BTS Bystander Intervention webinars announced
Friday, 25 February 2022
bts-bystander-intervention-in-the-workplaceThis webinar is offered as part of an ongoing Stop Bullying campaign launched by the Mental Health Initiative in 2021
USA - The Behind the Scenes Mental Health Initiative is partnering with Hollaback!, a social justice organisation that specialises in education around bullying and harassment, to present a one hour webinar Bystander Intervention in the Entertainment Workplace.
The free webinar will be offered three times to accommodate industry work schedules: Sunday, 20 March at 12pm ET;  Monday, 28 March at 8pm ET; and Sunday, 10 April at 3pm ET. Principal Hollaback! trainer, Dax Valdes, an experienced entertainment industry professional, will lead these interactive sessions that ensure attendee anonymity.
The webinars are free but advance registration is required in order to receive the zoom login. Please visit to select a registration link for the date of your choice.
BTS’ 2019 survey strongly indicated that bullying, harassment and intimidation is a common workplace stressor throughout sectors of the entertainment industry. These behaviours create a physically and psychologically unsafe workplace for everyone. This training will teach you how to safely intervene and help to make a difference.
Hollaback!’s goal is to reduce instances of workplace disrespect and harassment by giving individuals the tools they need to disrupt those perpetrating it. You will learn the 5Ds of bystander intervention methodology - distract, delegate, document, delay, and direct. 98% of attendees leave Hollaback! trainings committed to intervening if they witness disrespect or harassment at work.
This webinar is offered as part of an ongoing Stop Bullying campaign launched by the Mental Health Initiative in 2021. Available resources include a set of posters to raise awareness of words, actions and behaviours that constitute bullying, harassment or intimidation; information for those who are targets of, or bystanders to, bullying behaviour; information to empower individuals to Be Informed, Be Aware, Show Support, and Take Action; and a sample policy and procedures to identify, investigate and resolve instances of bullying, harassment or intimidation and to provide support to those who experience these behaviours.

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