‘The combination of TCC M and Automate VX technology leads to more inclusive meetings’
Europe - Sennheiser has announced that its TeamConnect Medium (TCC M) ceiling microphone for mid-sized meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces has been integrated into the Crestron Automate VX voice-activated speaker tracking solution.
Automate VX technology enables a high-quality meeting experience with production-style cuts across a variety of applications including corporate boardrooms, multipurpose spaces, and training rooms. The combination of TCC M and Automate VX technology leads to more inclusive meetings, especially for mid-sized collaboration spaces and lecture halls. High-quality audio and intelligent video technologies are vital to supporting a critical and dynamic collaboration experience.
With the Automate VX solution, multiple cameras around the room work together to track active speakers, while removing distractions that are typically visible when a camera pans, tilts, or zooms. As the conversation moves around the room, TCC M’s patented automatic dynamic beamforming technology ensures the speakers are continuously being heard.
With the integration of the complete Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Family into Crestron's Automate VX technology and the Intelligent Video Designer software, integrators can now streamline the setup of larger systems, making the process more efficient and time effective.
"This exciting integration between Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling Medium and Crestron’s Automate VX brings optimum equity to meeting participants in meeting rooms, lecture halls, and collaboration spaces,” said Bob Bavolacco, director of technology partnerships for Crestron. “It provides a premium Sennheiser audio experience coupled with the unparalleled Crestron Automate VX multi-camera switching technology.”
“This integration with Creston’s Automate VX is a further example of the flexibility of the TCC M, a member of the TeamConnect Family Solutions,” said Charlie Jones, global alliance & partnership manager at Sennheiser. “It also demonstrates our commitment to working with our partners to deliver solutions that create inclusive and productive collaboration experiences, whether participants are in the room or joining remotely.”

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