Star Live delivered the stage for the King's Coronation concert - for which all electrical and cable components were inspected by Data Strategy's QC-Check
UK - Build solutions specialist Star Live has invested in a QC-Check safety inspection system from Data Strategy following its recent investment from LDC, part of Lloyds Banking Group. QC-Check embeds safety into the processes of Star’s new lifting division which underpins the safety and compliance issues for the company’s four pillars of business.
QC-Check streamlines the process of professional electrical appliance and cable testing in bulk, with full electrical-safety test records referenced to an individual asset level. For Star Live’s purposes however, QC-Check’s ability to facilitate the equivalent tracking and maintenance of data from the new heavy duty mechanical testing equipment, made it a pivotal part of the plan.
Star Live technical director, Roger Barrett, maintains, “QC-Check has absolutely transformed our testing capabilities here. It’s been noted by people who’ve been with us a long time that there’s a new level of confidence now: knowing that when they grab half a dozen cables on-site, they’re all going to work.” He adds, “It’s difficult to imagine anything else could do what it does.”
Every item in current use at Star Live went through the QC-Check testing and tracking process ahead of the King’s Coronation celebrations that kicked off the 2023 summer season. Barrett emphasises that, with the benefit of QC-Check, getting control over kit during that time “makes such a difference. It’s difficult to appreciate just how much of a difference it makes.”
In conclusion, Barrett states, “QC-Check has been a sea change for us. It has transformed our operation. We’re on top of testing because it’s so fast now. The flexibility of the system and the ability to tweak the testing to exactly what we need has put us in a position where we are able to predict what the faults are from the test results coming through. It’s difficult to see how we’d proceed without it now.”

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