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Swapping Spirits at Fabric
Friday, 21 July 2000

Fabric, the leading London club, has swapped its Spirit Digital 328 mixer for a 324 Live. The desk, which can be used as required in any of the club's three rooms, serves as a front-of-house or monitoring console for the many live acts that perform at the club, as well as being available for the more adventurous DJs. Production manager Dave Parry said: "We need a digital desk because we're going to start a lot of internet broadcasting in the near future. The sound will be going straight down the line so a digital signal will be very handy." He continued: "We've had the 328 for six months and everyone that used it was very complementary. If we hadn't been happy with it, we wouldn't have bought the 324." House engineer Roberto Pieroni added: "As we only used the 328 for live work it made sense to switch to the 324 Live."

New Millbank Integrated Amplifier Range
Thursday, 20 July 2000

Public address and voice alarm specialist Federal Signal has announced the launch of the Millbank Ultima II XK series of integrated amplifiers - the first Millbank product launched by Federal Signal since its acquisition of the brand name last year. Aimed at a wide range of environments from factories and warehouses to pubs and clubs, the Ultima II includes a range of features not normally available at this price range. The Ultima II mixer amplifiers have six inputs - five of them Universal, allowing the simple configuration of the signal priorities associated with each input. Each offers a balanced input, with a trim control to allow a wide range of signal sources from microphone to line level to be used.

Set and Forget Loudspeaker Control from Sony
Thursday, 20 July 2000

Sony has launched a cost-effective loudspeaker management system which allows install, theatrical, live and studio engineers to 'set and forget' crossover, EQ, dynamics and level settings for PA and sound reinforcement systems. The new SRP-F300 is a true 24-bit 96kHz all-digital design that provides sophisticated control over complex multi-speaker set-ups via an intuitive PC interface. The 1U 19" rack-mounting unit offers both analogue XLR and AES/EBU (32-96kHz) format input connectors to accept signals directly from the monitor outputs of an analogue or digital mixing console, with a mix of both formats possible.

Turbosound at Zetor, Helsinki
Wednesday, 19 July 2000

The Zetor Bar and restaurant is one of Helsinki's most distinctively-themed venues. Designed by Malto Valtonen (of Finnish band the Leningrad Cowboys), Zetor uses farm equipment for furniture - including tractors for tables, and old buckets and cheese-graters for lampshades. Since Zetor was first established in 1992, its unique style has guaranteed its place as one of the most popular nightclubs in Helsinki. When the time came to install a new sound system recently, restaurant manager Sakari Ellila put a number of systems to the test, but opted for Turbosound's punchy sound, good reputation and price-to-quality ratio. Finnish Turbosound distributor Noretron Audio designed and installed the PA specification, based around the Turbosound TCS and Impact series. Three TCS-59 mid/high cabinets, with two TCS-118 sub-bass units, powered by LabGruppen LAB 1600 and LAB 2000 amplifiers were placed around the dance floor. The rest of the space - two bar areas, two restaurant areas and the tractor tables - benefited from 24 Turbosound Impact cabinets.

Audioplan Puts Nexo in the Nave
Wednesday, 19 July 2000

Nexo PS Series loudspeakers were used again at this year's three-week long Chichester Festivities. Surrey-based sound company Audioplan used six PS-15s, four PS10s and four of the new Nexo PS-8s for the distributed sound system in Chichester's 1000-year-old Cathedral. In the three years that Audioplan has been providing the sound, a variety of artistes from French jazz pianist Jacques Lousier to Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Lane and Jools Holland have all graced the stage, and all have used the Nexo system.

Lab Gruppen Acquired by TGI Group
Tuesday, 18 July 2000

Swedish manufacturer Lab Gruppen, one of the world's leading developers of DSP and amplification technology, is to join the TGI Group of companies, which includes Tannoy, Martin Audio and Goodmans/GLL. Lab Gruppen has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing high-quality amplifiers and has been a pioneer of switch-mode power supplies and lightweight amplifiers. It has recently added DSP technology to its design and product base. Over the past few years the company has embarked on a successful expansion programme, and it is to consolidate this growth that Lab Gruppen has sold its interests to TGI plc. TGI plc is involved in the design and manufacture of loudspeakers for many different markets including live touring, commercial and leisure installations, recording studios, consumer hi-fi and the OEM automotive trade (in this last category they supply car manufacturers including BMW/Rover, Ford, Peugeot, Volkswagen and Honda).Martin Audio MD David Bissett-Powell, who will be chairman of Lab Gruppen, said that the acquisition provided a logical fit in the TGI portfolio: "This is an exciting addition to the Group, providing us with a range of development opportunities. "The fit and synergy is seen as being particularly advantageous, and while the TGI companies will continue to trade autonomously Lab Gruppen's R&D capability will enhance the Group's moves into digital electronics, providing us with sophisticated loudspeaker management systems and own-brand amplification," he said.

CA-1000 Series Amplifiers from Apogee
Tuesday, 18 July 2000

Apogee has introduced a new range of CA amplifiers for touring, permanent installations, rental applications and commercial sound. Built around the same rugged chassis as the DA-Series amplifiers, these new CA amps use the latest in power MOSFET technology. Four models are available and all are only two rack spaces high, and feature rear panel level controls to avoid tampering or inadvertent adjustment. The front-end circuitry features an advanced clip eliminator to reduce distortion. Speaker protection is provided by means of an ultra-fast crowbar circuit. All models are equipped with dual, adjustable speed fans for quite, efficient cooling and feature internally configurable AC mains for 120 VAC or 240 VAC. Power inlet is an IEC approved removable connector; cordsets may be specified for US, Euro or UK standards.

Cassey Joins NXT Technology Division
Tuesday, 18 July 2000

Martin Cassey has joined NXT. Cassey studied Engineering before going on to work with a number of companies including TAG McLaren Audio, Rover Group and British Aerospace. He joins NXT as general manager in the technology transfer department which has a 25-strong team of scientific and engineering specialists.

Martin Covers 14 Screens in Europe's Largest Multiplex
Tuesday, 18 July 2000

Martin Audio's new three-way THX-approved sound reinforcement systems have been specified and installed in no fewer than 14 auditoria (including the main THX room and the three Gold Class VIP suites, served by their own bar and foyer) at Warner Village's massive Star City 30-screen multiplex - situated beneath Birmingham's Spaghetti Junction at Nechells. The multiplex is the largest in Europe and its 24 general-run mainstream houses, are complemented by six distinct screening rooms. Martin Audio Screen 5s have been used in triamp mode in the THX suite while in the other larger rooms the same enclosures are run biamped. Screen 4s have been sued in other smaller auditoria - again in LCR configurations stacked with Screen Sub 1 low frequency enclosures.

Gallacher Joins Trantec
Monday, 17 July 2000

As part of its current restructuring programme, Trantec Systems has further strengthened its sales force with the appointment of Allan Gallacher as regional sales manager for the North of England, Scotland and Ireland. Allan brings considerable experience at the MI end of the market; he was lately shop manager at Micro Music in Liverpool, and prior to that worked at Dawson's in Warrington for six years.

Speakers at Keble are the d&bs
Monday, 17 July 2000

The Oxford Sound Company has recently completed the installation of a voice-reinforcement system at the prestigious Keble College, one of Oxford's high seats of academia. The installation was in the main dining refectory used as a conference facility accommodating up to 200 people, making the use of voice reinforcement essential. "The refectory is a giant reverb chamber with a reverberation time in excess of three seconds," explained Andrew Riley of the Oxford Sound Company. "So we had to specify speakers with a predictable off-axis polar response and position them to achieve an even sound coverage for all of the seated areas." Three pairs of speakers were used, all fed via appropriate delays and equalisers.

ADS Mole at Cyprus Theme Park
Friday, 14 July 2000

ADS Worldwide has received an order from a company in Cyprus for 60 Mole loudspeakers for installation in a theme park. ADS' Mole loudspeaker has several advantages in an installation of this type since it can be installed in the ground, being easily camouflaged by shrubs and plants. The unit has been designed to provide a wide frequency range through 360 degrees and in open areas is ideal in that it can be located near to those people required to listen to either background music or public announcements.

V-Dosc for the French Open
Friday, 14 July 2000

Following extensive architectural renovations of the Centre Court complex at Roland Garros Paris, an L-Acoustics dV-Dosc system has been installed for the International French Open Tennis Championship of this year, reinforcing the position of L-Acoustics within the high performance permanent installation market. As part of the project to renovate the Centre Court at Roland Garros, the French Tennis Federation's architect Didier Girardet, from ACD Girardet & Associates, contacted Mas Conseil, a PA consultancy headed by Jean-Pierre Mas, to specify the PA system. After the system requirements were defined, the concept proposed by L-Acoustics was chosen.

Autograph Donates Technology & Time to LIPA
Tuesday, 11 July 2000

Autograph Sound Recording has announced its association with the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), commencing with the donation and permanent installation of a CADAC A Type mixing console for the Paul McCartney Auditorium, the college's largest live performance space. The tie-in with LIPA also includes Autograph sharing their 27 years of live sound design and rental experience with the Sound Technology degree students, by undertaking a regular series of live theatrical sound workshops.

Allen & Heath Launches v101 Software for ML5000
Monday, 10 July 2000

Allen & Heath has announced the availability of version 1.01 of the new ML5000 console's software, which can be downloaded from the company's website and is complete with full, clear instructions for uploading to the console. The new version offers refinements to the functionality of the desk, including a streamlining of the snapshot store to allow storing to sequential locations with single key presses and an extension of the MIDI dump to include more surface settings.

Lamba Wins Nady Distribution
Monday, 10 July 2000

Lamba has secured one of the most significant agencies in the history of the company with their appointment this month as the exclusive UK distributor for Nady products. California-based Nady Systems has a long tradition of wireless microphone innovation dating back to 1976, while Lamba boasts an even longer track record in both MI and pro audio - the two core markets that Nady's products address. Talks began at the NAMM Show last January, where Nady launched several new state-of-the-art wireless mics, and under the new Nady Audio badge, introduced several new power amplifiers, mixers, hardwired microphones and rack-mount equipment, further extending their influence in the DJ and pro audio markets.

Audio Design Services Celebrates 10 Years
Monday, 10 July 2000

Audio Design Services has celebrated its 10th anniversary by changing the company name to ADS Worldwide - reflecting the company's increasing involvement with global markets. ADS Worldwide has now embraced the education market with a range of products such as the MiniLab, which provides cheap and flexible access to language and general tuition for schools and other establishments. Part of the celebration included a formal dinner at the Deanwater Hotel in Cheshire, at which members of the ADS Worldwide team are pictured.

Olympic Noise Gate from ARX
Friday, 7 July 2000

ARX has announced the launch of two new products. The Mix 8 is an 8 into 2 stereo line mixer, designed as the ideal real-world interface for today's 8-track playback requirements, and a solution to all multi-channel line mixing needs. Also new is the VCS-6 (pictured) DC-controlled noise gate, which has been developed in conjunction with Panasonic Broadcast and the Sydney Olympic Broadcast Organisation (SOBO), who requested from ARX an audio-for-video switcher based on the ARX Sixgate, which they were already familiar with. Panasonic has now placed an order for 34 of the units, allowing them to control remotely 204 channels of audio at the Sydney Olympics.

Hacousto Appoints German Distributor
Thursday, 6 July 2000

Hacousto International b.v. has appointed ProAudio Marketing GmbH as their official distributor in Germany for the Matrics Pro-Sound range of products. The appointment follows a study of the target market and those companies in Germany who showed interest in representing the products, particularly the Magic 88, the digital processor-mixer aimed at the pro-sound, conference and installation/contractor markets. ProAudio Marketing, who were officially appointed at the beginning of July, have started with a large stock order off which is intended to support the significant sales expected following their initial product launch.

David Haydon Moves to Out Board
Thursday, 6 July 2000

Dave Haydon, BSS Audio's long-serving sales manager, has left the company to join Out Board Electronics as commercial director. To ensure a smooth hand-over, he will continue his association with BSS, on a consultancy basis, for one year. Haydon has a wealth of industry experience, including working as a sound engineer on Jesus Christ Superstar, QC engineer at Midas and product management and broadcast sales at Solid State Logic.

XtraMusic Offers Hospitality Package
Thursday, 6 July 2000

XtraMusic has launched a new satellite music package which provides subscribers with unlimited access to 80 channels of music, encompassing full background and foreground music requirements for business establishments. The company's European business development manager Noel Chivers said: "Our customer feedback tells us that the average pub can spend between £50 to £100 a month on CDs, and this is without the cost of CD players."

Philips Easy Line Adds PA to CCTV
Wednesday, 5 July 2000

Philips CSI's Easy Line 2000 products represent anew and easy way for CCTV installers to offer more advanced systems combining CCTV and PA. Easy Line brings together Philips POS observation and discrete CCTV systems with compatible public address products to add sound capability in a plug and play format. The new system allows installers to provide fast and cost-effective solutions including stand-alone or integrated POS, CCTV and PA systems.

Music Live 2000: Decks, Drums and Rock 'n' Roll
Tuesday, 4 July 2000

Music Live 2000, the UK's largest public music-making show, returns to the NEC, Birmingham in November. The show, which runs from 17-19 November, is looking to attract over 25,000 music enthusiasts which brings together some of the most respected names in the business, including Marshall, Fender, Korg, Peavey, Yamaha and Akai.

Soundcraft Going Live in Mexico
Tuesday, 4 July 2000

Soundcraft's successful Going Live programme of sound engineering seminars has debuted in Mexico. Hosted by local distributors Hermes Music in Mexico City and Metropoli in Guadalajara, the events were joined by Dave Kay of Adlib Audio who flew out from the UK to chair the panel of engineers who provided the tuition, accompanied by Ian Staddon of Soundcraft and engineer Geoff Lissaman. Nearly 200 people attended the events. The first USA Going Live course is due to take place in Nashville in November.


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