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Ozin's Launch of Faith
Tuesday, 20 November 2001

With 15 years' experience, principally in the professional audio industry, Aviva Ozin has finally fulfilled her life-long ambition and set up Faith Communications, a consultancy offering PR and marketing services.

After a long association with the Autograph group of companies, working for both the sales and the sound design and rental divisions, Aviva has an in-depth understanding of the industry. She has also worked in the recording sector, prior to a two-year break from the industry, as the communications manager of a humanitarian aid organisation. In her new role, Aviva continues her association with the Autograph group, which has become one of Faith Communications' first clients. The consultancy is also talking with several other pro audio-related businesses and has recently won a contract from a company operating in the leisure sector.

In addition to its PR and consultancy services, Faith also offers guidance on business-to-business publishing, exhibition design and build, IT database management and marketing and business development plans.

Midas & KT focus on France
Monday, 19 November 2001

In the wake of the recent launch of Midas's latest innovation, the Legend 3000, the Klark Teknik Group hosted a two-day event at their Kidderminster factory for over 30 customers of EVI France in order to introduce them to the new console. The company also took the opportunity to present an in-depth, hands-on demonstration of the Klark Teknik DN9848 loudspeaker processor, as well as give their guests a full factory tour.

Guest enjoyed both presentations and the factory tour with ample opportunities for Q&A sessions in just one afternoon. Delegates were shown a full DVD presentation of the new Legend console in French, and French-speaking staff were on hand throughout in order to minimize communication difficulties. According to EVI France's Cecile Dehlinger: "Events like this where we can really concentrate one-on-one with our customers and offer them the opportunity to meet the manufacturer in their own environment are a far more profitable way of introducing the product to our customers than even a trade show. Not only does it reassure the client when he can see for himself the excellent relationship we have with our supplier, but it gives him a chance to forge his own relationship with them. The confidence that this engenders in the client goes a very long way towards making the sale. The fact that they made to effort to have the DVD presentation in French as well as having bi-lingual staff available was very impressive."

Adam Hall Opens Spanish Office
Monday, 19 November 2001

Adam Hall has announced the opening of their new Spanish sales office, based in Barcelona. The company has been targeting the Spanish market for the past two years in preparation for this event and says it is confident, even in the current economic climate, that this is the right way forward. The Spanish sales office contact is Gabriel Medrano Bultel, known as 'G' to his friends and colleagues. Bultel has been with Adam Hall for two years and has become and important member of the team in this time.

Adam Hall can be reached in Spain on tel: +34 93 213 3644.

SigNET Wins Export Award
Monday, 19 November 2001

SigNET AC Ltd, an electronics manufacturer in Tyne and Wear has been named North East regional winner in the Trade Partners UK National Languages for Export Awards 2001, in the category for small business, sponsored by NCM credit Insurance. The company won the award for noticeably changing its attitude and ways of doing business in a number of export markets.

The company which specializes in the design and manufacture of voice alarm, paging and background music systems, believed that early exporting initiatives were conducted tentatively. Richard Sice, marketing manager said: "In order to be more competitive in international markets we have taken a strategic approach to the use of our human resources and polices. We have taken steps to hire people with native language skills and also to employ UK graduates who have studied a foreign language. In addition, we are taking a fresh look at our marketing documents and have translated key brochures and leaflets."

ICC upgrades with Trantec S5000ICC upgrades with Trantec S5000
Monday, 19 November 2001

Marquee Audio hs supplied a Trantec S5000 8-way radio system - including CTX handheld transmitters, active antenna distribution units (ADUs) and splitters - as part of a communications upgrade at The International Convention Centre in Birmingham. Currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, the ICC is a long-standing customer of Marquee Audio, who in turn are main dealers for the Trantec award-winning UHF diversity systems. The order was placed by the venue's technical facilities manager, Paul Dipple, for use in the main Hall 1 of their 11-hall complex. "We use several radio systems throughout the Centre and we systematically identify products for upgrade," said Dipple. "In this instance price wasn’t an issue - we bought the Trantecs purely on the quality of the product."

Having carried out their own research the ICC arrived at their decision after witnessing the large number of visiting audio production companies carrying Trantec hire stock as standard. "We would see these companies on site, listen to their opinions - and effectively be able to evaluate the products in situ," stated Paul. "We realized for Hall 1 - which is the main conference auditorium - we needed a superior system and so we purchased eight S5000 handheld and eight lapel mics per channel."

ProVocal from dbx
Monday, 19 November 2001

Arbiter Group has launched the ProVocal from dbx Professional. The ProVocal is a unique, dedicated and powerful vocal processor, featuring state-of-the-art microphone and preamp modelling, award winning compression and dynamic effects, a 24bit digital effects section and a selectable 44.1 or 48Khz digital output. There are 18 microphone models and 10 microphone pre-amp models. Effects include compressor and de-esser, as well as chorus, flanger, delay parametric EQ and reverb. The ProVocal features a 24-bit, 44.1 or 48kHz digital S/PDIF output and is MIDI controllable.

BassBox Pro/X.Over Pro
Sunday, 18 November 2001

BassBox Pro and X.Over Pro are a suite of programs designed to give the constructor a hassle-free method of constructing their own speaker cabinets.

BassBox Pro has a selection of seven cabinet styles with user-customizable parameters including dimensions, driver choice and vented or enclosed styles. A wide variety of drivers are available from including single, dual and three-way cone drivers and flat radiators. The BassBox software is aimed at the home/semi-professional constructor looking to build cabinets for the home hi-fi, small venue or car.

To this end the software has a section depicting typical home and car acoustics to help the constructor choose their design. X.Over Pro is a standalone crossover design program that is quite comprehensive and allows the user to design their own crossovers or modify examples. All parameters are calculated and response graphs updated as values are changed. Graphs are generated for common requirements such a 3dB crossover points, as well as showing phase lead/lag of the wave-fronts of each driver in the design. X.Over Pro would be useful for professionals, as well as home constructors, as the maths involved in the crossover design is all taken care of, with excellent graphical representations. In both cases the Windows-based software is easy to use with excellent manuals explaining from first principles the nature of speaker operation and the parameters involved in speaker design. If you fancy having a go at building your own cabinets for the home or small venue, but are too lazy to reach for the calculator and a textbook, the

DPA Mics in 'Mega-Opera' Spectacular
Friday, 16 November 2001

A cast of hundreds, with armies, horses, camels and even an eagle: this was the ‘mega-opera’ spectacular ‘Aida’ staged for a sell-out crowd of 78,000 at the Stade de France in Paris. The huge circular football stadium, home to the last World Cup, is an unusual setting for Verdi’s monumental opera, but Dutch production company Companions Opera took full advantage of the 75m x 120m pitch, presenting a 130-piece choir, the 90-piece Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, and more than 550 extras.

Louis Buskens was responsible for the choir (from the Sofia Opera House in Bulgaria), who would be moving around as well as singing during the performance. The job of choreography was critical because of the microphone technique: a DPA 4061 miniature mic was mounted on the shoulder of every fourth choir member, for his or her own voice and that of three other singers. So they had to stay in formation in groups of 4 throughout the performance.

A total of 36 DPA 4061s were allocated to the choir, with a further 16 for the eight soloists, who each wore a spare transmitter. All the electronics were from Sennheiser, and the soloists were also equipped with in-ear monitoring systems. "It’s the only possible solution in the open air," explained Buskens. "When all the staging is outdoor, with the public all around, the wireless miniatures give us more opportunities in terms of presentation and stage direction. The DPA mics are very good indeed, and I am very satisfied with the results we get."

The DPA miniature microphones were suppli

Pasadena Playhouse Upgrades with WavefrontPasadena Playhouse Upgrades with Wavefront
Friday, 16 November 2001

Known for decades as ‘Hollywood’s talent factory,’ the legendary Pasadena Playhouse launched the careers of dozens of notable actors, writers and directors. But in recent years, the Playhouse’s ageing audio system had fallen far short of the venue’s tradition of excellence. To design a new system on rather short notice, Tom Ware, producing director for the Playhouse, called on independent sound designer and audio engineer Rick Boot. Working closely with Lori Burke at Delicate Productions in Camarillo, Boot created a system design based around Martin Audio Wavefront loudspeakers. The main left and right systems each comprise two Martin Wavefront W8C full-range three-way cabinets augmented by a single W8CS bass cabinet. A removable centre cluster utilizes two Martin Wavefront Theatre WT3 three-way systems. Sub-bass comes from a pair of discreetly-placed Martin S218 subwoofers.

"I decided to go with the Martin speakers because I’m very familiar with their sound quality," says Boot. "The Wavefront response, particularly in the crucial vocal range, is just incredible. They are never harsh sounding, but always warm and natural. They do a great job in here." Tom Ware echoes Boot's sentiments. "The Martin is a great cabinet, very warm and full and with excellent detail. Although it's a permanent installation, the set-up allows for great flexibility."

Following Boot's specifications, Delicate Productions supplied a complete new system for the Playhouse, including a Midas Heritage 2000 console, 15 Crest amplifiers,

TSC Prove Country’s Favourite
Thursday, 15 November 2001

TSC Music has announced a new partnership with Smith and Western Restaurants. TSC recently fitted out Smith and Western’s restaurant at Boxhill, Surrey with a state-of-the-art Hard Disc music management system to select and play the finest in country music to enhance the restaurant’s ambience. TSC will also be providing similar music systems to restaurants at Chichester and Horsham in the near future.

Douglas Scheller, TSC account manager for Smith and Western said: "When Smith & Western met TSC at a recent exhibition they were looking for a music system that was not only more reliable than their existing CD players but one that could virtually run itself. They also required very specialist country and western music to create the correct atmosphere in their authentic American themed restaurants. The perfect solution was our soundserver hard disc player, which is designed to run as a virtual DJ without the need for any staff interaction. Our music department then created a high quality music profile especially for Smith & Western to complement the themed environment."

TSC offers a complete design and installation service covering the whole of the UK with an extensive portfolio of products including Hard Disc and 8-hour CD-I music systems, CCTV, public address and telephone music-on-hold.

Regeneration for Broadway
Thursday, 15 November 2001

Peter Boizot MBE, the man who made his fortune from Pizza Express, has unveiled his opulent new leisure extravaganza - a £15 million restoration of Peterborough’s Odeon cinema, as part of a larger, fully-featured leisure complex.

Architect Tim Foster set about fulfilling Boizot’s dream of recapturing the splendour of traditional cinema in a state-of-the-art modern facility.

Strand luminaires, control and networking components form the lighting backbone in the 1,200-capacity art deco auditorium - specified by Northern Light, who won a competitive tender issued by Theatre Projects Consultants. Northern Light also undertook all the house electrical contracting, working with builder Marriot Construction, while for the specialist lighting they reported directly to Peter Boizot’s company, Mistvalley Ltd over the duration of the 10-month contract. The lighting designer on the project was Jim Morse, of Light & Design Associates. This was no small project for the overall budget for electrics (including alarms and security), production lighting, sound and projection equipment ran to £1.3million with Strand equipment alone accounting for up to £75,000 of this.

Northern Light project manager Nigel Love explained that the imperative had been to upgrade the venue to multi-purpose usage. He decided to base the lighting closely on his experience at the Lowry in Salford - particularly the Quays Theatre - and thus specified the Strand 530i with LCD monitors, keyboard and rigger’s remote. Running Tracker moving light software, the desk outputs on the ShowNet e

Out Board Electronics in Liquidation
Thursday, 15 November 2001

Out Board Electronics, the manufacturer of sound and power control products, is to go into creditors voluntary liquidation. The Cambridge-based company, founded in 1987, has designed and developed a number of audio control systems, most notably the award-winning TiMax matrix system, together with the SS2 fader automation system, the Octopus automated sound effects console and the QP4 manual quad panner. A shareholders’ meeting will be held on 30 November ar 10.30am when a resolution to wind up the company voluntarily will be proposed and a liquidator appointed.

Directors of the company include managing director Robin Whittaker, operations director John Drake and commercial director David Haydon, who joined the company from BSS Audio in July 2000.

Further information can be obtained from chartered accountants Martin Sklan & Co, telephone +44 (0)20 8455 8248

Neal to Head Soundcraft/BSS Initiative
Thursday, 15 November 2001

Soundcraft and BSS Audio have announced the creation of a new centralised communications strategy, under the direction of Dave Neal. He assumes the new position of marketing and communications manager at the two companies' Hertfordshire HQ, and heads a team which sees Elizabeth Gates and Paul Bass respectively focusing on the Soundcraft and BSS Audio brands.

The new department, which carries a wealth of experience, will take responsibility for all communications functions, including PR, advertising, brochures and technical publications, website development and exhibitions. Dave Neal aims to introduce a new dynamic to the marketing initiative. "We are constantly looking at new media methods, and will be taking advantage of the new avenues of communication available to us," he stated.

DPA Presents New HydrophoneDPA Presents New Hydrophone
Wednesday, 14 November 2001

DPA Microphones has released its next-generation model of waterproof microphones - the Type 8011 - which, according to the company, is the only high-quality phantom-powered hydrophone in the world.

The 8011 is the only 48V phantom powered waterproof microphone specially designed to handle the high sound pressure levels and the high static ambient pressure in water and other fluids. With a full bandwidth of 100Hz-20kHz, the 8011 hydrophone uses a piezoelectric crystal sensing element which is enclosed in a capsule so that it can withstand high pressure encountered at depths of up to 50m without being damaged or suffering changes in its performance characteristics. The sensing element gives the hydrophone a dynamic range of more than 100dB, so that even large fluctuations in the SPL emitted from a sound source, or in the distance from the sound source to the hydrophone, will cause no distortion in the recorded audio signal.

The Type 8011 uses a built-in precision preamplifier, which remains unaffected by temperature changes. The preamplifier is powered via a standard P48 system and is equipped with a standard 3-pin XLR-connector. The integral cable has a robust and abrasion-resistant jacket, which allows the product to be used in permanent installations immersed in water or ice over long periods of time.

At the Olympic Games in Sydney, broadcast engineer Al Craig chose DPA hydrophones to provide a sound that matched the underwater cameras covering Swimming, Diving and Water Polo. "The idea was to provide a contrasting texture when the vision went underwater,"

Soundcraft Names New Product Director
Wednesday, 14 November 2001

Soundcraft has announced the appointment of Ian Staddon as product development director - a newly created role at the head of a team of experienced product managers. Staddon assumes responsibility for Soundcraft's strategic product development activities, including market research, new product definition and specification, project management and new product introductions.

Staddon has been with Soundcraft for more than 10 years, working in purchasing, project management, production and sales, where his most recent role has been as regional sales manager for Asia and South America. He has been in the audio industry for over 16 years, having started at Bandive where he became production manager for the last SECK range of mixers.

New Distributors for L-Acoustics
Wednesday, 14 November 2001

French PA System manufacturer L-Acoustics has announced the appointment of several new distributors. Representing the company in the territories of Belgium and Luxembourg is ASC, one of the leading multi-brand pro audio distributors in the region, involved in the sale of high quality products as well as complete audio systems since 1978. ASC also designs and services turnkey systems for the pro-audio industry as well as leisure facilities such as theatres, entertainment centres and multi-purpose venues, interior and exterior paging systems for public areas, broadcast radio and TV studios and music recording and AV studios.

On the other side of the world, Random Audio has been appointed as the Australia and New Zealand distributor for L-Acoustics. Random Audio was established in the late 1980s to service a growing demand for consultative services to the Australian professional audio industry. Founder Peter Ratcliffe had 20 years' experience in every aspects of sound reinforcement and saw an opportunity to utilize this knowledge. Consultation quickly developed into supply, and for the past 10 years Random Audio has supplied a wide range of professional audio equipment to customers around Australia including theatres, entertainment venues, installations and professional users.

Martin Leads Yates' New Technology Drive
Wednesday, 14 November 2001

Yates Group is striving to give a more contemporary feel to its traditional Wine Lodges, using the latest technology to add a younger, metropolitan concept to its brand portfolio. The new-look venues will give higher priority to dynamic music and lighting, as demonstrated by the most recent conversion - in Peterborough’s trendy leisure strip, The Broadway.

The Yates Group has a long association with Martin Audio loudspeakers, and the company’s technical manager Les Farmer, had no hesitation in returning to their catalogue to create even coverage across the new 525-capacity, 3000sq.ft bar. The requirement from the designers, Mason Wood Architects, was for discrete lighting and sound reinforcement. Thus four recessed white C516 ceiling speakers, with their own volume control, have been concealed in the far corner chill-out area of the four-zone venue, to complement the eight white EM26s distributed throughout the venue, and a pair of strategically concealed EM150 subs (one on the dancefloor and one at the back of the venue). The system is driven by Inkel amplification and mixed through a Cloud CXM modular mixer.

The venue's technology was installed by TTL, who also provided the lighting and their Music Manager hard disk delivery system - which hands over to a DJ several nights a week. The stridency of the lighting effects - predominantly recessed Abstract VR8 scanners and AVR miniature DMX colour changers - are dictated by the style of the music, the compatibility ensured by a Pulsar Replay unit (with memory card). Vision is also a vital part of the Yates&rsqu

The Ministry Makes History
Wednesday, 14 November 2001

The Ministry of Sound has unveiled the only DTS Digital Surround DJ station and multi-channel sound system in the world. The booth - relocated to the far end of the main room - is the first to incorporate eight decks, along with seven sound mixers and seven other input sources in a DTS Surround Sound environment. ProMedia Systems were called in to specify the system, working closely with the venue’s technical consultant, Keith Hardy.MoS selected a Martin Audio Blackline monitoring system to meet the high-system specification of its newly-commissioned DTS 5.1 Digital Surround DJ station and multi-channel sound system - the first in the world. Aware that other superclubs had adopted the Blackline F12 for their house booths, the Ministry of Sound decided to go one better, and on the recommendation of ProMedia’s Matt Bate, Hardy asked to demo a pair of Blackline F15s at the club over a busy weekend.

As a result, house engineer Mauro Tarable and resident DJ Sandy Rivera, gave an unqualified thumbs up - and Hardy extended his order to five of the F15s, to be run in conjunction with an S218 - creating the highest-impact combination in the Backline series. The F15s are arranged in the traditional 5.1 configuration, with the centre speaker mounted horizontally, horn down. The sub is recessed in an enclosure at the centre rear. Martin Audio sales manager Simon Bull commented: "The requirement at the Ministry is far more comprehensive than normal, owing to the 5.1 digital surround sound design. Using the F15s makes this one serious system, which underlines the impor

Arts with Marquee & TurboArts with Marquee & Turbo
Tuesday, 13 November 2001

A multi-purpose arts centre in Leamington Spa entered the latest phase of its redevelopment this month when new Turbosound trapezoidal Floodlight enclosures were installed by Marquee Audio as part of a high-quality sound specification, jointly designed by the Shepperton suppliers and the venue's technical manager, Chris Whalley. Flown as a three-wide centre stage cluster under six Turbosound TFL-118 (1 x 18") bass bins, the unusual configuration at the Royal Spa Centre in a confined space meant that Turbosound's Danny Cooklin, working with Marquee Audio's Scott Wakelin, had to design special flying hardware. Cooklin explained: "There wasn’t really sufficient height above the cluster for the bins so we had to create a lot of angle to enable us to array them properly."

The two sets of bins sit either side of the flybar which supports the central three trapezoidals boxes - and actually sit above the height of the grid suspended over the floor. Six Turbosound TCS-40s occupy the three delay positions down the 800-seat venue (500 stalls, 300 balcony) with a pair of TCS-35s used as front-of-stage image speakers. Turbosound TMC-1250 and TMC-750 amplifiers power the system. Marquee Audio also sold the venue an 8-in/8-out BSS 9088 Soundweb, which takes care of the digital routing and matrixing.

Wakelin explained: "Chris provided us with a wish list which we fed into the budget." This included a 40/8 Soundcraft Series 2 mixing desk which takes feeds from a Sennheiser EWS535 UHF radio system, also specified by the venue's technician.

Dragons Pump up Value with TSC Music
Tuesday, 13 November 2001

TSC Music recently completed an extensive audio-visual installation for Dragons Health Clubs Plc at their newly opened Milton Keynes venue. As a leading supplier of business music solutions, TSC is proud to have built up a professional working partnership with Dragons to supply all their new and existing clubs with music and audio-visual systems. At Dragons Milton Keynes, TSC installed their latest state-of-the-art Hard Disc music management system to run 'Dragons FM' bespoke simulated radio service, incorporating a maximum of up to 10,000 purposely selected tracks as well as audio commercials and messages. In addition, TSC also installed an eight-hour CDi music system and audio-visual system in the gymnasium together with an audio communication system in the aerobics studio. TSC offers a complete design and installation service covering the whole of the UK with an extensive portfolio of products including Hard Disc and eight-hour CDi music systems, CCTV, public address and telephone music-on-hold.

Newbury Racecourse with Community
Tuesday, 13 November 2001

Newbury Racecourse has had a sophisticated new public address system, involving 6km of cable, installed into its new Tattersalls Grandstand by Racecourse Technical Services Ltd (RaceTech). Owned by the Racecourse Association, RaceTech is responsible for upgrading and maintaining the public address systems throughout all the UK's racecourses. They are also responsible for the starting stalls, photo-finish, and with a five-camera television unit roaming the course, providing pictures to the race stewards to ensure race integrity and produce the on course television programme. On the 28 race days that take place each year at Newbury, signals are sent to TVs dispersed around the course, while a RaceTech PA engineer feeds commentary and information announcements from a broadcast PA office in the Weighing Room.

Newbury's three-storey Grandstand - designed by Foster & Partners and built at a cost of £9 million - is divided into a five-zone audio configuration - one for each floor (including the betting hall, viewing galleries, 600-seat restaurant and conference areas), as well as a general circulation area. The fifth is designated for outside, where maximum speech intelligibility has to be delivered for a balcony audience of 700, and a further 2,500 on the stand steps. But when budget cutbacks forced audio systems engineer Robin Dibble to dispense with the auxiliary under-balcony enclosures, he turned to Community R2s and R0.5s, mounted high up on the new grandstand. "The remit was to provide front coverage and onto the lower part of the steps," he explained. "Th

Tuesday, 13 November 2001

ARX Systems, the Australia-based manufacturer of pro audio products announces the release of the new ARX Product CD-ROM V5, the total resource centre for all things ARX. Completely revised and updated the V5 CD includes new products such as the SPL8, SPL20 and SPL 28 powered loudspeakers, 8 Pre mic preamp, ZAT multi-channel transformer packs, updated application notes and much more.

To obtain a copy you can either register online at the ARX website below.

Stardraw Links to Italy
Monday, 12 November 2001

Industry software provider Stardraw has announced the appointment of Link srl as Premier Partner in Italy. The agreement was struck at the IBTS 2001 show in Milan and took effect from October 8th. David Morrison, sales manager for Stardraw explains: "We were particularly happy to build a relationship with Link because their profile and positioning is ideal for the current range of Stardraw products. As a leading Italian supplier of cable, connectors and connection solutions they have all the right contacts in audio, AV and lighting. Everybody in systems integration needs the 'glue' that Link supplies, and everybody in systems integration needs Stardraw. It's a perfect fit."

Link's managing director Assunta Fratocchi adds: "Link has built its reputation by observing and driving the technological evolution of equipment used for system interconnection. We are now implementing a new, long-term strategy to bring the best in software tools to our clients. This means offering the right products, dedicated staff, training and front line support. Of course, the Stardraw applications had to be the first in our portfolio since they are so particularly appropriate for all of the markets we service. Historically the acceptance of software in the Italian market has been slower than we might have hoped, but we have watched this software grow in popularity internationally and the time is now right for a concerted push into our domestic market."

Morrison continued: "With a market like Italy, product localization is important - Stardraw applications are already a

Mobos - Rising Star
Monday, 12 November 2001

The MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards is the fastest-rising star of the international music awards circuit. In just four years the event has grown from its niche origins, through last year’s production at Alexandra Palace, to the London Arena in 2001. The star-studded event included performances from R. Kelly, Mis-Teeq and Usher, plus Beverly Knight and the legendary Dionne Warwick, amongst others.

Production managing the event was Mick Kluczynski of MJK Productions. "It was definitely the best MOBO Awards ever - the show has finally grown up, and I really enjoy working with the team. This year we had a new director, Nicky Parsons, and new producer, Lisa Chapman, with a 3,500 live audience. In spite of the events in America, we managed to retain most of the artists - only Luther Vandross pulled out."

Sound contractor Britannia Row decided to take the unusual step of trialling a new system at the event. With the help of Telex/EVI’s Bob Doyle and Paul Barretta from UK EV distributor Shuttlesound, Brit Row was able to put Electro-Voice’s new line array system, X-Line, through its paces on its very first major UK gig. Sound designer and FOH engineer, Derrick Zieba, who has vast experience of such events, confesses to an initial reticence about using the X-Line, as he had previously found line arrays to lack the bottom end required for rock and roll.

However, he was persuaded by Brit Row’s Bryan Grant, who had been running X-Line on a number of large Radio One events over the summer. "We plugged it in, selected the pre-sets on the


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