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dpa-microphonesDPA spotlights live sound at AES New York
Friday, 30 September 2022

USA - DPA Microphones will showcase its studio and live sound microphone solutions at the 2022 AES New York Show (Booth 328).
Offering both instrument and vocal mics for a variety of applications, attendees can view DPA’s newly released 4055 Kick Drum Microphone alongside the company’s 2028 Vocal Microphone. The company will also highlight its 4006 and 4011 Pencil Microphones and 4099 Instrument Microphones.
Designed without a pre-tailored sound, the company’s new 4055 Kick Drum Microphone allows sound engineers to shape the sound of the instrument exactly as desired for any application — be it pop, rock, jazz, folk or other genres. The mic’s asymmetric design makes it easy to position when slid into any size drum without risking a tear in the drum skin. It can be placed both inside or outside the kick drum, so finding the ideal placement is quick and effortless, without worry of compromising sound pickup or quality.
Being a condenser mic, it is also fast and produces a tight and clean sound even at very high SPL (max SPL is 164 dB). Although specifically designated for use with a kick drum, this mic can be used on many instruments found in live house bands on loud stages, such as electric guitar cabinets, bass and horns due to its flat frequency response and ability to bring the uncoloured sound to the next level.
On a live stage, the 2028 Vocal Microphone delivers the same sonic qualities as DPA’s other solutions, allowing all types of vocals to shine. Borrowing elements from the company’s renowned d:facto 4018 Vocal Mic, the

six-sensesL-Acoustics drives the audio DNA of Six Senses
Friday, 30 September 2022

Spain - Conceived and designed by architect Jonathan Leitersdorf, Six Senses nestles into the rock of the northern tip of the Balearic Island of Ibiza.
As part of Six Senses Resorts Spas, the property is designed, as Leitersdorf says, “to provide a sense of intimacy and excitement that makes its guests happy to stay and never want to leave.”
Part of its distinctive atmosphere is delivered through its sound experience, which includes L-Acoustics systems in multiple areas, designed to deliver a consistent audio DNA; creating an empowering ambience throughout curated spaces.
Danny Ariel from L-Acoustics certified provider installer for Israel, D and D, had completed projects such as Conservatorium Amsterdam, Norman Hotel Tel Aviv, Roomers Hotel Munich, and Sir Joan Hotel in Ibiza. He previously collaborated with Leitersdorf on projects for more than a decade and was instrumental in the design and specification of the audio system for Six Senses Ibiza. “I have been involved in many of his projects around the world, including a spectacular chalet in Switzerland and the W Hotel in Amsterdam, which revolves around music and has an extensive AV system.”
The latter, says Ariel, is where the idea for Six Senses originated. “Ibiza is the holy land of music, but when we started researching what was available in the hotels there, we realized there was something missing,” he says. “There wasn’t a single hotel where someone from the creative industries – musicians, DJs, filmmakers, etc., – could come on vacation, but still be able to work

orchestre-et-feuNexo STM in classical mode on the beach
Friday, 30 September 2022

France - Un Violon sur le Sable (A Violin on the Sand) attracts up to 50,000 classical music lovers from all over France and beyond to what is essentially a free festival of three major orchestral concerts plus a solo recital on the beach at Royan on the Atlantic coast.
This year’s event took place over four evenings in the final week of July, with Nexo STM as the main FOH system, deployed by local production services company Black Line Event from Fouquebrune.
With additional hangs of speakers up and down the beach to cover an unusually wide lateral crowd, the main line arrays on either side of the stage each comprised of nine STM M46 main modules flown side by side with nine STM B112 bass extension modules, plus an additional three STM M28 omni modules on the bottom as down-fills.
Nine STM S118 subs were ground-stacked beneath each array in a cardioid configuration to tighten the LF response and keep the low frequencies off the stage, and pairs of Nexo Geo M6 cabinets were spaced across the stage as front-fills. Three Nexo Nuar racks per side provided amplification and processing.
“This type of event requires an extremely high-fidelity system to recreate the listening experience of a concert hall in a large outdoor setting for what is a very discerning audience,” reports Bertrand Billon of Nexo’s Engineering Support Team who helped to design the system using Nexo NS-1 configuration software. “What’s more, we needed a lot of power and headroom in the system so the music didn’t get swamped by the sound of the spectacular firework

martinMartin Audio brings explosive sound to Nagaoka
Thursday, 29 September 2022

Japan - Held annually over two days along the banks of the Shinano River in Nagaoka City, Nagaoka Fireworks Festival resumed in August after a three-year break. The spectacular show was accompanied by Martin Audio WPC and WPS line arrays, which were adopted as the main sound system.
The festival was inaugurated as far back as 1879 and since World War II has been held annually on 2-3 August, with the hope of achieving world peace. In 2019, it boasted a record 1.08m spectators around the world, making it one of the three major fireworks festivals in Japan.
Although the main audience area spans approximately 500m x 200m, the height of the sound system is limited to under 3m in order not to block the view of the fireworks. To meet this requirement, multiple small systems were installed and distributed over the entire audience area.
MIC LLC and Yokinsha Co. both brought 12 WPC and four SX218 subwoofers to the event, while Niigata Shomei Giken Co brought 16 WPS and six SXCF118 - set at 50m intervals. The requirement for the system was to broadcast background music, commentary from the MC and emergency announcements, bringing clarity and high intelligibility across the entire audience area during the fireworks display.
Describing the event, Mr. Endo of MIC, the audio general producer, said, "I have tried various systems from many manufacturers over the years, but the Martin Audio system was the only one that was able to provide a consistent experience for visitors over the wide audience area, during the explosive sound of fireworks. The reason why we

stemecosystemShure tunes and refines Stem Ecosystem
Thursday, 29 September 2022

UK - Shure has extensively tuned and refined Stem Ecosystem audio components in certified acoustic labs at its headquarters. These advancements, available to Stem users today via Firmware v2.5, have yielded significant improvements in clarity, more consistent speech levels, and enhanced intelligibility for a more natural and transparent communication experience
The Stem Ecosystem provides a customisable audio solution that is easy to set up and designed to seamlessly fit the requirements of any room. Combined with the audio quality and acoustic performance improvements of Firmware v2.5, Stem delivers an even more effortless way to achieve a great-sounding conferencing audio experience.
“In recent firmware updates, we improved the installation and setup experience of Stem solutions and the reliability of products already in the field. This new update provides substantial improvements in acoustic performance and audio quality,” said Luis Guerra, Associate Director of Global Product Management for the Stem Ecosystem, at Shure.
“We care about enabling our customers to create meeting spaces where they don’t even have to think about the audio because it just works, regardless of the environment,” continued Guerra. “We are confident that the enhanced audio performance featured in this update will have an encouraging and positive impact on our customers’ experiences in their meeting spaces.”
Because Stem devices have auto-updates enabled by default, all Stem Ecosystem devices connected to a network with internet access and on defaul

frangipani-one-love-shirtFrangipani and Funktion-One aid Music Support
Thursday, 29 September 2022

UK - Shirtmaker Frangipani and loudspeaker manufacturer Funktion-One have joined forces to launch a limited-edition collection of shirts, with all profits going to Music Support, the charity that helps those who work in music and live events affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction. The shirts, which are available in two colourways, feature a design based on a 3D blueprint of Funktion-One Evolution loudspeakers.
Frangipani co-founders Clem and Ben Wilmot have been long admirers and friends of Funktion-One, having spent a lot of time in fields and clubs dancing to Funktion-One sound systems.
Ben explains: “Nothing beats being in front of a stack of Funktion-One speakers with like-minded individuals, having the times of our lives and dancing the night away. Our ethos at Frangipani is to make shirts that people want to live in and to bring some colour and happiness to the world and we think this is a perfect partnership with Funktion-One who do the same as us but through sound. A couple of years ago, we asked if we could make a Funktion-One inspired print and were over the moon when they said yes.”
With the foundation of the collaboration in place, Frangipani and Funktion-One turned their attention to a charity partner. “The idea to work with Music Support came from Funktion-One,” recalls Ben. “We immediately knew this was a project that we wanted to get involved with and a charity that we wanted to support. This was during the ‘lockdown era’ and so many of our friends who work in the music industry were stuck at home with no furlo

digicoDiGiCo drives OneRepublic’s endless summer
Thursday, 29 September 2022

USA - Following a lengthy five-year touring hiatus, North American fans of OneRepublic were justifiably thrilled to catch the Colorado Springs-founded band on its recent Never Ending Summer Tour, which stopped at more than 40 arenas, theatres, amphitheatres and pavilions between early July and mid-September.
Equally elated were FOH engineer Justin Ripley and monitor engineer Dave McMullin to be manning their mixes on a pair of DiGiCo Quantum7 consoles provided by Nashville’s Spectrum Sound, which supplied the control and PA packages for the tour.
For over a year, Spectrum has also been equipping the production team with a pair of DiGiCo Quantum338 consoles for the band’s many non-tour-related shows. “We’ve been out for most of this year, including seven weeks in Europe during April and May, but we’ve always had a good number of one-offs in between,” says McMullin, who has been with OneRepublic for the past six years.
“We have a lot of creative itinerary routing, with many side shows scheduled in the midst of ‘normal’ touring, so Spectrum has provided us with multiple control packages that allow us to send different rigs as needed. In my time with the band, we’ve only really had two proper touring seasons, with the rest of the time being filled with many small runs and one-offs, often still doing 60 to 70 shows per year. Having two rigs ready to go at all times allows us to be flexible and make the potentially challenging scheduling work.”
During non-tour times, the group’s A and B control rig are identical, both consist

powersoftPowersoft X4 scores at Thailand’s Chonburi Stadium
Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Thailand - Powersoft’s crossover X Series amplifier platform is powering a 40-box speaker system providing sound at the newly refurbished Chonburi Stadium in eastern Thailand.
Chonburi Stadium was built in 2009 to host the 39th Thailand National Games, held in Chonburi in December 2010. The stadium is now home to Thai League 1 football team Chonburi FC, nicknamed the Sharks, who play both domestic and international home fixtures in the ground, located around 50 miles east of Thai capital Bangkok.
The replacement of the original audio system (the choice of equipment having been driven by budget considerations) was part of an ongoing upgrade of the 13-year-old stadium’s facilities that also included improved lighting, new seats and a re-turfed grass pitch.
Tasked with improving intelligibility for both speech and music, system integrator Asavasopon used Modeler and Auditioner software by Bose Professional (of which Asavasopon is the Thai distributor) to design a new sound system that would deliver clarity and volume across all Chonburi Stadium’s 8,600 seats.
“To the stadium owners, the sound quality in the stadium is crucial, both in terms of loudness and clarity,” says Phaisal Asavasopon, president of the Asavasopon Co, explaining the brief given to the SI. “The quality of the communications providing information to spectators was considered particularly important.”
The chosen set-up pairs 40 units of Bose’s ArenaMatch loudspeakers with six high-performance Powersoft X4 DSP + Dante amplifiers. The SI also made use of Power

obiebill-sheppellAustrian Audio on the road with Bon Jovi
Wednesday, 28 September 2022

USA - Austrian Audio mics were on tour with another major act earlier this year when Jon Bon Jovi kicked off their 2022 spring North American tour in Omaha, Nebraska.
Travelling throughout the Midwest and South, stopping in 15 cities along the way, the New Jersey rockers performed music off their latest album, Bon Jovi 2020. The playlist included classic hits like You Give Love a Bad Name and Wanted Dead or Alive plus one ot two surprise tracks.
FOH engineer Bill Sheppell and Bon Jovi’s longtime friend and recording engineer Obie O'Brien were responsible for the tour's sound and recording. The pair made extensive use of Austrian Audio microphones with OD505 active dynamic vocal mics. Austrian Audio OC18 condenser microphones were used on the drums while a CC8 small-diaphragm condenser was used on the hi-hat and percussion.
O’Brien and Sheppell agreed on the performance of the made-in-Austria mics: “We got impressive results with the spill over rejection of the 505 vocal mics. Even when they cover the mic with both hands, the sound remains unchanged, and feedback rejection is still great. Fantastic new vocal mics from Austrian Audio.”
The tour was a big success and fans across the US were more than excited to see their favourite rockers back on stage after a two year break. The band not only played crowd favourites, but also paid tribute to Ukraine, performing “It’s My Life,” a song that has been adopted as an anthem for Ukrainians, and “We Don’t Run,” which was being filmed as part of a Global Citizen s

digico-roadshowDiGiCo roadshow rolls into South Africa
Wednesday, 28 September 2022

South Africa - DWR Distribution is welcoming Ian Staddon, vice president of sales for DiGiCo, back to South Africa for a roadshow taking place in Johannesburg (6 October), Durban (10 October) and Cape Town (12 October). This is an opportunity to meet with friends and get acquainted with the DiGiCo Quantum mixing console.
“I’m looking forward to the roadshow and the launch of the Quantum series,” said Ian Staddon. “It has been way too long since I’ve been down and I’m looking forward to visiting everyone and seeing the backend of Covid-19 with a much busier industry.”
The DWR team are as happy to be out on the road again. “From my side, it’s actually so nice to have Ian back in the country,” said Kyle Robson, DiGiCo brand manager at DWR. “The last time he was with us was pre-Covid and it will be good for him to meet up with the people again. We will also be showing off the Quantum console and I’m truly excited.”
Everyone is welcome. There are no charges or booking requirements. Dates and venues are as follows:
Johannesburg, 6 October from 10 am to 5 pm - DWR Distribution, Block C, Unit 1, Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laserpark, Honeydew.
Durban, 10 October from 12 pm to 4pm - The Olive Tree Church, 113 Florida Road, Windermere, Durban.
Cape Town, 12 October from 12 pm to 4pm - GrandWest Grand Arena, 1 Jakes Gerwel Drive, Acacia Park, Cape Town.

digicoSeongnam-si Atrium installs DiGiCo Quantum
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Korea - Officially opened in March this year, Seongnam-si Atrium was built on the site of the old Civic Centre next to the Seongnam Medical Centre building in Taepyeong-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si. The building’s 4943sq.m spans six floors, four of them below ground, it features a 645-seat grand theatre and a smaller 200-seat theatre, both with access to a DiGiCo Quantum 338 and Quantum 225 mixing console, as well as offices for local art groups.
Following a ground breaking ceremony in March 2019, the name Seongnam Atrium was confirmed in November 2019 through a contest to name the venue and a preference survey of Seongnam-si’s citizens. The name means the central garden of an ancient Roman house and denotes a creative culture and arts space that connects with the citizens.
DiGiCo’s Korean distributor, Soundus, became involved with the project in June 2021. “Originally a different console was specified,” says Soundus sales director, Mr Park. “But we and our partner continually reached out to the client so we could provide them with a demo and technical training on DiGICo consoles. As a result of that, DiGiCo was confirmed as the right solution for the venue.”
Soundus recommended a Quantum 338 because it was the latest console in the range, with the Quantum engine able to process data much faster than competitive products. They also knew the Quantum 338’s specification, price point and striking design would attract the interest of the team at Seongnam Atrium.
The Quantum 338 is deployed at front of house in the grand theatre,

optimalOptimal Audio extends Cuboid loudspeaker line
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

UK - Optimal Audio has announced new additions to its Cuboid line-up of loudspeakers with four models introduced, available in black or white as standard. The new models comprise Cuboid 3, Cuboid 3TX, Cuboid 5 and Cuboid 5TX.
Cuboid 3 is a full range, two-way, passive 3” loudspeaker, designed ‘to give exceptional sound quality in a very small form factor’, for distributed applications with high quality background music and speech reproduction.
With included mounting hardware, Cuboid 3 can be fixed in either portrait or landscape orientation for simple and flexible installation. A weatherproof terminal cover is available as an aftermarket accessory for outdoor use, bringing the rating to IP54. Cuboid 3 features a 3.5” low frequency driver and a 0.5” PEI dome high frequency driver mated to a shallow wave guide for consistent HF distribution.
Cuboid 3TX adds a transformer, enabling the speakers to run on a series of 70 or 100V taps or at low impedance. Tap selection is via a rotary switch on the rear of the cabinet.
Cuboid 5 and Cuboid 5TX follow in similar fashion and feature a 5.25” low frequency driver and a 0.75” high frequency driver.
The new Cuboid additions will start to ship in APAC from November, EMEA from December, and the Americas in the new year.
Managing director Dom Harter says, “We’re delighted to extend the popular Cuboid series - these new additions open the brand to additional indoor and outdoor applications with sound quality that will delight. When coupled with the Zone series and the WebApp, sett

rufusRüfüs Du Sol turns up the heat with KV2
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Czech Republic - Australian electronic dance music combo Rüfüs Du Sol is currently in the midst of a world tour that has taken them throughout Europe before heading over to the US and terminating in Australia (via New Zealand) at the end of the year.
The group has enjoyed huge success in their native Australia and has since relocated to Los Angeles to further their international reputation - clearly now well established as the band has just received a 2022 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for Alive, the lead single from their fourth studio album, Surrender.
As part of their European tour, the trio recently played a sold-out gig in Prague at the 3,000-capacity Forum Karlin using KV2’s flagship VHD5 system.
Rüfüs Du Sol’s relationship with KV2 began in earnest in early 2021 when KV2’s technical support director for the APAC region, Angus Davidson met Cam Trewin, a Melbourne-based studio and live sound engineer. “Cam had recorded a live set with Rüfüs Du Sol at The Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert which had been mixed in Dolby Atmos for the video in Los Angeles,” explains Davidson. “I told him about Red Road Immersive, the Dolby Atmos studio I had built during lockdown. He then talked to the band and they decided to remix the live set at Red Road for release on Apple Music.”
The studio is based around 14 x KV2 EX Series speakers and is one of the first studios in APAC to be certified by Dolby. Trewin was impressed with the sound of the KV2 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos system, as was Dale Becker from Becker Mastering in

creamfieldsSolotech and Capital Sound back Creamfields
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

UK - Creamfields North celebrated its 25th anniversary in style in the village of Daresbury - its home since 2006. The site in Cheshire again played host to the dance event, and with it a selection of global DJ superstars over August Bank Holiday weekend.
The biggest EDM event in the UK, hosting 250 artists over the four days, it comprised up to 12 stages, two of which were serviced by Capital Sound (a Solotech company) who have a long history of supporting the event, both in the north and south.
Headliners this year included Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Hardwell amongst others, all performing alongside the likes of Becky Hill, Bicep Live, Eric Prydz, Patrick Topping, Pete Tong, Martin Garrix, Jax Jones, Scooter and Armin van Buuren.
All the performances were DJ playback, and as is customary, each of the stages changed name on a daily basis. Working alongside production director Ian Greenway of LarMac Live, Solotech were responsible for Stage 3 - a large TFS structure - and the outdoor Runway Stage, which saw the introduction of a new ‘concept stage’.
Stage 3 began as a silent disco as did all opening stages on the Thursday, changing to Catch And Release, Stmpd Records and MK Presents on the successive days. The key nights were Saturday when Martin Garrix headlined and on Sunday where MK revved up the audience hosting his own Arena line up.
Solotech fielded 11 MLA elements with an MLD Downfill at the base on both sides of the stage; further front-fills were provided by four Martin Audio DD12, while an array of 13 MLX subwoofers in

l-acousticsL-Acoustics K2 supports Twenty One Pilots tour
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

USA - Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, better known as Twenty One Pilots, have released six studio albums, including last year’s Scaled and Icy, which nabbed the Top Rock Album prize at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. After an extensive European festival run earlier this year and the duo’s international Takeover Tour in late 2021, Twenty One Pilots is now out on The Icy Tour, its second North American trek supporting the album.
Clair Global has been serving as the artists’ touring sound reinforcement provider since January and is carrying an L-Acoustics K2 system for the current arena run.
“I’ve worked on a number of K2 systems in the past and have really enjoyed their tonality,” says Kenny Sellars, who has been with the band since 2016, first as a systems engineer, then taking over FOH duties in January of 2019. “Twenty One Pilots’ show is significantly more dynamic than a typical pop-arena act. The band uses a plethora of instruments, and the show varies from moments of EDM-like bass and heavy rock to quieter ukulele and piano-led pieces. We needed a system that offered us high fidelity from the quietest to the loudest moments night after night. The sound of K2 combined with KS28 works really well for this show.”
Clair Global systems engineer Christian Peterson agrees with K Series being the right choice. “I joined the tour just as they started the European festival dates in May,” he says. “During that time, I got to hear the show on a wide variety of systems and really enjoyed working on the K1 and K2 rigs we encountered

duecanalidspPowersoft bolsters fixed-install range
Monday, 26 September 2022

Italy - Powersoft has further enhanced its fixed-install product range by introducing AES67-compatible versions of its popular Duecanali and Quattrocanali amplifier platforms.
The new models, called Duecanali DSP+ and Quattrocanali DSP+, are able to receive audio-over-IP (AoIP) streams compliant with the AES67 standard, which allows high-performance streaming AoIP interoperability across different networking systems.
The new Powersoft DSP+ models – comprising the Duecanali 804 DSP+, 1604 DSP+, 4804 DSP+ and 6404 DSP+ and Quattrocanali 1204 DSP+, 2404 DSP+, 4804 DSP+ and 8804 DSP+ – can receive AES67 streams natively by connecting the dedicated AoIP networking port to an AES67 network.
The Duecanali DSP+ and Quattrocanali DSP+ amplifiers are supported by a new version of ArmoníaPlus, Powersoft’s system design, control and monitoring software, which is available now.
The introduction of the new DSP+ models will enable systems integrators to take advantage of the growing number of AES67-native audio products, says Powersoft product management specialist Giorgio Carminati, while the v2.4 update to ArmoníaPlus will streamline the configuration process by allowing users to configure both the AES67 inputs and DSP settings of the amplifiers in the same software.
All Powersoft amplifiers featuring a Dante card, including Duecanali DSP+D and Quattrocanali DSP+D models, can also be configured to work with AES67 audio streams by enabling AES67 mode in ArmoníaPlus or Dante Controller.
“We are delighted to introduce these new amplifi

digicoPrague’s Musical Theatre Karlín opts for DiGiCo
Monday, 26 September 2022

Czech Republic - Located on the outskirts of Karlín near Florenc in Prague, the Musical Theatre Karlín (Czech: Hudební divadlo Karlín) is one of the oldest and theatres in the Czech Republic. With its lively entertainment programme predominantly consisting of operettas and musical productions, the 141-year theatre was built by the city and is its largest theatre after the Prague State Opera.
As part of a major update to the technical infrastructure of its main stage, the Musical Theatre Karlín has recently invested in DiGiCo’s Quantum 7T with EX-007 fader expansion surface, supplied and installed by DiGiCo’s Czech distributor, Pro Music.
The theatre’s main auditorium previously featured a large format analogue desk. It had served the venue well for many years, but the theatre’s team knew it was time for an update. As the venue also has a smaller stage which is already equipped with a DiGiCo SD9 system, this prompted the theatre to contact Pro Music, the leading supplier of innovative technologies in the fields of professional sound and lighting in Czech Republic and Slovakia, who were also suppliers of the original SD9.
“The analogue console sounded great, so the bar for its replacement was already set quite high,” says Pro Music’s Petr Šťásek. “We recommended the Quantum 7T because of the audio quality of its 32-bit mic preamp, transparent Quantum processing, theatre workflow, huge number of physical faders and large I/O capacity, all of which meant it would be able to deliver sound quality superior to the previous solution.

k-arrayParma Cittàdella Musica celebrates with K-array
Monday, 26 September 2022

Italy - The concert area of Parma’s Parco Ducale hosted a number of prestigious concerts this summer, including performances from Andrea Bocelli, Zucchero and Sting. A K-array Firenze-KH7 system with Firenze-KS8 subs was used for sound reinforcement within the performance space, chosen for its sonic qualities and for the precision available when controlling the sound.
The sound engineers accompanying the artists were impressed by the definition and linearity of the system; a characteristic that allows for focussing and refining individual sounds with even greater precision that works perfectly for venues where complete control is required.
The Parco Ducale is a historical park in Parma, covering over 200,000 m2, located in the Oltretorrente district near the Parma river. For the past three years, a concert area with a stage has been set up next to the palace and has already hosted performances by important artists in past editions.
The entire system was set up by Riccardo Garbuglio's Arcadia Rent, with the support of Klaus Hausherr, product specialist from K-array. In overseeing the project, Klaus assisted all the sound engineers during the festival, stating: "We opted for a relatively standard configuration, with an L+R made up of eight Firenze-KH7 units, ten Firenze-KS8 subs (double 21''), with additional KH7s in a horizontal position with the diffusion pattern rotated as reinforcement for the first rows" said Klaus
“Firenze-KH7 is a system that is as simple as it is effective, allowing for precise control over the polar pattern in situ

hamptoncourtpalacefestivalMLA Compact reinforces Hampton Court Festival
Monday, 26 September 2022

UK - Having routinely specified Martin Audio’s MLA Compact PA for festival shows where sensitive offsite noise has been an issue -along with the smaller MLA Mini on corporate events - Bristol based SWG Events has continued its long tradition.
Best known for servicing a number of stages at Glastonbury with Martin Audio solutions the production company recently provided sound reinforcement for the second year to the Hampton Court Palace Festival, having worked for the production company that runs HCPF on other shows.
In addition to the single large stage, which featured two main hangs of eight MLA Compact and six MLX, they also provided BlacklineX on a small bandstand in the East Front public picnic area prior to the show.
This year’s line-up included UB40, Elbow, George Benson, Jack Savoretti, McFly, Kacey Musgraves, The Human League, Michael Ball & Alfie Boe and Crowded House.
To provide even coverage for audiences up to 3,200-capacity SWG Events supplemented the two main MLA Compact hangs with DD12s for centre and left/right outfills, with eight WPM for front-fills and six Blackline X8 for balcony-fills. A monitor package in the shape of 16 of their new XE500 was powered by Martin Audio’s iKON iK42 amplifiers.
Aside from the quality of the music, the orientation of the stage - enabling the Palace to provide a spectacular backdrop - was the icing on the cake, as SWG event technology specialist Ian Williams explained. “The idea is to create the illusion that the audience felt they were inside the palace rather than just in fro

dolbyatmosjbl5Milan post facility installs JBL reference monitors
Friday, 23 September 2022

Italy - Disc To Disc Productions recently unveiled the first Dolby Atmos mixing suite in Milan, and the first in Italy to feature JBL Professional 7 Series master reference monitors.
Based in the city of Milan, Disc To Disc is an audio post-production company that offers recording, editing and mixing services for original television series, cinema, commercials and cartoons. In addition to its audio post-production for the screen, Disc To Disc also converts top music producers’ stereo mixes to Dolby Atmos surround mixes for hit-making artists in the Italian music industry.
While there are many media production companies and professionals living and working in Milan, the vast majority of Italy’s audio post-production facilities are located in Rome. Studio owner and audio engineer Antonio D'Ambrosio's vision for Disc To Disc was to open the first Dolby Atmos-equipped audio post-production mixing studio in Milan and bring the rich professional tradition of Rome’s cinema audio industry to the bustling Milan market.
In order to ensure a top-notch listening and mixing experience in the first Milanese Dolby Atmos-certified studio, D’Ambrosio outfitted Disc To Disc’s main cinema mixing room with a complete 7.4.1 surround sound solution centered around JBL 7 Series master reference monitors.
“There are many broadcast and streaming companies with headquarters in Milan, but until now they’ve had to work with studios in Rome to mix their production audio,” said D’Ambrosio. “It was a dream for us to create the first Dolby Atmos mixing r

mosqueHoloplot delivers for monumental Egyptian Mosque
Friday, 23 September 2022

Egypt - Holoplot has announced the successful installation of its flagship technology inside Misr Masjid, a newly-built mosque, central to the development of the country’s new administrative capital outside of Cairo.
As one of the largest mosques in the world, the Misr Masjid project presented the challenge of delivering clear, intelligible speech to a congregation of thousands in a space of over 10.000sqm - without compromising the architectural integrity of the building’s mainly marble interior.
A conventional sound system may require upwards of 30 positions to achieve sufficient coverage and intelligibility within such a space. Holoplot provided audio coverage throughout the mosque, requiring only nine loudspeaker array positions. Each array is mounted as high as 23m above the floor, concealed at a significant distance from the listener behind painted cloth or metal. The entire audio system rendered ultimately invisible to worshipers.
Central to Holoplot's approach is the ability to control and shape sound in both classic and more complex environments, manoeuvring highly reflective spaces with unprecedented accuracy. In this instance, X1 handled an existing reverberation time of 6s, caused by both the marble interior and 60m high dome, managing not to excite the reverberant field - directing energy away from reflective surfaces and preventing the need for large amounts of acoustic treatment.
Emad El-Saghir at Holoplot said: "This grand mosque is an exemplar of X1's technological capability. We introduced several new system concepts that

act-ultimate-support-logoACT Entertainment acquires Ultimate Support Systems
Friday, 23 September 2022

USA - ACT Entertainment, manufacturer and distributor of live performance equipment, has acquired Ultimate Support Systems, manufacturer of support solutions widely used throughout the music and live performance industries. The official announcement was made in Windsor, Colorado at the home office of Ultimate Support Systems on 15 September.
“We are very excited to add the Ultimate Support Systems product line and their team to the ACT Entertainment family,” says Ben Saltzman, CEO of ACT Entertainment. “Like ACT, Ultimate has a passion for innovation at its core. The ability to design, develop and engineer state-of-the-art products while providing value and quality is unique in the category. The more I got to know Mike and the amazing team at Ultimate, the more excited I became at the opportunity to work together.”
By purchasing Ultimate Support Systems, ACT now provides yet another of the industry’s most respected brands and products to all the end markets it serves. With the ACT team now behind the brand, Ultimate will continue to grow its product line and create quality support solutions for performers and technicians.
“I’m very thankful for the dealer and customer relationships and support developed over the nearly 16 years of owning and operating Ultimate. Moving on to the next chapter, we are very excited to be a part of the ACT Entertainment family,” says Mike Belitz, CEO of Ultimate Support Systems. “The new ownership will provide the resources for further growth and innovation that the brand deserves.”

panacousticsopendayPan Acoustics marks 20th anniversary with Open Day
Thursday, 22 September 2022

Germany - Around 100 guests, including a large number of distribution partners from all over the world as well as business friends, network partners and suppliers from the region, came together to congratulate the founder of Pan Acoustics, Udo Borgmann and his team.
Well-known presenters, including guest speakers from the manufacturers Audinate, AFMG and Mundorf, informed the interested professional audience about current trends in AV technology. In practical presentations, audio engineers and acoustic consultants passed on valuable know-how to the audience on topics such as sound design or sound reinforcement solutions for challenging acoustic environments. The seminar programme climaxed in a string concert during an impressive demonstration of the ACS Acoustic Control System installed on site, for electronic adjustment of room acoustics.
"In order to successfully exist on the market as a company in a technical field for 20 years, you are of course allowed to reminisce, but you must also always keep your eyes on the future," reports Udo Borgmann, who founded Pan Acoustics in Braunschweig in 2002 and describes himself and his employees as innovation-driven. "That's why we chose the combination format of learning, networking and celebrating."
In 2020, Borgmann realised his dream and ventured the new construction of the current company headquarters on the outskirts of Wolfenbüttel with a view from the roof terrace over fields and forests to the Brocken as the highest mountain in the low mountain range Harz.
The modern company building offers t

digicoCaptivate AV adds DiGiCo Quantum 338
Thursday, 22 September 2022

Australia - Captivate AV has been a provider of full production services on the Gold Coast since 2016. The company specialises in events and installations, crafting bespoke audio-visual solutions for corporate events, schools, houses of worship, festivals, artists and beyond. The business’s expanding system requirements prompted an investment in a DiGiCo Quantum 338 mixing console to raise production values.
Captivate AV director Chris Lang outlines Captivate AV’s seamless integration of the Quantum 338. “When we started Captivate AV, [the directors] each had our own SD11i console with D-Racks. As our need to supply larger systems grew, we added a SD8-24, SD10-24 and S21 to our inventory, along with various racks and connection accessories.
“When the Quantum series was released, it was clear this was a new era of audio consoles and we wanted to be on the leading edge. With high demand for fibre systems from the touring market, this was a must and integrates nicely with our SD10 which is already on fibre. The Quantum’s I/O capacity is unmatched, and we can safely put the console in any situation with confidence that audio will make it to its destination - wherever needed, and by whatever means required.”
“ON first firing up the Quantum 338 and running some multitracks through it, we were pleasantly surprised by how much nicer the effects processing came across. We also enjoyed applying some of the new Mustard compressors, which bring new life to traditional band instruments. Adding in the Chilli 6 on the Spice Rack was really the icing


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