Fred Loya's Christmas light show in El Paso, Texas
USA - Each year, Fred Loya's Christmas light show in El Paso, Texas, is one of the holiday season's can't miss spectacles and each year he uses Elation lighting to give his light show extra impact. This year Fred was approached by ABC Television to take part in The Great Christmas Light Fight, ABC's Christmas lights competition, and came away the winner.

The Great Christmas Light Fight, in which families compete to have America's best Christmas display, proved a hit for ABC last year and returned this year for a second season, premiering on Monday, 8 December. Each episode features families from across America who have transformed their homes for the holidays in hopes of winning the $50,000 first place prize. Houses were judged on their elaborate Christmas light display, choreography and over-the-top design.

Fred incorporated 12 Elation Platinum Beam 5R beam effect moving heads and 40 Elation ELAR EX Quad LED Bars into his light show, and also used 60 Elation DP-415 4-channel dimmer packs and four Antari S-200 snow machines, all supplied by HB Electronics. Lighting control is from Elation CompuShow PC lighting software using the easyshow timeline to trigger all the fixtures. CompuShow also triggers a Madrix LED lighting controller which handles the mapping of almost 400 universes of RGB Christmas lights.

Lighting design and programming, as well as music editing, was completed by Elation's Esteban De La Torre-Alva. Esteban worked with Fred Loya and Project Manager Erick De Nava to complete the show to meet filming deadlines.

(Jim Evans)

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