Splitbeam takes DiGiCo SD7 on Chicago tour
Wednesday, 3 July 2019
digicoJaco Beukes (DWR) with Splitbeam’s Fried Wilsenach, Mphumeleli Luvuno and Hleziphi Gusha
South Africa - Splitbeam, the theatre division of rental company Gearhouse, has invested in a DiGiCo SD7T supplied by DWR, DiGiCo’s distributor for the territory.
“Bad sound is as detrimental to a production as an actor forgetting their lines,” says Splitbeam’s MD, Alistair Kilbee. “Good sound feels natural, never taking away from what is happening on stage but supplementing it, giving the sound for the ears to match what the eyes see for the magic of theatre to take place.
“Mixing sound is the art of balance - balancing what comes out of the speaker to transform a noise into a recognisable piece of information that feels good to experience. This is where the gear becomes important. Having a console capable of not merely handling the show, but orchestrating it, the engineer acting as the conductor for the sounds, matching, mixing and blending them to become an audible canvas
“The SD7T is immense,” continues Kilbee. “It boasts the features that sound engineers drool over.” The desk is currently being used on the musical production Chicago.
“The theatre is about crafting an experience that is both transformative and human,” Kilbee concludes. “As the audience’s senses are being stimulated, it becomes vital to understand that the sound is all about their enjoyment and journey. With the DiGiCo SD7T, it not only ensures this but shapes it. Splitbeam’s investment in the product co-signs it as a great console and as a great tool capable of producing great experiences and great art.”
(Jim Evans)

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