Audiologic introduces Tech Tuesdays
Monday, 2 November 2020
audiologiclogojpegThe events are designed to help fellow members of the AV community
UK - Audiologic has recently introduced a series of learning events focused on technology to help promote a deeper understanding on the latest developments in AV. These short events are designed to help fellow members of the AV community take advantage of the myriad of technical features and benefits offered by Audiologic’s wide range of products.
Every Tuesday, their Application Support team will continue to publish advice and support online concerning commissioning systems, setting up equipment and plenty of other technical knowhow. Recent episodes include topics such as MXA optimisation with Shure Designer, a first look at the new Shure MXA710, how to improve room acoustics with Ecler and Genelec’s network powered loudspeakers. This content is also designed to support our key brands as partners, as we seek to reach new audiences and offer something different to our customers.
"We wanted to create a platform to share some of the knowledge the team have gained over the years,” says Ben Spurgeon, senior application engineer at Audiologic. “We are fortunate enough to spend every day working with a brilliant portfolio of products and we get to know them inside and out (quite literally!). We thought now was as good a time as any to start sharing some of our secrets.
“While we are unable to deliver content in-person at our in-house facility, The Learning Space, Tech Tuesday offers us a voice to share content online on a more ad hoc basis. This goes out in addition, of course, to our programme of webinars and online training. The Shure MXAs are a good example of a recent episode, in which we were able to demonstrate that when set up correctly, it is possible to improve the capture quality of the source material, and the experience for participants at both the near and far end.”
Audiologic MD Andy Lewis adds: “More and more audio products live on a network and are becoming ever more capable - at the same time, our world is shrinking with the almost enforced use of digital communications which brings with it a whole new set of end-user expectations.
“A decent set of ears is no longer the only tool required for effective support - you need to understand networks and protocols and how to apply them in a coherent system - and a decent set of ears will not hurt either! Although we are a distributor by description, and we do have a very efficient logistics operation with well-chosen stock on the shelves of our warehouse, we also know what that stock does and how one item of stock works with another - or more importantly when it doesn't, why that is and how to fix it.”
Tech Tuesdays video content can be found on Audiologic’s YouTube channel, with many of the guides and supporting written content available on the Learning Space.

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