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Martin's First THX System Spec'd in York Art Cinema
Tuesday, 14 December 1999

A triamped Martin Audio THX system has been specified for the feature cinema in the new three-screen York City Screen. South London-based Future Projections has been working with the owners, art-house specialists City Screen Ltd, for around 11 years. Martin Audio's first THX system is accompanied by the new THX SG01 digital crossover. The 220-seat feature space contains two projectors and recognises all proprietary film formats. Arranged in an L/C/R configuration, Martin's three-way system comprises three Screen 5s and a pair of Screen Sub 2s, with 16 Effect 5s acting as the surround sound.

Cerwin-Vega Launch LS Series
Tuesday, 14 December 1999

Cerwin-Vega has launched a range of domestic hi-fi/home theatre systems, which will be available in the UK through distributor, Lamba plc. The LS Series offers three three-way floor-standing models - the LS-15 (15in woofer), LS-12 (with 12in woofer) and LS-10 (10in woofer), as well as a two-way bookshelf system, the LS-8 (8in woofer).Four further models are designed for home theatre application, including two two-way video-shielded modular systems: the LS6 (featuring 6.5in woofer) and LS-5 (5.25in woofer), plus two two-way full-range centre channels, the LS-6C (dual 6.5in) and LS-5C (dual 5.25in).New, improved low-mass woofer cones, with enhanced damping characteristics, have been developed especially for the floor-standing three-way loudspeakers.

FX Unveils New Look
Tuesday, 14 December 1999

FX is marking the start of the New Year with a brand new image designed to identify and promote all areas of its business. The changes are highlighted by the company's logo that now features the FX brand name followed by the name of each of its separate divisions. These include FX Rentals, which handles all rental business; FX Copyroom, which handles transfers to and from any format - analogue and digital; FX Music Control, the company's sales arm; FX Spain, which represents its International dimension and the recently added FX Cimple Solutions, a servicing and repairs division.

Sony Digital at AES Paris 2000
Monday, 13 December 1999

Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe is to launch the new DMX-R1000 digital mixing console at the Paris AES convention (19-22 Feb 2000), aimed at pro recording, mastering and post production facilities and high end project studios. The 48-channel, 1200mm wide DMX-R1000 will feature touch sensitive motorised faders, integrated metering, colour LCD touch-screen, dynamic and snapshot automation, 5.1 surround processing and a 96kHz processing mode. Sony will also introduce two new variants of the OXF-R3 'Oxford' digital mixing console – the 'Lite' and 'UltraLite' - to bring the Oxford console concept to a wider range of music recording, television post and film mixing applications.

New Distributors for Logic System
Friday, 10 December 1999

Logic System Pro Audio, the Lincolnshire-based loudspeaker manufacturer, has announced the appointment of a new distributor for Germany. The deal was struck following discussions at the PLASA Show in September. Stuttgart-based Laauser & Vohl already distribute audio brands such as Sennheiser, d&b audiotechnik, Baldwin Boxall, MC2 and White Instruments.Logic has also announced a new distributor in Hong Kong – Tsang Fook Piano Company is now responsible for developing sales within the Hong Kong and China markets.

Fashion Chinese Style with EVI Hong Kong
Friday, 10 December 1999

The 1999 International Apparel Festival recently took place in the 7000 capacity Wu Tai Shan sports arena in Nanjing, the capital of China's Jiangsu Province. The fashion show was combined with live performances from top Chinese stars. After a tough tendering process, the contract was awarded to EVI Audio (Hong Kong) Ltd. Naturally EVI specified an Electro-Voice system powered by EV P Series amplifiers, and control was from a DDA CS8 mixing console, selected for its trademark clear vocal reinforcement qualities. The system was built by the Jiangsu Wen Hua Performing Equipment company, while all equipment was jointly supplied by EVI Audio (HK) Ltd and its main dealer, Beijing Star Electronic Equipment Company.

THX Approval for RCF CSS System
Wednesday, 8 December 1999

The RCF CSS (Cinema Sound System) 3003TX has been THX approved for use in medium-sized auditoriums. Being part of the comprehensive CSS range, the new system is a three-way screen system requiring three channels of amplification for full THX performance. Two high powered 15" speakers in an optimised direct radiating cabinet provide frequency response from 43Hz-300Hz. A mid high device combining a 10" speaker on a Precision Pattern Control (PPC) horn allows exact 90 degree horizontal dispersion in the critical dialogue range of 300Hz to 2.5kHz and 1.5" exit compression driver on a 90 degree by 50 degree horn extends the high frequency response beyond 16kHz.

Neumann & Neutrik at Red
Tuesday, 7 December 1999

Neumann and Neutrik microphones were chosen by Edinburgh-based dealer/installer GB Audio, who recently completed a major rewiring at corporate recording studio, Red Facilities. Neutrik cable and connectors were used extensively in both the main studio and ISDN suite, while a Neumann U87Ai was added to Red's inventory, following a tough 'shoot out' with six other brands.

Allen & Heath's WinDR Upgrade
Tuesday, 7 December 1999

Allen & Heath have released a major upgrade to their WinDR software, the system manager package used to set up DR128 and DR66 digital installation mixers. To speed up system configuration and checking, WinDR V1.81 allows the entire routing matrix and all control crosspoints to be viewed as a single display. A new beta version automatic mic mixer enables NOM (number of open mic) status to determine output gain for conferencing and similar applications. The parametric EQ's have also been enhanced, with an improved 20Hz to 20kHz sweep in bell mode. Delay resolution has been increased, allowing delay times to be set to 0.02mS accuracy. Existing or potential users are invited to download the new software free-of-charge from the company's Website.

Turbosound Around the World
Tuesday, 7 December 1999

At the end of a busy year, Gearhouse South Africa has expanded its Turbosound stock to keep up with a continuing busy touring schedule. The Johannesburg branch of the company has purchased a large Floodlight system, along with Turbo' MC-1250 power amplifiers and LMS-D6 digital systems processors.Another Floodlight system has been purchased by Production Technology LLC of Dubai. The order includes 14 stacks each of TFL-760H and TSW-718 enclosures, with THL-4s for drum fills and TFM-230 and TFM-330 floor monitors. The company also purchased two Midas Heritage 3000 consoles and eight Allen & Heath GL4000s.Meanwhile, Moscow's newest nightclub, Slava, has installed an extensive Turbosound Floodlight/HiLight loudspeaker system specified and supplied by Turbo's Russian distributor, Sergei Korovin, for its main dance floor. System control is via two BSS Audio FDS-388 Omnidrives, and amplification is from Crown. Further Turbosound speakers - Impact 80s and TSW-124 subs, feature in the club's chill-out area.

ARX Update
Monday, 6 December 1999

Pacific Audio, ARX's distributor for Hong Kong and China, has carried out a major sale and installation of ARX power amplifiers, including two SX-3000, 12 ARX SX-1500s, 10 ARX ZR-850s and an ARX ZR-350, along with a range of ARX signal processing equipment, to Shanghai's Stage Play Art Centre (Black Box Act Hall). Sales and installations of the new ARX Climate Series of weather resistant loudspeakers, meanwhile, have been very good since their release at London's PLASA Exhibition in September, ARX report. Guy Cambell from UK-based installation contractor Feltech Ltd, has installed 14 Climate 6 loudspeakers into the outdoor area of the 'New Millennium Experience' section of London's Millennium Dome.

Martin Cross to Atlantic
Friday, 3 December 1999

Martin Audio has changed its distribution arrangements in Germany, appointing Atlantic Audio as its new exclusive representatives. Under managing director, Wolfgang Garcon, Atlantic Audio was formed in September this year with backing from NOB, the Netherlands National Broadcast Organisation.

The appointment took effect on November 1, whereupon Atlantic ordered a Wavefront system comprising 16 W8Cs, six W8Cs flying bass systems and eight WSX subs (including a MAN flybar), to give them a five-way demonstration rig. It immediately went out on a nationwide tour with popular German band BAP. The rental company servicing the tour, Frankfurt-based Sirius, will be evaluating the system with a view to a new millennium acquisition.

Colleges Go For Martin Audio
Friday, 3 December 1999

Two major colleges in the Midlands have undergone technical refits, purchasing substantial Martin Audio Wavefront systems - and the first commercial Blackline system - from LMC Audio in Birmingham. New College, Nottingham - now the largest College in Europe - has a pair of compact trapezoidal WT2s in the theatre space and four Wavefront W3s and a pair of W8S subs for the live performance space (two W3s and a sub each side of stage).At the suggestion of LMC's Andrew McGregor, Wolverhapmton College opted for Martin's new Blackline series when its budget wouldn't stretch to a Wavefront system. A pair each of F15 full-frequency portable compact enclosures and S18s (18" sub) now form a teaching rig in the college's performance space.

Autograph Blasts into 2000
Friday, 3 December 1999

Blast!, a new musical extravaganza, will receive its world premier this month, at Hammersmith's London Apollo, with an intricate sound and communications system supplied and installed by Autograph Sound Recording.Blast! is a spectacular show bringing together a cast of 70 young brass, percussion and visual performers. Autograph's Bobby Aitken, the co-sound designer for Blast!, chose a loudspeaker system comprising of Meyer Sound MSL-4s, UPA-1s, UM-1s and EAW JF80s. The MSL-4s make up the core of the front-of-house system with the rest of the loudspeakers being used for monitoring, delays and surround sound effects. The speakers are powered by Lab Gruppen amplifiers. 40 Sennheiser radio microphone channels are used on stage and a selection of around 60 percussion microphones are also employed. The show is mixed on a 110-input Cadac J type console and monitoring is via Autograph's most recent acquisition, a Midas Heritage 3000 - purchased especially for the occasion.

Dalai Lama Speaks With Turbo
Friday, 3 December 1999

Bourgonje Sound & Lighting Services, based in The Hague, recently provided a Turbosound system for a series of talks given by the Dalai Lama on his visit to The Netherlands. The Buddhist leader talked of 'The Power of Kindness' to an accumulative audience o 9,000 at the Dutch Congress Centre. Bourgonje, the main rental supplier of sound and lighting equipment for the venue, specified 16 stacks of Turbosound Floodlight TFL-760H with TSW-721s, eight Turbosound HiLight THL-4 enclosures for in-fill and monitoring supplied by six Turbosound TCS-12Ms. Control for the system, as well as EQ and delay, was provided with a BSS Soundweb.

Metro Audio is Wound Up
Thursday, 2 December 1999

PLASA Publishing has received news that a winding up order has been served on Metro Audio. The company, well known for its wired intercom and stage management systems, is now in the hands of the Official Receivers Office, which is currently working on establishing a full list of creditors. Although the company is trading as Metro Audio, the order, which went through the High Court on November 17th, relates to Speed 1436 Ltd - the company's official registered name.

Talking with British Aerospace
Wednesday, 1 December 1999

In an important and complex communications system, British Aerospace has taken delivery of beyerdynamic DT 109 headsets and an ASL wired intercom system for use in a test bay configured for software development work on Tornado fighter aircraft. The ASL system was chosen for its clarity and ease of operation and due to background noise levels from fans and aircraft systems, the DT 109 headsets provide an ideal communication environment between the control room and the development floor. All the equipment was supplied and specified through beyerdynamic (UK) Ltd who are the UK distributors for the Dutch manufacturer ASL.

Orbital Supply Spend, Spend, Spend
Wednesday, 1 December 1999

London-based Orbital Sound have supplied Pola Productions with a complex sound system designed by Rick Clarke, comprising d&b and EAW loudspeakers, 22 Trantec S5000 radio microphones, an Amek Recall mixing desk and a battery of remotely-controlled XTA DP226 delay/ EQ units, for their latest West End Musical, Spend, Spend, Spend, starring Barbara Dickson.Tim Sharrett, Orbital's technical support manager, devised an innovative solution (by broadening the application of wireless network links) for sound designers to control the accuracy of equalisation, delay and levels of any speaker within the auditorium. Multi-zone systems can also be simply accessed, even with the audience in place. This makes it possible to tune and realign the speakers in real time, giving increased control, precision and ultimately the best sound quality. The system does not transfer program data, but simply communicates screen, keyboard and mouse data to other computers which operate the equaliser and delay software directly. This makes the system so versatile that the show's sound designer, Rick Clarke, can remotely view and interrogate the 32-channel Trantec Radio Microphone Software from anywhere in the building.

Changes at the helm of Klark Teknik Group
Wednesday, 1 December 1999

Pending a decision following the recent departure of the Klark Teknik Group's managing director Davis Merrey, the company has been left in the capable hands of vice-president of sales and marketing, Bob Doyle. Doyle will take on the mantle of acting managing director at the company's UK base in Kidderminster until more permanent arrangements are made in the early part of next year.Doyle said: "Once Dave had made the decision to go, it became clear that filling the breach at short notice was likely to prove difficult, hence the mutual decision to leave the task to me for the time being. Once we've settled down into the New Year we'll be in a better position to devote our full attention to finding the right solution."

New Sales Manager at Tannoy
Wednesday, 1 December 1999

Tannoy Professional has appointed Neil Law as its new area sales manager for the northern United Kingdom. Law has over seven years' experience in audio sales, having joined the Tannoy team from the Tascam division of TEAC UK. His primary role will be to develop the sound reinforcement side of the business and help promote a strong portfolio of enhanced products.

Tannoy Shine at Shino's
Wednesday, 1 December 1999

Tannoy Dual Concentric loudspeakers have been specified for Shino's - a new Italian restaurant located in the old GLC building in Westminster. Designed for low-level background music such as jazz and acoustic piano, the system was installed by London-based Steeland Systems. It included eight i8 speakers in the 90-seat main dining area, sprayed white to blend with the light, airy decor, while accompanying bass bins are hidden behind radiator covers. The outside seating area is covered by two i6 weatherproof Dual Concentric loudspeakers, while the downstairs toilets, kitchens and staff areas are covered by Tannoy ceiling speakers.

Audio Technica Honours Dealers
Tuesday, 30 November 1999

HB Litherland, of Blackpool, was recently named Audio-Technica 'UK Distributor of The Year' for the 1998-99 period. Rod Geary and Tony Cooper for Audio-Technica presented the award to HBL's John Exton and Alan Davidson during the recent HBL exhibition at Haydock Park. In a separate presentation, Audio-Technica presented its Music Dealer of the Year award to Music Village. The award presentation (pictured) took place during the recent PLASA Show at Earls Court. Audio-Technica's Rod Geary and Justin Frost hand over the award to Music Village managing director, John Dacosta and marketing director, Ray Edwards.

Allen & Heath Update the I-CON
Monday, 29 November 1999

Allen & Heath have announced the availability of an upgrade to the new V2.0 control software for their I-CON DP1000 and DL1000 digital live mixers. The console's internal compressors and gates can now be viewed on a per-channel basis, providing more editable parameters for precision control. Extra effects presets have been added to the FX1 internal processor, while FX2's reverbs have benefited from an overhaul. Footpedal control of the effects processors has been improved to cover any parameter or channel volume. MIDI control has also been extended to allow remote access to all performance parameters.Free download of the new software, and further information on its facilities, is available from the Allen & Heath website.

Eskimo Gears up for Winter
Monday, 29 November 1999

The first week of November proved to be a busy time for London-based sales and hire company, Eskimo Noise, supplying both Warp Records 10th Birthday Celebrations and The London Borough of Islington's Firework display. For the Warp Records event, the main speaker system was part of Eskimo's extensive Nexo Alpha inventory, comprising seven M3s, 15 B1s and six S2s (28 Alpha boxes for 1000 people - loud!!). As usual the system was powered by Crown MA3600VZ and MA5000VZ amps. FOH desk was a Yamaha PM4000 with mainly BSS inserts and the usual eclectic mix of FXs gigs such as this demand. The monitor system was Eskimo's favourite Nexo PS-15s driven by Crown MA3600VZs all controlled by a Soundcraft SM12. At the Islington bash, Eskimo placed several stations of Nexo Alpha around the park that - all delayed to a point directly in front of the firework launching compound. A total 48 Alpha cabinets were deployed in the system all run by Crown amplification and through a DDA CS8 desk.


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