Brompton Technology celebrates first decade
Friday, 11 November 2022
bromptonBrompton’s 10-year anniversary falls during LDI
USA - Brompton Technology will demonstrate its latest tools at LDI in Las Vegas. Brompton will be exhibiting in booth #1005, showing its Tessera LED processors and the latest version of its accompanying Tessera software.
Tessera Software v3.4, released last month, introduces new features including Extended Bit Depth and Stacking, to help boost both LED panel performance and production efficiencies. Extended Bit Depth unlocks up to 3.3 additional bits of precision, which offers 2 to 3 stops of additional dynamic range on camera, and also reduces visual artifacts. Stacking streamlines production by allowing for multiple processors in a setup to be controlled together in unison, rather than users having to apply adjustments to each processor individually.
Additionally, Brompton’s 10-year anniversary falls during LDI. The company will celebrate at the LDI Circle Bar on Saturday 19 November from 4:30-6:00pm. The Brompton booth will also have key items on display to mark company milestones, including its very first M2 LED processor, serial number 001001, which was shipped on 19 November, 2012, to video equipment rental company, VER (now PRG). This particular M2 processor was first used on the Super Bowl XLVII broadcast in 2013 and is still a working processor in PRG’s rental inventory today.
“With live events back in full swing, we’re very much looking forward to connecting with our customers, users, and the wider industry at LDI this month to demo Brompton’s latest Tessera features – which are used on everything from the global concert tours of major artists to virtual production for beloved films and TV series,” said Sean Sheridan, regional technical manager (Americas) at Brompton Technology. “In addition, we’re excited to celebrate our 10-year anniversary during the show, and to look at what’s ahead.”

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