Colette Carter brings a wealth of experience to the Stage Electrics London and Bristol operations
UK - With Colette Carter having recently joined Stage Electrics as sales manager with responsibility for developing growth in hire, Colette has been swift to act by restructuring the customer facing hire team.

Based at the company's headquarters, Colette brings a wealth of experience to the Stage Electrics London and Bristol operations, having worked for more than 20 years within the engineering and distribution industries.

Previously, Colette was branch manager at Buck and Hickman, one of the UK's leading distributors of tools, maintenance and health and safety equipment. Prior to that she had moved up 'through the ranks', holding a number of key management positions.

On joining Stage Electrics she was tasked by Adrian Searle, head of technical & hire operations to re-focus the company's hire sales team.

"My background is predominantly in people management and development, while maximising operational efficiencies," she says. "What drives me most, however, is sales and success. Stage Electrics saw a quality and experience within my skill set that would allow me to develop and manage existing knowledge and experience within the team, which would result in outstanding customer service and delivery that exceeds customer expectation.

"I identified early on that Stage Electrics hire customers would benefit from a comprehensive and up-to-date Hire Reference Guide, with a lot of hard work we produced a new 60 page reference tool, with the first printed copies being posted within six weeks."

"We knew that Colette would be the right person to lead the sales effort in one of our key departments and we are very pleased to have been proved right," says Adrian Searle. "The company has already benefitted from her skills and experience and we look forward to her playing a key role in maximising Stage Electrics success in the equipment rental market."

(Jim Evans)

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