‘Genelec’s 4000 series was perfectly suited to this installation’
Sweden - Kulturkvarteret Örebro (KKV Örebro) was created with the mission of fostering culture within the Swedish municipality of Örebro. The five-storey building is particularly focused on enriching the lives of children and young people in the area through the arts and is heavily utilised by students of the local Örebro University; however, the building is also open for public use as well.
The centre encompasses the Örebro City Library, Kulturskolan, multiple stages, rehearsal spaces, and an art school specialising in music, dance and theatre, as well as an art gallery. Genelec partnered with the integrator JML-System AB to elevate the audio experience at this new development.
Genelec and JML provided over 80 4000 Series loudspeakers throughout the building, to complement a host of other smart audio-visual technology. The primary contractor was Swedish construction company, Network Cybernetics Corporation (NCC), who procured the various sub-contractors. The integration itself was carried out by JML, who collaborated closely with an array of experts, including the architect Gert Wingårdh, delivering a sophisticated result.
"It’s important to remember we are in an educational environment where the rooms are in constant use - so component quality, which directly affects durability and reliability, was a massive consideration," explains Johan Ståhlgren, the project leader from JML, on the decision to implement a Genelec solution. "Due to the cultural significance of the building to the local community, sustainability was a non-negotiable aspect of the project. Genelec excels in both these departments, making them a natural choice.
"Genelec’s 4000 series was perfectly suited to this installation, with each of the four different models being ideal for the varying rooms," Ståhlgren continues. "All of them deliver exceptional performance, ensuring an immersive audio experience tailored to the specific needs of the varying room sizes and applications.
“The rooms range from large orchestral halls of 120 square metres to small studios that are no bigger than 15-16sq.m. Regardless of the size, Genelec’s active loudspeaker technology makes the 4000 series very easy to install as it removes the need for external amplifiers, thus conserving rack space and reducing cabling. What’s more, Genelec’s signature aesthetic design looks every bit as good as it sounds, and each cabinet is available in 120 different RAL colours, making it easy to blend with any interior."

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