Syva solution for Evergreen Ministries
Tuesday, 17 September 2019
l-acousticsEvergreen Ministries, home to a visually discreet L-Acoustics Syva system
USA - Evergreen Ministries had put its faith in acoustical orthodoxy when the Hudsonville, Michigan church had its previous sound system installed. However, with the worship space residing in a mid-sized square building with largely metal construction that created reverberation problems, speech intelligibility and musical articulation were a frequent challenge.
“They had a pretty typical flown PA, but it wasn’t really the kind of system they needed for a space like this,” recalls Todd Billin, design/sales engineer at Parkway Electric & Communications, a Holland, Michigan-based AV systems integrator with a long history of working on sound and video designs with houses of worship.
The solution came in the form of the slim L-Acoustics Syva colinear system that is suited to medium-throw applications like Evergreen Ministries’ 550-seat sanctuary. The Syva system designed and installed by Parkway comprises a pair of Syva and Syva Low enclosures on each side of the half-moon stage, plus four Syva Subs that are installed underneath the stage, two per side.
In addition, an L-Acoustics X12 short-throw loudspeaker is flown above the centre of the stage to reinforce speech intelligibility, while four ultra-compact 5XT are arrayed across the lip of the stage as front-fills. Three L-Acoustics LA4X amplified controllers power the entire loudspeaker system.
Billin says the Syva system not only solved the problems caused by the reverberant space, with its attendant speech-intelligibility issues, but also provided a much more musical sound system for the church’s worship music. “In particular, the Syva Sub and Syva Low really defined the low end for music, something the congregation had never experienced before,” he says.
(Jim Evans)

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