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avante-imperio-qrcAvante Audio expands Imperio Series
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

USA - Avante Audio has expanded its Imperio Series by launching a collection of pre-configured systems designed to make the lives of audio professionals easier. Devised around specific applications and methods of deployment, each of the systems include everything necessary to get an Avante Audio Imperio PA up and running, including array modules, subs and rigging hardware.
Imperio is a ‘mini array’ system that offers ‘a powerful, flexible and scalable active audio system that is ideal for installation in mid-size venues as well as for use by production companies working on one-off events or touring productions’. At the heart of the series is the versatile Imperio mid/top module, which offers a 90-degree x 15-degree dispersion angle and an integrated rigging system allowing multiple units to be connected together with splay angles of 0, 4, 8 or 12-degrees.
The compact and lightweight cabinet incorporates a 240W (RMS) Class D amplifier module driving a pair of 4.75" Neodymium woofers alongside six 1.75” IDVAT (Inverted Dome Vertical Array Technology) high frequency drivers.
The largest of the new Imperio Series Systems is the Imperio Max210. It combines eight Imperio modules and a pair of Imperio SUB210s with a pair of Imperio Flybar LGs and three Imperio Link Pin Kits. This provides everything needed to fly a full hang of eight Imperio array elements with the two subs sitting above. Two of these systems would create a complete audio rig suitable for theatres and concert venues with a capacity of 1000+.
The Imperio Theatre Rig 210 is

venuetechhqXilica names Venuetech distributor for GCC
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

UAE - Digital signal processing specialist Xilica has appointed Venuetech as its new distributor for the GCC. Based in Dubai with an experience centre in Riyadh and staff in Kuwait and Egypt, Venuetech will work closely with Xilica to raise brand awareness with AV consultants, systems integrators and IT engineers that specify, install and manage AV systems. Venuetech’s represented brands include Atlona, Barco, Sennheiser and Televic.
“We continue to see rapidly evolving business opportunities in MENA across most AV verticals, and almost every project requires a professional DSP,” said Ismat Assafiri, audio specialist, Venuetech. “Xilica separates itself from other DSP manufacturers with truly modular, plug-and-play designs that can support projects of any size, and they deliver the future-thinking technology that will become integral as our industry moves towards greater AV/IT convergence. These combined strengths, along with an open software architecture, better position Venuetech as a full-service provider for the larger corporate, government and public-facing AV projects we see in the MENA region.”
Assafiri sees strong upcoming opportunity to use Xilica DSPs with the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 beamforming microphone, which will help end businesses produce high-quality sound for online meetings.
“Xilica’s pricing structure is enterprise-ready, and highly competitive compared to many incumbent DSP brands,” said Assafiri. “That opens us to a large number of new business opportunities for professional conferencing solutions in

paulBacu restaurants rely on Martin Audio CDD
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Azerbaijan - When Paul Azerbaijan embarked on their latest restaurant projects in Baku, they again approached PROAV, the Martin Audio distributors for their audio requirements.
The management of the global brand, which specialises in French cuisine, has opted for Martin Audio’s CDD series for its latest two projects: Paul Azerbaijan Cinema and Paul Caspian.
PROAV managing partner Elshan Aliyev says, “The client was looking for high quality background music, and we specified CDD series speakers because of the amazing sound quality for this purpose. CDD series speakers have a very specific sound and are our number one choice for background music applications.”
As a result they installed 14 of the ultra-compact but powerful CDD5 and four SX110 (1 x 10”) discreet subwoofers, as well as 10 C6.8T 6.5” flush-mount ceiling speakers.
The CDD5 is a two-way passive speaker designed for unobtrusive positioning in architectural installations - including bars, museums, foyers and restaurants such as this.
Stated a spokesman for the venue management, “This Martin Audio sound system installation from the team at PROAV perfectly fits our requirements - and has also met the approval of our clientele.”

shureShure UK Pro Audio offers industry support
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

UK - Shure UK’s Pro Audio team has been striving to maintain business continuity and increase industry support amid the coronavirus crisis whilst protecting the health and safety of all their associates. The company has been responding and adapting to help support its industry, freelancers and fans.
The Shure Audio Institute is providing workshops for Shure customers including system integrators, consultants, music industry retailers, engineers, and musicians. In order to continue delivering education to the audio community, Shure has adapted its usual face-to-face workshops to online virtual masterclasses which are broken down in to one-hour sessions hosted by David Phillips, senior sales manager, Shure UK.
The virtual sessions, which started earlier last month, are designed to deliver the essential elements of the usual full day workshops over the course of a couple of hours and once the online course is complete, attendees are invited to complete an online certification test.
David Phillips comments: “We’re used to running these sessions face-to-face, so it’s been quite a change presenting virtual training. To make an entire day of training manageable, we’ve broken the training down into easily consumed one-hour sessions. I’ve been really encouraged by the response we’ve received from the attendees, many of whom are good friends and clients of ours from the industry.”
New sessions are released regularly and can be found at the following link:

brusselsTiMax and dcontrol combine at Impérial
Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Belgium - In the heart of Brussels, an award-winning AV solution combining TiMax SoundHub and control, realised from concept by integrator, FACE Projects, creates a vintage atmosphere and jazzy vibe to private members' bar, Impérial.
The vision of Carl de Moncharline, owner and manager of several successful Brussels venues was for an “immersive environment creating spherical sound experiences”, as well as a stylish lighting system in keeping with the historical façade and vintage ambience of the venue, that was versatile enough for live jazz concerts, a DJ clubbing experience, or even as a cocktail bar. The challenge to create this in a low-ceiling and small, 300sq.m space fell to FACE Projects, working in conjunction with refurbishment project manager, Laurent Grietens, of Wisely Ltd.
Simplicity was key to the specification for the venue. Dramatically different sound environments would need to be recreated at the flick of a switch which for FACE, made TiMax a necessity. As FACE CEO, Karel De Piere confides, “I do not even want to think how we would set up the sound system without TiMax, no other product could provide this level of precise control.”
The TiMax SoundHub-32S spatial audio matrix controls a total of 38 discrete speakers from Electro-Voice. Effective sound control without spillage is a deliberate consequence of the many distributed speaker sources, which help avoid noise pollution for the neighbouring buildings. The speakers integrated into the walls and ceilings of the venue are powered by three 8-channel Powersoft Ottocanali

medialon-showmaster-miniMedialon launches Mini control for museums
Monday, 18 May 2020

USA - Medialon has launched a new micro embedded solution for museum audio-visual (AV) control applications – Showmaster Mini.
Showmaster Mini is suited to simple AV control applications and installation types. Its ruggedised and fanless small form factor makes it easy to mount where AV racks aren’t suitable, says the company. The ultra-compact design solution is available, as standard, with a reduced-feature version of Medialon Manager show control software which makes it a low-cost solution.
Created for less demanding installations, Showmaster Mini can control up to 20 devices in its standard configuration, and is expandable in batches of ten devices, up to a maximum of 50 devices.
Each Showmaster Mini unit measures 158 mm × 114 mm × 53.5 mm and weighs 1.2 kg.
“For some installations, the requirement is for a control solution that simply needs to schedule and automate the AV system’s daily power-up and shutdown sequences, or have a tablet interface for managing media on a video wall. Showmaster Mini has been designed for such applications,” explains Eric Cantrell, VP business operations, Medialon. “It’s also compatible with other Medialon products so can work as a sub-system controller under the scope of a larger Medialon system.”

immersiveSennheiser hosts immersive audio round table
Monday, 18 May 2020

UK - On 19 May, the Sennheiser SoundAcademy will be discussing one of the hot topics of the day - immersive audio.
Sennheiser hosts David Missall and Brian Walker have invited Leslie Ann Jones, Michael Romanowski, Steve Genewick, Jim Anderson and Ulrike Anderson to speak about this subject.
The five industry experts will discuss their approach to recording, mixing and mastering the immersive sound experience, and share their views on how immersive audio can help open up new creative possibilities and connect listeners more intimately with music.
Please note the new changed timing for this webinar: It will take place at 19:30 CEST (13:30 EST). Registrations are now open at
In addition to round tables, Sennheiser’s SoundAcademy provides a host of other popular pro audio training webinars and in-depth product discussions. Visit for a full, up-to-date list and to register free of charge for a SoundAcademy webinar of your choice. The free training sessions are offered at several different times to allow as many people from around the globe to tune in as possible.

photo-by-cdc-on-unsplashWhite Light MD issues call to save live events industry
Monday, 18 May 2020

UK - White Light managing director Bryan Raven has written an open letter asking for support for the supply chain to the live events industry. The London-based supplier, in conjunction with a number of industry colleagues, has outlined a 10 point plan for help needed from the UK Government.
“The live events industry - which includes music, theatre, corporate events, festivals and live broadcasts - was amongst the first to be closed down by the COVID-19 pandemic and will be the last to return to normality,” writes Raven. “This is global issue and I would ask you to take the time to watch this video from the Live Events Coalition in the US which graphically represents the issue for the whole world.”
He continues: “Both the producers of live events but also the suppliers to live events need help. It is critical to consider the entire ecology of the live events supply chain when designing business support mechanisms.”
The key points listed by Raven in the letter are:
“1. Live events are pretty much impossible until the 2m Social Distancing rule is either unnecessary or relaxed - 2m distance needs to be advisory in conjunction with face covering and hygiene (in combination with testing) NOT compulsory. Until the 2m distancing requirement is reduced or, eventually, removed, many live events will not be financially viable.
2. Need to recognise the supply chain to industries/sectors that are still closed – and therefore offer support especially in those sectors that use theatres and live music venues which will be closed until th

stampedeStampede addresses challenged pro AV industry
Friday, 15 May 2020

USA - Extending the spirit of the CARES Act enacted last month by Congress, Stampede has announced the pro AV industry-specific Stampede XtraCare Programme to “provide employees with much-needed extra protection and resellers with business relief and facilitation tools, as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to enable them to complete projects in a safe and secure way”.
Complete information about the programme can be found at
“Commercial AV is an essential infrastructure industry, as defined by the federal government, but the industry is being challenged on every front to remain viable in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Stampede president and CEO Kevin Kelly. “Supported by the strength of our corporate resources, Stampede is making available to employees, resellers and manufacturer partners a comprehensive lifeline that includes SafeXSound Care Packages, a PROAVXchange online marketplace that can turn product into cash and FleXFinancing.
“Taken as a whole, we believe that XtraCare is the most comprehensive health assurance, business relief and facilitation program ever developed for the ProAV industry - and it can’t come at a more critical time,” Kelly said.
According to Kelly, free SafeXSound Care Packages are now being shipped directly to every Stampede employee. Designed to provide employees with the peace of mind they deserve when returning to work, each package contains three-ply surgical masks, hand sanitizer, powder-free gloves and the gift of audio, which will inc

mediaservice1Media Service grows with L-Acoustics
Friday, 15 May 2020

Poland - Founded in 2012, Media Service is one of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland’s event technology market. Whilst still relatively young, the company has been able to solidify its strong position in the industry and earn the trust of its customers thanks to a skilled team and first-class product portfolio, which includes Syva loudspeaker system among other sound products from L-Acoustics.
Bartosz Kordas, the founder and CEO at Media Service, explains how the company has managed to achieve such impressive results. “Our story began with the purchase of an L-Acoustics sound system back in 2012,” says Kordas. “I have always had a passion for collecting high quality AV equipment, and this has steadily translated into acquiring lighting, multimedia and, most recently, stage decoration solutions. As is usually the case, the first steps were difficult and slightly uncertain, but each subsequent step seemed to be easier and naturally complemented the range of services we offered.”
Now in its eighth year, the Media Service team consists of 60 individuals, among them Karolina Piątek and Tomasz Stykowski, who are both part of the management board. The company has a large 1500sq.m warehouse (including 750sq.m for Studio 360º equipped with L-Acoustics X5 and X8 speakers) as well as an office in Sokołów near Warsaw, a service centre, a studio and a team of highly skilled specialists.
Whilst making its purchasing decisions, the team had to choose their equipment carefully in order to stay competitive. “I knew from the very begi

hpuelearningharmanlandingbanner1140x400Harman Pro extends workshop programme
Friday, 15 May 2020

USA - Professional Solutions has added 18 free Live Workshops available for registration through the company’s Learning Sessions programme in conjunction with Harman Professional University.
Available workshops scheduled for the remainder of May feature lighting or audio experts who have extensive industry knowledge and experience working with various artists including Alicia Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Halsey, Jimmy Eat World, Josh Groban, The Killers, Maroon 5, OneRepublic, Prince, Rage Against the Machine, Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band, Weezer and many others.
More than a dozen Live Workshops conducted earlier this month are now available at Harman Professional University’s YouTube channel. Workshops include Loudspeaker Design for Airports, Festival Lighting Control and The Art of Making Productions Look Larger. Many more sessions are in production for release in the coming months.

pioneermemorialchurchDanley powers Pioneer Memorial Church
Friday, 15 May 2020

USA - With over 3,000 students, nearly 1,000 of which are in seminary, Andrews University is the flagship institution in the expansive Seventh-day Adventist school system. It is located in Berrien Springs, Michigan.
Pioneer Memorial Church is situated on the Andrews University campus and serves a vital role in the school’s spiritual and social life. Its congregants are diverse, young, and fired up. Global technology solutions provider, New Era Technology (Mishawaka-branch), recently revitalised the sound reinforcement in the church with Danley Sound Labs SBH10 and SBH20 columnar loudspeakers, Danley TH212 tapped-horn subwoofers, and Danley DNA amplifiers with integrated DSP using Danley model pre-sets.
The audio engineering experts at New Era Technology discovered Pioneer’s old system was sorely lacking evenness and coverage. “It was a cluster of units placed 50ft up in the air, at the top of the sanctuary’s large A-frame ceiling,” explains Paul Black, account executive with New Era Technology. “Not everyone could clearly hear what was going on, and the system lacked overall intelligibility. The frequency response was limited.”
In short, Pioneer Memorial Church needed smooth, even coverage across an expanse of pews capable of accommodating approximately 1,000 people. That includes a loft section at the back of the sanctuary and the pews below it.
“When we saw that Pioneer Memorial Church had requested an RFP for Danley Sound Labs, we knew they had done their homework,” Black says.
“Every aspect of a Danley box and th

dpamma-amary-mazurekDPA interface aids streaming from home
Friday, 15 May 2020

Denmark/USA - Everything from broadcasts, webinars, classes and interviews to worship sermons, theatrical performances and musical concerts are now being streamed to (and from) living rooms. As a result, production organisers are quickly developing new ways to provide valuable replacements for everyday communication and entertainment. In light of these latest trends, DPA Microphones has seen a rapid surge in popularity for its MMA-A Digital Audio Interface.
Touted as a “sound engineer in your pocket”, DPA’s MMA-A pre-amp was designed for live and mobile productions. In recent weeks, this has expanded to those working from home due to social distancing. Compatible with any iOS device, Mac or PC computer, the MMA-A, combined with any DPA microphone, can broadcast and record crystal clear audio to, and from, anywhere in the world.
An exclusive DPA app, available for download from the Apple App store, provides specialised functionalities. This includes the ability to store gain settings and low-cut filters for ongoing and future personalized use in dedicated pre-sets. The simple-to-use device can also be used in an app-independent format with existing recording programs on a Mac or PC, making it easily adaptable to any streaming, broadcasting or recording application.
“I love adapting to the different ways people consume music,” says singer Marc Martel, the voice of Freddy Mercury in 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody, who uses the device with DPA’s 4099 Instrument and 6061 Subminiature Mics. “I shouldn’t have to sacrifice good audio w

john-meyerJohn Meyer anchors online company profile
Friday, 15 May 2020

USA - As part of Meyer Sound’s ongoing webinar education programme, today (15 May), company president & CEO John Meyer will present From Apocalypse Now to Bluehorn at 9:00 PST (16:00 GMT).
The one-hour presentation traces Meyer Sound’s innovative development path in the world of cinema, post-production and residential from the company’s early days collaborating with Francis Ford Coppola to today’s Bluehorn System.
“Education has always been a pillar of the holistic Meyer Sound core brand philosophy of sharing knowledge. Recent events have put the spotlight on the importance of offering our public training not just with in-person seminars but via online platforms,” comments John McMahon, Meyer Sound senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Our global team was quick to respond to the need by curating an informative and engaging programme.”
To join From Apocalypse Now to Bluehorn, click this Zoom link at the scheduled time.
The training content offers a natural progression of subject matter, providing attendees both practical knowledge for honing skills as well as case studies for reference. The instructors review specialty tools that cover a diverse set of solutions across all industry verticals. The education team also welcomes attendees to choose from an à la carte menu to create every other Friday ‘On Demand’ programming via a weekly poll through the Meyer Sound Users Community Facebook group.
The webinars

zoombackupBackup to hold charity Zoom quiz this Friday night
Thursday, 14 May 2020

UK - Technical entertainment charity Backup will be holding a virtual pub quiz on Friday 15 May to raise money for the charity.
Backup provides financial support to industry technical professionals working in live events, theatre, TV and film who have fallen ill, been injured or are suffering from mental health problems. The charity provides a range of services including financial support, advice and re-training, and the organisation is working harder than ever to support those in need during the COVID-19 crisis.
Tom Wilkes of Collaborative Creations will be hosting the quiz at 8pm on Friday 15 May, which will be taking place via Zoom, and all industry members, friends and family are welcome to take part and compete for some fantastic prizes.
Backup Trustee Lee Dennison said: “Unfortunately due to the coronavirus outbreak our annual fundraising extravaganza Kartfest can’t take place in July, so this quiz and other similar events in the coming months will make a huge difference to the charity.
“Those who know me will testify to the fact that I take all forms of fun extremely seriously, and I’m sure Tom will treat this quiz with the same level of respect and maturity that we have all come to expect.”
Tom added: “We understand this is a hard time for everyone, so entry fees and donations are encouraged but at your discretion, there’s no pressure to donate if you’re not in a position to. Having said that, if we raise enough money I will have to shave my head.”
White Light Systems Manager Jamie Wells will be runnin

shureq5xShure and Q5X collaborate on sports range
Thursday, 14 May 2020

USA/Europe - Wireless microphone developer Q5X and Shure have announced a collaboration to combine their expertise to provide “superior sound quality and security that today’s sports broadcasts require”. Together, Q5X and Shure have developed specialised Axient Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters that deliver the latest wireless digital technology “with unparalleled RF stability, encryption, and spectral efficiency”.
“With the combination of Q5X and Shure, this is really the best of both worlds,” said Jens Rothenburger, director of pro audio marketing at Shure. “The new Axient Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters provide sound engineers and the sports industry with a complete solution in a superior, already-established form factor.”
For more than a decade, Q5X has worked closely with professional sports leagues (like the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLS, and CFL) and major sports networks to develop wireless bodypack transmitters specifically to safely meet the rigorous demands of athletes without impeding athletic performance.
Shure has extensive experience bringing sound to live sporting events, including the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, the Olympic games, NHL finals, World Cup soccer, and MLB World Series telecasts with its portfolio of microphones, transmitters, and receivers.
Developed to directly address ongoing technical challenges plaguing major sports organisations, the Axient Digital-Enabled Q5X Wireless Transmitters incorporate the most innovative wireless technology in the world. With outstanding signal quality in ev

digigridIn the kitchen with DiGiGrid and Celeste
Thursday, 14 May 2020

UK - Phil Wright has enjoyed a 25-year career in the pro audio industry, specialising as a live sound designer and mix engineer for large scale classical, concert, broadcast, dance, cinema and operatic productions.
Trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, he spent the early part of his career at Sound by Design, during which time he handled the Royal Albert Hall in-house sound contract, including taking responsibility for the BBC Proms live requirements.
In 2012, Phil went freelance, creating Phil Wright Sound Limited and has since worked on a very wide range of projects. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been keenly felt throughout the industry, but creative solutions for audio conundrums are never far from Phil’s mind, as was the case recently when his friend Jaap Pronk of TM Audio in the Netherlands, reached out for help.
At the beginning of this year, British-Jamaican soul singer Celeste won BBC Music’s Sound of 2020. The annual award is given to artists tipped to be successful during the year and its previous recipients include Adele, Haim and Ellie Goulding.
For Celeste, whilst lockdown has meant the suspension of live concerts, it hasn’t meant withdrawing from the public eye. The artist and her management team have found creative ways to stay in touch with her growing audience. As well as broadcasting via social media platforms, she is in demand for radio and TV appearances, which is where Phil Wright enters the story...
Phil became involved when Dutch national radio station 3FM was seeking an audio solutio

pwsunivisionpremioslosnuestroUnivision relies on Professional Wireless
Thursday, 14 May 2020

USA - North American Spanish-language television network Univision has been working with Orlando-based Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) to handle their production and broadcast wireless needs for more than 20 years.
“I started working with Professional Wireless when James Stoffo first started out and was lugging around gear in cardboard boxes,” explains Mike Karsch, Univision technical manage for events. “They have been my go-to wireless services partner for large and small broadcast events ever since.”
The list of annual projects is long starting off with PWS providing RF coordination, products and services for Premio Lo Nuestro, the awards show established by the network to honour the previous year's top artists in Latin music followed by Premios Juventud, a viewer-decided awards show honouring Hispanics and Latinos in film, music, sports, fashion and pop culture. They have been onsite for the Latin Grammy Awards since Univision became the Latin Recording Academy’s network of choice in 2005.
“We rely upon Professional Wireless to provide wireless coordination and gear along with a team of extremely talented individuals to assist with all of these events and more,” adds Karsch. “I also work with them when making decisions about purchasing new gear to ensure our internal needs are met. If I am in New York City and need a tech with a couple of wireless microphones last minute? I know I can call Professional Wireless and they take care of me. They’re national in their scope, which is another terrific advantage

martin-audio-virtual-tradeshowLast call for Martin Audio virtual tradeshow
Thursday, 14 May 2020

UK - Martin Audio’s first virtual tradeshow takes place on Wednesday 20 May, with registration slots throughout the day filling up fast.
Much like Martin Audio’s Open Days, the virtual tradeshow will offer an overview of the portfolio suitable for end users, distributors, rental companies and integrators. The event will be webinar-based across three time slots on Wednesday 20 May to ensure that people in different time zones can come together for the show. Each session will last for 90 minutes with the first starting at 7.30am BST, followed by a second at 10.00am BST and a final session beginning at 5.00pm BST.
“We’ve been delighted with the response so far,” says Dom Harter, managing director at Martin Audio. “With over 500 registrants to date this is fast becoming an excellent opportunity for us to guide people through our portfolio and to help attendees find the right product for different applications and budgets.”
As with all tradeshows, the timing of the event is aimed at ensuring that people who can attend will be able to find real solutions for potential projects.
“We see May as a time when more countries will start to be rebuilding their economy and when projects within pro audio will once again be discussed and so its opportune to provide this showcase,” reasons Harter. “Equally, we have already announced many new products this year and May is a time when much of the production on these will commence. We’re looking forward to talking to as many people as possible, albeit virtually, and discussing how Martin Aud

sslhalseysimonthomasSSL Fusion complements Halsey's vocals
Thursday, 14 May 2020

UK - Simon Thomas has been utilising an SSL Fusion while out on the road with American singer-songwriter, Halsey, to complement her vocal-driven production. The Fusion is a permanent feature on her vocal buss.
Thomas started out in the industry as a lighting operator in the world of amateur dramatics, and because 'no-one wanted to do sound' he volunteered, soon moving into professional theatre and hospital radio, and eventually joining Britannia Row in the '90s as one of the then 'new school' engineers. He worked as a monitor engineer initially – and for a number of A-list artists including Lighthouse Family, Moby, and Machine Head. Further down the road, he moved onto FOH, and has been working at the very top level ever since. After completing Ariana Grande's recent Dangerous Woman tour, he got the call to do Halsey.
“I was only going to do it for three months, but I've been here two years,” he reports. “We've been through trials and tribulations, and Halsey has consistently evolved, and she does steady business. She has a lot of cred, too, and her catalogue of music is really fascinating. I wonder how she comes up with half of it to be honest, as the versatility of her music is insane.”
For the last tour, which wrapped up on 12 March at Manchester Arena, Thomas started off on an SSL L200 console, as he liked how compact it was – but with growing production needs, he switched to an L550, provided by US rental house, Eighth Day.
“The L550 has been very extensively used, and I have some tasty outboard too, including the SSL Fusion

eawonline-resource-screenshotEAW ramps up educational offerings
Thursday, 14 May 2020

USA - As online resources become a more important part of today’s workflow, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has users covered with its education-based website. Located at, customers can find detailed training, tutorials, FAQ’s and knowledge-based support twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
“The goal of the EAW Education site is to empower the pro audio industry by providing the information necessary to understand, operate and design EAW sound systems,” says EAW president, T.J. Smith.
EAW’s training section allows audio pros to stay up-to-date with the latest EAW technology. The section features the Intro to ADAPTive Training series, which prepares individuals for the level 1 certification test. Level 1 certification means users are well versed in the basics of ADAPTive technology and system deployment.
EAW’s Tutorials section offers step-by-step video walkthroughs of EAW products and software including its Resolution software, ADAPTive Systems, EAWmosaic and RADIUS. The tutorials include system design, setup and startup, coverage explanation, going online and exporting settings.
EAW’s ‘Knowledge Base’ section is where visitors can find information and frequently asked questions on all EAW product lines.

streamaustriadLives on tap for Vienna’s StreamAustria
Thursday, 14 May 2020

Austria - New online showcase, StreamAustria is helping Austrian fans to get their live music fix in isolation, with a little support from Allen & Heath’s dLive mixing systems.
Broadcast via Twitch from the chic Gӧsserhalle venue, a former beer warehouse in downtown Vienna, StreamAustria has hosted several live music performances and interviews each week since early April, including sets from Ina Regen, Josh, Nathan Trent and Wiener Wahnsinn. StreamAustria is a not-for-profit venture, with all donations from viewers going to the bands’ chosen charities.
The audio setup for StreamAustria was devised by co-founder, Richard Redl, whose day job is head of sound with leading live events specialist, Habegger. The main broadcast mix system is centred on a dLive S5000 surface, operated by Richard, which shares a DM32 MixRack in multi-surface mode over gigaACE with monitor engineer, Felix Zwerger’s C3500.
A DX32 expander is used for video feeds, with a further DX32 onstage, fitted with the new Prime Input 8-channel preamps and Prime Output premium output modules. A Dante card is fitted in the S5000 surface for multitrack recording, and another in the DM32 for integration with Shure QLX-D wireless mics. All equipment has been supplied from Habegger’s rental inventory, with the exception of the Prime modules, which are on loan for evaluation from Allen & Heath’s Austrian distributor, ATEC.
Richard makes extensive use of dLive’s Deep processing, as he explains, “I was the first dLive user in Austria and I still love the flexibility

hippodromeHarman on song for Carole King musical
Thursday, 14 May 2020

UK - Sound designers for Beautiful: the Carole King Musical deployed a Harman Professional Solutions audio system.
The 2020 U.K. production features an eight-member pit orchestra to back up the cast, plus live piano performed by Daisy-Wood Davis, who plays the role of King.
To faithfully reproduce the timeless music of King in a musical theatre context, the show’s producers hired sound designer Brian Ronan and associate sound designer Tony Gayle to design a world-class touring sound system. In charge of specifying equipment for the tour, Gayle selected JBL Professional VTX A-Series loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, AKG microphones and BSS DI boxes.
“The biggest challenge was reproducing the beautiful orchestrations that were written for the show, the details of the instrumentation and the vocals,” said Gayle. “Anyone can put speakers up, put up a microphone, put it through a mixer and make it louder. Making sure you replicate what is actually being played and what's being said is the biggest challenge - keeping true to the material.”
In the spirit of staying true to King’s work, Gayle specified a JBL line array system composed of 34 VTX A8 loudspeakers and six VTX B18 subwoofers for powerful, detailed sound. An improved Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI) waveguide gives the VTX A8 broad 110-degree horizontal dispersion to reach the entire audience.
The JBL VTX B18 subwoofers give the system powerful low-end with double-flared Slip Stream ports for minimal distortion and turbulence. Gayle specified the subwoofers to be

danteDante Domain Manager goes long-distance
Thursday, 14 May 2020

UK - The annual Innovation In Music conference is an international music event that brings together music industry researchers and professionals. The event welcomes academics, artists, producers, engineers, and manufacturers to come together and hear presentations and discussions on a wide range of topics.
The most recent conference was held at the University of West London’s Ealing Campus and covered a number of topics including music production, performance and composition, studio technology innovation, and platforms for music sale, streaming and broadcast, to name a few.
Dr. Paul Ferguson, associate professor of audio engineering from Edinburgh Napier University, has been exploring the potential of long-distance creative collaboration over IP networks. This year’s conference keynote was sponsored by Dante licensee, Focusrite Pro, who was very interested in exploring the possibility of using their products and Dante technology over a long distance.
“My area of research for several years has been in looking at remote music performance and production over high-speed networks; we're very fortunate that in the education world, we're connected by high-speed networks for research purposes,” said Ferguson. “At Napier, we use Dante to link studios and resources here on campus, but I always predicted that local and long-distance collaboration could come together.”
Dante has become a standard for digital audio networking, and distributes hundreds of uncompressed, multi-channel digital audio via standard Ethernet networks. Dante allows audi


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