of knowledge and a quarter of a century’s experience to this position.
While handing the managing director baton to Paul, Dennis Drumm will be taking up the role of CEO, and will be working with Paul, the directors, managers and staff in all departments across the company and with external sources and contributors, with a focus on future commercial and brand strategies.
JHS wi

hideaki-onishi-photo-edit-mar-22-enChristie names Hideaki Onishi chairman and CEO
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

USA - Christie Digital has announced Hideaki Onishi as its new chairman and CEO. With more than 30 years of management experience in various positions within the Ushio group – parent company of Christie - Hideaki will begin his role immediately to lead Christie into its next chapter. Hideaki will replace Kazuhisa Kamiyama, who has completed his tenure with Christie and is returning to Japan to take up a new role at Ushio headquarters.
“It’s a great honour to lead Christie,” says Onishi. “Christie has a proud legacy of continued innovation, in its products, manufacturing, and in its ever-evolving business models. I aim to bring strong leadership and to honour principles of respect, transparency and integrity. Kazuhisa’s work was pivotal in navigating Christie through the many challenges faced in both the industry and the wider economy in recent years. I look forward to holding open conversations with all levels of the Christie team globally to learn more. I am excited for the journey ahead and Christie’s continued growth - it's an exciting time to be joining the company.”
Hideaki began working for Ushio in 1989. He has a broad and extensive range of experience in various roles, having worked at Ushio Lighting, Taiwan Ushio Lighting, Adtech Engineering, Ushio Asia Pacific (Singapore), Vietnam, Thailand and Ushio Europe.
“Looking back at my time at Christie, I am filled by a sense of accomplishment and gratitude,” says outgoing chairman Kazuhisa Kamiyama. “I would like to thank everyone at Christie for their hard work and dedicat

istroumaimageBaton Rouge church upgrades audio with dLive
Wednesday, 6 April 2022

USA - Since its inception in 1920, Istrouma Baptist Church has grown from its humble origins as a small Sunday school class into a congregation some 4,500 members strong spread across two campuses. Occupying some of the most visible property in Baton Rouge near the Interstate 12-Airline Highway interchange, the church’s main campus recently became the recipient of an audio upgrade implemented by Pink Palace Media (PPM), a multifaceted production design company also based here in Louisiana’s capital city.
Central to the upgrade is a new digital front-end incorporating an Allen & Heath dLive S7000, which joins a legacy EAW-based L-C-R system serving the main campus’ 1,600 seat sanctuary. To better support the church’s live streaming needs, a dLive C3500 additionally made its way into the broadcast control room. Bringing further form and function to the blueprint - which was penned by PPM founder and principal Blaine Wilkins - is the addition of Allen & Heath dLive DM64 and S Class DM0 MixRacks.
Helping to integrate the dLive components into a much wider range of live and broadcast scenarios, 128 x 128 gigaAce and Dante cards provide a number of networking options, while remote I/O capabilities were enhanced with the help of a pair of DX168 expanders also culled from the Allen & Heath catalogue.
Monitoring wasn’t overlooked in the systems refresh either: With a Livemix MIX-32 hub from Digital Audio Labs working in conjunction with 16 Livemix CS-DUO personal mixers (each of which is capable of delivering two separate mixes), perfor


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