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DAS at the Dome (Whitley Bay)
Thursday, 30 March 2000

The Dome in Whiteley Bay has recently installed a new DAS Sound System. The installation was carried out by freelance sound engineer Mickey Ware, in conjunction with Colin Rowell from Arcadia Leisure with equipment supplied by London-based Sensible Music. The main truss featured four RF212s running in conjunction with a pair of Sub18s on the floor, complemented by six RF115 monitors. As a listed building the Dome presented specific problems as Ware explains: "We had to be careful how things were flown, and the shape also posed problems when it came to the acoustics. In order to achieve a real surround feel to the system we used DAS Factor 5 compact monitors around the periphery of the building to act as in-fills. Finally, we used factor 8s in the bar area for playback music and also on the trussing and spot-fills for some dead spots off to the side of the stage."

Thursday, 30 March 2000

QSC has launched the RMX series of power amplifiers. Three models range in power from 430W to 1200W per channel @ 2 ohms, all in a compact chassis, two rack spaces high and less than 16" deep. All RMX amps boast comprehensive features including XLR and ΒΌ" balanced inputs, Speakon and binding post outputs - which allow users a choice of connectors, user-defeatable clip limiters and user-selectable low-frequency filters - optimising the performance for any audio system.

New Concert Hall Opens in Finland
Wednesday, 29 March 2000

Sibelius Hall, the new concert hall in Lahti, Finland, opened its doors in March. Designed as the permanent home for the Lahti Symphony Orchestra, the Hall consists of three elements - the concert/congress hall, the Forest Hall and a renovated former carpentry factory. Artec Consultants of New York provided the theatre planning, acoustics consulting services and sound and communication system design for the venue. The concert/congress hall design includes a moving acoustic canopy, acoustic control curtains and acoustic banners. We will carry more on this in a future issue of L&SI.

Music and Movement, The Modern Way
Wednesday, 29 March 2000

To address the growing fitness market, Cloud has developed a new multi-source audio distribution system. At its heart lies the Cloud Pump Station 16, which has the capacity to connect up to 16 remotely controlled stereo headphone outlets with a choice of up to eight stereo line level music sources or programmes, plus voice-over, alarm or microphone override. For larger venues the system is expandable, using the Sub Station 8. The Pump Station 16's powerful headphone amplifiers provide a selection of high quality musical programmes to individual locations via a small, personal control unit - the RH-8. This can be easily mounted to almost any exercise equipment and allows the user to select from a choice of up to eight programme sources and to set a preferred volume level. The audio is delivered via a pair of customised, lightweight stereo headphones, made for Cloud by Sennheiser.

R&W's Single Specification for Mono
Wednesday, 29 March 2000

R&W Sound Engineering has recently installed a complete audio system into the new London lounge bar, Mono. As customers would be unlikely to benefit from the advantages of a stereo image R&W specified a mono sound system, designed to be operated by staff with basic technical experience, is used for background music, DJ sets and live music sessions.Involved in the project from the outset, R&W's recommendation of a mono audio system, led to the name and theme of the members-only bar. The audio system's main source is a Marantz CC38/Pro 5-disc CD player, which feeds the system via a Cloud SX133 two-zone mixer and ARX EQ30 graphic equaliser. A separate Mackie 1402-VLz Pro mixer, connected via a recessed wall socket to the main system is used for live events. An ARX Microdrive three-channel amplifier drives four ARX Micromax loudspeakers and a hidden ARX sub-woofer.

Elliot to Acquire ASC
Wednesday, 29 March 2000

PLASA Publishing has learnt that Canford Audio founder Iain Elliott is to acquire the business of the long-established UK pro audio distribution, installation and manufacturing company Audio Systems Components (ASC). Elliott left Canford at the end of last year and said at the time that he was looking for a fresh challenge. The industry, though, has not yet seen the back of Len Lewis, ASC's founder, who will continue to work alongside Elliott for a while, bringing to a conclusion current contracts before gently easing into the back seat.

First Spirit 324 for Sutton Coldfield College
Tuesday, 28 March 2000

Sutton Coldfield College secured the first Spirit 324 Live mixer from the Birmingham branch of LMC Audio Systems, having attended one of the successful Spirit 324 workshops hosted by LMC at the Live! Show. The desk will be principally used as a training tool for students attending the Theatre Technicians Course. However, as the hub of the theatre's sound system, it will handle a diverse range of activities and will also be interfacing via MIDI with the lighting desk enabling one operator to control an entire show from the FOH position.

THX Approval for RCF
Tuesday, 28 March 2000

The RCF CSS (Cinema Sound System) 3003TX and 2008FX have both been THX approved for use in medium-sized cinema auditoriums. Both products are part of the CSS range - the 3003TX being a three-way screen system requiring three channels of amplification for full THX performance, the 2008FX being a two-way speaker using a 250mm speaker and a 1" high frequency unit used in conjunction with a logarithmic designed wave-guide.

Total Goes Hands-On With DMX-R100
Monday, 27 March 2000

Total Audio Solutions are hosting a series of events to promote the new Sony DMX-R100 professional digital 8 bus console, which was recently introduced at AES Paris. The first of these will be held at the BBC's Pebble Mill Studios on May 9th, with similar events throughout the country in May and June. The DMX-R100 console is flexible enough to be used for live and broadcast applications, as well as music and post-production, and features snapshot and dynamic automation with 24 bit 96kHz audio and surround sound monitoring. Anybody wishing to attend a launch event should contact Adam Heath on 07968 025669. Further information is available from the dedicated website

Yamaha's New Generation
Friday, 24 March 2000

Yamaha has released the next generation in multitrack hard disk recording systems. The AW 4416 is a combination of Yamaha products and incorporates the 02R digital mixer, CD-RW technology and hard disk recording. This multi-function unit brings the 'all in one' concept to life with studio quality audio, ease of use and expandability. It is an inclusive 44-channel (8 x analogue, 16 from internal HDD) 16-track hard disk recording system complete with sampling, editing and mastering capabilities, with true 24-bit, 48kHz resolution with no compression of any type. The AW 4416 will be available in the UK from July 2000.

Sound Dept Appointed Exclusive LCS Distributor for UK
Friday, 24 March 2000

LCS (Level Control Systems) of Los Angeles has appointed Sound Dept as its exclusive UK distributor. The appointment adds to the company's product portfolio which currently consists of the EAW, Crest, Community, Ashly and Sound Advance ranges. LCS was founded in 1991 and specialises in audio control hardware and software solutions for the live theatre and themed entertainment industries worldwide.

ARX Provides Ambience for NASA Comms
Friday, 24 March 2000

ARX USA has recently supplied NASA with 12 Ambience 1 70V compact loudspeakers for installation at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The Ambience 1s are being used to monitor the communications between Houston, the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the orbiting Space Shuttles and - most importantly - the astronauts during 'EVAs' (Extra Vehicle Activities) or space-walks.

New Products From RCF
Thursday, 23 March 2000

RCF's new ELISA 2123 amplified tuner-CD player is aimed at a range of applications including simple PA systems for restaurants, boutiques and supermarkets, to complete sound systems for offices and hotels, as well as large department stores and factories. The ELISA 2123 incorporates a 120W RMS amplifier with two switched constant voltage outputs for directly supplying two speaker lines, microphone inputs for connecting announcement consoles and a digital AM/FM tuner with selection storage. In addition, it is equipped with a multiple-CD player with track/CD programming.Also new from RCF, the latest addition to the Vision series - the PA 151. This compact new speaker offers 300W RMS power handling, and can be operated in passive or bi-amp mode, and can be run full-range, or actively crossed-over with the Vision PA 180 SW subwoofer. The PA 151 is aimed mainly at theatre, live music and music playback applications and will be of interest to sound installers.

Virgin Colours for beyerdynamic DT 150
Wednesday, 22 March 2000

Virgin Radio has upgraded its studio headphones to beyerdynamic DT 150s - with a distinctive orange finish to fit in with the company's corporate 'Ginger Media' image. The story started with Chris Evans and the breakfast show crew discussing the virtues of football sponsorship and looking around the studio for a product that they themselves could attract sponsorship for. They picked out the beyerdynamic DT 100 headphones being used for the morning show. The challenge was broadcast, live on air, for a headphone company to come forward and meet the challenge. The Virgin offices received a number of headphones for consideration, and beyerdynamic chose to send the specially-finished orange DT 150s - the high performance version of the DT 100s already in use. Chris Evans exclaimed 'delight' at the new headphones and promptly had more pairs ordered for the rest of the crew.

Further Spirit 324 Live Workshops
Wednesday, 22 March 2000

Following the success of LMC's Spirit 324 Live Workshops at the recent Live! Show, LMC have decided to hold two further seminars at its Birmingham and Leeds branches. The workshops are designed to be technical hands-on training sessions with both Spirit and LMC technical experts on call to answer any of your questions. Each session is expected to last an hour and should leave you fully ready to confidently mix a gig on a Spirit 324 Live.Admission to the workshops is free and by ticket only - both sessions are to be held on Thursday 30th March 2000, the Birmingham branch workshop at 10.30am, and the Leeds workshop at 4pm. To register, please call Saffron Wynn-Jones at LMC Audio Systems on 0208 743 4680 or alternatively email her on

Klark Teknik Announces Updates to DN1414 and DN1248
Wednesday, 22 March 2000

Following the recent launch of the DN1414 multiple DI module and the DN1248 active splitter system, Klark Teknik has released updated versions of both devices, adding more flexibility to their input and output interfaces. This is achieved by the fitting of a rear blank panel covering a cutout measuring 140mm by 70mm, which allows users to retro-fit the multi-pin connector of their choice to this panel. Internal wiring is equally straightforward. Each channel has its own PCB, fitted with a spring-contact multi-pin edge connector, carrying contacts for all four outputs and the input. To avoid the risk of confusion, a wiring diagram is included on the underside of the unit top cover. Users can therefore specify absolutely any type of connection both in and out of the unit.

Community Professional Launches XLT415
Tuesday, 21 March 2000

Community's new XLT415 is a fully horn-loaded subwoofer designed to complement the company's XLT series of full-range loudspeakers. The system is aimed at portable sound reinforcement and DJ systems as well as fixed installations in clubs and theatres. The XLT415 produces 131dB SPL output (138dB peak) from its four ferrofluid-cooled 15" (381mm) drivers which are compression loaded into the horn throat and into two sealed compression chambers. The four ohm unit is rated for 600W RMS, 15000W programme, with a sensitivity of 100dB at 1W/1m over its frequency range of 35Hz - 250Hz.

Tannoy on the Thames
Tuesday, 21 March 2000

Tannoy Dual Concentric have been installed into Bateaux London's 350-capacity restaurant cruiser The Symphony by London-based Terry Tew Sound and Light. Tannoy speakers are used for both vocal and music reproduction and were specified for their sound quality and compact size. The speakers were installed into The Symphony to improve sound quality in the dance floor area and include a pair of T12 full-range multi-purpose speakers featuring Tannoy's Dual Concentric drive units. The T12s are used in conjunction with a single T40 compact sub-bass system to provide effective sound reinforcement on the dance floor area.

Walkabout Audio Crystal Clear
Monday, 20 March 2000

Pete Brotzman's new company, Crystal Pro Audio, undertook its first Walkabout Inn fit-out recently, using a Crest CA modular amplifier series (supplied by Sound Dept) with 'overbuilt' power supply to power the complex live and playback audio system, distributed across two floors. Brotzman used the CA series to run a Martin Audio Wavefront 8C PA and LE400 stage monitor system at the Swansea venue, along with a number of EM series boxes for delays and infills. The three sections of the Wavefront 8 were driven by CA2, CA6 and CA18 amplifiers respectively, while further CA4s, CA6s and CA9s power the EM boxes. A pair of BSS Omnidrive Installs are used to crossover the system, and the settings are programmed into a pair of BSS 9088 Soundwebs and fed to the relevant zones. Playback is sourced from a Rolec Hard Disk system and Tascam five-CD multi-changer.

AudioBox now has 16-Channel Playback
Monday, 20 March 2000

Richmond Sound Design's AudioBox now has full 16-channel synchronous and non-synchronous audio playback capability, doubling the playback capacity of the original AudioBox. Current owners of the original version of the AudioBox can upgrade to the capabilities of the new version by simply exchanging their mother board, available at nominal cost. All other components remain compatible with the new mother board. The AudioBox has gained popularity in the short time it has been available to the theatre and themed entertainment industry. It was chosen for the Universal Islands of Adventure Theme park as the multi-channel sound and show control system for all ride vehicles in their 'Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man' multimedia dark ride which opened in May 1999.

Mick Jagger Centre Opens in Dartford
Friday, 17 March 2000

Stagetec has recently completed the supply and the installation of the performance lighting control systems, sound reinforcement and communication systems for two new music performance spaces and a sound recording studio at the new Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford. The project involved the redevelopment of parts of Dartford Grammar School, including the existing school hall, old gymnasium and old school library. The new spaces were integrated into the existing buildings and incorporate new foyer and administration areas. Theatre consultants Carr & Angier designed all aspects of the stage technical equipment. Full story in April L&SI.

DiDonato promoted to manager at ProMix
Wednesday, 15 March 2000

ProMix, a member of the Production Resource Group’s Audio Group, has promoted Stephanie DiDonato to manager, industrial operations. DiDonato began her career with ProMix in the installation division in October 1996. In May 1999 she joined ProMix’s Industrial Division. In her new capacity, DiDonato works for Bob Rendon, vice-president of the Audio Group at ProMix’s Mount Vernon, NY, office.

Major New Product Launch for beyerdynamic
Tuesday, 14 March 2000

A new series of microphones will be released by beyerdynamic at the Frankfurt Messe - the first major microphone product introduction targeted at the MI and project studio market since the launch of the Tour Group range. The range will include studio and live performance microphones and will be manufactured entirely at the beyerdynamic factory in Heilbronn, Germany. The new range will be ready to ship by the end of April and full details will be available at the Frankfurt show.

Brit Row Repeat Awards
Tuesday, 14 March 2000

Britannia Row Productions masterminded the audio production for the BRIT Awards 2000 which took place at Earls Court 2 in early March. The Wandsworth-based company worked with sound designer, Derek Zieba, for the event. Chris Coxhead and Bob Lopez controlled the front-of-house sound, with Vince Sharpe and Andy Ray covering monitoring world. For the loudspeaker reinforcement Brit Row drew exclusively from its large Turbosound Flashlight inventory. The main system consisted of TFS-780 and 760 LCR clusters, with LCR delays and various audience and pit fills. This will be the fourth consecutive year that Derek Zieba has chosen Brit Row and Turbosound for the BPI's premier event.


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