UK - Tannoy has introduced new CMS and CVS Retrofit Adapter Kits that enable fast, secure installation of Tannoy ceiling loudspeakers inside existing back-cans from third party manufacturers or, in other scenarios, utilizing existing ceiling cutouts that were sized for other loudspeakers. By using the Retrofit Kits, installation contractors can upgrade to the premium quality sound of Tannoy while minimizing additional installation time and costs.

"We know of many instances where acoustical consultants or end users have wanted to replace existing loudspeakers with Tannoy ceiling products," says Stuart Archibald, product manager. "However, too often the added installation costs were prohibitive when the back-cans or ceiling tiles - or both - had to be replaced. With the Adapter Kits, in many cases new Tannoy units will fit neatly in place of the old units, using the same back-cans or ceiling openings."

Using the Adapter Kits, Tannoy CMS 5, CMS 6, CVS 4 and CVS 6 can be installed in a number of different back-cans made by Atlas and Lowell. A list showing compatible Tannoy models and third-party back-can part numbers is available on the TANNOY website. Additionally, the Adapter Kits will allow installation of key models in ceiling holes originally sized for Atlas and Lowell ceiling loudspeakers.

(Lee Baldock)

The new kit saves time and money in upgrading to Tannoy's CMS and CVS ceiling speakers, the company says.

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