GLP launches short-form video series
Wednesday, 10 June 2020
10of10Different designers will face the same 10 questions
Germany - GLP is to launch a new series of short-form, fun, and informative interview videos with lighting designers from all over the industry.
The series will see videos released on a weekly basis with different designers facing the same 10 questions, covering their formative years, as well as career highs and even some of the moments they would rather forget. Partly informative, partly inspirational, and partly irreverent and amusing, the interviews have been designed to bring a little bit of everything to the viewer.
To keep them easy and fun, the interviews will be edited into 15-minute episodes. Given that some of the more elaborate stories could take a little longer, full-length versions of the interviews will be made available in the future. Episodes will be published every Wednesday on GLP’s YouTube Channel, and through its various social media feeds.
With future guests including concert touring designer, Ethan Weber; Broadway and West End award winning designer Neil Austin; the legendary Steven Cohen; NBC Universal’s Fred Bock and many more characters, the series kicks off with Justin Kitchenman, best known for his work with Nashville artist Luke Bryan.

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