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Sennheiser Appoints Winkler Director of Marketing
Friday, 15 June 2001

Karl Winkler, veteran brand manager for Neumann microphones, has been promoted to director, marketing communications, for Sennheiser Electronics Corporation. In his new position, Winkler will oversee all advertising, public relations and field communications for the Sennheiser, Neumann, Innova-Son and D.A.S. Audio brands. In addition, he'll be responsible for new promotional items, all printed materials, and corporate website development and maintenance. Winkler and his team will also initiate ongoing in-house training programs, manage the SEC merchandising calendar and provide the company's monthly sales rep update newsletters on programs and new products. Based at Sennheiser corporate headquarters, Winkler's new team includes literature and trade show coordinator Mary Kenny, database manager Lisa Egner, web developer, Jesse Starks, and marketing coordinator Luke Bean.

Adam Hall Line Up New Products
Friday, 15 June 2001

Adam Hall is using PLASA to launch a range of new products. These include the Racklight - a brand new concept for illuminating 19" racked products for stage, studio and installation. This product uses innovative technology to produce clear and uniformed light, will not get hot or burn out, is very strong and durable, and does not use conventional bulbs!

Also new is a brand new range of loudspeaker systems for PA stage and installation use. The range of Talon loudspeaker systems comprises a standard series of compact loaded ply wood cabinets available in either black painted or carpet finish and a series of unique high spec cabinets featuring the Fane 'Concept One' primary drive units.

Other new products featured on stand include the latest additions to Amphenol's range of audio connectors, new versions of the 'Astroboard' lightweight material for constructing flightcases, and a range of new hardware components.

Adam Hall - Stand E32

Pearl Harbor Premieres with Dobson Sound
Friday, 15 June 2001

The stars (and the stripes) were out in force for the party to celebrate the West End premiere of the much-talked about film, Pearl Harbor. AD Event Design and Production staged the eye-catching event held at the University of London's Senate House, bringing in Dobson Sound to cater for the audio requirements.

Amanda Davis is known for creating visually spectacular and innovative events, and this was no exception. The whole event was themed as a US wartime party with several extras in 1940s US Army uniforms lounging around the balconies of the main hall, drinking beer and whistling at the guests in typical army fashion as they came in. Perhaps the most spectacular visual feast was the front of the building which was lit from top to bottom with stars and stripes while search lights played into the sky. However, no event would be complete without audio, and that is where Dobson Sound came in. Dobsons provided a distributed and delayed system of 34 d&b E3 cabinets which extended from the Cloisters through into the galleried ‘Crush Hall’ and the bar area beyond. This was effectively a DJ system for big-band music playback, with the DJ himself on a pair of Technics SL1210 turntables and a Denon DN2000 twin CD player. The Beveridge Hall was the main performance area with the Jump Jive band (aka national Youth jazz Orchestra) and the dancers, for which Dobsons provided four d&b C7 systems with d&b MAX wedges and lots of microphones running from a Yamaha PM3500. The final system was for the VIP area in Chancellors Hall where guests were serenaded from the luxury of th

Federal Signal Launches UK Maintenance Contracts
Thursday, 14 June 2001

Federal Signal has announced a new scheduled maintenance package for its Millbank and Akusta customers. As a result of the move, the company is one of the first major PA/VA manufacturers to provide customers with maintenance service contracts, which are supported entirely from within its own resources.

The move comes in response to growing demand from the market place for PA/VA equipment manufacturers to provide around-the-clock maintenance back-up and support for equipment they have supplied to either fire safety systems integrators or end-users. The service applies to Millbank public address and voice alarm systems, and Akusta on-shore general alarm and page party systems. The company has already won its first batch of maintenance contracts from Siemens Building Technologies, which manufacture, supply and install life safety systems. These cover installations at City Bank and HSBC buildings at London's Canary Wharf, the House of Fraser store at the Bluewater Shopping Centre and the Sadler's Wells Theatre.

Neumann Improves on a Classic
Wednesday, 13 June 2001

The most modern build materials and manufacturing techniques have been employed by Georg Neumann to create the M 150 Tube, a microphone that uniquely exploits the heritage of a revered classic design, while exhibiting a performance capability at the very limits of modern acoustic and electronic engineering. The instantly recognisable head-grille recalls the famous M 50 from which the M 150 derives its distinctive acoustic characteristics and operating principle. First introduced some 50 years ago, the M 50's clarity and realism earned it a repuation as an orchestral microphone of choice, most notably in the DECCA tree configuration.

The omnidirectional, pressure gradient transducer provides excellent transient response and low frequency reproduction. By mounting the surface of the diaphragm flush to a small (40mm) sphere, the capsule acts as a pure omnipressure transducer at the lowest frequencies, delivering a perfectly circular polar pattern. This pattern narrows increasingly through the mid and upper frequency ranges, forming a unique directional characteristic, ideal for natural stereo recording, or indeed, 5.1 and 7.1 multi-channel techniques.

This same operating principle is retained in the M 150, but Neumann's engineers have undertaken ground-breaking work on the use of high grade titanium in capsule design which has resulted in the development of a very thin 12mm diameter diaphragm, producing greatly improved response characteristics. The M 150 employs the same sophisticated power supply and transformerless output circuitry as the award-winning M 149 Tube, impr

Marquee Fulfils Church’s Audio UpgradeMarquee Fulfils Church’s Audio Upgrade
Wednesday, 13 June 2001

A progressive independent church in South Wales has enlisted Marquee Audio to help upgrade its audio system. Darran Clements, head of sound at the Kings Church in Newport, Gwent, wanted to increase the audio front-end and called in freelance engineer, Matt Creed, who has an extensive background in live sound. "The old mixing desk was eight years old; it was no longer big enough and had reached the end of its life. I was asked to find the most appropriate replacement," said Matt, "and so I called Jimmy Potter at Marquee Audio and he recommended the Allen & Heath ML4000-48."

The church needed greater number of inputs to accommodate its expansion and to ensure some future-proofing. "We wanted a large number of channels on a small footprint, and there was nothing that could touch this for quality, price and features - it’s one of he most transparent desks I have used," stated Matt. "With theatrical productions and different band setups requiring a lot of channels - as well as six stage mixes - 50 inputs was the minimum requirement."

The church went on Marquee’s recommendation for the ML4000, which is configured 48 mono, 2 stereo, sending mixes to the pre-existing 15k Nexo PS15/PS10/LS2000 PA rig. New QSC amplification was also ordered from Marquee to drive the stage monitors.

DAS Cabs Cut Ice in South London
Wednesday, 13 June 2001

Multiple DAS loudspeaker systems have been installed in a refit of 'Bar Ice' in Bexley Heath, south London. Recently acquired by new owners, the venue has received a considerable upgrade to its in-house sound system. Installed by experienced sound and lighting systems company Compa Lighting, the new system replaces the exiting speakers with four DAS Sub-18 sub-bass units and six DAS DS-12 two-way cabinets. Managing director of Compa Lighting, Andrew Matthews, commented: "The 18 inch bass bins deliver superb bottom end that perfectly complements the existing system and are able to cover the entire dance floor area."

The two-way, passive crossover DS-12 cabinets were used to balance the sound in areas beyond the main dance floor and as such they were required to be powerful but compact. The 12" bass and 1" compression drivers of the DS-12s proved perfect for Compa's requirements: "We had to add some reinforcement to one of the bar areas," explains Matthews. "The DS-12s are compact and unobtrusive, but still able to generate high quality sound at very loud listening levels."

Although the results of the combined system were impressive, the performance of the D.A.S. components was so good that it was later decided to go ahead and replace the four remaining cabs from the old system. Compa therefore ordered and installed four additional DS-12 cabs, bringing the entire system up to DAS quality.

TTL and Logic System at Springbok
Tuesday, 12 June 2001

When brewer Old Monk required a sound, light and video supplier for their latest Springbok site in Newquay - a former swimming pool which has been converted into a state-of-the-art late license venue - they turned to Nottingham based company TTL. With a design brief demanding a system capable of nightclub sound in the evenings yet with an unobtrusive presence for the daytime trade, TTL project manager Andy Hague specified Logic System loudspeakers throughout. Hague explained: "The main area has a 30ft ceiling height and full length windows along one side, therefore to achieve the necessary SPL, whilst minimising overspill, I needed a very accurate and directional cabinet. The Logic System CS1296 proved ideal. The cabinets are flown 25ft in the air, effectively out of sight, yet still control coverage to 150Hz whilst avoiding overspill in the bar areas. With the bass units being built into dance podiums, we’ve created a stunning dance floor system that is virtually invisible and does not detract from the interior design of the venue."

To complete the system, Logic System IS6 and IS8s are run full-range with the support of IS26 bass cabinets in the bar areas, and are again hidden within the fabric of the design. An Allen & Heath DR128 controls the system and offers the ultimate flexibility of changing the system configuration for daytime and evening use, while an Audace hub was specified to provide localised volume control and source selection behind each bar. TTL account manager Mark Harding summed up the project, commenting: "The whole concept works e

Sennheiser to Distribute MindPrint
Tuesday, 12 June 2001

Sennheiser has announced that it is to undertake the distribution and marketing in the UK of the MindPrint range of signal processors, with immediate effect.

The German based company specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art input signal processing devices, which offer high-end professional standards of construction and performance for commercial studio, home recording and desktop audio-based applications alike. The range is specified to offer first class input processing in the recording studio environment, or to enable the upgrade of computer-based audio workstations and hard disk recording systems to fully professional audio standards, unobtainable with on-board sound cards and standard computer audio interface devices. Performance features within the range include Class-A pre-amp circuitry, 24 bit, 96kHz analogue to digital conversion, balanced XLR and line level jack inputs, switchable 48V phantom power, AES and SPDIF digital outputs, selectable sync options, and professional signal metering.

The current product range includes the EN-Voice Class-A mic/line pre-amp and tube compressor with optional digital 24 bit I/O, the AN/DI Pro 24/ 96, Class-A, stereo analogue-to-digital convertor, the T-Comp stereo tube Adaptive compressor with optional digital 24 bit I/O, and the DI-Port entry level 24-bit, Class A mic/ line pre-amp and stereo analogue-to-digital convertor. Commenting on the new product line, Sennheiser UK’s director of marketing, John Steven, told PLASA Media: "A range of high quality, competitively-priced products like MindPrint is clearly com

CDJ-1000 Digital Deck
Tuesday, 12 June 2001

Pioneer GB Ltd is set to chnage both the art and technique of mixing with the introduction of the CDJ-1000.

The futuristically designed CDJ-1000 is based on Pioneer’s groundbreaking CDJ footprint and defines a new generation of professional DJs looking to push their mixing skills to the limit and harness the freedom and flexibility of digital technology. The CDJ-1000 is packed with a range of innovative new features such as - Vinyl Emulation, WAVE Display, MMC and Loop In and Out Adjust. With its design rooted in CD and sampling technology, the CDJ-1000 is modelled on a traditional Vinyl Deck. A touch-sensitive Jog Dial, designed to emulate the characteristics of a turntable, allows DJs to treat CDs exactly the same way as they would a vinyl record: cueing, pitch-bending, back-spinning and even scratching.

The CDJ-1000 has an ingenious WAVE display, which reads every track on the CD and displays the corresponding sound level in a graphical format. There is also a Zoom facility, that allows the DJ to scroll along the Wave display to obtain even greater information. Uniquely, the CDJ-1000 incorporates removable memory technology - MMC (MultiMediaCard) - allowing the DJ to store favourite cue and loop points, as well as all the track WAVE data from the CD.

Other features include an instant reverse activated by the flick of a switch with no loss of tempo or pitch. Three Hot Cue buttons that can be used to memorise cue points on different CD tracks and then instantly recalled at any time during a mix - this can also be used like a sampler to jump to vocals, stabs or

NXT Flat Panels for UK Parliament
Tuesday, 12 June 2001

NXT has announced that Amina technologies, a licensee of NXT's award-winning SurfaceSound flat panel speaker technology, has supplied speaker systems to the UK’s Houses of Parliament. NXT speakers have been installed in the refurbished Grand Committee Room and as narrow panels along the edge of the windowsills in St Mary's Chapel. A further eight panels are situated in the Public Lobby where they have been painted to look like the supporting stonework. Amina Technologies' NXT flat panel speakers were installed by Sound & Visual Limited and chosen over conventional technology because of their superior sound characteristics when used in open spaces. Unlike conventional speakers, NXT's SurfaceSound flat panel speakers disperse sound evenly across all frequencies. Aside from the acoustic qualities of flat panel speakers, NXT has also been chosen because of the ability to blend flat panel speakers in with their surroundings. NXT speakers can, for example, be disguised as pictures, ceiling tiles or even as part of the fabric of the building. NXT flat panel speakers have achieved wide levels of acceptability in the commercial arena and are now found in buildings across Europe and the United States. Installations include several investment banks in the City of London including ABN AMRO, Goldman Sachs and Chase Fleming; Eton College Chapel; Edinburgh University; Gleneagles Hotel; The Cheesecake CafĂ© Bar, Brussels, Belgium; the Hotel Kuunpaikka, Finland; Disco Paradiso, Rimini, Italy; several lecture theatres within Barcelona University and, more recently, London's most high-t

Baldry Joins Expotus
Monday, 11 June 2001

Expotus continues its current expansion programme with the appointment of Luke Baldry in the role of sales manager. With his first experience with the company at the AES in Amsterdam, Luke has hit the ground running. He brings to the company a wealth of experience to complement the current Expotus Team, ranging from running his own recording studio, to more recently representing Apogee in the UK and selected European markets.

In The Shed with Nexo, Camco & KTIn The Shed with Nexo, Camco & KT
Monday, 11 June 2001

Richard Willis of Showcom Audio has recently completed a significant installation in top West Midlands live venue ‘The Shed’ with a Nexo Alpha E loudspeaker system, Vortex amplifiers from Camco, Klark Teknik signal processing throughout and cabling from Kelsey Acoustics, plus a GL4000 mixing console from Allen & Heath. The owner was looking for a complete upgrade to increase capacity and improve the facilities of the venue, so Willis was effectively given carte blanche to specify whatever he chose. He specified a total of six stacks of Alpha E driven by Camco Vortex amplifiers with a Nexo NX241 digital processor for the main system. Eight Nexo PS-15 cabinets with the requisite TD controllers serve as monitors driven by Camco DX Series amplifiers. Willis describes the combination as both powerful and efficient. "The Alpha E is ideal for venue in terms of its dispersion characteristics, its versatility, and the fact that it is so ergonomic in combination with the Vortex amplifiers. We're driving six stacks of Alpha E with just two Vortex 6s with headroom to spare, giving a total system capacity of 12.8K. In my book that's pretty impressive. In fact I think the Nexo/Camco combination is pretty well unbeatable in terms of price, power and performance." The console is an Allen & Heath GL4000 which Willis described as a "sensible board for sensible money and lots of facilities."

For signal processing, Willis opted for Klark Teknik throughout, choosing a DN3600 on main system EQ with a DN514 quad gate and a DN504 compressor/limiter. Monitor EQ is

ABTT 2002 Dates
Monday, 11 June 2001

The ABTT has confirmed that its ABTT Theatre Show 2002 will be held at the Royal Horticultural Halls on 19 and 20 June 2002. Further details of booking arrangements will be announced shortly. Any enquiries should be directed to the ABTT Office on 020 7403 3778.

The Battle of Trafalgar
Saturday, 9 June 2001

This summer saw a free concert for 20,000 people staged in the busy heart of London. Mike Mann discovered that such a production has its logistical difficulties . . .

Before even thinking about the problems involved in bringing central London to a standstill, Star Hire’s Roger Barrett realised that the stage design for the Africa Day concert would have to be an unusual one: "We would normally have built a higher stage than this - but a major feature of the design was that the famous lions should be visible on stage." Two of the huge statues were incorporated into the stage, which was positioned just in front of Nelson’s Column, facing northwards towards the National Gallery. Flanked by the South African Embassy (who funded the entire event) and Canada House, the central area of Trafalgar Square itself also needed treatment. "One of the first things we realised was that the ornamental fountains obscure sightlines for a large part of the square," explained Barrett. "So we included 3,000sq.m of industrial flooring to raise the outer sections of the audience." This was the first rock‘n’roll outing for the Danco flooring system - a modular industrial system which has also seen service in Formula One pit areas.

The stage and audience flooring were delivered to Trafalgar Square by a total of 20 full-size trailers, each one bringing traffic to a complete standstill. In addition to this, a further three trucks for the security fencing, plus other deliveries for sound and lighting systems, meant that Londoners had to cope with

Logic System Adds to Product Range
Friday, 8 June 2001

Logic System Pro Audio will be launching several new products at this year’s PLASA exhibition.

The increasingly popular IS Series of dedicated installation products will be extended with the addition of two new products. IS7 has been designed as a reaction to customer requests for an ultra small cabinet with an exceptionally high SPL and clear, clean sound quality. Whilst the IS7 is no larger in size than the existing IS6, it will offer increased power handling and sensitivity at 100W and 94dB 1W/1m respectively. Further to the success of the IS26 bass cabinet, the IS23 is a 1 x 12", 300W low profile sub bass unit which at only 300mm in height has been designed to fit neatly under bars and seating areas.

The existing LS Series of product will also benefit from two new additions. Both LS7 and LS12 are aimed at theatre and AV applications where sonic excellence combined with defined coverage and compact dimensions are required. LS7 combines a 6.5" cone driver with a 1" compression driver and offers power handling of 100W and sensitivity of 94dB. LS12 combines a 12" cone driver with a 2" compression driver and offers power handling of 400W and sensitivity of 98dB. Both these products have rotating horn flares to allow both vertical and horizontal mounting.

Logic System Pro Audio - Stand J20

Linton Smeeton Joins Fuzion
Friday, 8 June 2001

The arrival of the new WORKS line at Fuzion (see today’s Product News) coincides entirely by design with the appointment of Linton Smeeton, former sales director of RCF. Smeeton was specifically recruited to take on the position of brand manager for the WORKS line and will be responsible for specifying the new brand into jobs. Smeeton commented: "I am delighted to be working in an area of the market I know very well, although the WORKS brand is new to me. However, I'm pleased to say that as well as the listening tests conducted here, Fuzion took the precaution of testing the products extensively in real world sites and found that the range acquitted itself extremely well. The range looks good and sounds good, so I'm looking forward to getting out there and selling it."

Fuzion director Paul Ward commented: "Linton will be doing what he does best, and that is getting out in front of customers with the product. He's dealing with a product type he knows inside out and respect for him in the industry is enormous, so we couldn't be better placed to give the brand a flying start."

Fuzion Takes on WORKS
Friday, 8 June 2001

UK distributor Fuzion has announced the addition of a new brand to its portfolio. WORKS is a brand of loudspeakers and signal processing equipment from Spanish company Equipson, based in Valencia, specifically aimed at the pub/club and bar/restaurant market. According to Fuzion sales director Paul Ward, Fuzion has been looking for a product to address this area of the market for some time. "We are recognised for supplying high quality, high end equipment and for being a company that provides solutions for its customers, but we are aware of certain gaps in our product portfolio which have inhibited us from being able to supply complete systems to certain market areas. In loudspeaker terms we have not been able to offer customers anything below a Nexo PS-8, even though we have a thriving amplifier business in the bar/pub/club sector with certain ranges from Crown. Having WORKS on board means that we can at last offer customers a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, reliable solution for the mid-range market as part of a complete package."

Fuzion has also announced the appointment of Linton Smeeton, well-known from his previous role at RCF UK, to head up sales of the WORKS line (see today’s People News).

LCS Takes Centre StageLCS Takes Centre Stage
Friday, 8 June 2001

The Berkeley Repertory Theater in Berkeley, California, has chosen a Level Control Systems (LCS) CueConsole at front-of-house to control three remotely-located LCS Matrix3 LX-300 audio engines in its new, state-of-the-art ‘Theater Next Door’. This 600-seat proscenium theatre complements the existing 400-seat thrust stage. Theatrical consultants Auerbach + Associates managed the overall design. The theater purchased a 40-by-32 CueConsole with a Transporter module, an Editor Module, two Faders modules, and three Meters+ modules. The Transporter module features cue list control and master faders, the Editor module provides instant access to each channel's processing, automation, and assignments, each Faders module adds 16 motorized re-mappable faders, and each Meters+ module contributes 16 assignable meters and a variety of control over important functions.

Soundweb 9008 Expands Output Capacity
Friday, 8 June 2001

BSS Audio has released the Soundweb 9008 Networked Signal Processor - the latest device in the Soundweb family. Identical in functionality to a standard 9088ii device in terms of networking and DSP processing, the 9008 only has eight analogue outputs, and no inputs. This makes it a highly cost-effective way of designing systems that require a much larger ratio of outputs to inputs. A system now will typically use 9088ii's devices to provide the basic input and output capacity, with 9008 modules being added to provide further outputs. The release of the 9008 is accompanied by Soundweb Designer V1.22, which includes a number of new facilities and features. Auto On Line automatically loads a designated design file into Designer when the program is started, and then goes on-line to the network and loads data to the devices. Security facilities may be enabled to prevent unauthorized access. Secure Login/Logout allows users to log out and then into a design as a different user without closing and re-opening the design file. The Full Screen mode allows a map window to be enlarged to full screen, enabling the construction of larger control panels, with all the normal Designer menu items hidden from view. When used with the Auto On Line function above, designers can create secure systems that will automatically load control panels, which can be safely used on touch-screens, for example. A new DSP object, the Modulator, has been added, which has two inputs and a single output (the output being the product of the two inputs).

PLASA Completes First Phase of Industry Research
Friday, 8 June 2001

PLASA has completed the first phase of its major industry research project, which will provide PLASA members with an invaluable insight into their industry. As well as being able to estimate the global market size for professional lighting, sound, staging and AV products and services, the research also gives a very detailed picture of the market in the UK. For the first time, PLASA has information about the value of the product sectors, how fast they are growing and the size and growth of the various vertical sectors into which its members sell. The findings enable the Association to say some very precise things about its members collectively and the nature of the industry as a whole.

PLASA plans to repeat the exercise every 12 months, enabling it to build up ever-more accurate trend information. A quick flick through the 119-page report reveals that it estimates the respective size by revenue of PLASA’s four main product sectors: light, sound, AV and staging; gives growth figures for this year and next across the four product sectors; breaks the sectors down into sales and rental; includes information on revenue from the provision of services such as installation, design and servicing; sizes the target market sectors and indicates which are the healthiest and the fastest growing; includes information on average company size by staff, investment in training, R&D and marketing.

Members who took part in the survey will shortly receive a free 22-page copy of the overview, together with the opportunity to buy the detailed sections. Members who didn’t take part w

Bishop to Bishop with Apple Sound
Friday, 8 June 2001

The Bishop of Matabeleland, The Rt. Revd. Wilson Sitshebo in Zimbabwe, took part in a special service at St Asaph Cathedral in Wales, via a live telephone link provided by Apple Sound. The service on 20 May was led by the Bishop of St Asaph, The Rt. Revd. John Stewart Davies, to celebrate the 300th anniversary of The United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. The Revd. Bethan Scotford, USPG Mission Adviser for the Church in Wales said: "Apple Sound understood our requirements and the precise timing within the celebratory service. As a total technophobe, my dream of having a live link with Africa was well and truly in the hands of Apple Sound. The end result delighted everybody in the Cathedral . . . It created a unique and unforgettable event for us in our celebrations of a World-wide agency. We are very grateful to Apple Sound for their sterling work in this instance and we look forward to future collaboration with them."

The live linkup was made possible using Gentner Audio Perfect teleconferencing equipment, which was integrated into the existing Cathedral sound system by Apple Sound.

Nick Powell Launches Ideas
Friday, 8 June 2001

This month sees the launch of a new promotions company specialising in the UK audio industry, simply titled ‘Ideas Marketing’. The new company, which will offer a wide range of marketing services, including public relations, graphic design, corporate hospitality, presentations, media liaison and exhibition co-ordination, is the brainchild of Nick Powell, known to many in the industry from his previous role as marketing manager for Audio-Technica. Powell brings a wealth of pro audio and music industry contacts to Ideas, and is experienced in promoting audio products to both end-user and business clients alike. He is joined in the new company by his wife Stacey, who has a more general marketing background, having gained experience of working with national media through her role as PR Officer for the Environment Agency. Of the new venture, Nick said "Our understanding of the marketplace is just one benefit of Ideas - knowing that promoting the client's product or brand does not stop at PR is another. Ideas will actively seek promotional opportunities for its clients, and will identify and deliver customers to their sales team." Ideas is seeking a small, but complementary portfolio of clients, and would be delighted to hear from companies who would like to learn more about the marketing services on offer.

Coe-tech's Public Auction
Thursday, 7 June 2001

Coe-tech Ltd has appointed FPD Savills to hold a two-day public auction/stock clearance sale to make way for the latest range of new Coe-tech products. The auction will take place at Coe-tech’s premises in Northampton on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 July 2001. It will feature over 3000 lots of all types of professional sound, lighting, AV and special effects equipment. Viewing day is Tuesday 24 July 2001 from between 9am to 4pm. The diverse array of equipment for sale will include intelligent lighting; moving head luminaires; discothèque lighting; architectural colour changers; theatre lighting including followspots, profiles and fresnels; trussing; video equipment - cameras, switchers and video walls; sound processing equipment; loudspeakers; power distribution and cables. For Further Information and catalogues, please contact: FPD Savills, 4 St. Peter’s Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2JG, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 115 934 8100 Fax: +44 (0) 115 934 8003.


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