Bandit calls on Chauvet for Cary Pride party
Monday, 21 June 2021
cacThe centre glowed with a display of Pride Month colours
USA - The fountain at Cary’s Downtown Park, in Cary NC, has quickly become a landmark in the town since its construction in 2017.
The fountain has served as a backdrop to lighting displays marking celebrations and causes that are important to townspeople. This has included being illuminated in the rainbow of colours symbolising LGBTQ+ Pride Month every June.
This year, however, the fountain was temporarily decommissioned as part of a larger park renovation project. Moving quickly, the city turned to another nearby landmark, the historic Cary Arts Centre. By the start of June, the centre, which traces its roots back to the 19th century, was glowing with a brilliant display of Pride Month colours.
“With the fountain shut down right now as part of a renovation, we needed to come up quickly with an alternate way to celebrate, which led to the selection of the Arts Centre,” said Cailen Waddell, the town’s programme supervisor of technical operations. “We are also lighting the Arts Centre in colours of the local high schools for their graduations, as well as for Juneteenth, which this year became an official town holiday.”
Helping to achieve this quick and impressive transformation at the centre was a collection of 12 Chauvet Professional WELL Panel fixtures supplied and installed by Bandit Lites.
“The town wanted something that would be easy to setup and strike every night,” said Andrew Fisher, senior systems integrator at Bandit Lites. “They also did not want to run cables that would inhibit foot traffic, so the wireless DMX and battery powered features of the WELL Panels was crucial. They also need something that was in stock, since we didn’t have much time.”
Of the 12 WELL Panel units, four are used to uplight the building’s columns, while the remaining eight are grouped in pairs behind those columns to wash the structure’s white facade. The colour rendering capabilities, especially the warm white in the RGBW chips of these fixtures, opened a wide range of design possibilities.
Since the WELL Panel fixtures were exposed and so close to the building, their all-in-one RGBW chip was an essentially important feature, according to Fisher, who notes that using fixtures with a non-homogenized beam would have compromised the aesthetics of the final result.

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