The Ghost Inside are back
Europe - American metalcore band The Ghost Inside has concluded their European tour, marking their first bus tour in the region since a tragic accident they faced back in 2015. Spanning over a month, the tour revolved around the Impericon Festivals, with a week of shows in the UK followed by a series of sold-out performances in Germany alongside acts including Bury Tomorrow, Thy Art Is Murder, Sondaschule, and Future Palace.
Front of House engineer Bryan Greenberg chose to work with an Allen & Heath dLive system to ensure The Ghost Inside's electrifying performances would captivate audiences with high-quality immersive sound. The FOH setup featured a dLive CTi1500 control surface and CDM32 MixRack provided by rental company Solotech.
The lightweight CTi1500 surface is engineered with titanium side panels and comes in at 11.5kg, or just under 23kg in a flightcase, designed with easy, cost-efficient travel while touring in mind. Offering 128 Input Channels and 64 Mix Outputs with full processing, the MixRack is the heart of the audio mixing system, which was also equipped with a Waves V3 Audio Networking Card to enable seamless multi-track recording capabilities for every show.
The Ghost Inside’s long-awaited return to Europe successfully delivered their signature hard-hitting sound with the help of dLive’s XCVI processing core providing ultra-low latency and phase coherent mix outputs. The tour-friendly dLive system also made handling the mix for the crowds of happy fans a great experience for the FOH engineer.
Greenberg praised Allen & Heath’s flagship digital mixing system, emphasising its versatility and user-friendly interface. "I always opt for the dLive on any tour I do; the ability to quickly set the surface/soft keys any way you need makes building a new show or expanding an existing one so easy," he said.
He further highlighted dLive's comprehensive processing options, including Dyn8 (a sophisticated processor boasting four bands of dynamic EQ and four bands of multiband compression), compressor models, tube emulation, and graphic EQ modelling, which removed the need for other plugins. “I never really find myself wanting to add external plugins or hardware; the addition of the Source Expander completely changed my vocal mix for the better.” Greenburg said.
With the short tour now completed, The Ghost Inside are preparing for plenty of shows lined up across Europe and North America during the upcoming summer festival season, continuing their comeback to international touring.

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