Chauvet lights NBA’s first floating court
Wednesday, 15 June 2022
nba1The courtside lighting display featured 24 Chauvet Professional Well STX 180 fixtures
Australia - Hennessy and the NBA unveiled Australia’s first floating basketball court on Sydney Harbour recently, with live music performances from ASAP Ferg and B Wise. This was part of the latest version of Courts Beyond Limits, a programme from Hennessy, the official spirit of the NBA, in celebration of the league’s 75th season.
Guests were transported out for a courtside view of the event on the Hennessy Superyatch. In addition to the celebrity hoops exhibition, they got to enjoy performances by FERG, along with AIR Award-winning hip-hop artist B Wise and other stars.
Setting the scene for the event was a courtside lighting display by Jay Productions that featured 24 Chauvet Professional Well STX 180 fixtures that the production company purchased from Showtools International, which imports Chauvet products.
Showtools International notes that it added the Well STX 180 to its inventory because “being IP65 it provides protection against any weather conditions, whilst being battery-operated, it can be placed anywhere and oriented in any position.”
These attributes were all put to good use in Sydney Harbour. “The designers were looking for eye-candy effects for such an iconic location, which and the Well STX provides that with wireless control of 16 zones of the RGWW LEDs for exceptional eye-candy effects with high CRI,” said Jason Ghazal managing director of Jay Productions. “With the floating court being on the water, the Well STX 180 is IP65 providing protection for all weather conditions, which was ideal for the location.
“We placed the STX all around the court (oriented horizontally) as well as a backdrop to ASAP Ferg,” continues Ghazal. “The Well STX matched the mood and atmosphere of the floating basketball court.”

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