Studiomaster / Carlsbro northern European logistics centre in Milton Keynes
UK - The current joint UK HQ for Studiomaster and Carlsbro sales distribution and service is expanding to take on the role of a northern European logistics centre for the two marques. Studiomaster and Carlsbro product development and engineering will remain at the Milton Keynes site.

With the move, the Milton Keynes HQ will now directly supply retailers and resellers in Great Britain and most of mainland northern Europe. Sales agents are already appointed for France and Benelux, with appointments for Germany and Austria to follow imminently.

Current distributor agreements for existing distribution in Europe, including in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Eire, Norway, Poland, Hungry and Slovenia, for both Studiomaster and Carlsbro, are to remain in effect and will not be included in the new centralized arrangements for other territories.

Speaking on the announcement of the new logistics arrangements for the UK and northern Europe, assistant general manager for Studiomaster and Carlsbro, Patrick Almond, said, "In expanding our existing UK logistics operations across much of northern Europe we are achieving extensive economies of scale in sales, service and distribution, while at the same time enabling greater provision for consistent and competitive pricing across Europe.

"This also comes at an ideal time when our product line up is refreshed, with many new products and updated ranges being launched this year.

"We are currently putting or new sales representative teams in place across the territories incorporated into our new arrangement and we would ask our retail partners to come onto our stands at Prolight+Sound and musikmesse to meet with them. This change heralds an era of even greater efficiency and profitability for our retail partners and we want to ensure that they feel fully included in our ongoing development strategies for our international retail markets.

"We will also be announcing Europe wide price lists for the first time at this year's Frankfurt exhibitions."

(Jim Evans)

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