K-array sessions on control and live sound
Tuesday, 7 April 2020
k-arrayK-array - making educational training more accessible
Europe - In an effort to make educational training more accessible, K-array Webinar Series will host free, live presentations of its audio solutions on a weekly basis. Two new topics are being offered this week.
Control Software is a one-hour webinar dedicated to sound technicians, audio engineers and system users will explain how to configure, tune, modify and manage your K-array system to give you maximum control.
Live Sound I and Live Sound II will detail the cutting-edge features employed in K-array's Live Sound solutions. Live Sound 1 will discuss at length the technology featured in the Pinnacle line, like Pure Array Technology, ideal for theatres and concert halls. Live Sound 2 is dedicated to the technology employed in the Mugello and Firenze lines, such as Slim Array Technology, Electronic Beam Steering and Advanced Bass Control, perfect for concerts, touring and live events.

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