Dylan Jones from DWR Distribution looks forward to assisting clients with the Theatrixx range
South Africa - DWR Distribution has expand its AV offering to include converters, rack mount modules and signal processors from Theatrixx Technologies.
While Theatrixx offers a wide range of products, DWR looks forward to selling and promoting its innovative and highly popular hardware based xPressCue media player, their video converters available as ruggedized standalone units or rack mountable modules, and of course working with Erik Guertin, the territory manager for Theatrixx Technologies.
“Given the importance of signal flow, we decided to bring in these units because of their stability, how robust they are, and because a lot relies on them,” commented Bruce Riley, who heads technical support and the workshop at DWR. “This is a very important piece of equipment and one often overlooked. It eliminates the need for unreliable IEC connectors and 12 Volt jack power supply connectors as the units plug in directly with truecon plugs and have ‘loop throughs’ to link power to each other. In addition, the rack mount units have built-in redundancy power.”
DWR currently has Theatrixx standalone converters, as well as rack modular converters in stock, with the product range overseen by Dylan Jones, who is happy to demonstrate the units to anyone interested. “We will be selling both the Theatrixx rack mount modules and their standalone equivalent,” said Dylan. “The standalone converter is a unit that allows the AV conversion of a signal type example HDMI to DVI, STI to HDMI or fibre converters.
“The guys from Theatrixx have been great and Erik Guertin is very helpful in answering all our questions.”

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