Elation Europe hosts PRO Theme Day 2017
Tuesday, 17 October 2017
elation-europe-pro-theme-day-october-2017Lighting professionals gathered at Elation’s European headquarters in Kerkrade
The Netherlands - Elation Europe gathered lighting professionals for a PRO Theme Day, a day of seminars and discussions on relevant industry topics and technological developments.
Held on 10 October at the company's European HQ in Kerkrade, the event featured various presentations including a talk by Ola Melzig, head of production for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.
Elation Europe sales & marketing manager Marc Librecht said: “Thank you to everyone who shared a sensational PRO Theme Day with us. It was really a big success and perhaps the best PRO Theme Day we’ve ever had. Ola was as informative and entertaining as ever and our guests came away with a lot of valuable knowledge. It was a full house and a fantastic day!”
Participants could engage with Melzig and network with other industry colleagues. Melzig shared the ins and outs of the biggest live television production in our industry and shared insight into the challenges overcome in the latest edition of ESC in Kyiv. Another topical presentation discussed the future of Platinum and discharge lamp technology from Philips lighting expert Kirsten Verheyen.
Additionally, PRO Theme Day allowed participants to get up close and personal with everything Elation, from products and projects to planning and personnel. The free seminar also saw Elation products go head-to-head against lighting products from other manufacturers in a series of shoot-outs that gave participants an excellent opportunity to see how Elation spot, wash and hybrid moving lights compare side by side with some of the most known brands in the industry.
(Jim Evans)

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