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audiotonix--sound-devices-teamSound Devices joins Audiotonix group
Friday, 15 October 2021

UK - Audiotonix, the group which comprises the Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiCo, DiGiGrid, Group One Limited, KLANG:technologies, and Solid State Logic entertainment technology brands, has announced the acquisition of US-based Sound Devices LLC as part of its expanding group. The transaction, which was concluded yesterday, further extends the Audiotonix professional solutions for audio production environments.
James Gordon CEO of Audiotonix comments, “The addition of Sound Devices and their fantastic team to our portfolio of premium audio brands is a proud moment for all involved. Their expertise and technical pedigree in film production, broadcasting and professional recording is a great fit. As with previous acquisitions we always look to increase the knowledge share group-wide and, with FPGA-based solutions and RF wireless technology at their core, we have an enviable opportunity.”
The acquisition will coincide with co-founder Jon Tatooles departure from Sound Devices after 23 years. Co-founder Matt Anderson, who has been chief engineer of Sound Devices since inception and CEO since 2013, will continue to serve in both roles.
Matt Anderson states, “I’ve enjoyed getting to know James and the team during the past few months. In terms of values and culture, Sound Devices fits perfectly within the Audiotonix group of companies. In a way, it will be ‘business as usual’ at Sound Devices, as we will carry on doing the same thing we've been doing for the past 23 years: focussing intensely on making the best sound products we can. However, t

nicoLectrosonics delivers for Netflix Bad Sport
Thursday, 14 October 2021

USA - Bad Sport is a new documentary series covering the most infamous misdeeds in the sports world. Sound mixer Nico Pierce recently wrapped work on its debut episode Hoop Schemes, which chronicles the 1994 point-shaving scandal that engulfed Arizona State University basketball. For the episode’s many interviews, Pierce relied on Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless, chiefly SMV and SMDWB transmitters paired with SRc receivers slot-mounted in his audio bag.
“I went to school at DePaul University in Chicago and actually got my degree in audio post-production,” recalls Pierce. “I had to take a lot of production classes as well. When I moved out to L.A., probably the first year I was doing 50/50 production and post. After that, I realized I liked being on set and working with people instead of hunkering down in the studio all day. At DePaul, I used a lot of older Lectrosonics stuff — 185s and 187s — because it was what they had at the time, and I was already aware of it as one of the best brands out there. As soon as I had the money, Lectro was what I bought for myself.”
The wideband reception capability of the SRc receivers was the first feature Pierce found invaluable as production embarked on the road. “We spent a week in Phoenix and a week in Vegas, shooting 12-hour days to get the episode done,” he says. “This was my first time filming outside of the L.A. area since being in school, so being unfamiliar with the blocks and availability in these cities, going wideband let me not worry about finding frequencies.”

l-acousticsL-ISA enhances Ennio Morricone tribute
Thursday, 14 October 2021

Germany - Film composer Ennio Morricone died in 2020 after a storied career that featured over 400 scores for film and television, more than 100 classical works and musical compositions for artists such as Paul Anka, Zucchero and Andrea Bocelli. He won over 40 awards including three Grammys, three Golden Globes and six BAFTAs. For his 2017 world tour, where Morricone directed the Czech National Symphony Orchestra for arena-sized audiences, he became an early adopter of L-ISA immersive sound, using the technology for shows in Bologna and Milan. The unmistakable melodies of Ennio Morricone were heard in all their immersive splendour at a spectacular tribute concert on 1 August n Berlin's Wuhlheide, played by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.
LITT event-technik GmbH was responsible for the implementation of the L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound-System, with Ulf Oeckel as system engineer and Holger Schwark manning FOH, both of whom are experienced L-ISA users and familiar with operating the system on live tours.
“I was honoured to plan one of the first L-ISA world tours with Mark Knopfler and bring it to the streets. In addition, I am a qualified L-ISA trainer," explains Oeckel, who describes the advantages of spatial audio technology for orchestral productions as follows: "The clarity and transparency are much greater than can be achieved with a conventional stereo system. With every L-ISA production I notice that the audience unconsciously feels more comfortable and connects with the music in a natural way."
In Berlin's Wuhlheide, an L-ISA Wide scene des

modular21KV2 goes Modular in Emmental
Thursday, 14 October 2021

Switzerland - The region of Emmental in Switzerland is doubtless better known for its holey cheese than for its music output; nevertheless, the gently rolling hills of Langnau provided the backdrop for the first edition of the Modular Festival organised by DJ and producer, Michelle Kelly Leeman.
For four days from 10-13 September, the lowing of cattle gave way to the sounds of psytrance and techno from an international roster of over 50 artists and DJs with music running non-stop across two stages. Michelle has been a fan of KV2 systems for a number of years and she opted for the flagship VHD5 system for the main stage and SL412s supplemented by SL2.15 subs for the second stage.
“It took over a year of planning and 160 pages of information were submitted to the relevant authorities in order to obtain all the necessary permissions to go ahead,” recalls Michelle. “Selecting a sound system was the easy bit – I already knew I wanted KV2, and if possible the VHD5 but I needed to make sure it was feasible.”
Michelle got in touch with KV2’s technical projects director, Andy Austin-Brown, with the details of her project to see what he suggested given the size and shape of the area to be covered and the dimensions of the stage.
“VHD5 offers the absolute best quality of sound representation coupled with the highest dynamics and definition, even at lower levels, whilst carrying enormous output capability,” says Austin-Brown. “Given the area to be covered and the anticipated audience levels, we could certainly have achieved excellent res

cardiffMartin MLA powers Cardiff’s Titan Festival
Thursday, 14 October 2021

UK - A festival in Cardiff Bay is being seen as the precursor to reviving a once popular venue at the City’s Alexandra Head. The four-day extravaganza, promoted by Live Nation, combined the two-day electronic Titan Festival at the weekend, book-ended by Bay Series on the Friday and Monday.
In residence throughout the entire event and broadcasting sound from an all-star line-up, ranging from Biffy Clyro and Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes on the opening night, to Eric Prydz and Chic featuring Nile Rogers, was the Martin Audio MLA loudspeaker array - provided by Stage Audio Services (SAS) under the project management of Nat Hopking.
In addition to the above, Pendulum presented their spectacular Trinity show, reuniting all three original band members for a rare UK outing on the Friday, and another popular act was CamelPhat, supporting Eric Prydz on the Saturday.
In view of the sensitive location, with the potential of sound propagation affecting both harbourmaster’s comms as the PA blasted out over the Bay, and also spilling into nearby residential areas, Martin Audio provided SAS systems engineer Dave Taylor with technical back-up in the form of product support engineer, Simon Purse.
Purse recalls that the main issue had been the risk of disturbing communications to the boats in the harbour. “We did some propagation tests and applied Hard Avoid to prevent leakage back to the artists onstage, and at the imaginary rear wall at the boundary of the audience area, 70m back. In fact, we stored a number of presets in the background of the softw

pumpkinGet creative for the Backup Pumpkin Challenge
Thursday, 14 October 2021

UK - Industry charity Backup's Pumpkin Challenge is back for 2021. The competition aims to help raise awareness of the charity in a fun and creative way, encouraging interested parties to carve the most creative pumpkin.
“To enter, all that’s need is a pumpkin, your design and any props or tech you want to incorporate to bring your design to life. If you want to use the opportunity to fundraise too (though not a requirement) that would be welcome,” says Backup.
Competition categories are: Best overall design (judged by panel); Best use of tech (judged by panel); Most money raised (via Backup Pumpkin Challenge Fundraising Page); and Most overall likes (on Instagram, using the hashtag: #BackupPumpkinChallenge).
For 2021 long-time Backup supporter Lightpower Collection has generously donated a prize of one of their photographic books to the winner of the best overall design category.
Due to competition being open to anyone, anywhere, the charity is only able to send prizes to UK-based prize winners due to costs of shipping. All winners will be promoted on Backup’s social media pages, in marketing material and in industry press. “Plus,” adds Backup, “you get the prize of industry bragging rights!”
“Entries may be uploaded onto your Instagram by 31 October 2021 using the hashtag #BackupPumpkinChallenge along with your name or team name. Please make sure your Instagram privacy settings allow us to view your entry when you enter #BackupPumpkinChallenge. You can also email when you post, that way we can doubl

nico-labbeLabbé joins Solotech as senior technical specialist
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Canada - Solotech has appointed Nicolas 'Nico' Labbé as senior technical specialist (business development). Joining the company's Montreal Live Productions team, he will liaise with the Live Productions Division to offer clients the services they require and aid in the development of new business opportunities.
Over the last 35 years, Labbé worked as a lighting designer with the biggest names in the music industry, such as Charles Aznavour, Véronique DiCaire, Garou, Lara Fabian and Roch Voisine. He is also well known and respected in television, where he served as director and designer of photography on multiple live show recordings.
Solotech says Labbé will also play a crucial role as an ambassador of the company’s multiple technological solutions and his lighting and video expertise will help the team to better support Canadian designers.
Solotech says in a statement: "His know-how and unique approach will contribute to the development of new business opportunities. The entire Solotech team wishes him a warm welcome and much success in his new position."

5-stars-pixotope--ndpPixotope joins Singapore National Day Parade
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Singapore - Pixotope brought augmented reality (AR) technology into the 2021 Singapore National Day Parade for the first time. In collaboration with Anomalyst Studio, the televised show used visual illusions that ‘blurred the lines between reality and virtual’.
Pixotope was used to generate all of the AR overlays for five segments of the large-scale TV event, with the AR elements conceived as part of the show’s main narrative, including notable segments such as five stars rising up from a physical stage prop, transitioning to form a virtual display of the Singaporean national flag.
To ensure visual consistency throughout, there was a constant collaboration between Anomalyst Studio and the graphics team for the LED and floor projections. The various animated elements were created in Maya before being imported into Pixotope for playback in the main show, and after the first pass of AR visuals were complete, the lighting department sampled their lighting choreography (including 360 video samples) to use as reflection maps for the AR content.
The goal for the graphics powered by Pixotope was to appear ‘invisibly seamless’, thus designers had to ensure that the displays blended as if they were live stage elements.
The Singapore National Day Parade was Pixotope and Anomalyst Studio’s first collaboration on a large-scale live event. With such a huge physical cast and staging to contend with throughout the event, the AR elements were choreographed precisely into the show. Anomalyst Studio’s teams were in close contact with the camera di

wuppertalWuppertal arts centre opts for RCF
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Germany - The Immanuel arts centre, housed in the rededicated church building of Immanuelskirche in Wuppertal, impresses with a versatile and innovative programme that also features experimental events. The stage design in the house itself is as varied as the centre’s programme.
To prepare for all event possibilities, the venue management opted for permanently installed loudspeaker systems from RCF and combined them with mobile components. As a long-standing partner, taking care of day-to-day operations in the areas of audio and stage technology, Guido Ogrzewalla’s company Safe in Sound was commissioned with planning and installation of the new system.
“All components are connected to RDNet and can be controlled perfectly, and in great detail, so we can achieve the best possible sound result for every event situation.”
The Immanuelskirche has been an arts centre operated by a supporting association for 35 years. With three stages, side galleries and the apse, various possibilities for organising events for chamber concerts, jazz evenings, weddings, or conferences are available. Guido Ogrzewalla opted for a mixture of permanently installed components and mobile stage sound systems to find the best possible and most flexible solution.
Janine Ballein, managing director of the arts centre Immanuel, comments: “When modernising our audio system, it was crucial to us that we could flexibly cover the uncommon event and stage situations with the new audio components. Our mix of fixed and mobile loudspeakers also reduces our set-up effort enor

kingdom-of-sweets-knightsbridge-atc-2Sugar-coated retail for Void Acoustics
Tuesday, 12 October 2021

UK - For a company better known for supplying club sound systems around the world, there has been a recent ‘sugar-coated’ opportunity for Void Acoustics to make an appearance on the high street.
Kingdom of Sweets is a multiple retail sweet-shop operation with outlets around the UK in addition to a number of flagship stores in major European cities.
It is the first time Void Acoustics has supplied Kingdom of Sweets with their quartet of new shop locations in Bath, Windsor, Leeds and London’s high-end Knightsbridge shopping district.
Alan Smith, business development manager for AT&C takes up the story. “We’ve been aware of Void Acoustics for many years, and when we got the brief from our client, it was evident that this was a quirky and demanding project which had Void written all over it!” he recalls. “We had been asked to specify a sound system to ‘up the ante’ on the customers’ audio experience, whilst providing a bespoke design complementing the eye-catching and colourful presentation synonymous with all Kingdom of Sweets stores.
“Our client specifically asked for a clean sounding, bass-heavy system - with the audio reflecting the visually flamboyant experience for customers coming in to shop for their sugary goodies. It was clear that Void were the audio manufacturer to work with.”
With high streets springing back to normality, Kingdom of Sweets outlets have opened around the UK with bespoke manufactured and custom coloured Void Acoustics speakers to reflect the vibrant orange and purple pantones of the

martinJuozas Miltinis Theatre upgrades with WPM
Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Lithuania - Audiotonas recently won a tender to renew the audio system at the 400-capacity Juozas Miltinis Theatre in Lithuania. Situated in Panevezys, the fifth largest city in the country, the Grand Hall has been upgraded with a Martin Audio Wavefront Precision (WPM) line array.
According to Audiotonas chief audio engineer (and system designer), Vytautas Stasiukaitis, an old-school point source PA system, more than 20 years old, was no longer fit for purpose. “The performance was not acceptable by today’s standards, and so the theatre wanted a high-tech sound system in which performance features could be optimised according to the architecture of the room,” he explains. “As the most cost-efficient system which met all the requirements of the Theatre Wavefront Precision was the way to go.”
It was the facility’s first experience with Martin Audio and the sound engineers of Miltinis Drama Theatre were certainly impressed. “This was particularly the case after we installed and tuned the system with DISPLAY software,” continues Stasiukaitis. “The intelligibility, consistency and frequency response were outstanding throughout the entire audience area. We set the back wall as a ‘Hard Avoid’ area because there was no acoustic treatment on the wall and that helped to maintain excellent audio performance with minimum reflections.”
The Grand Hall itself is single tier with raked seating. “We could see this as a perfect opportunity for a WPM installation,” he observes. “We provided 12 modules per side, which is why we did not nee

cheltenham-big-screens-festival3Production AV centre stage in Cheltenham
Tuesday, 12 October 2021

UK - Cheltenham’s Imperial Gardens became a cinematic hotspot of international sport, films and music over the summer as the town’s Big Screen Festival took place, utilising Production AV’s substantial stock of Desay M6 outdoor LED screen panels to make up the visual display.
Production AV’s Nathan Dunbar project managed the supply, delivery, build and operation of the screens. The main screen was made up of 18 panels of the modular Desay M6 outdoor LED screens, which the team fitted together to create the large-scale LED wall.
A host of content was shown to audiences enjoying the summer weather, including live BBC streams of the Tokyo Olympics and Channel 4’s Paralympics, BBC Proms as well as family films and local business advertising. The event was part of a drive by Cheltenham Borough Council to bring residents back into the centre of the town and drive shopping, entertainment and community initiatives as lockdown ended.
“We have a great relationship with Cheltenham Borough Council, supplying a range of events in the town including the Cheltenham Literature and Science Festivals, and this was one of the first post-lockdown events to be staged,” says Dunbar. “We worked closely with the event organisers to supply the right LED screens for all weathers and conditions, and our Desay M6 outdoor panels are built for great colour reproduction and brightness and can withstand sunlight and adverse rain or wind and remain in play.”
Dunbar and his Production AV colleagues Darryl Mills and Olie Goulding rigged the Desay screens onto

brightonFlipside solution for Brighton’s Socialite
Monday, 11 October 2021

UK - Recently established lifestyle restaurant and bar, Socialite has worked alongside Flipside Soundsystem to create an enticing musical atmosphere in the heart of Brighton’s Lanes. The building, which used to be a Cath Kidston store, benefits from an open concept layout with; a lavish cocktail bar, a private dining area, a generous performance space and topped off with a casual roof terrace.
With the aim of being an all-in-one bar, the space was in need of an AV system that could occasionally simmer into the background, allowing conversation to flow, while also being able to support live music and DJ events.
“After having a brief look around the site, working out its functionality and what the concept was – I knew, pretty much from the get-go, that musicality was the main focus of this place,” recalls Flipside managing director, James Cooper. “From then, we knew we wanted to offer good quality audio that could perform at a high level and that could also be used in as many zones as possible, while still leaving room for expansion.”
Co-Founders of Socialite, Adam Elliott and Barry Vera had a vision for the venue to be all-encompassing; a place for guests to spend entire evenings from initial cocktails to after dinner entertainment. “People used to go to a restaurant, have their three-course meal and then move on somewhere else for their drinks and music,” explains Vera. “But previously, I’ve experienced lifestyle restaurants that are all-in-one. You’re there for more than just the food, you’re there for a full evening experie

lifeisbeautiful1Meyer and Solotech amplify Life is Beautiful
Monday, 11 October 2021

USA - The Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival returned to Las Vegas 17-19 September, transforming 18 downtown city blocks into a hub of music, art and culture. The event roared back to life, drawing a record 170,000 attendees for its three-day line-up of performances by Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, A$AP Rocky, Green Day, and more than 100 additional acts. Between shows, festivalgoers took in comedy events, culinary demonstrations, and multidisciplinary creative installations by local, national, and international artists.
Life is Beautiful planners couldn’t were thrilled that music festivals are back. “We were the first festival to put a line-up out and say ‘We’re going to do this’,” Craig Nyman, the festival’s head of music and live performances said. “I think that really sparked a bit of hope and energy in the industry and let people feel that.”
The sound solutions were supplied by Solotech in partnership with Meyer Sound, which provided PA systems for the festival’s three main stages. The main Downtown Stage and Bacardí Stage were anchored by Meyer Sound Leo and Lyon linear line array loudspeakers, augmented by 900‑LFC and 1100‑LFC low-frequency control elements, and the Huntridge Stage featured a mix of medium and wide-pattern Lyon loudspeakers and 900-LFC low-frequency control elements.
For production teams, designing systems with fixed placement inside the tight confines of an urban environment meant finding creative ways to tackle sound management and noise mitigation. Compounding the challenge of keeping

dpawestminster1Wilmington church switches to DPA
Friday, 8 October 2021

USA - When faced with shelter-in-place regulations amid the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, DE, like many churches around the world, decided to shift from in-person gatherings on Sundays to recorded services so churchgoers could watch from home.
The initial offerings relied on existing audio and video equipment, which was more than 20 years old. The church’s streaming feed lacked detail, balance and consistent room ambiance, and the lack of intelligibility of the spoken word made it difficult for remote churchgoers to hear the service well.
To help solve this problem last fall, Tony Thurman, Westminster’s director of music, and members of the church’s property committee, initiated talks with Robert Bullington of Front Row Seat Productions, a local AV contractor, to come up with a new sound system. Together, the teams immediately tapped DPA Microphones for its technical expertise and array of headsets, mics and accessories.
Bullington worked with Gabriel Antonini, business development manager of DPA, to create a masterplan for upgrading the church’s microphones as part of a re-engineered audio system. The goal was to enable Westminster to livestream choral, organ and piano music at the highest quality, providing listeners with fully balanced stereo sound comparable to attending a live service or concert.
“To capture the shape of the space at Westminster, we deployed a wide array of solutions from DPA Microphones,” says Bullington. “Included among these is a pair of DPA 4006A Omnidi

lamilitarytheatre5Hanoi’s Military Theatre installs L-Acoustics
Friday, 8 October 2021

Vietnam - Dotted throughout Vietnam, the government has built private theatres to host regional and national cultural performances for the country’s military. These 700-seat venues serve government officials and military leaders with regular programmes of choir performances that convey messages of patriotism and national pride by promoting the unique history and culture of the Vietnamese republic.
One such theatre in the capital of Hanoi recently received an upgrade to its sound system, installing the new K3 line source array, integrated by local L-Acoustics Certified Provider Distributor, ProAVL Vietnam.
ProAVL managing director Thang Le has been an L-Acoustics user for over a decade, turning to the manufacturer’s sound systems for their quality and flexibility for projects that spanned installations in civic venues and high-end residential markets, as well as for live events. “L-Acoustics has a long-standing history of innovation. Since our company was involved in a wide range of productions in highly visible public places, I needed to leave a strong impression on customers by introducing high quality, innovatively designed products from L-Acoustics to the local market,” says Le.
Early on, Le nurtured strong partnerships with the military, and ProAVL Vietnam has consistently provided the best solutions in sound for a range of military theatres and productions over the years. “When the director of the Hanoi military theatre expressed his wish to enhance and replace the sound system previously installed, which had begun to degrade in quali

l-acousticsImmersive launch for Amon Tobin album
Thursday, 7 October 2021

UK - Amon Tobin’s life and work in production and sound design spans over 25 years. His different approach to intricate, cinematic electronica continues with the recent release of the album How Do You Liveon Nomark Records. To give listeners in London a preview of the work, the label partnered with Pitchback Playback and L-Acoustics Creations to offer an immersive experience in a 24.1 immersive sound space designed by L-Acoustics.
Pitchback Playback hosts listening sessions for music lovers staged in total darkness to eliminate distractions and ensure that everyone present enjoys an opportunity to fully engage with remarkable albums from start to finish. With the lights out and optionally blindfolded, the sense of hearing is heightened in the absence of visual stimuli. This allows guests to fully surrender to sound and the physical sensations and detailed nuances of music played aloud and lossless.
Part of this listening experience in the dark involves careful curation of environments. Pitchblack Playback found an suitable match in L-Acoustics Creations sound space in Highgate, London. The luxurious setting is equipped with 18 L-Acoustics Syva loudspeakers, frequently used in live music venues, at fashion shows, and in high-end nightclubs.
The speakers hang on the walls in a 360° configuration allowing for a completely immersive listening experience, complemented by overhead pro audio speakers to create a full hemisphere of sound. The low frequency range is handled by a combination of Syva Low and Syva Sub, 23 in all, placed at floor level

yamahaBählamms Fest premieres with Rivage
Thursday, 7 October 2021

Germany - Founded in 2012, Ruhrtriennale is a three-yearly cycle of music and arts events, which take place from August to October in Germany’s industrial Ruhr region.
The prestige of staging this year’s opening production fell to Ensemble Modern, a global collective of soloists, whose sound designer Norbert Ommer chose a Yamaha Rivage PM10 digital mixing system for the surrealist, unconventional opera Bählamms Fest.
Ruhrtriennale is a festival which embraces a wide range of performances, all taking place in venues created within the region’s industrial architecture. A new artistic director is appointed for each cycle. For 2021-2023 it is renowned German theatre producer and director Barbara Frey. To open the 2021 programme, Barbara chose the premiere of Bählamms Fest, a production which blurs the lines between reality and virtuality, based on the Leonora Carrington play The Feast of the Lambs.
Norbert Ommer has worked with Ensemble Modern for many years and had to design an audio system for the performances in Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, a former power station at the city’s Krupp steelworks. With staging that created a rural scene, complete with a pond and falling snow, Norbert’s sound design brought the sound production right into the audience.
“The challenge of Jahrhunderthalle is to transform an industrial hall into a concert hall. As only minor acoustic measures are possible - the visual character of the hall has to be preserved - I was completely dependent on using electroacoustic means,” says Norbert.

parklifeWigwam supports Parklife and Isle of Wight
Thursday, 7 October 2021

UK - Wigwam Acoustics, part of the Solotech UK Group, supported multiple stages for both Parklife and Isle of Wight festivals, with just 24-hours to repurpose the Parklife systems into the package for the Main and Big Top stages on the Isle of Wight.
With so many festivals happening over such a short period of time, Wigwam's hire department and its UK partners SSE Audio, Capital Sound and BCS Audio have been at full capacity during the 2021 summer season. The team has had to get used to quick turnaround of gear to support back-to-back festivals. It is a testament to their experience and expertise that these events were handled successfully.
Located on the grounds of Heaton Park, Manchester, Parklife is the UK’s third-largest festival. Working with system technician Paul Stevart, Wigwam supplied the Main, Valley and Palm House stages while UK partner BCS Audio was brought in for the Sounds of the Near Future stage.
For the Main Stage, Wigwam project manager Tom Bush specified a d&b audiotechnik SL system, comprising main hangs of d&b GSL cabinets without-hangs and delays of d&b KSL. It is tradition at Parklife that the main stage hosts a headline local artist the evening before the festival opens, with New Order topping the bill this year. The rest of the weekend’s line up featured dance, rap and DJ sets across the festival’s eight stages.
Parklife’s second-largest Valley Stage is positioned within a bowl, forming a natural amphitheatre around the stage. Here Wigwam deployed d&b J-Series as the main L-R hangs with d&am

jbleononemk2lifestylephotobusker2JBL launches battery-powered column PA
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

USA - Harman Professional Solutions has introduced the JBL Eon One MK2 battery-powered column PA.
The JBL Eon One MK2 features a five-channel digital mixer, comprehensive Lexicon and dbx DSP, Bluetooth 5.0 functions and full app control into a lightweight, rechargeable battery system that weighs just 42.5 pounds.
“We designed the Eon Oone MK2 to meet the needs of a huge range of users,” says Brandon Knudsen, loudspeaker product manager, Harman Professional Solutions. “It’s ideal for anyone from buskers seeking pro-grade sound without AC power, to educators and hospitality providers who want fast setup and ease of use, to houses of worship and rental companies who need portable solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. You get all of this fidelity and functionality in a system that won’t break the bank - or your back.”
The C-shaped array of eight 2-inch tweeters works in combination with a 10-inch woofer to deliver smooth, even response down to 37Hz. This C-shaped array provides wide horizontal dispersion and deep vertical throw that ensure loud, clear sound anywhere in the room, says JBL.
Driving the speaker’s acoustics is a robust 1,500W (peak) amplifier that ensures clean, distortion-free sound at any volume level. Variable Power Performance technology automatically optimizes performance for either AC or battery power, providing 4 dB of extra headroom when connected to AC power.
The system features Lexicon effects like reverb, chorus and delay, in addition to a full suite of dbx DriveRack technology, including AFS (

harrikoskinenand6040rprsizeGenelec unveils first in Signature Series
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Finland - Genelec has unveiled the first model in its new Signature Series with the introduction of the two-way 6040R Smart Active Loudspeaker, created in conjunction with Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen.
Koskinen’s long association with Genelec began 20 years ago with the introduction of the timeless 6040A model, the first Genelec loudspeaker to feature the distinctive minimalist curves of the Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) - a cabinet design by Koskinen that now forms the core of much of Genelec’s current loudspeaker range.
The 20th anniversary of the 6040 launch has given Genelec the opportunity to re-imagine the technology within the 6040 as part of a new Signature Series.
The re-engineered 6040R now features the same LF driver design and proprietary bi-amplified Class D power amplifier technology as Genelec’s professional loudspeaker models. Other refinements include both analogue and digital inputs (supporting AES/EBU and SPDIF formats), a digital output, universal mains voltage and sophisticated onboard DSP to allow each 6040R loudspeaker to be intelligently tuned for any acoustic environment via GLM room calibration software.
“I’m thrilled to be involved in the rebirth of the 6040,” comments designer Harri Koskinen. “When I first met Genelec founder Ilpo Martikainen in 1999, he had a clear vision for creating a unique look that would set Genelec apart aesthetically - and with the 6040A, we designed a loudspeaker that was truly ahead of its time both visually and technically. With the huge advances in tec

eaw-ac6-bottom-upEAW debuts ADAPTive column speaker
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

USA - Following the success of its ADAPTive Line, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has announced its latest addition, the AC6 2-Way Full Range ADAPTive Column. Capable of generating a max SPL of 143db and 120° of horizontal nominal beamwidth, it’s targeted at installations, houses of worship and small performing arts centers.
Although slightly smaller than its predecessors, the AC6 includes just as many features. Managed via EAW’s Resolution 2 software, the AC6 can compensate for coverage and directivity with its Adaptive Performance technology. By integrating all factors and aspects of the loudspeaker, the AC6 can produce three-dimensional coverage in any venue, says EAW.
“With the ongoing success of our ADAPTive line arrays, we are excited to introduce a loudspeaker equipped with the same powerful DSP toolkit that EAW is known for, but inside a small-format column enclosure,” says TJ Smith, president of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW). “With the release of the AC6, we affirm our mission in being a driving force of innovation and reliability in the world of live sound.”

pioneerDefected Records switches on to Pioneer
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

UK - Independent record label Defected Records has occupied a significant space in the UK music industry for more than 20 years.
Defected’s vision sees the brand set its sights on becoming an influential broadcasting and media hub.
Integral to this ambition has been the full renovation of Defected’s East London HQ, which is set on two levels, and houses offices for the majority of its workforce. Fully renovated in 2020 by design agency Brinkworth, the centre also has a basement floor with events facilities, as well as a recording studio.
Defected’s basement hub will host a weekly programme that brings together artists, fans, creatives and entrepreneurs. The hub has been equipped throughout with a comprehensive, zoned sound system from audio partner Pioneer Pro Audio.
Integrator Cosmic Electronics was chosen to carry out the audio system installation, having worked with Pioneer Pro Audio on many occasions, including the deployment of its XY-Series loudspeakers at Defected’s London pop-up store.
A total of 13 different spaces were covered by loudspeakers from across the Pioneer Pro Audio range.
In order to achieve an immersive club sound, Defected’s main events space in the basement was equipped with four horizontally flown XY-122 12” two-way full-range speakers, complemented by a single horizontally flown XY-81 8” two-way full-range speaker and an XY-218S high-power subwoofer. A further two XY-81 units were deployed in the DJ booth in combination with a single XY-115S 15” bass reflex subwoofer, whilst the chill out

the-muny-on-your-feet-company-photo-credit-phillip-hamer-2Masque Sound returns to St Louis
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

USA - When The Muny, America’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre, was given the green light to commence its 103rd season, Masque Sound once again returned to the historic venue with a custom audio equipment package. Working directly with sound designers John Shivers and David Patridge, Masque Sound helped the team reboot its outdoor season after presenting an online season in 2020 due to COVID-19.
With the support of the City of St. Louis Health Department, The Muny’s 2021 season operated at full capacity, including the 1,500 free seats available for each performance on a first-come, first-served basis. The five-show season began with Smokey Joe’s Café and was followed by The Sound of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, On Your Feet!, and Chicago.
“Masque Sound graciously added equipment that we asked for from previous seasons and we were able to update the system in a number of ways,” says Patridge. “We continued our advancement of using audio over IP to improve upon the extensive upgrades that were made at The Muny in 2019. We upgraded the wireless radio system by moving to the Sennheiser EM3732-II high-end receiver with up to 184 MHz switching bandwidth. That was a nice sonic upgrade and from a software perspective, the EM3732-II’s are so much nimbler.”
The duo also employed software monitoring tools from Wavetool for the first time at The Muny this season. “Most of our workflow was now Dante, so we used the Wavetool software to monitor our digital signal path,” adds Patridge.


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