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New President for Crown Audio
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

Blake W. Augsburger has been appointed president of Crown Audio. The announcement came from Mark Terry, Harman Professional Group president. Reporting to Terry, Augsburger is responsible for overseeing and directing the entire Crown Audio operation. The manufacturer's three vice-presidents (engineering, marketing and sales) and three senior vice-presidents (financial, manufacturing and human resources) all now report directly to Augsburger.

Prior to joining Crown, Augsburger was vice-president and general manager for two high voltage test and measurement equipment manufacturers - Hipotronics of Brewster, New York and Haefely Test AG of Basel, Switzerland - both Hubbell Incorporated companies. His seven-year tenure with Hubbell, which also included VP positions in engineering, operations and worldwide sales and marketing, was preceded by five years spent with San Diego's Maxwell Laboratories, specialists in pulsed power technologies. Augsburger possesses Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

"We're very pleased that Blake has chosen to accept this position with Crown," said Mark Terry. "His diverse managerial experiences have uniquely prepared him for spearheading what has long been one of the audio industry's most respected brands. Under his capable guidance and leadership, we fully anticipate that Crown will not simply maintain but increase its already impressive levels of fiscal growth, particularly with regard to international markets."

Turbosound Announces Flashlight Mk II
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

Turbosound’s legendary Flashlight system, which dominated concert touring throughout the 1990s, has undergone a significant upgrade to the high and mid-high frequencies. The new working models have been beta tested extensively on leading shows this spring and summer by premier production company Britannia Row Productions - most recently appearing on the prestigious Route of Kings season at Hyde Park.

Turbosound’s managing director Alan Wick had put his new R&D team, under the direction of Philippe Robineau, to work on refreshing the existing system soon after leading the management buyout of the company back in 1998. A focus group of leading international sound engineers and audio production companies was assembled, who quickly identified the need for a new HF driver and a new top plate and recone for the 6.5" mid/high driver, to create a significant gain in SPL while simultaneously reducing distortion. Brit Row’s equipment manager Jerry Wing confirmed: "Out of this forum of engineers came a new development of the TFS-780H ‘high pack’, which although keeping the same outward appearance, features totally new drivers in the high and mid/high section."

Philippe Robineau said although Flashlight Mk2 took over a year to bring to market, the redesign had to go through several iterations before it was ready for beta-testing. "Although the bass end was essentially fine, we knew we could improve the system, as other parts of the frequency range could be strengthened," he said, and so they focused on the HF and 6.5in high-mid

Entech 2002
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

The organisers of Entech 2002 have released preliminary details relating to next year’s event, which takes place from February 4-6 at Darling Harbour in Sydney. The visitor programme includes keynote summits for audio, vision and lighting practitioners on 4 February. The summits will cap the opening day’s educational programme set to feature new format seminars held in the lecture facilities within the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Center. Day One features a Venue Design Forum, an afternoon session with leading lighting designers, two pro audio seminars and a vision/video seminar.

Additional events on Day One include a rigging workshop, an opening day reception on the rooftop at closing time and Mark Cunningham’s famous pop quiz at sundown. A complete programme of events, including the sixth and largest Entech Awards Dinner, will be released ahead of an extensive visitor campaign starting in October.

A-T in the Big Brother House
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

Channel Four’s Big Brother phenomenon is once again captivating the nation, with Audio-Technica microphones ensuring that none of the housemates can escape the attentions of the watching and listening public.

Television facilities company Roll to Record once again secured the contract to provide the complete technical installation for the Big Brother house's all-important audio-visual set up, with the task of specifying audio equipment going to chief sound engineer Oliver France. A freelance engineer who also worked on the earlier series with Roll to Record, France began to assemble the audio equipment as early as February, and was pleasantly surprised when it came to organizing microphones for project. "I was looking around to see what was available, and I wandered on to the Audio-Technica website. I was really surprised by the size of the range and identified a number of products which, from their specifications seemed absolutely ideal."

In fact, so impressed was France that he proceeded to specify Audio-Technica products to occupy every one of the 40 hard-wired microphone positions in the Big Brother House. A total of 23 AT933RXC suspension microphones hang from the ceilings, including the vital positions over the housemates beds. AT4073a shotgun microphones are hidden throughout the garden to cover the sound of the hot tub area and the all-important chicken pen, and a custom-built AT871RWR water resistant boundary microphone is placed above the shower cubicle to capture those steamier moments. The diary room and the voice of Big Brother are also ta


ARX Release New Products at PLASA 2001
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

In conjunction with its UK distributor Raper & Wayman, Australian manufacturer ARX Systems is showing for the first time in the UK the ZA series of 4-channel, 6-channel, 8-channel and 5.1 multi-channel amplifiers, all in 2U chassis. New additions to the SPL range include the SPL 20 powered arrayable trapezoid sub woofer, the SPL 8 powered compact full range loudspeaker and the SPL 28 powered compact sub woofer to complement the SPL 8. The 8 Pre, an 8-channel microphone preamp, featuring variable gain, 20dB pad, phase reverse and phantom power, is ideal for use as a console extender, ADAT/Hard Disk recording and acoustical analysis. Finally, the BarMix Zone Mixer is designed for all applications requiring switchable multiple input selection and multiple outputs, featuring remote level control and mic override in a compact 1U package.

ARX can be found on Stand H36.

Weber Departs Entec
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Paul Weber has resigned as a director of Entec Sound & Light in order to concentrate on his lighting design and production management work. However, he maintains his connection with the company in a consultative capacity. The Entec lighting division will continue to be run by Noreen O’Riordan and Adam Stevenson whilst the sound division is managed by Dick Hayes and Roy Smith. Dick Collins takes care of administration and accounts.

JustiFire Launched by Millbank
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Millbank JustiFire is a new single-channel, four-zone PA/VA system from Federal Signal. The new system is a cost-effective, off-the-shelf product, designed specifically as the integral element of a BS5839 part 8 compliant (European BS EN 60849) emergency voice alarm system for small to medium-sized offices and industrial facilities.

The system is self contained, easy-to-install and has 24 hour integral battery back up. The utilization of a Windows-based configuration programme provides ease-of-use and a simple graphical interface enables Millbank JustiFire to be set-up to meet the requirements of individual installations. It provides a standard solution for the majority of installation requirements and accelerates the process of system design and quotation, building, commissioning and maintenance.

Radio Mic Licence Fee Changes
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

The Radiocommunications Agency (RA) has announced a new fee structure for radio microphone licensing due to take effect on 19 July 2001. The changes are part of the introduction of Spectrum Pricing into the Programme Making and Special Events sector (PMSE), which is managed by JFMG.

The aim behind changing the fee structure is to simplify the licensing of ‘UK Shared’ radio microphones. (These are those available for shared use at unspecified locations). This is achieved by setting a flat fee for any number of Shared VHF frequencies and a flat fee for any number of Shared UHF frequencies. A two-year licence is introduced as an alternative to the one-year period. The difference in fee between ‘own-use’ and hiring out is removed and this licence also covers the use of Shared frequencies at Fixed Sites instead of the Fixed Site fees used previously. The RA and JFMG hope that the price reductions will encourage a greater take-up in licences that better reflects the true value of the frequencies to the PMSE industry sector. Other changes have occurred to the premium hours charge and the ‘Local’ area fee category. The fixed charge will change to £55 for a schedule of frequencies (not £50 per frequency). This is a small increase for customers applying for a single frequency, but a dramatic reduction when more than one frequency is needed. The RA has also announced that the ‘Local’ area fee category will be removed.

For full details of the new rates contact JFMG Ltd, London, on +44 (020) 7261 3797.

New from Stonewood AudioNew from Stonewood Audio
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Stonewood Audio Ltd is launching three new products to complement its existing Professional Intercom Range. Firstly, the Stonewood Audio SA-WBP1 is a multi-channel full duplex wireless belt pack (pictured). Features include frequencies programmable via PC, 16 selectable channels, fully EMC and ETS 300-422 approved, channel spacing 12.5kHz or 25kHz, and powered by four AA alkaline batteries to give better than eight hours use.

Secondly, Stonewood now offers a Professional Intercom System for Off Shore/Marine use, where system reliability under extreme conditions is a necessity. This product has been engineered so that all switches, level controls, connectors and the cases are to IP67 ratings, allowing the belt pack to be submersed in water. To complement the SA-OSBP1 two more products rated to IP66 are now available which are a full duplex loudspeaker outstation and a loudspeaker station with a Xenon beacon.

Finally, Stonewood has further developed its headphone range and has introduced the CD-quality Armoured Cable Stereo Headphones. Primary designed for the CD listening market in music stores and superstores, where music quality and durability together with security are of the utmost importance. A built-in thumb-wheel volume control is an optional extra.

Search for Superstar DJs at PLASA
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Calling all bedroom mixers and aspiring DJs - the search for the newest, hottest DJ talent is on! Sunday 9 September, 2001, will see the cream of the country’s up-and-coming DJ talent at the PLASA Show 2001, Earls Court, to pit their skills in the PLASA Show’s Extreme V, Gemini DJ Competition. Sponsored by leading DJ equipment supplier, Gemini Sound Products, the competition will visit the ‘Final Meltdown’ on Portsmouth’s South Coast and ‘Urban Games’ at Clapham Common en route to PLASA. Rob Peck of Gemini Sound Products says: "This years Extreme V, Gemini DJ Competition battle represents the most exciting up and coming talent in the business and we are proud to be nurturing the stars of the future with this competition. The Grand Final is a launch pad to success for many of the winners who go on to take up residencies and slots at some of the UK’s leading clubs."

Previous participants include DJ Miss Behavin’ who has gone on to achieve spectacular success and is currently resident DJ in some of Europe’s hottest night-clubs including Ibiza’s Es Paradis and London’s Camden Palace. As well as the obvious opportunity to advance the winner’s career, the competition also comes with a first prize of top DJ equipment, certain to give any set a boost. This year, the competition will run alongside the all-new IDJ ‘Talk Zone’ which will offer DJs expert advice and tips on all the latest technology. Some of the country’s most respected DJs will be sharing their advice and techn

Adam Hall Promotes Frampton
Tuesday, 24 July 2001

Adam Hall has announced the promotion of Carol Frampton to the position of sales office manager. She has been a key player in the Adam Hall team since 1990 and will already be well known to most of its customers both overseas and in the UK.

PLASA 2001 Show Seminars
Monday, 23 July 2001

To complement the exhibition, PLASA has lined up a range of seminars, workshops and clinics that will give an insight into how new technology is creating new opportunities, how individuals have pulled together highly complex projects, why integration is so important and how you can achieve more by picking up tips and techniques from others.

DJs can learn more about MP3 digitally-compressed music files and how this new technology is already creating a platform for a more creative approach. In a programme of seminars sponsored by Installation Europe, audio installation and integration is the theme under which issues of networking, control and the benefits of converging technologies are explored. Tuesday sees a Theme and Leisure Masterclass, presented by Leisure Management, in association with the TEA and TiLE, which focuses on how the leisure industry exploits special effects, lighting and audio technology to create unique environments to enhance the visitor experience. On Wednesday, the sessions move to consider the integration of audio and lighting into building design, the regulations facing those who install lighting, the increasing profile of new media such as LED technology, and the basics of video conferencing.

For the first time, you can also attend any number of focused courses, workshops and clinics. The ISCE is sponsoring three sessions covering the issues associated with audio system design, whilst Loughborough College and the AETTI are jointly promoting a series of courses which offer those interested in theatre a chance to work towards BTEC certification. Al

Outline at PLASA
Monday, 23 July 2001

Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Outline will be showing the Soundtracker - the first horn loaded ceiling tile sound system - at PLASA 2001. The Soundtracker has been designed specifically for discos and dance venues where high SPL is required but noise pollution is a problem. Other uses can be in Hotels or Airports etc, where control is needed on dispersion.

Also on show from Outline will be the Kangaru. First shown last year as a prototype, now revised and powered by Class D PWM amplifiers, the Kangaru now comes complete with removable wheelboard, transport covers and all cables and stands required to make the system work out of the box - the first truly 'plug and play’ system. A full 2kW system that can be transported in a Ford Fiesta!

We Know Where You Live! - Live
Sunday, 22 July 2001

The 40th anniversary of Amnesty International was celebrated in style at Wembley Arena in a comic cavalcade starring Eddie Izzard, and featuring Paul Whitehouse, Harry Enfield, Phill Jupitus, Jeremy Hardy and many more. Alan Rickman also appeared on the bill, as did Badly Drawn Boy, the Stereophonics and Tom Jones - with a satellite-linked slot from U2 in Toronto.

Called We Know Where You Live: Live! the show was hosted by Eddie Izzard in the spirit of the classic Secret Policeman’s Balls of the seventies, eighties and nineties. The role of production manager fell to John Farquar-Smith ably assisted by crew chief Nick Jones.Izzard is known for his love of performing in an intimate club atmosphere, rather than on television, so a compromise had to be reached to ensure that the light levels were high enough for TV company Initial’s cameras, but not too bright for Eddie’s performance. "After chatting with Eddie we came to a reasonable compromise," comments Dave Smith, one of the two lighting designers called in for the event. That compromise involved two separate rigs - one for the stage designed by Mark Henderson and programmed by Tellson James, and a second for the auditorium, designed by Smith and programmed by Mark (Hippo) Cuniffe. 100 VL5s provided the mainstay of the rig, supported by 24 VL5ARCs, 22 VL6Bs and 40 VL6Cs, with control provided by two Artisan consoles. VL5 wash luminaires were used for TV reinforcement, along with the VL6C spot luminaires.

"We tried to keep the rig as simple as possible," added Smith, "and to em

Heine Olsen Joins Mach
Friday, 20 July 2001

Mach Speakers has hired Heine Olsen as product manager. Martin Professional made the decision to reinforce its audio division as a result of steady growth over the past few years. Olsen comes to Mach from TC Electronics, and in addition to his skills in marketing, he also has a broad knowledge of digital technologies and their applications. Mach's current and long-time product manager, Hans Madsen, will assume the role of business development manager.

Summit at Kenwood House
Friday, 20 July 2001

Summit Steel’s award-winning SmarTmast system will be much in evidence at this year’s 50th Anniversary ‘Music on a Summer Evening’ concerts at Kenwood House, one of the historic properties in the care of English Heritage. Founded in 1951 by Frank Wright after a visit to the Hollywood Bowl, the first concert featured a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra, who are welcomed back this year as part of the celebrations.

A total of five SmarTmasts will be provided by Summit Steel, who invested in an additional five of these versatile rigging towers in order to service the event. One SmarTmast will be positioned either side of the stage to fly the main PA system, while the remaining three will provide delay towers. Interestingly, the two PA SmarTmasts will be firmly anchored in the lake in front of the stage. Adapted to hang the V-dosc sound system provided by RG Jones, the SmarTmasts will be suitably ballasted to cope with the unusual weight distribution of hanging a line array PA. The self-climbing SmarTmast is ideally suited to such an event. "With one of the smallest footprints around it keeps blindspots to a minimum," says Summit’s director and SmarTmast developer Jon Bray.The Concert programme which runs from 7 July until September 1 includes ‘Lesley Garrett in Concert’, ‘Classic fm - Live in the Park’, and a ‘Russian Spectacular’.

New Appointment at LeMark
Friday, 20 July 2001

Rebecca Lace has joined LeMark Group as sales office manager, bringing with her multi-skill experience in bothelectronic and conventional marketing and sales. Rebecca will also head LeMarks’ continued expansion of custom-printed consumables into the North American and Canadian markets. Rebecca’s background has recently been within the Medical & Scientific equipment manufacturing sector, where she project-managed both the marketing and sales promotion of a new equipment range to clients throughout the world. A lover of theatre, film and music and in her ‘spare time’ she enjoys the practicality of DIY and Design. Stuart Gibbons, LeMark managing director said: "We are absolutely thrilled to have someone of Rebecca’s calibre and professionalism join the team. Expanding LeMark into the US market has been a big challenge for us all. I feel confident that with Rebecca we have the correct sales management team in place to move us forward in this highly-competitive market.

Sennheiser Searches for Musical Talent
Friday, 20 July 2001

Sennheiser, the company whose microphones give voice to so many of the world’s performing artists, is inaugurating a competition to search out some of the nation’s best hidden musical talent. The search for the country’s best unsigned bands and artists is being run in conjunction with Nexus Media’s Making Music title, the world famous Gibson guitar company, top British guitar amp manufacturer Orange, leading recording technology company TASCAM, and Mindprint studio effects.

Six musical categories are divided into pop, rock, dance, hip-hop, R&B and jazz. The winners of each heat pick up £500 in cash, plus a wealth of guitar, amplifier and recording equipment, not to mention Sennheiser evolution microphones and headphones. The overall winning artist or group, judged from among the winners of each of the individual categories, stands not only to receive £5000 in cash, almost £2000 of Sennheiser evolution microphones and headsets, a Tascam digital recording workstation, Orange guitar combo and a Gibson SG guitar, but also the chance to record with one of the world’s most respected producers, Mike Hedges, in his brand new Wessex Studios complex.

Entries must be in by 30th September and application forms and details are available in an extensive press advertising campaign or from the company’s website.

Hacousto Serves an ACE
Friday, 20 July 2001

Taking centre stage on the Hacousto stand at PLASA 2001 is the ACE2.200. This new 200W amplifier features two powerful and highly efficient Class-T independent audio amplifiers and is housed in a compact and lightweight 2U 19" rack-mountable unit. Its power-efficient design and switched mode power supply offer Hacousto’s customers the ultimate addition to the Accent 8x8 digital mixer-router system launched at PLASA last year. Suitable for 50, 70 or 100 volt line distribution systems, the ACE2.200 amplifier offers two individual channels with a 200W RMS output capability. Powered by either 115/230V AC mains or 24V DC supplies the ACE2.200 is ideally suited for voice supported evacuation systems.

Each amplifier channel features two individual inputs with switchable sensitivity and priority functions. Standard features include an extensive overload, short-circuit and high temperature protection displayed on the front panel display. Readily available optional features include a line monitoring module offering 20kHz impedance or DC-based line detection, ground fault and impedance guarding capabilities with an adjustable measurement window compliant to BS5839: Part 8 and NEN2575 standards. This installer-friendly amplifier unit ensures that monitoring errors are not only available on both the front panel display and open collector outputs, but also through an RS485 data-link connection bus, presented via the BRS Windows-based remote diagnostic software.

Hacousto can be found on stand B24

Islington Music WorkshopIslington Music Workshop
Friday, 20 July 2001

beyerdynamic has supplied the Islington Music Workshop with the first Klein & Hummel 5.1 surround sound speaker system in the UK for its Music Technology College. The circumstances of the speaker system sale were unusual - starting as review samples for a pro-audio trade journal (Audio Media), Simon Tillbrook the reviewer was impressed and decided that the studio should buy a system as they were about to upgrade the monitoring system for 5.1 operation: "Surround Sound is now an important part of the Sound Engineering course we run at IMW and we are planning to extend the system further to cover all surround formats, with the Martinsound Multimax. This will give us 7.1 and Omnimax capability," Tillbrook commented.

As a charity-aided faculty, IMW provides a unique resource for students to gain a Sound Engineering qualification to take them into Sound Recording and Music Technology. With a wide range of ‘industry standard’ products including a 40-input SSL G+ Series console, a wide range of popular microphones and outboard equipment, the studio provides a realistic working environment replicating the facilities found in major studios worldwide.

beyerdynamic was only recently appointed the UK distributor for Klein & Hummel, which has been manufacturing reference speakers for over 40 years in Germany. Our photograph shows Simon Tillbrook of IMW (left) with Matt Nettlefold of beyerdynamic.

PLASA 2001 Hotline Goes Live!
Friday, 20 July 2001

Booking your tickets to the PLASA Show, the entertainment technology industry’s leading event, running from 9-12 September 2001 at Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, has never been easier. You can now book in any of the following ways:

By Telephone: The Visitor Hotline is now live! Call +44 (0) 870 429 4472 to make your credit card booking or to request an advance booking form.

Online: Go direct to to book online.

There are many advantages to pre-registration. Not only will you save £6 on the cost of entry to the Show (tickets on the door are £12) but you will be sent a personalized badge in advance permitting you fast entry into the show. You will also receive up-to-date information on the Show’s Masterclass Programme and how to book your seat at any of the sessions. Entry to the show is free for overseas visitors.

Now in its 24th year, the PLASA Show will feature over 350 exhibitors - manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of professional lighting, sound and AV equipment for the performing arts, night venues and theme bars, concerts and touring, the DJ market, architectural installation, corporate presentations, amusements and attractions, recording studios, cruise liners, TV and film, educational and religious establishments.

Taky Becomes JTS
Thursday, 19 July 2001

Taiwanese microphone and audio equipment manufacturer, Taky Electronics, has announced a change of name, to reflect the growing success of its JTS microphone range. The company will now be known as JTS Professional Co Ltd, providing a closer association with the fast-developing JTS brand in professional audio and MI markets. The company will retain the Taky brand name for consumer electronics products in non-English speaking countries, where it has been well established for over 20 years.

Three Tenors in the Forbidden City
Tuesday, 17 July 2001

A Cadac J-Type Live Production Console was among the cast for the momentous Three Tenors Concert in Beijing's Forbidden City - the first ‘foreign’ event ever to be staged in this unique venue. Organised by the Chinese National Cultural and Arts, the concert took place on 23rd June 2001 - in front of a live audience of some 30,000 - and was broadcast to over three billion worldwide. A huge temporary stage was erected in front of the entrance to the Emperors' Palace, with the stage area encompassing 300m from front to back. The 72-input two-frame J-Type performed alongside Meyer Sound's new M3D line-array system, with the sound system attracting extensive praise for its quality and subtlety on this remarkable occasion. Sound engineering director, John Pellowe, is responsible for all technical aspects of the Three Tenors concerts, along with Alexander ‘Thorny’ Yuill-Thornton II, who handles the sound system design and system optimization.

Pellowe explained that the Forbidden City concert presented some unusual challenges: "I have been involved with the Three Tenors concerts from the very first one in 1990, and with Pavarotti since 1985 - reckoning to have faced just about every eventuality in all those years! But China was different - not least because of the difficulties presented by the language and the sometimes limited local resources. We are used to working with one major local sound supplier, which just was not feasible in China, and this did present us with some interesting issues. We knew that we would be using CCTVs [the Chinese broadcas

MCL London Adds Key Player
Tuesday, 17 July 2001

David Plail has joined MCL London as head of project management, bringing with him 28 years of industry experience. David comes to MCL from FrameSet Products, a company that he founded over 10 years ago, dedicated to the design, build and supply of diverse conference staging products. "Some people may think it a strange decision," said Plail, "to move away from FrameSet when it is such a successful company. But MCL is a young company with incredible backing from Avesco and it was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss. In the end it was an easy choice to make. It puts me right back into the industry mainstream and will draw heavily on what I have learnt over the years. I am looking forward to the challenge."

In his new role, Plail will be drawing together all existing elements of project management at MCL London and will fine-tune current practices to ensure the continued efficiency and quality of output to MCL clients - from information to technical solutions. "David’s experience will add to the team in the South, and the offer nationally," said Mike Bell, managing director of MCL London, "providing our project managers with support and advice on a day-to-day basis. His diverse background in all areas of live events will be invaluable."


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