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Fujitsu Ten Launches EclipseFujitsu Ten Launches Eclipse
Wednesday, 24 October 2001

Developed by Fujitsu Ten, the Eclipse TD 512 is a new studio monitoring system. Aimed at all sectors of the music recording and mastering market (and the high end audiophile market), several clients, including the major new Sphere Studio complex and Mike Ross-Trevor, chief engineer at Sony Music Studios in London, are evaluating the Eclipse TD 512 for improved accuracy in recording and mixing. Producer, artist and musician Brian Eno (Roxy Music, Talking Heads, U2), already uses Eclipse TD 512s in his own studio.

The most immediately obvious difference from conventional speakers is the egg shape of its enclosure, hence no flat surfaces, presenting sound waves internally with an effectively infinite baffle. In a further departure from convention, the driver is decoupled from the cabinet fascia and mounted internally via a massive integrate stand, which provides mechanical 'grounding' of the driver assembly. The enclosure itself is ‘floated’ or isolated from the movement of the driver assembly.

Eclipse TD also eschews the time and phase distortion effects associated with multiple drivers and their crossover electronics. The single high-performance driver smoothly radiates a spherical wavefront, with accurate reproduction of the impulse and phase characteristics of the source signal. It is also supplied with its own 502 pre/power amplifier, creating an electronically-integrated monitoring system requiring only a line-level source.

Smart Move for UniversalSmart Move for Universal
Wednesday, 24 October 2001

Universal Events was called in by Mark Borkowski PR to provide full technical infrastructure for the world launch of the revolutionary smart car (right hand drive versions) from Daimler Chrysler UK. The event took place in the car park at Wembley Stadium, and revealed the vehicle for the first time to UK smart dealers and users, plus the national and motoring press.

Universal supplied everything - from the lighting, sound, video and staging - to the dome-shaped marquee and seating rostra. The company’s brief was to provide a clean, slick, streamlined environment in which to launch one of the most ecologically sound vehicles available. Universal’s Steve Butcher designed the show’s production elements. A flat, empty centre stage at the start of the show was soon filled with the demo smart car, revealed by elevator, clouds of smoke and flashing lights, early on in the proceedings.

Lighting was designed by Chris Doy. Rigging points were provided by two circular Penn trusses - a 4m diameter section over the stage, suspended from the nodes of the dome, and a 15m diameter curving elegantly around the perimeter of the entire space. Doy used 22 Futurelight MH 640s spaced equidistantly around the outside ring, plus two under the stage, and six Futurelight MH 660s on the central truss for gobo work and for whizzing about - all from Universal’s moving head stock. Doy operated using a Celco Ventura console, located in the very handy circular production area, created between the inner and outer skins of the tent.

The audio, covering a variety of sources, w

SB210 from JBL
Tuesday, 23 October 2001

JBL Professional has added the SB210 Compact Subwoofer to its extensive line of Control Contractor products. Just 14" tall, the dual 10" unit has a frequency range of 42Hz - 200Hz to add low frequencies to fixed installation sound systems in virtually any professional application, including restaurants, retail, theme parks, exhibits and displays, even small church and performing spaces. The SB210 has two 10" (254 mm) aluminium/ceramic composite cone woofers, for a total power handling capability of 400W continuous (1600W peak). Intended for use indoor or outdoor, the SB210 features a high-impact polystyrene cabinet and multilayer thermoset composite-covered grille for full weather-proofing, and is available in either black or white.

"The small profile of the SB210 belies its power and its ability to offer warm, punchy low end," explained Rick Kamlet, senior director of installed sound for JBL Professional. "Our customers in many markets have asked for a small, rugged subwoofer to add to their existing Control Contractor systems and the SB210 will fit right in."

JBL has made installation as easy as possible by designing the SB210 to be mounted several ways. Each SB210 is shipped with four feet, for setting on a shelf or floor and four foot receptacles for stacking SB210s. There are also 13 insert points integrated into the speaker’s cabinet for suspending the subwoofer. The optional U Bracket (MTC-210UB) attaches to both ends of the speaker allowing easy installations on walls and ceilings. When used with the optional JBL MTC-210-

Marquee Weaves Magic of MerlinMarquee Weaves Magic of Merlin
Tuesday, 23 October 2001

A National Lottery grant has helped the Merlin Theatre in Frome, Somerset, to purchase a new sound system from Marquee Audio, as part of a major overhaul. The 241-seat venue, which first made contact with the Shepperton-based suppliers at this year’s ABTT Show in London, has replaced its tired former system with a Martin Audio Blackline F12/S15 combination, which technical manager Rick Worringham says has improved the set-up 100%. He explained: "We received £55,000 from the National Lottery plus matched funding from local councils, including Somerset County Council. This enabled us to refurbish practically the entire theatre - including a new stage floor, auditorium seating, dressing rooms and a restructure of the backstage area."The building itself is council-owned - and used as an educational space during the day - although the Merlin Theatre Trust Ltd owns all the accessories. Worringham continued: "I had a lot of help in that my predecessor had applied for a lottery bid previously - so I was able to take into account his own preferences but also drew up my own wish list." However, he admits that his wish list turned out to be fairly unrealistic in view of the budget. "All the sound companies we invited to tender went way over budget, but Marquee came in the closest."

Worringham says the Shepperton company were particularly helpful in suggesting how the budget could be maximised. "In the end we were able to cover every area I wanted to."He was delighted to have kept continuity with Martin Audio. "Before this system wa

Proel Launches Installation Cable Range
Monday, 22 October 2001

Proel has announced the latest additions to their cable catalogue, specifically produced for the installation market. The CMP Series are distinguished by their green outer jackets, housing a series of multi-pair fire-resistant cables for fixed applications in recording and television studios as well as cinemas, disco’s theatres and live sound PA applications. Double shielded by aluminium and polyester foil within a flame-resistant PVC jacket, the numbered paired cables are highly resistant to signal loss due to outside interference.

Three models are currently available - the CMP 8, 12 and 20 - each model number representing the number of pairs contained. In addition, a new double-shielded fire-resistant microphone cable has also been introduced. The HPC 210 FR is also contained in a green flexible outer jacket, which is shielded by tinned copper and is light in weight (30g/m).

The HPC 610 FRS is a fire-resistant loudspeaker cable, which contains two copper wires insulated by red and blue jackets within twisted conductors and copper braids, once again within a green outer jacket. Finally, the HPC 610 FR is similar to the HPC 610 FRS cable, but its extra fine wires are not shielded, allowing greater flexibility.

MAVCO Awarded Third Crystal Contract
Monday, 22 October 2001

MAVCO has been awarded the contract to design, supply and install a range of audio, video, lighting and effect systems in over 20 venues on board a third Crystal Cruises ship. Commissioned by ALSTOM Marine Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in St Nazaire, France, MAVCO will be involved with the complete turnkey contract for local entertainment systems.Scheduled for delivery in late June 2003, the as-yet-unnamed 68,000-ton vessel will see an increased number of Crystal Cruises' most successful features, including more entertainment lounges, expanding on the best of Crystal Harmony and Crystal Symphony. The scope of the project ahead for MAVCO incorporates detailed system design, supply, installation and commissioning, shared between the company's offices in Miami and the UK.

The Galaxy Show Lounge is the main entertainment venue for the line's distinctive award-winning production shows, featuring more intimate seating arrangements, improved sight lines and the latest technology in sound and lighting systems. This includes a fully automated digital mixing console, a 1,500-channel lighting console, extensive video systems and complete show control facilities, all installed by MAVCO.

MAVCO will also be installing equipment in the contemporary renditions of Crystal guests' favourite public rooms, including the airy Palm Court and adjacent Vista Lounge, the Avenue Saloon piano bar and sophisticated Connoisseur Club cigar bar. Plus, MAVCO will be providing video systems in the significantly enlarged Computer University@Sea classroom, as well as audio and video systems for the

Podd Provides Compact 1s for Blue Do
Monday, 22 October 2001

Kingston, London-based hire, sales and installation specialist Podd Sound, supplied the sound systems for the recent Blue Do party in Hampton Court, organized by Exclusive World. The sound for over 2,000 blue-clad clubbers was provided exclusively by Podd’s DAS Audio systems, featuring four of the very latest Compact 1, Class D self-powered three-way cabs - part of the first shipment to arrive in the UK.

The prestigious all-ticket event was the third to use Podd Sound. The extensive DAS rig was part of a high-budget and imaginative design that featured all-blue décor, pyrotechnics and a solid ice bar. Big name DJs Brandon Block and Alex P delivered powerful sets through the DAS array, comprising four 133 dB SPL Compact 1s and eight Sub-118A bass reflex subwoofers; all self-powered with Class D switching amplification. The company’s new DAS rig presented Podd with several advantages in servicing the event, not least of which was convenience.

The latest self-powered systems expand an already extensive DAS range: "I’ve come to rely on the sonic quality of D.A.S. products but now the switch mode power supplies mean that the new cabs weigh almost the same as the passives and are much easier to install. This time the get out was halved to about an hour and the reliability, control and ease of handling makes the Compact 1s a very useful addition to our inventory. This was the first time I’d used them on a full system and I can guarantee I’ll be making the most of them in future."

Probably the Best Festival . . .
Saturday, 20 October 2001

The summer is about Festivals and this year was no exception: in late August, L&SI mingled with the crowds at the Reading Festival, part of the Carling Festival Weekend, which also plays in Leeds and Glasgow.

Sound for Reading (and Leeds too) was supplied by SSE. Chris Beale explained that the company had adopted a slightly different approach for the main stages this year, using BSS systems to split the Nexo systems into six separate zones and thereby optimize performance and controllability.

SSE used SIA SmartPro computer-based analysis software to give them precise system control. This ensured both systems behaved in exactly the same way in terms of SPL, EQ, dynamic performance and other general characteristics, allowing bands to have as near the same sound as possible at both sites - notwithstanding the natural variants of wind and atmosphere. True to form, the elements remained as stoically unpredictable as ever, and weather conditions changed dramatically at Reading and Leeds across all three days of the festival.

The noise control factor at Reading was crucial, with difficult limits to meet and the site located just 600 metres away from leafy Caversham - a wealthy suburb inhabited by non-festival sympathisers! With the wind blowing in the wrong direction - as it was on the Sunday - containing the noise turned into a nightmare.

Overall, however, the noise complaints stayed encouragingly low. Friday night provoked a few, but by Saturday preventative measures were well in place. "By far the worst sound whinges were caused by content," stated Beale. S

Unique Audio for Rigoletto
Friday, 19 October 2001

A unique production of ‘Rigoletto’ has been staged by Dutch opera specialists, the Companions production company, on a specially-built stage on the waters of Rotterdam harbour. The elaborate production involved a 56-strong chorus and 11 internationally renowned principals performing on two large pontoons and a boat moored in the water beside Wilhelmina Pier in Rotterdam. A 70-piece orchestra was housed on a third pontoon, playing to an audience of 7,000.

But, for sound engineers struggling to contend with open-air environmental extremes that included winds of Gale Force 4, the key to success was a tiny miniature microphone from DPA Microphones. Sound designer and front-of-house engineer Cees Wagenaar from BV Oorzaak, supervised the critical matter of miking the artists. Wagenaar specified 114 of them in all, making it one of the biggest shows to standardise on a DPA type. All three models (4060, 4061 and 4065) were used with Sennheiser radio electronics, and, in order to meet such an unusually large specification, the production drew on two PA suppliers: Wim de Gelder at WG Theatertechniek purchased 50 DPA 4061s, bringing his rental stock of DPA miniatures to more than 80; Stage Pro, the principal rental company for the production, also topped up their inventory of DPA 4061s. Both sound companies had to make a substantial investment in windscreens and windjammers.

The worst effects of the gales were beaten by a customised windjammer developed by recording expert Onno Scholze and Tom van der Hoff (of Transtec, distributor of DPA Microphones in the Netherlan

JBL Subwoofer Powered by Crown
Friday, 19 October 2001

The new MPro Series MP418SP from JBL Professional is an 18" subwoofer with its own Crown two-channel integrated power amplifier. Designed for use with other MPro Speakers or powered speakers such as EON G2 models, the Mpro 418SP is a versatile solution for low frequencies for live music and DJ applications.

The MP418SP is a powerful, single 18-inch (457mm) subwoofer in a compact bass reflex enclosure with a frequency range of 30-150 Hz. It features an integral dual channel amplifier/ signal processing module designed and built by Crown Audio specifically for it. This provides two channels of power with 660W at 4 ohms. The second amplifier channel can be used to power a full range speaker or a second subwoofer (such as the companion MP418S non-amplified version of the MP418SP). The amplifier module also passes through line level signals for powered satellite speakers.

Roadworthiness is assured through the use of heavy-duty steel handles, 16 gauge-steel hexagonally-perforated grilles, Duraflex finish and four heavy duty casters. The MP418SP also has a pole-mount receptacle for mounting satellite speakers on top.

Orange Student Tour set for Re-launchOrange Student Tour set for Re-launch
Friday, 19 October 2001

Orange has announced the second year of its student union tour that marries innovative and interactive technologies with quality music. Following the overwhelming response by students to last year's tour, enjoymusic v.2 is set to transform unions by taking cutting edge DJs, one of the largest audio and lighting rigs ever seen on campus, and its own distinctive brand of marketing to over 40 universities across the UK.

The tour will showcase the interactive technologies that Orange has used to transform Manumission in Ibiza, the UK summer music festivals and the Q Awards. These include giant text messaging boards, a glow wall, entertainment pods, video postcard facilities and wirefree games, and are designed to align Orange to music in a technological way. The DJ line up for the tour includes The Stanton Warriors, Deadly Avenger, DJ Touche, Cut La Roc, and Grand Central Records.

i-Track Exclusive for Fabric
Friday, 19 October 2001

Having been using Stanton i-Track, Trackmaster and 500AL cartridges for some time, London superclub Fabric recently signed an endorsement agreement with Stanton’s UK distributors, Lamba plc, which will see them continue to use these products - as well as the new 890SA - exclusively in the Clerkenwell venue.

The i-Track features a spherical super high polished diamond and is thus ideal for club/dance DJs who need better tracking ability during heavy backcueing. Fabric technical manager Dave Parry explained: "We are quite specific about who uses what cartridge; for example Room 1 generally has i-Tracks, Room 2 uses Trackmasters for the drum ’n’ bass DJs, with i-Tracks on a Saturday. Room 3 usually uses i-Tracks - although we use the 500 for the scratch DJs we have on a Friday, and some DJs request 500s during the weekend sessions."

The deal was confirmed at the recent PLASA Show at Earl’s Court

BSS Releases ProSys PS8810 Signal Processor
Wednesday, 17 October 2001

Already recognized for the success of its Soundweb product in the installation market, BSS Audio has released a new processor for this expanding area, aimed particularly at integrated system solutions.

The ProSys PS8810 is a fixed path digital processor, with eight inputs and ten outputs, that each have a dedicated processing path which includes EQ filters, gates, compressors, auto-mixers and delays, as well as other processing objects. With its fixed path design, system installers need only configure the routing matrix and decide which of the processing objects will be utilized. Once these are established, the set-ups may be stored as presets and recalled via the PC, contact closure or the 8810’s own internal events scheduler. All functions of the PS8810 are set-up and controlled from a PC running IQ-WIN software, the control suite that can run a variety of types of audio equipment.

The real strength of this new DSP is that it is the first in a new generation of Harman Professional ‘partnership’ products, utilizing the IQ communication protocol from Crown. Furthermore, it provides audio networking via CobraNet technology that will enable digital audio and control signal exchange with other existing and developing Harman equipment.

New High Power PAM Amplifiers
Wednesday, 17 October 2001

CIE-Audio, exclusive UK representative for the Inter-M commercial and pro audio range, has announced the launch of the latest addition to the ‘PAM’ Series of modular amplifiers. With a successful track record gained from the smaller 60W and 120W versions, the new PAM-240 and PAM-360 benefit from many of the features which have made this product so popular. In particular, the PAM’s unique modular ability to ‘slot-in’ two music modules from the choice of tuner (PAM-T), CD (PAM-CDA) or cassette player (PAM-D). These new 240W and 360W 100v line amplifiers also feature selectable priority outputs and six mic-line inputs with selectable phantom power. These desktop units also come supplied with an optional rackmount kit.

Trantec Move into Czech Republic
Wednesday, 17 October 2001

Trantec Systems continues to increase its penetration of global markets with the appointment of leading international pro audio distributors for their products. The latest to join the radio specialists’ partner channel is MusicData. Based in the Czech Republic, the company negotiated the deal to become Trantec’s exclusive territorial distributors after discovering the award-winning systems at PLASA 2000. "We were searching at that time for a new supplier of wireless systems, offering a good value-to-price ratio," explained import manager, Tomas Pukl. MusicData is a major distributor, offering in its brand portfolio Crest Audio, Nexo, Hughes & Kettner, Audix, LA Audio and Audient, as well as a number of key lighting and accessories manufacturers.

Ampekko signs deal with CommaxAmpekko signs deal with Commax
Tuesday, 16 October 2001

West London-based Ampekko has been awarded the sole UK distribution of the full range of Commax sound equipment from Korea. Commax is recognised as one of the world’s largest electronics firms whose commitment to quality design and manufacturing has set them apart in the OEM market. Established in 1968, Commax offer advanced digital telecommunications products, as well as a full range of commercial pro audio equipment. Products include 100v low impedance amplifiers from 100W to 1000W, mixers, routers, zone controllers, and other ancillary items such as fans and chimes.

Commax products were exceptionally well received at the recent PLASA show, say Ampekko. Sussex-based installers Blucat, who supply independent breweries, leisure and retail units with sophisticated 47-channel satellite music systems, have placed a considerable order for Commax specialist amplification. Jennifer Linstead, Blucat’s sales director commented: "We are very impressed with both the competitive price of the Commax range as well as with its high performance and standard build quality. It offers enormous potential to deliver reliable alternatives to our customers where price is not compromised by quality."

In addition, Commax is now being supplied to installers for use in a wide range of projects such as St Peter’s Italian Church, Clerkenwell, and the Christian Salvesen warehouse, who carry out the logistics for all House of Fraser stores Nationwide. Such an interest in the Commax range underlines that it offers flexible and yet cost effective amplification solutions acr

Afro Celt Sound System with Sony DMX-R100Afro Celt Sound System with Sony DMX-R100
Tuesday, 16 October 2001

UK band Afro Celt Sound System, currently promoting the release of their album Further in Time and the single When You’re Falling (featuring guest vocalist Peter Gabriel), are mid-way through an extensive world tour using their Sony DMX-R100 digital console, supplied by Total Audio Solutions, for all in-ear and on-stage monitor mixes. The console has impressed the band’s long-standing monitor engineer Kris Layton: "To be able to take 48 channels and run nine monitor mixes with full scene-set automation is superb. I also love the way you can mix sends on the faders rather than knobs - with very powerful hands-on EQ and dynamics. Those kinds of things are very important to monitor engineers and set the DMX-R100 apart from other digital boards we considered."

Layton explained that the desk represents a big step forward for the band, especially in the fast turn-around festival environment: "It’s a real boost being able to take a pre-programmed monitor desk on stage, especially with so many performers to cater for. Naturally, the band are relieved to know that they’re going to get a dependable mix night after night, even without a soundcheck."

Gary Moore
Monday, 15 October 2001

Now here’s an artist looking for a voice - literally. Since the demise of the ‘cock on legs’, Thin Lizzy’s guitarist has been in need of a singer. As a guitarist he stands tall, maybe not a Robert Cray or Mark Knopfler, but nonetheless he does have his own style, and it sells. As Andy Crookston (tour manager), Mark Scrimshaw (lighting designer) and Andy May (house engineer) all confirmed, "he tours year after year, and makes money."

He also produces an album every two years or so, and on tonight’s evidence he certainly has an ear for a melody. And that’s essentially why he needs a voice; for the bluesy part of his repertoire he can get away with his shouty vocals, just another cracked walnut veneer on the guitar of melancholy, but when it comes to Parisian Walkway and the like, he needs a voice that can match all the subtlety and nuance of his beautiful tunes. Thus a Gary Moore show is a concert for six string purists, his tours ply the small theatre and town hall circuit, hence just one 45ft stage truck parked outside (and hence the reason he makes money touring). But with the right larynx he could double his audience. Still, he looks happy enough.

LightingThe rig is supplied by DLD, or rather by LXCO (for the kind of complicated reasons it’s probably best to ask James Dan about). A rare visitor to these pages, the lighting is on first examination singularly conventional. LD Mark Scrimshaw has a simple two-truss rig (TFL pre-rig), about 100 Pars, including ACLs, with eight each of Martin’s MAC 500s and 60

PNX Series from Renkus-Heinz
Monday, 15 October 2001

Renkus Heinz’s new PNX Series loudspeakers offer the same high level of system integration and unsurpassed performance as the active powered PN Series, with external System Specific Electronics. The PNX Series consists of 10 compact full-range two-way loudspeaker systems and five Reference Point Arrays (RPAs). They incorporate design breakthroughs such as rotatable Complex Conic horns, TRue Array Principle (TRAP) design and RPA systems integration. The ultra-compact PNX61s, PNX81s and PNX82s provide the studio monitor quality required in many of today's high-end applications. Multi-angle enclosures with 6" or 8" woofers and rotatable Complex Conic horns make it easy to deliver transparent source reproduction from floor monitor positions as well as stand-, wall- or ceiling-mounted locations.

The PNX121 and PNX151 provide the solution when more output or tighter directional control is necessary. The PNX121s features a 12" woofer, 1" high frequency driver and Complex Conic horns. The larger PNX151s have 15" woofers, 2" high frequency drivers and larger Complex Conic horns for even tighter directional control. The PNX Series "plug and play" Reference Point Arrays make it easy to incorporate fully integrated, electro-acoustic PNX loudspeakers clusters into audio system designs for venues where loudspeaker array coverage is required. Each PNX Reference Point Array includes PNX loudspeakers, signal processing, amplification, flying hardware and inter-loudspeaker wiring - all optimized to form a cohesive, perfectly matched system deli

Proel Sound for Kings Arms, Auckland
Monday, 15 October 2001

Despite being one of Auckland’s oldest pubs, the Kings Arms Tavern - established in 1870 - is also one of the city’s most popular youth-oriented live venues. The room, which hosts up-and-coming bands during the week, headline acts at weekends and a varied line-up on Sunday afternoons, recently underwent a major upgrade of its house PA system. The new Proel system was sold by Junior Fitz of United Sound Agencies and installed by Proel distributor Jansen Professional Audio & Lighting in just two days, to accommodate the venue’s busy performance schedule.

The venue’s owners had been using a hired system for some years, and were anxious to replace it with a rig that would occupy less of the limited stage space and improve both audience sightlines and sound quality. The new system consists of two Proel TFL212P double 12" full-range speakers with 1.4" compression driver, hung from the ceiling along with four TFL215SP double 15" subwoofers incorporated into the stage rostrum setup. The four stage monitor wedges are TFL12Ps, with a TFL15P wedge as a drum-fill. Jansen has also provided the complete mixing, amplification and signal processing for all speakers and subwoofers. All cables, multicores, stands and racks are supplied by Proel.

The new system has freed up the substantial stage area previously occupied by speaker stacks and improved the view of the stage for patrons at the side of the room. It is also providing a cleaner sound with a marked increase in the sound levels before any sign of distortion. The first main act to play in the

ACM Invests in New DAS Compact 1s
Monday, 15 October 2001

Sennheiser UK has sold the first DAS Audio Compact 1s in the UK to Audio and Corporate Event Management (ACM) Ltd. The corporate event and presentation company has expanded its extensive range of DAS sound systems with the addition of a pair of the very latest Class-D self-powered three-way full-range cabinets. ACM’s high profile corporate client list includes several motor industry dealerships for whom it regularly stages regional launch events for new models, including Vauxhall and Mercedes, as well as premier league football clubs. Director Tony Martin comments: "It’s actually quite a shock to hear such a big sound emanating from a genuinely portable system and we’re expecting to use Compact 1s at many of our forthcoming events - especially as we often need to keep sight-lines free from speaker cabs."

Such is their confidence in DAS Audio products that Tony, along with fellow directors Chris Perry and John Martin, have recently set-up a sister company Pro Club Installations, in partnership with Eclipse Lighting, to install club systems - an area where they have already achieved much success with DAS However, the new Compact 1s are stirring up considerable interest with a broad range of customers. "We’ve had the Compact 1s in our showroom for only a few days and they’re already being seriously considered for a number of applications including clubs, roadshow discos, theatres and bands - all customers who we believe have the budget for more expensive equipment but who are using their ears and have realized that DAS delivers wh

Trantec Fly High in Finland
Friday, 12 October 2001

Trantec has appointed Helsinki-based F-Musiikki Oy to handle their award-winning radio mic systems exclusively in Finland. F-Musiikki Oy is the biggest MI/sheet music wholesale/retail company in the Nordic countries. F-Audio is the pro audio division, responsible for the distribution of Trantec and other brands, such as Yamaha (MI and pro audio), Steinway & Sons, Fender, Casio, Manley, DW, Hughes& Kettner, Sabian, Martin and many more. "We first saw Trantec products at last year’s PLASA Show," commented Petri Mäntysalo. "Our product portfolio covered all other areas of pro audio with the exception of radio mics - so now our roster is complete."

Petri says that Trantec IEMs have already found homes amongst the leading performers in Finland, including Children Of Bodom (S4000IEMs) and Tommi Läntinen Band (S5000IEMs). "We are now looking forward to broadening coverage into the theatre and broadcast worlds," he continued. "We will be showing the full UHF line of Trantec products at the forthcoming AV2001 trade show in November, and have already had some inquiries about Trantec’s new S6000 line."

High Performance Overheads for evolution
Friday, 12 October 2001

Sennheiser has expanded its evolution range of dedicated instrument microphones with a competitively priced, high quality condenser model, the e664. Designed for applications such as drum kit overheads, or acoustic instrument miking, such as for guitars or strings, the e664 features low noise electronics, high output and a highly sensitive capsule for both studio and live performance applications.

The e644’s cardioid response pattern provides highly effective feedback and rear-field signal rejection. In keeping with the evolution ethos, the e664 offers build and performance specifications superior to microphones several times its price. The metal bodied mic features a matt-black, anodised, scratch-resistant finish. A switchable low frequency roll-off filter protects against low level hum and rumble, while the capsule provides a 40 - 20kHz frequency response (+ 2.5dB) and a 130dB maximum SPL rating.

Sennheiser’s highly successful German-manufactured evolution series of wireless and wired high quality dynamic microphones continues to expand with several new products on show at the recent PLASA Show. The evolution range of metal bodied stage microphones feature differing capsule types and response patterns but share the same innovative capsule development, rigorous construction and quality control standards. A full range of dedicated instrument mics and monitor headsets is also included.

QSC Appoints Live Sound Systems Specialist
Thursday, 11 October 2001

QSC Audio Products has appointed Jeremy Johnston to the position of systems specialist for the company’s Portable Live Sound division. Johnston’s responsibilities include product training and demonstration along with technical support. He will also be actively involved in the design and integration aspects of professional touring systems and will be instrumental in the launch of QSC’s new speaker products.

In his previous position of systems engineering supervisor (part of QSC’s Technical Services Group), Johnston was instrumental in developing application software for QSC’s computer-controlled network audio system QSControl, and also developed a number of utilities to increase the functionality of that system. "We are extremely pleased to have Jeremy join our team," said Brian English, Portable Live Sound marketing manager. "He brings a wealth of skills in all facets of the pro touring and live sound markets, not to mention the considerable experience he gathered while serving in QSC’s Technical Services Group prior to this new appointment. We look forward to his contributions in supporting our efforts."


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