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Thursday, 9 April 2020
adam-audioWatch the ADAM EDU Video Collection on the company’s Facebook page.
USA - Adam Audio is launching the ADAM EDU webinars and videos, designed to enable everyone from audio students to novices and seasoned working professionals to further their education in audio on a variety of business and technical topics pertinent to our industry.
The videos include a variety of lectures and speaking panels with engineers, acousticians, licensing and game audio specialists, studio owners, sales and marketing experts and other business leaders in the professional audio industry who share some of their insights and best practices for success.
The ADAM EDU programmes have included topics such as: Acoustical Fulfillment, Game Audio Implementation, Gear Need vs. Want, How These Notable Engineers Got Their Start, Owning and Managing a Recording Studio, Testing Your Room, Sync Licensing, Careers for Engineers within the Pro Audio Industry and Adjacent Markets, and More Business Careers in Audio.
Past EDU Events have been held at a number of educational institutions throughout the U.S., including Ball State University in Indiana, Blackbird Academy in Nashville, Ohio State University (OSU,) Oregon State University, Seattle Recording Arts in Washington State, SAE Institute in New York and the University of Southern California (USC.) Future Adam EDU events will take place via webinars in the coming weeks.
“While we look forward to resuming our face to face events in the future, at this time Adam Audio will continue to provide EDU sessions via webinars and videos so everyone in the community can remotely access this content,” comments Christian Hellinger, CEO of Adam Audio. “Adam Audio is committed to being a partner who provides resources for sharing ideas and fostering education for our customers throughout the entire journey of their careers in audio, from students to seasoned professionals.”
The next Adam Audio EDU week will take place via a webinar with Audio Test Kitchen, exploring the company’s renowned online product comparison platform, hosted by John Krivit, former AES President and host of the Hey Audio Student Facebook page.
The ADAM EDU videos are available via

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