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Creative Technology celebrates with BromptonCreative Technology celebrates with Brompton
Thursday, 6 February 2020

Sweden - Following another prosperous year of business, Creative Technology Sweden, one of the largest AV technology companies in Europe, celebrated its success together with 150 invited guests at its Christmas Expo. Held at the company’s HQ in Kungälv, the annual event spread over two days and saw the company showcasing the latest in technical innovations, including Brompton Technology’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.
One of the event’s head-turning moments was a three-year-old ROE Black Onyx 2.8mm LED screen that had been re-calibrated with Brompton’s new Hydra advanced measurement system, which is custom-designed for LED panels fitted with a Tessera R2 receiver card. The panels were measured with Hydra to benefit from Dynamic Calibration, the enabling technology for Brompton HDR.
Offering a new approach to delivering better image quality without requiring finer and finer pixel pitches, Dynamic Calibration unlocked the full potential of the ROE LED display, so that the HDR content could be shown with brighter whites, higher contrast ratios, more saturated colours, and true-to-life colour accuracy for beautiful, realistic looking video footage.
“The ROE screen re-calibrated with Hydra and running HDR content looked fabulous,” says Brompton’s business development manager (Europe), Dries Vermeulen. “No one actually thought that it was a three-year old 2.8mm LED display, so it was a perfect example of how Dynamic Calibration technology can give a fresh lease of life not just to new LED panels, but also to well-used LED displa

ISE: Vioso to announce new business structureISE: Vioso to announce new business structure
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Netherlands - German projection specialist Vioso will return to ISE with a range of technological and business advancements for ISE attendees. Demonstrations will include a 360° projection dome in partnership with ISE, as well as a high-end Panadome installation for the visitor attractions market.
The company will also take this opportunity to announce its new business structure with two separate departments, Vioso AV and Vioso Simulation.
The double walled, inflatable, 75m² Airdome VR - supplied and manufactured by - will boast 360° x 180° spherical projection surface. Measuring 10m in diameter and 5m in height, the soundproof structure will be located outside the RAI’s Hall 8 entrance. In the dome, Vioso will demonstrate their latest calibration and warping/blending software solutions. Powered by five Barco 4K projectors, the dome will offer a total resolution beyond 6K.
Showcased within ISE’s Innovation Zone Vioso’s Panadome will play an integral part in DepthQ VR, LightSpeed Design’s interactive VR theme park ride, where attendees will be taken on an aquatic ride without the need for a VR headset.
The VR mapped content will be projected onto a curved 1.8 x 2.75m Vioso Panadome screen using three E-Vision Laser projectors, courtesy of Digital Projection. With content synced in real time, the rider will be able to touch virtual objects, thanks to mid-air gesture technology, while spectators will be able to also enjoy the experience from their own perspective.
Emanuel Züger, head of Vioso AV, comments:

NEXT-proaudio introduces unified N-RAKNEXT-proaudio introduces unified N-RAK
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Portugal - NEXT-proaudio has introduced a unified rack solution N-RAK, designed for optimum performance flexibility and setup simplicity. The new rack was configured to interface seamlessly allowing multiple configurations for the entire NEXT-proaudio’s product range. Consisting in a family of two new different models, N-RAK 6 and N-RAK12, all the new N-Raks are equipped with Powersoft T604, featuring Dante audio networking functionality.
These N-RAKs were created as a universal platform developed to facilitate cross-rental between NEXT-proaudios users worldwide and to ensure compatibility with the cabling standard of the systems. The complete N-RAK series comprises N-RAK 6, N-RAK 12, N-RAK 20, N-RAK 40, N-RAK 80.
The new N-RAK 6 and 12 have Dante, AES3 and analogue inputs for multiple connections, making the setup process greatly simplified and much more efficient than the former LA Rack. With the Powersoft amplifiers already built in and no assembly required, it’s an easy-to-configure, all-in-one amplifier solution that eliminates the process of building amp racks.
The N-RAK touring rack offers an advanced rack solution for all NEXT-proaudio’ systems covering signal and power distribution in a plug’n’play touring package.
The new fully equipped N-RAK 6 and 12 module comprises a compact 4U Customized Rack with 2 Powersoft T604 (N-RAK12) or 1 Powersoft T604 (N-RAK6); 2U Audio Distribution Panel in the front; and 2U power distribution panel in the back.
(Jim Evans)

ISE: Symetrix launches wall controller seriesISE: Symetrix launches wall controller series
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Netherlands - Following on the xIO Stage 4X4 Dante stage box that was introduced in late 2019, Symetrix continues its pipeline of new product introductions with a new series of wall controllers and the second generation of its popular T-5 Touchscreen controller.
“The Symetrix team has been intensely focused on developing an innovative pipeline of new products. Having just celebrated our first year with Symetrix, I am pleased with our progress and at ISE 2020 we begin to demonstrate the quality of our engineering team,” explains Symetrix CEO and owner, Mark Graham.
Part of the energy driving these new products is the Symetrix 2.0 philosophy. With new ownership in 2019 came a new direction for the future and a new way of doing business, affectionately known to the team as “Symetrix 2.0”. Symetrix 2.0 is “all about innovation, focus and energy, building on Symetrix’s historic audio foundation”.
Bringing this energy to the ISE booth will include a seasoned team manning two demo stations focused on Symetrix’s new products and new approach to third party device control and integration. Visitors to the booth will be able to see all the new Symetrix products live.
“We expanded our show presence this year and have accommodated more demo stations to focus on the new wall controllers, xIO Stage 4X4 and T-5 Gen 2, but also how all of these products work with our products like the Radius NX, Prism and Control Server. It’s exciting stuff,” explains training & special projects manager, Chuck Larson.
(Jim Evans)


ISE: L-Acoustics Creations reveals Island PrestigeISE: L-Acoustics Creations reveals Island Prestige
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE 2020, L-Acoustics Creations, a division of L-Acoustics, will reveal Island Prestige, a sound space solution for luxury residential and architectural installations.
Designed for open plan living spaces, unusually shaped media rooms, or as an alternative to in-wall speaker installation, Island Prestige is a modular solution that’s quick and easy to assemble and can operate as a stand-alone personal auditorium, with its own Bubble Deck controls, or be integrated with projector, screen, lighting, blinds and other home technologies.
Island Prestige features 13 front speakers, five rear speakers and two subwoofers, precision manufactured and aligned to deliver accurate, richly detailed audio to listeners relaxing in its central lounge area. Overhead speakers can be added.
The system can reproduce the proprietary BluSpace1 standard, matching human hearing spatial resolution and bringing full, live concert dynamics at all audible frequencies. In total, 20,000W of power creates ample headroom for distortion-free play at high SPL, making Island Prestige suitable for all media playback needs, from conventional stereo to Dolby Atmos cinema to ultra-realistic Bubbles2 music and sound art content in Immersive Hyperreal Sound3.
“Island is unprecedented,” explains Christian Heil, president and founder of L-Acoustics. “This is not just another loudspeaker. We have designed innovative lifestyle packages that enable specification of a remarkable media environment, inviting listeners inside the music. They can share the hyperr

Yamaha surround sound for Ice Camp 2020Yamaha surround sound for Ice Camp 2020
Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Austria - Between January and April every year, the Kitzsteinhorn ski resort in the Austrian alps creates Ice Camp, which celebrates the life cycle of nature by transforming the winter’s snowfall into an art and entertainment installation before it melts again in the spring. Ice Camp 2020 features a Yamaha-based sound installation.
Located 2,600m above sea level, Ice Camp 2020 comprises three uniquely-designed igloos, each 12m in diameter and 6m high. The centrepiece is the Ice Symphonium, created by Austrian artist Max Seibald. Made completely from ice, this impressive instrument is essentially a kind of ‘singing bowl’ with giant, stylized horns. Visitors can use touch pads to change the sounds which, as the artist says, “evoke an atmosphere of sublime harmony in combination with gentle ‘music of the spheres’”.
Powered by a PX8 power amplifier, six white VXS5W speakers are installed in specially-cut alcoves around the igloo’s perimeter, complements by a hidden HS8S powered subwoofer. This makes the surround system effectively disappear, keeping the visual focus on the Ice Symphonium. A Steinberg UR824 audio interface connects the Yamaha system to the PC that hosts the audio soundscape and a VST library for the interactive interface.
Ice Camp 2020’s social focal point is the stylish Ice Bar. Here DZR10 powered loudspeakers and an MG series mixer provide high quality background music, with the option for live input.
Meanwhile, an outdoor sun deck area hosts a range of live events from mid-February onwards. Here a main PA of DZ

Somló takes new role at Optocore/BroaManSomló takes new role at Optocore/BroaMan
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Germany - Munich-based fibre network specialists Optocore and BroaMan have announced the promotion of Dawid Somló to sales distribution manager for both brands.
Somló has been with the company for five years and during that period has managed relationships with existing distributors as well as significantly expanding the distribution network worldwide.
Stepping up to management level, and tasked with overall international sales and network responsibility, he states: “I am delighted to take up this new position and relish the challenge ahead, as nowadays technology allows us to make incredibly smart solutions with high bandwidths using all kinds of signal for different applications. I am honoured to be a part of this technological change on the board of such important companies as Optocore and BroaMan who can make this possible by utilising the optical fiber environment. More and more customers are starting to realise that thanks to our partners all over the world.”
Tine Helmle from the board of directors adds: “Dawid's promotion to this new position was a logical decision. He is a great person to work with and has grown our distribution network considerably in recent years. I am very happy to have him on our team.”
(Jim Evans)

Ralf Oehl appointed CEO of Georg NeumannRalf Oehl appointed CEO of Georg Neumann
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Germany - Ralf Oehl has been appointed as CEO of studio specialist Georg Neumann.
Oehl joins Georg Neumann GmbH after founding his own company, Concinno, which focused on strategic and M&A advisory services to high-end manufactures. With his expertise in areas such as disruptive industrial technologies, innovative new business models and innovation-driving organisations, he has also become a contributor to multiple prestigious institutions, including Fraunhofer Ventures and the World Economic Forum.
He has previously worked at high-tech engineering group M+W and a managing partner at Droege Group, a leading German strategy consultancy.
At Georg Neumann GmbH, Oehl will report to Peter Claussen, COO of the Sennheiser Group.
“It is a great honour to be joining Neumann.Berlin,” comments Oehl. “Taking the helm of a company with such tremendous history, impact and reputation in the professional audio world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While carefully preserving its highly appreciated values and unmatched commitment to quality, we will be striving hard to further expand our portfolio and make our offering available to even more audio professionals all around the world. I am looking forward to working with the team at Neumann as we take this iconic company to new heights.”
“I am delighted to welcome Ralf Oehl to our company,” adds Peter Claussen. “Thanks to his achievements and breadth and depth of experience, Ralf is the ideal choice to take this exceptional brand forward, while cherishing the legacy of excellence tha

ISE: Out Board demos TiMax SoundHubISE: Out Board demos TiMax SoundHub
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The Netherlands - UK immersive audio and showcontrol specialists Out Board will demo further workflow enhancements to the TiMax SoundHub software, along with the new TiMax TrackerD4 Precision Stagetracking system for realtime automated spatial mixing control and effects animation.
TiMax SoundHub will be demo’d with its powerful new HARDCore FPGA processing.
With AutoCalc, TiMax spatial objects can be instant auto-calculated in 3D from a map of the venue and readily adapted for all shapes and sizes of presentation and experiential spaces, stages, auditoria and sound system configurations. As well as AutoCalc, also unique to TiMax workflow is the ability to “get under the hood” allowing image definition spatialisation objects to be manually fine-tuned by the user, or even subjectively crafted for special applications.

ISE: Martin Audio targets installation sectorISE: Martin Audio targets installation sector
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The Netherlands - Martin Audio has announced a further five new products targeting commercial installation sector with in-ceiling and pendant loudspeakers joining the Adorn series.
The Adorn commercial series of on-wall loudspeakers was first introduced in 2019. It has now been expanded by three in-ceiling loudspeakers and the company’s first ever pendant speaker, available in white or black as standard.
All the new ceiling models have a nominal impedance of 16 ohms, enabling four or more speakers to be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel, thereby maximising efficiency and minimising cost. The new ceiling additions are also fitted with an internal high-quality 70V/100V multi-tap line transformer with a switch to select the output level. For full-bandwidth protection, the low and high frequency sections are individually protected against overload in all models.
Comprising a 4” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, the ACS-40TS in-ceiling speaker produces 108dB peak output at 1m and its ported design delivers strong bass that extends down to 73Hz.
Featuring a 5.25” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, the ACS-55TS in-ceiling speaker produces 113dB peak output at 1 metre and its ported design delivers strong bass that extends down to 79Hz.
The in-ceiling ACS-55T comprises a 5.25” (100mm) LF driver and a 0.75” (19mm) silk-dome tweeter, produces 113dB peak output at 1 metre and its ported bass reflex design and backcan with generous internal volume maximises low frequency output and d

Neutrik prepares Milan-ready audio moduleNeutrik prepares Milan-ready audio module
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Europe - Neutrik AG has announced it is developing a Milan-ready audio module in a bid to offer OEM customers a time- and cost-saving path towards developing and producing audio network solutions built on the protocol.
The manufacturer intends to have the modules tested and certified by the Avnu Alliance in the coming months, whilst release dates, pricing and specifications will be announced at a later date.
“The Milan audio modules from Neutrik will allow manufacturers in the pro audio market to quickly and easily build a wide range of Milan audio products, from single loudspeakers and microphones to complex multichannel mixing desks and multi-port conferencing systems,” said Richard Bugg, Avnu Alliance Pro AV segment chair. “Neutrik is making it easier for professional audio networking manufacturers to add Milan to product lines, which will in turn expand the Milan-certified ecosystem of devices.“
(Jim Evans)

Harman solution for Mungyeong Provincial ParkHarman solution for Mungyeong Provincial Park
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

South Korea - TechDataPS and Arnion recently performed a complete overhaul of the outdoor performance venue at Mungyeon Provincial Park, equipping it with an end-to-end Harman audio system.
Mungyeong Saejae, a mountain pass located 642m above sea level on Mount Joryeong, is one of the oldest surviving parts of an ancient road that once connected Seoul and Busan. Three fortified stone gates dating from the Joseon dynasty still stand at the site, making it a culturally significant landmark. Declared an official provincial park in 1981, Mungyeong Saejae is now a major tourist destination featuring hiking trails, a sculpture garden and a stage for open-air performances and other events.
With the venue’s sound system in dire need of an upgrade, park officials hired TechDataPS and Arnion to completely overhaul the stage with a Harman Professional Solutions audio system and all-new rigging. To equip the venue for a variety of events, TechDataPS and Arnion selected class-leading JBL line array loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, Soundcraft digital mixers, AKG microphones and BSS direct boxes.
“The client wanted us to replace the existing sound system, as well as the supporting infrastructure for it,” said Seok Oh, Kang, sales representative, TechDataPS Co., Ltd. “First and foremost, a high-quality audio system was required to cover multi-purpose outdoor events and performances. Secondly, the client requested an infrastructure with sufficient inputs and outputs for any situation. To meet these requests, we chose to go with the latest and most dynamic JBL

David Morales chooses Pioneer Pro XPRSDavid Morales chooses Pioneer Pro XPRS
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

USA - David Morales, an American DJ and Grammy-award winning record producer, songwriter and businessman, has produced and remixed more than 500 records for multi-platinum artists including Mariah Carey, U2, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Madonna, his career continues to show no signs of slowing down.
In the studio, Morales knows exactly what he wants and is uncompromising when it comes to sound. A key component of his creative environment is a Pioneer Pro Audio XPRS system, comprising two XPRS 12 active speakers and two XPRS 115S active subs. The system supports his DJ set-up in a dedicated space, where he takes new material and is able to accurately reference how it works in the live environment.
Recounting his first experience of the XPRS range, Morales reports: “I played in Japan at a bar and they had two of the XPRS 12s and two subs. I loved the way they sounded - I’m like ‘wow!’ That made me pick up the phone to Pioneer Pro Audio and I said ‘yo! - I just heard these speakers - I want them’.
“These speakers are just great out of the box. They have a great reference point to start from immediately. Gain-wise, I really don’t have to play beyond 90 dB and the system probably goes to 130 or more. The subwoofer is only a quarter of the way up, I’m only using the top boxes at fifty percent and there’s still a lot of sub-bass going on in this room. I’m also impressed with the box without the sub because you still get plenty of real ‘bump’ out of it - I’m making club records and I need to understand what they sound l

The Audio Visual Co takes the A Series roadThe Audio Visual Co takes the A Series road
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Australia - Moorebank-based production services company The Audio Visual Co has recently invested in L-Acoustics A Series.
Established just three years ago, The Audio Visual Co works across the corporate, outdoor and entertainment events segments and supplies audio, visual and lighting equipment from key brands. From the outset, the company’s director Jimmy Bandal made L-Acoustics his loudspeaker brand of choice, with the A Series recently presenting itself as the appropriate solution to accommodate his fast-growing business.
“Our main applications are corporate events such as galas, awards nights and product launches, as well as broadcast and concert touring,” says Bandal. “Although we only started a couple of years ago, the company is growing rapidly. At the outset, L-Acoustics captured my attention as I found the sound signature of the cabinets very pleasing - their response is linear, and they are extremely user-friendly. As well as the company’s first class loudspeakers, I’ve found that both L-Acoustics Soundvision 3D acoustical modelling software and LA Network Manager are very helpful in allowing me to accurately and simply predict my venue designs.”
The company’s initial investment in L-Acoustics was a minimal amount of X12 and SB18 subs, along with an LA4X amplified controller, which has been extremely successful but, with the substantial increase in business, it was time to increase the inventory. Working with L-Acoustics certified provider distributor, Jands, A10, A15 and KS21, as well as Kiva II medium throw line array, a

Snow Patrol back on the road with SSLSnow Patrol back on the road with SSL
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

UK - Snow Patrol recently embarked on a UK tour for their album, Reworked, relying on an SSL L550 console for their live shows, including two special performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall.
Northern Irish-Scottish rock band, Snow Patrol formed in 1994, rising to fame with their album, Final Straw, which was certified five-times platinum in the UK, eventually selling over three million copies worldwide.
Reworked, Snow Patrol's eighth studio album, was released in November 2019 to celebrate their 25th anniversary, and included reimagined versions of old songs, three new tracks, and a tour, which Matt West joined last year as FOH engineer.
“It's a 14-piece band and a very open, live stage; the band has reworked songs to a certain extent, so it's a new take, with new instruments on already fantastic songs,” West explains. “Everyone's got a vocal mic, and the guys are all on in-ears, as we're keeping things as quiet as possible on stage.”
He continues: “I knew if SSL was going to put out a live range of consoles, they would capture the trust of the old school analogue vibe; once upon a time, you’d do everything you could just to save up to buy one preamp and record everything through it. So I looked at what SSL were doing, saw that the L550 had a big screen and big buttons, and being a big-fingered person, little buttons are ineffective for me, so it looked very interesting straight away. I spent a few days just mixing on the board, and I just kind of fell in love with it.”
West is using the L550 alo

CUK Audio to distribute Aurora MultimediaCUK Audio to distribute Aurora Multimedia
Tuesday, 4 February 2020

UK - US AVoIP solutions manufacturer Aurora Multimedia has appointed CUK Audio as its exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland.
“Aurora Multimedia is a true innovator in the AV industry and the number of firsts they have to their name is truly impressive,” comments Stuart Thomson, managing director at CUK Audio. “The IPX line of SDVoE based 10G AVoIP transceivers are a great example of the innovation they bring to the market, incorporating advanced features such as reversable USB, copper and fibre connectivity, integrated ReAX control processor, eight-channel Dante, audio DSP and wallplate form factor.”
Simon Druce, CUK Audio sales director, adds: “Since my first contact with Paul Harris at Aurora Multimedia, I knew this was a company we had to work with. The culture of innovation Paul has fostered in the organisation is impressive and the products resulting from that will enable our customers to improve the solutions they offer their clients.”
Aurora Multimedia will be showcasing their control and video distribution solutions at ISE 2020 on stand 5-T65.
(Jim Evans)

Collyer promoted to Nexo sales directorCollyer promoted to Nexo sales director
Monday, 3 February 2020

Europe - Nexo has promoted its long-serving UK sales manager Gareth Collyer to the position of sales and marketing director.
Collyer has worked with some of the best-known loudspeaker brands in the industry, including Bose and JBL, in a long career which has taken him from DJ to respected partner for the UK’s top audio consultants and system integrators. He has played the central role in establishing Nexo’s direct sales operation in the UK, which is now one of the most successful and high-profile sectors of the company’s international business.
Amongst other recent achievements, he has been instrumental in Nexo’s success in large-format sporting venues, including the Etihad Stadium for Manchester City FC, the Wimbledon tennis championship, Croke Park in Dublin, and Headingley Stadium in Leeds.
“I’m pleased to be asked to take on this challenge,” comments Collyer. “Today’s high-end sound reinforcement business is very different to the one I had when I started work with Nexo. Manufacturers have to assume more responsibility than ever before, in terms of software and processing solutions as well as engineering support for the design and implementation of increasingly sophisticated systems.”
Nexo CEO, Jean Mullor, adds: “The Nexo sales line-up has been transformed over the last few months. With Gareth at the helm as sales and marketing director, we are looking forward to presenting a new Nexo in the coming decade.”
(Jim Evans)

ISE: Outline schedules double launchISE: Outline schedules double launch
Monday, 3 February 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE 2020, Outline will launch two new products - the Stadia 28 line array module and the L3000 amplifier.
Stadia 28 is an addition to the company’s Stadia family of loudspeaker systems for large sports venues and arenas. The new module is a medium-throw, constant curvature array enclosure weighing just 21kg yet capable of a peak SPL of 139dB. It features the same weather protection and audio quality as the rest of the range but is designed specifically for smaller venues, providing a cost-effective solution for locations that don’t need the power of its larger stablemates.
Its usefulness is extended by its ability to be arrayed in either vertical or horizontal orientation, with just six cabinets providing a full 150° coverage in both deployments.
Also making its debut at ISE 2020 will be the L3000 multi-purpose amplifier. Designed principally for applications where it is not possible or practical to use 19” racks, L3000 is a freestanding, high-powered multi-mode power amplifier presented in the same durable wood finish as Outline’s touring loudspeakers. If rack mounting is required however, two L3000s can be mounted using a dedicated Outline kit.
The L3000’s Class D design includes two inputs and four outputs, able to operate in single channel mode (4 x 750w @ 4ohm) and bridge mode (either 2 x 1500w @ 8 ohms or 1 x 1500w @ 8 ohms and 2 x 750w at 4 ohms). Onboard DSP provides a range of essential amplifier controls and its universal regulated switch mode power supply allows it to function on various input voltag

Danley brings musicality to Toronto churchDanley brings musicality to Toronto church
Monday, 3 February 2020

Canada - The history of Knox Presbyterian Church in Toronto stretches back to 1820, and it has been in its current building across the street from the University of Toronto since 1909. Its ornate, high-ceiling sanctuary accommodates 550 people.
The AV integration department at local music store Sherwood recently installed a new sound reinforcement system that leverages the pattern control of Danley Sound Labs SBH-Series loudspeakers. The new Danley system keeps energy off the walls and treats congregants to crystal-clear, point-source fidelity.
“We started work on Knox Presbyterian’s troublesome sanctuary after completing several other projects that they were really happy with in other areas of their facility,” explains Craig Ritchie, project manager at Sherwood. “They had some thirty-plus year-old loudspeakers way up in the ceiling that were firing above the seating - just energizing the room, really. During the previous year, they had rented a ground-stack PA, but that came with its own issues. No one could understand anything!”
Ritchie and his colleagues at Sherwood had installed several Danley systems, and they invited the decisionmakers at Knox Presbyterian to listen to another Danley system that Ritchie had designed at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, in Kitchener. Although Ritchie arranged the meeting and demo, no one from Sherwood attended so that the members of the two churches could speak freely.
“Danley technology has provided great solutions for us, especially in difficult churches,” Ritchie says. “The pattern co

Green Hippo on the ball at Soccer AMGreen Hippo on the ball at Soccer AM
Monday, 3 February 2020

UK - Lighting director Malcolm Reed used Green Hippo’s Hippotizer media server technology to manage the visuals for Coventry-born rapper Jay1’s performance on the UK’s popular football show, Soccer AM. Filmed at London’s Sky Sports Studios, the 90-minute show, which airs on Saturday mornings, includes a section where music artists from across the country are invited to perform their latest songs in front of a live studio audience.
Backing Jay1’s performance was a Martin LC 2140 5m x 2m LED screen fed by a P3 system controller. Visuals for the Jay1 performance, partly created by Reed and partly by the band, were simple but effective, based on band logos and a mix of custom and stock graphics.
Green Hippo’s Amba media servers were supplied to the production by specialist entertainment technology suppliers, A.C. Entertainment Technologies. Reed previously used Green Hippo’s Grasshopper media servers, but has since upgraded to the 1U Amba to make use of its capabilities. “One Amba unit, with its data splitter allowing up to four HD outputs, replaces two Grasshoppers,” he says.
“The Amba Media Server allows us to split content across various outputs,” Reed continues. “We have a Christie Digital projector projecting wide screen images on to the floor of the performance area, while the two spare outputs give us options to run other kit too. For Jay1’s performance, the screens were driven by the P3 system controller directly from the Amba.”
He adds: “Green Hippo’s media servers work well with MIDI control, or run

Josh Berry joins JRLX in NashvilleJosh Berry joins JRLX in Nashville
Friday, 31 January 2020

USA - Industry veteran Josh Berry has joined JRLX as Nashville-based account executive focusing on touring and production.
Berry comes to JRLX after a long history in the touring and live music industry. “I am so excited to join the JRLX team. I have met with several companies over the past six months and was very impressed at JRLX’s hunger and attention-to-detail. These guys know how to put out quality work and have fun - it’s going to be a great year,” notes Josh Berry.
“Our continued presence in the live music touring market has grown exponentially and we are thrilled to welcome Josh to our team where he will develop and service new touring and production accounts both in Nashville and nationally,” states JRLX CEO Jason Reberski. “Josh will draw upon his contacts and decades of experience to engage in touring business development and account support for JRLX. He is the right person for the job, his influence in the industry is significant, and we look forward to incorporating his strengths into our existing team.”
(Jim Evans)

ISE: Yamaha supports entertainment and enterpriseISE: Yamaha supports entertainment and enterprise
Friday, 31 January 2020

The Netherlands - At ISE 2020, Yamaha will be highlighting its support for both the entertainment and enterprise markets with its range of high end, integrated solutions.
Yamaha’s digital mixing systems will be on show, including Rivage PM and the latest V5.5 firmware for CL/QL series digital mixers, which supports ProVisionaire Control/Touch, the latest version 3.6.0 enabling complete control over the entire network chain, from mixers through to amplifiers (including Yamaha’s PC Series and the Nexo NXAMP4X4MK2), processors and speakers.
The new white models of the flagship DZR/CZR series loudspeakers and DXS XLF/CXS XLF subwoofers will also be shown in Europe for the first time, following their launch at the NAMM Show in January. The powered DZR range comprises eight full-range models and four DXS XLF subwoofers, including ‘D’ versions that feature onboard Dante IN/OUT capability. Sharing the same cabinet and speaker components as the DZR/DXS XLF models, the passive CZR/CXS XLF models are perfectly matched with Yamaha’s all new PC-D range of amplifiers to deliver very high power-handling and focused, professional sound.
All DZR/CZR and DXS XLF/CXS XLF models will be available in white as well as the existing black finish, providing more options for a greater variety of uses, such as hotel banquets, houses of worship and auditoriums, where a high quality audio system needs to blend into the design of the space.
Yamaha will also be highlighting its wide-ranging Audioversity education content at ISE, with a variety of training sessions

Share Oslo switches to dLive custom controlShare Oslo switches to dLive custom control
Friday, 31 January 2020

Norway - An Allen & Heath dLive mixing solution has been installed at Share Oslo, a technology business hub and event space in the Norwegian capital, which has recently undergone a major audio upgrade.
Share Oslo’s facilities span four main zones and are used for workshops, live performances, yoga classes and business events. With many different clients accessing the venue, the system needed to be as simple to use as possible, allowing users to run presentations, control levels and choose sources without the aid of a technician.
The compact, flexible solution supplied by Benum Norway comprises an Allen & Heath dLive DM0 MixRack, fitted with a Dante card and three IP1 wall mounted remote controllers.
“We needed to design an audio distribution system entirely based on AOIP (Dante), but also needed features such as AMM, Dynamic EQ, freely configurable bus structures and easy scene handling with advanced filtering built-in, and the DM0 gave us the flexibility to easily tackle this project,” comments Daniel Glaister, product manager at Benum Norway. “The plug and play nature of the IP controllers gives guest users instant dummy-proof control, while the Custom Control app provides the day-to-day users with an easy to understand interface, which offers more advanced control for employees.”
Using the Custom Control app over a wireless connection, audio across the four zones can be controlled by guests via their own smart devices, allowing them to simply log in to a specific user profile and have instant access to a simplified custom

Convention Centre Dublin opts for DiGiCoConvention Centre Dublin opts for DiGiCo
Friday, 31 January 2020

Ireland - Set in Dublin’s Docklands, The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) is a multi award-winning venue that has hosted more than 1,850 events since it opened in 2010.
The CCD has recently invested in multiple DiGiCo S21 consoles, supplied by the manufacturer’s Irish distributor, Rea Sound. According to Pat Crowley, one of the venue’s technical production managers who specialises in audio, the CCD works with five-star equipment for a five-star venue, with high-quality sound and user-friendliness.
The venue had looked to DiGiCo from the very beginning, initially investing in an SD7 and three SD8s, but it had been looking for a smaller, more compact console for a number of years. When DiGiCo launched the S-Series, Crowley knew the S21 ticked all the right boxes.
“We have a lot of users who are AV trained, but not necessarily well up on the sound end of things,” he says. “The S21 is great for this.”
As well as six spacious foyer areas, the venue has purpose-built meeting spaces, a 2,000-seat Auditorium with full theatrical stage and fly tower, 4,500sq.m of exhibition space and theatre capacity for 3,000 delegates in The Forum. It also boasts banqueting facilities for up to 3,000 guests, intimate boardrooms, large and small halls that range from 160 to 1,800 capacity, and meeting rooms.
A total of seven S21s have been installed, along with five DMI AMM cards, which can expand the consoles’ I/O, providing interfaces with industry formats from analogue expansion, MADI, Dante, Waves SoundGrid along with an Automix capabili


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