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xytechXytech launches Media Operations Platform
Monday, 17 October 2022

USA - Xytech has launched its new Media Operations Platform for content producers across media, broadcast and technology companies. With new executive leadership and strategic direction, Xytech’s Media Operations Platform provides ‘one command centre for all media, broadcast and production teams to create and deliver content, orchestrate people, resources and facilities, and plan logistics on time, on schedule and on budget.’
With the explosion of content creation across both traditional and non-traditional media organisations, there’s an accelerated need for media teams to have a single platform to manage all the people, equipment and assets required for production. The Xytech Media Operations Platform provides the most comprehensive set of solutions to address each entities’ specific business needs, while also maintaining the ability to integrate natively with an infinite number of solutions.
"When listening to our customers, we heard the need for a deeply integrated, comprehensive solution that manages their entire media lifecycle. We are excited to share that the Xytech Media Operations Platform does just this. Not only has consumption increased through the growth in the number of traditional outlets that many of the industry’s tools were built to serve, but it has also increased exponentially due to the types of industries using video content and the platforms delivering it," said Keith Buckley, Xytech's CEO. "Xytech is well positioned to help companies of all sizes and calibers get an end-to-end view of the media production process.”

pliantCrewCom debuts control unit at NAB New York
Friday, 14 October 2022

USA - Pliant Technologies will feature its new CCU-08 CrewCom Control Unit for the first time in the U.S. at NAB New York 2022 (Booth 1216). The CCU-08 is the latest addition to the CrewCom system and gives users the ability to use up to eight 4-Wire ports while retaining all the same features of the current companion CCU-22 and CCU-44 products.
Like the current Control Units, the CCU-08 Control Unit contains no radio and is frequency agnostic and can therefore control and monitor any device across CrewNet regardless of radio frequency bands being utilized. With the combination of CrewCom Radio Transceivers, the new CCU-08 supports up to 82 Radio Packs, 18 in Normal mode and 64 in the recently released High Density mode, across all RF bands.
“The CCU-08 is an important addition to the CrewCom lineup, as it is designed for applications that need additional I/O but do not require 2-wire connectivity,” says Gary Rosen, vice president of global sales for Pliant Technologies. “We look forward to being back at NAB NY and will feature our latest updates to the CrewCom family of products, including our new CCU-08 as well as our recently introduced High Density mode capabilities.”
The latest CrewCom firmware update includes support for the new CCU-08 as well as the recently released High Density mode feature, which will also be highlighted throughout the show. High Density mode is a selectable mode of operation that greatly increases user densities. The software-selectable mode supports up to 32 Radio Packs (RPs) on a single Radio Transceiver (RT) w

anubis-with-eventideAES New York: Merging Technologies returns
Friday, 14 October 2022

USA - The New York AES Convention sees Merging combined with new partners, Neumann.Berlin on booth 329 and on its US distributor’s stand 344, both on level 3. Despite a lot of change since the last visit to the Big Apple, the company’s focus has been on improving workflows for immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and forging new partnerships with other manufacturers.
As an integral part of the Merging mixing and mastering solution for Atmos for Music, Merging+Anubis combined with Hapi MKII and Pyramix 14 offers one of the most powerful and flexible solutions available. An extra bonus for Anubis was the addition of SoundID Reference from Sonarworks but hitherto this was only available in stereo. Merging+Anubis is again the first interface and monitoring controller on the market to be able to seamlessly import any multichannel SoundID Reference preset and run it onto any speaker set, making it the perfect solution for Dolby Atmos up to 9.1.6.
In another key enhancement that presages more developments to come, Merging announces the release of the first Eventide plug-in for Merging+Anubis. The Eventide Blackhole offers an enhanced alternative reverb to the supplied reverb program. This plug-in will be available from the Merging Webshop.
The announcement prior to NAB Las Vegas that Merging was the first third party manufacturer to join the Lawo HOME platform was welcome news for many broadcasters and now there is another significant workflow enhancement to announce. Lawo has implemented Merging’s OASIS open protocol. This allows Merging’s

oca-at-aesOCA Alliance presents at AES and SMPTE
Friday, 14 October 2022

USA - The forthcoming AES Convention at the Javits Center in New York heralds a welcome return to in-person events for the Audio Engineering Society. It is followed almost immediately – albeit on the other side of the country in Hollywood, CA – by the annual SMPTE Media Technology Summit, a four-day conference event dedicated to exploring advancements in media and entertainment technology. The OCA Alliance – represented by Bosch Communication Systems’ senior scientist, Jeff Berryman – will be presenting at both events.
At AESNY 2022, Berryman will be delivering a presentation on AES70 Control for IP Media. Devices which will summarize the AES70 control architecture for media devices and describe new features in the standard’s upcoming release. It will also introduce available AES70 developer tools and information resources for implementers, most of which are free. The session will take place in the AIMS Media-over-IP Pavilion theatre on the main AES show floor and is scheduled for Wednesday 19 October at 3:30pm and Thursday 20 October at 12:30pm.
The presentation at the SMPTE Media Technology Summit in Hollywood, CA, is a more general discussion of audio networking and control applications in today’s production environment. The presentation will cover media network standards as they apply to production environments, with particular focus on the relevant AES standards: AES67 for audio streaming, and AES70 for device control and connection management.
As part of a joint presentation with Brian Vessa from Sony Pictures Entertainment and L

tw-audioVERA20i makes house of worship debut
Friday, 14 October 2022

Canada –With a seating capacity of 2,000, Light Presbyterian Church in the Canadian city of Mississauga is a Gospel-centred church that serves a multi-ethnic and multi-generational community.
The audio environment in the wide, fan-shaped chapel is far from perfect. The stage is not the most acoustically friendly environment, suffering from plenty of reflections, and a second-floor glass balcony railing adds further acoustic energy back into the sanctuary. This combination meant that the congregation was finding it hard to hear and fully understand services.
To solve these challenges, Light Presbyterian Church turned to Abe Son from Benabe ProSound. Having worked with the church on various AV upgrades for a number of years, he knew the challenges the venue presented and had a solution to solve the problem – TW AUDiO’s VERA20i.
“We needed to design an L-R rather than L-C-R line array system for the wide, fan-shaped chapel,” recalls Son. “The ‘true’ 120° VERA20i line array speakers were perfect for delivering even sound coverage across the whole chapel.”
The installed solution sees L-R hangs of five VERA20i-120° cabinets and three VERA20i-80° enclosures. Four VERA S32i subs flown as a central cluster provide low frequency reinforcement, while a combination of C5, T20i, C5i, C12 and C15 cabinets serve as fills in various areas. Power and processing is courtesy of Powersoft amplifiers and DSP.
With the VERA20i line arrays solving the challenge of providing even coverage, Son turned to the reflection issues faced inside t

wisycommtp61AES New York: Wisycom unveils transmitter
Friday, 14 October 2022

USA - Wisycom will unveil its new MTP61 Transmitter, the latest addition to its Symphony product line, at AES New York (Booth 437). Billed as the smallest and lightest multiband bodypack transmitter on the market, the MTP61 has the widest tuning range currently available (470 to 1260MHz). Among the industry’s most powerful transmitters, the compact design of the MTP61 not only makes it comfortable, but also suitable for location sound and theatre applications alike.
“We developed the MTP61 in direct response to market demands,” says Geoff Baynard, product marketing manager, Wisycom. “A cross between our existing MTP41 and MTP60 Transmitters, the MTP61 incorporates all the advanced technology of our Symphony line in a smaller form factor. This includes seamless connectivity via long-range Bluetooth 5 to the new Wisycom App, enabling users to monitor and adjust parameters in real-time, from anywhere in a venue.”
Using the Wisycom App to control the device also eliminates the need for network connectivity. Further, the MTP61 can also be easily configured by operators directly through the module’s high-contrast OLED display with front-panel navigation buttons for quick and easy access to menus and shortcuts.
At just over two inches tall, just under two inches wide, and 3.1 ounces in weight (with battery), the miniature design of the Wisycom MTP61 is lightweight and comfortable for long-term use in applications that require discreet placement. It also operates with a standard 3.7-volt Lithium-ion battery, boasting an eight-hour autonomy, a

aa-vaAudio Architecture to distribute Voice Acoustics
Friday, 14 October 2022

UK/Germany - Audio Architecture has announced a co-operative venture with German loudspeaker manufacturer Voice Acoustic.
“VA has concentrated on building a range of high-performance small to medium sized systems that provide value for money for installers and gigging musicians for whom ROI is far more important than ‘bragging rights’,” says the company. “They have concentrated entirely on listening to their clients in developing well-made and excellently engineered products, thus reliable systems, for applications where performance excellence over life of asset is valued.”
This "under the radar" approach has very firmly established Voice Acoustic in Germany as a major force.
Collaboration with Audio Architecture will see the brand expand into UK and the Middle East.

shrewsburyflowershow1-9900000000079e3cWavefront Precision in full bloom in Shrewsbury
Thursday, 13 October 2022

UK - BSB Sound owner Martin Bickley, whose company specialises in providing PA for all manner of outdoor shows, was looking for a fresh approach to deliver first class audio for the annual Shrewsbury Flower Show as the previous design of public address system was no longer suitable due to the mounting bases for the loudspeaker masts becoming unsafe. He therefore approached a long-term associate, Robin Dibble, who also happens to be one of the Martin Audio product support team.
The show is one of the country's premier events of its kind, attracting top exhibitors from all over the UK to the site on the banks of the Severn. After a site visit to investigate the event and its requirements, Dibble specified two hangs of Martin Audio’s WPL array cabinets to be flown from towers, with a spaced broadside array of SXH subwoofers between. This he knew would provide not only high-octane audio but evenly distributed, site wide coverage.
To supply the equipment, Bickley contacted Bristol based Martin Audio partner, SWG Events, who were pleased to sub-hire their powerful Wavefront Precision WPL optimised line array. The two towers were also provided by SWG, whose head of audio, Simon Purse, assisted with the set-up.
“We needed to ensure we had consistent quality and intelligibility over the 150m throw distance whilst keeping levels contained on site, with a 74dBA limit at the borders of the event site,” noted Dibble. “The site itself is in a natural bowl and the results of any events in the show ring during the day needed to be broadcast with absolute cl

bared-footwear-tristan-todd-photography-1-largeBared Footwear steps forward with Renkus-Heinz
Thursday, 13 October 2022

Australia - When Anna Baird, podiatrist turned footwear designer, decided to open a flagship store in Sydney, Australia’s Central Business District, she set out to create a store as stylish and comfortable as her shoes. However, designing the new storefront didn’t come without acoustic challenges: while the open spaces and sleek architectural details cultivated an inviting atmosphere, they complicated sound coverage and intelligibility for the in-store live music and DJ performances.
To complete the store that stands in Sydney’s CBD today, Bared Footwear integrated a Renkus-Heinz sound system that ensures every shopper is immersed in the space.
“We want people to visit the Sydney flagship not only for the shoes but for the whole shopping experience,” explained Baird.
The two-story flagship location features high ceilings, timber flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows inspired by the colonial heritage precinct across the street from the store. The design of the space was intentional from top to bottom with cultural reconciliation, public accessibility and sustainability all being top priorities. To accommodate for the AV challenges and address the need for an impeccable sound system for live music, Baird and her team turned to Affective Building Services.
Affective Building Services, a multi-disciplinary contractor based in Sydney, AU, worked with Renkus-Heinz’s Australian and Oceanic distributor, Amber Technology, to define audio requirements and ultimately advise on the best loudspeaker solution for the space.
To meet the ne

the-tehcnical-team-with-michae-taylor-broderik-first-row-third-from-the-leftHilton Arts Festival celebrates success
Thursday, 13 October 2022

South Africa - It was with slight trepidation that the organisers of the Hilton Arts Festival opened the event on Friday, 23 September in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. After a two-year COVID-19 gap, the depressed economy, the hazardous N3 highway between Durban and Hilton and severely reduced sponsorship, it was a risky decision to take. However, driven by the sure knowledge that the arts are one of the most vital parts of a balanced society and a happy people, they forged ahead.
“With the weather playing ball (no wind, no rain) crafters and visual artists had a steady flow of visitors all weekend,” said Sue Clarence, the founder of Hilton Arts Festival. “All productions were well supported, with several selling out. The community of performers, visual artists and crafters who, over the years, have become a firm part of the success of the festival, were overwhelming in their praise, excited to be back.”
Shows and exhibitions included Firefly and Mandela A Life’s Journey, Urban Circus. The new Music Auditorium raised the bar for music with its acoustic design. “This is what art is meant to do,” Sue adds. “Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to up our game technically which made a huge impression on the visiting production companies.”
This was the 28th year that technical director, Michael Taylor-Broderick from DWR Distribution, was involved in the festival. “Thank you Sue Clarence and Evan Roberts for your unfailing dedication to keeping the festival alive,” said Michael. “You took a huge risk and provid

frameworklondon-nameframe:work set to unite real-time content creators in London
Wednesday, 12 October 2022

UK frame:work is a brand-new community event series conceptualised by four key live entertainment production experts: Laura Frank, Luke Malcolm, Soren West and Elliott Dunwody, who have a collective career experience spanning decades across multiple sectors.
The first event will take place at central London’s multipurpose tech venue, CodeNode on 3 - 4 November. For frame:work:london, the team has partnered with Bild Studios, a creative house of media technologists who are pioneering the next generation of visual experiences, in order to present the two-day conference to the industry.
The event will host conversations around the unique challenges of creating video for physical spaces, live performance and virtual worlds.
Laura Frank, frame:work co-founder, who began her own career as a touring lighting programmer for Madonna and David Bowie before moving into the XR space, states: “If you work in real-time content creation, screen content for live entertainment, or interactive content, frame:work is your new home. Together, we aim to build a transparent and peer-supported future for the creative video community of ‘live pixel people’.”
She continues: “From theatre to film, television broadcast, concert touring, conferences, installations and online events, the more we learn from each other about process, the more we’ll improve our relationships across different production communities. Our end goal is to create an authentic community and share valuable insights into the practice of these specialised fields of work.”
The c

shure-uniplexShure unveils UniPlex lavalier line
Wednesday, 12 October 2022

UK - Shure has introduced UniPlex, its new 5mm subminiature cardioid lavalier microphone engineered to be a discrete solution for speaking applications where rejection of stage noise, an audience, or close-proximity presenters is essential to conveying your message.
Offered in four colours and three connector types, UniPlex joins the award-winning line of subminiature lapels and headsets from Shure, including the omnidirectional TwinPlex and DuraPlex product portfolios.
Designed for corporate presentations and guest speakers in conference rooms, lecture halls, theatres, and arenas, UniPlex’s UL4 unidirectional lavalier microphone delivers isolated audio capture, minimising feedback with its custom-tuned cardioid element.
“We knew that the market needed a strong lavalier option that prioritised high-stakes speaking environments with a directional pattern, in a much smaller, cleaner form factor,” said John Born, associate director, microphones, global product management, at Shure. “UniPlex builds on the portfolio by featuring the same Plex technology cable for enhanced durability, yet it focuses on creating clear, isolated sound, ideal for speakers, presenters, and educators alike. We’re excited to introduce UniPlex to our growing suite of exceptional lavaliers and headsets.”
Joining Shure’s celebrated subminiature lavalier offerings, UniPlex is available in Black, Cocoa, Tan, and White. It comes complete with the accessories needed for seamless usability, including a carrying case, snap-fit windscreen, and single tie clip. UniPl

agatadankowskasd52Eminent Polish venue upgrades DiGiCo console
Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Poland - Established for over 50 years, the renowned Musical Theatre in Poznań, west Poland, has premiered a remarkable number of hit shows across the decades, many of which were written especially for the theatre and proceeded to become celebrated productions performed across the country.
With an audience capacity of approximately 400, the specialist venue prides itself on production values, and with a new high-profile play coming to the theatre, the venue made the timely decision to upgrade its long-serving DiGiCo console from an SD5 to a dedicated theatre model, the SD7T.
Among recent productions was Irena, a newly authored play that explores the story of Polish woman, Irena Sendler, who saved over 2,000 Jewish children from the holocaust during World War II. The English-language libretto was written by Polish-born US-based journalist, Piotr Piwowarczyk, and American filmmaker, Mary Skinner. Directed by Brian Kite, Dean of School of Theater, Film and Television at the University of California in Los Angeles, the production also involves experienced Broadway choreographer, Dana Solimando. With a score composed by Grammy award winner, Włodek Pawlik, whilst Pulitzer and Grammy laureate, Mark Campbell, composed the songs.
“With such a prestigious premiere, it was essential we establish the right technical infrastructure, so we took the leap to invest in a new DiGiCO console,” explains the theatre’s sound engineer, Agata Dankowska. “The theatre has been using an SD5 and two SD Racks for years, and when I joined the team four years a

michaelbuble20227Meyer reinforces Michael Bublé’s Higher Tour
Wednesday, 12 October 2022

World - Michael Bublé’s ongoing Higher Tour could best be described as an intimate party on a grand scale. It’s a full-tilt production in every respect, replete with a massive four-tier stage set to accommodate a full orchestra and backup singers – augmented on occasion by strings and a 10-piece choir – plus extensive lighting effects and four giant video screens.
For audio support, Bublé is again carrying a ‘dual hybrid’ Meyer Sound reinforcement system, comprising both main stage arrays plus massive centre-hung arrays which function as an over-specified delay system when Bublé is on the main stage and as an in-the-round system when he occupies the B-stage. This time, however, the tour has slimmed down its audio footprint by replacing most former Leo Family and all M Series systems with 76 new Panther large-format linear line array loudspeakers.
“We are thrilled with the new Panther systems, not just sonically – we expect the best from Meyer in that regard – but also because these are much lighter and smaller boxes,” says Craig Finley, the tour’s veteran production manager. “No two-ton motors out here. And Panther packs very efficiently. We are essentially carrying two systems yet it all fits in one truck. And the power requirements are lower as well.”
Bublé’s long-time FOH engineer, Craig Doubet, notes that the advantages extend to load-in/out time. “Panther goes up and down very fast,” he says. “We have 13 arrays in the air, and we now can get them all down and ready to roll out in 75 minutes.”

steve-richardson--mat-spencer-1Full Production and Avion TSL forge partnership
Wednesday, 12 October 2022

UK – Berkshire-based Full Production has announced a new strategic partnership with Coventry-based Avion TSL. The partnership will see both companies benefit from the sharing of premises, resources and expertise, enabling the delivery of a stronger and faster service to a broader range of clients in the UK and beyond.
Founded in 2010, Full Production has worked on a variety of top-flight events in recent years, from touring exhibitions and awards shows, to television, festivals and other special events. Drawing on a network of skilled designers, project managers and crew, the company prides itself on its central ethos of ensuring the customer’s vision is realised as fully as possible.
Avion TSL, a family-run business formed in 2001, specialises in providing full-service production for, concerts, fundraising events, fairs, Christmas walks and other visitor experiences. Under the new partnership it will operate under the Full Production banner where appropriate, while continuing its own activities as Avion TSL.
“Avion TSL focuses on a largely different niche, but is very much a like-minded company,” says Full Production’s managing director, Steve Richardson. “We worked alongside them last year, and we saw that they shared our customer-driven approach to the events market, always taking great pride in bringing an event to life, always enthusiastic and professional. I believe we will complement each other very well.”
“We’re both companies that like to say ‘yes’ when clients ask if we can do something, or if we have previou

zoom-mxa920Shure gains Zoom Rooms hardware certification
Tuesday, 11 October 2022

UK - Shure has announced that the Microflex Advance MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone together with the IntelliMix Room Audio Processing Software have received Zoom Rooms hardware certification when paired with the Shure Microflex MXN5W-C Networked Loudspeaker.
The certification is a key milestone for Shure in providing consistent, reliable sound for today’s hybrid work and learning Environments. To achieve Zoom Rooms hardware certification, the company’s products have undergone rigorous and comprehensive tests in lab environments. IT professionals and integrators can rest assured that Shure continues to deliver only the highest standards in collaboration performance. Meanwhile, end users can enjoy premium audio in an easy-to-use conferencing experience.
“We are pleased Shure has pursued Zoom Rooms hardware certification, which sends a signal to customers that the hardware meets the high-performance standards for Zoom Rooms,” said Eric Yu, head of hardware partnership, Zoom. “As many organisations look to enable remote collaboration for virtual participants, customers need scalable solutions to virtualise even the most complex hardware spaces.”
With the recent certification of the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone and IntelliMix Room Audio Processing Software, Shure has expanded its scalability for even the most complex spaces. The flexibility in Shure microphones and DSP for Zoom Rooms delivers a best-in-class system to any high-rise conference room or classroom on campus. The new flagship MXA920 also features Automatic Coverage Technology

riotfestMLA keeps Riot Festival under audio control
Tuesday, 11 October 2022

USA - Chicago’s three-day Riot Fest, held annually in the city’s Douglass Park, again proved a triumph for Martin Audio’s MLA PA and the company’s long-serving rental partner, Technotrix.
With five stages set within a relatively small site, tight sound control to avoid spillage into the surrounding neighbourhood is paramount. Technotrix audio dept manager, Brent Bernhardt has long known that he can depend on the manufacturer’s proprietary ‘Hard Avoid’ and cardioid pre-set adjustments to ensure cancellation and rear rejection on the three stages populated by the Martin Audio systems, to prevent sound bleeding into areas where it’s not required.
As one of the largest independently owned music festivals the line-up this year included My Chemical Romance, The Original Misfits and Nine Inch Nails.
For Technotrix, who were originally tasked with equipping a single stage when they first arrived at the event five years ago, this was a particular triumph, as production manager Grant Simmon now entrusts them with all five. “It was a big win for us, and we were able to form a team that production could trust,” said Brent.
But such demands place pressure on their inventory and he adds that they are fortunate to be able to utilise the growing Martin Audio network when it comes to pulling in extra inventory. “Martin Audio also provides great support where we need it and has done a fantastic job staying involved. But as the user network has grown, we have managed to rely less on manufacturer support and more on partner support.”

nazarethCadar Falls church turns to L-Acoustics L-ISA
Monday, 10 October 2022

USA - Established in 1871, mainly by the diaspora of Danish farmers flocking to Cedar Falls, Iowa, for the territory’s fertile soil, Nazareth Lutheran Church has undergone various changes over its past 150 years. Like many other houses of worship, one of those updates was a choice to host both traditional choir/organ and contemporary worship services on Sundays to better cater to parishioners’ preferences in worship style.
Just this year, Nazareth Lutheran sought to stay current in another way - by updating its PA system to one that would not only deliver exceptional sound for both musical genres but also position the church for its next generation of worshipers. That decision was made manifest with the installation this summer of an L-Acoustics immersive sound system featuring the new L-ISA Processor II, which was critical in bringing the next generation of sonic technology to this mid-sized church.
“The church hosts a traditional service on Sunday mornings using a choir, orchestra, organ, and bells, then 45 minutes later there’s a band up on stage,” says Duke DeJong, integration lead at AV systems integrator Vantage Pro, which executed a full renovation of the church’s sound system, including L-Acoustics L-ISA immersive technology and an Allen & Heath dLive C3500 console.
In many ways, the new L-ISA setup addresses the acoustical challenges of this type of traditional church architecture but does so with the future very much in mind. A combined total of 23 L-Acoustics A10i Focus and 11 A10i Wide loudspeakers comprise the five Scene

yamahaYamaha opens latest PA demo space in Glasgow
Monday, 10 October 2022

UK - This week, 11 October, sees Andy May, long-time front of house engineer for Status Quo and other high-profile artists, hosting a free live sound masterclass to celebrate the launch of the new Yamaha PA demo space at the guitarguitar store in Glasgow.
With branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Birmingham, London and Epsom, guitarguitar is a key destination for musicians throughout the UK. As well as instruments, the company also sells a comprehensive range of equipment for every aspect of both live and studio production.
The new PA demo space is the result of a shared vision between guitarguitar and Yamaha Pro Audio, showcasing Yamaha’s full range of powered D-series PA speakers, alongside TF, MG and EMX series mixers. A bespoke switching system, using Yamaha’s ultra-flexible ProVisionaire Touch app, lets users quickly switch between systems by simply touching an iPad. They can listen to and compare the sounds of all D-series speakers - from the flagship DZR, through the DXR, DHR and DBR models, adding or removing DXS and DXS-XLF subwoofers, as required.
“We believe this to be the best D-series demo space / experience of its kind in Europe - and quite possibly the world,” says Chris Irvine, Yamaha MIPA product manager, UK and RoI. “It will enable customers to really hear the difference and find the right live PA configuration for their needs.”
Andy May has spent his entire career in live audio, starting in the early 1980s and touring with many high-profile artists, as well as running his own PA company. But he was always

apexApex releases Cloudpower firmware update
Friday, 7 October 2022

Belgium - APEX has added numerous new features to its CloudPower installation amplifiers with the public release of V1.2.1 firmware and updates to its IntelliCloud remote control software.
Among more than a dozen feature updates, V1.2.1 now allows global device audio presets to be uploaded or downloaded for backup and fast configuration of multiple amplifiers. The new firmware standardises amplifier channel and bridged channel gain across all four models in the series, from the 4 x 350W CP354 to the 4 x 3000W CP 3004. Similarly, limiter values are now the same across the range, and limiter threshold range value is identical in normal and bridged modes. After 15 seconds without user input, CloudPower’s front panel menu now auto-exits and the daylight visible OLED display dims to prolong screen life.
V1.2.1 builds on the raft of major new features introduced in V1.1 firmware, including a ten-input matrix on each amp channel, an integral signal generator to assist with system setup and extended hands-on, front panel access to setup tools, plus UDP protocol compatibility for deeper integration with industry-standard control systems such as AMX and Crestron.
APEX managing director, Paul Van Hees comments, “V1.2.1 is packed with user-requested refinements and enhancements from the early adopters who were quick to embrace the potential of CloudPower. Along with the blockbuster new tools delivered in previous updates, we’re confident that integrators will enjoy an even smoother, faster experience with CloudPower, whether they’re managing amplifier

neutrikNeutrik Group adds Fiberfox production lines
Friday, 7 October 2022

Germany - The Neutrik Group has announced it has completed two new Fiberfox production lines, now in operation, at the group’s Connex Oldenburg plant in Germany.
As a result, market demand for Neutrik Fiberfox products will be significantly better served going forward, with one third reduction in standard delivery times.
Dietmar Rottinghaus, managing director of Connex, says, “Since joining the Neutrik Group in 2021 our sales have gone from strength to strength. The completion of these production lines supports that success and invests in our continuing growth, with new products for the AV and Industrial sectors planned for announcement in 2022.”
Fiberfox’s hermaphroditic coupling – the connector capable of both front- and rear-mounting – eliminates the need for adaptors and female and male mating halves. Available in 2-channel and 4-channel variants, with either configuration compatible with the other, and other MIL-DTL-83526 specified systems, it dramatically improving mating ability.
These are available as both pre-assembled network cables, in standardized lengths, and as the Fiberfox briDge chassis connector, which fits into the ubiquitous Neutrik D-shape cut-out. The Fiberfox briDge chassis connector is the first of its kind to convert standard LC patch cables in to an expanded beam solution. Acting as a ‘feed-through’ and fitting in to an industry standard D-size shell.
Fiberfox offers considerable technical and market advantage across a vast array of applications including AV networking, lighting, touring sound and

pcxR-H brings rocking sound solutions to Denver
Friday, 7 October 2022

USA - Renkus-Heinz will be exhibiting its latest Sound Solution loudspeaker technology at the Rocky Mountain Audio Video Expo (AVX) in Denver, Colo. from 19-20 October 2022.
Renkus-Heinz will showcase a variety of its product lines including the all-new, award-winning PCX Series, as well as innovative offerings from the Directivity Control Series, Iconyx GEN 5 Series, ICLive X Series, S Series and C Series.
AVX attendees will have the opportunity to drop by booth #811 to speak directly with Garrison Parkin, Renkus-Heinz’s western regional sales manager, and Steve Trump, owner and president of Signal Marketing, Renkus-Heinz’s independent manufacturer's representative for the Rocky Mountain region.
“Attending regional shows such as AVX allows our team to spend valuable one-on-one time to engage with our customers, partners and other industry professionals,” said Parkin. “We are excited to showcase our PCX Series for those who have not been able to see the new passive column in person yet.”
The newest offering from Renkus-Heinz, the award-winning PCX Series brings Renkus-Heinz’s industry-leading sound quality and coverage into the realm of passive arrays, creating more opportunities for AV contractors, consultants and sound system engineers to craft the perfect sound solution for its projects.
Utilising the same complex steering algorithms as Renkus-Heinz’s flagship ICONYX columns, the PCX Series’ new Passive UniBeam Technology delivers pristine sound and consistent coverage with minimal distortions or side lobe artifact

ggnasa-launchGreen-GO connects NASA launch broadcast
Friday, 7 October 2022

Australia – A flightcase full of Green-GO headsets and beltpacks kept TV crews connected for Australia’s first commercial space launch recently, as NASA launched from Arnhem Space Centre (ASC) in the sparsely populated Northern Territory.
Broadcaster BIE Creative was challenged with producing a livestream of the build-up to the launch and of the launch itself, which was hosted on the Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) YouTube page. It was ELA’s first collaboration with NASA, which chose their spaceport to fire a BBIX rocket, carrying an atmospheric observation/sensing platform to observe the AlphaCentauri constellations.
The milestone moment for Australia required the BIE Creative team to maintain reliable, continuous contact with each other. A Green-GO system comprising HS200Single and HS200Dual Headsets, and WBPX wireless and BPX wired Beltpacks, interfacing to 4Wire analogue input/output devices, was supplied by Sydney-based specialist Green-GO distributor Event Communications Australia.
“Green-GO was chosen for its robust DECT reception, ease of use, and reliability in the hostile Arnhem Land environment,” says Event Communications Australia’s Rod McKinnon. “Equally important was the portability and low weight of the system - especially considering the smaller aircraft necessary to reach the launch site with equipment being severely weight limited.”
BIE Creative’s managing director, Shane Hogan, continues: “As you can imagine, NASA has very strict limitations regarding what frequencies are able to be used in and around t

genelecstockholmGenelec extends Experience Centre network
Friday, 7 October 2022

Finland - Genelec has added Stockholm and Helsinki to its global network of Experience Centres. By visiting these new facilities, customers will receive expert personal advice on Genelec loudspeaker solutions, and enjoy a high-quality critical listening environment, from stereo to immersive. The new Nordic locations join existing Genelec Experience Centres in Europe, America and Asia - all of which share the same mission of helping customers to understand and experience the finest in sound reproduction.
Genelec has long and close connections with both Stockholm and Helsinki, each of which is a thriving cultural hub with a strong identity and sophisticated audio community. The company has developed its own teams in both cities over many years – and the two new Experience Centres further heighten Genelec’s commitment to social responsibility, by supporting each city’s cultural heritage.
Hosted by Erik Skanderbeck and Patrick Lundin from Genelec’s Swedish team, the Stockholm Experience Centre is based near the city centre on the former site of the legendary Park Studios complex. Skanderbeck and Lundin oversaw the upgrading of the infrastructure and the modernisation of the IT/AV technology throughout, plus the installation of energy-saving Smart building technology to deliver sustainability and flexibility in planning.
The Stockholm location is divided into five distinct zones, including the flagship 7.1.4 immersive Boman Room, the stereo environments of the Saltgruvan and Berg Rooms, the large Live Room, and the Lobby Area for AV system demons


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