The DMI-KLANG card-equipped DiGiCo Quantum 338 monitor console was supplied by Capital Sound
World - Soprano Sarah Brightman’s recent tour kicked off in Las Vegas and saw her journey through Mexico and across Asia. Brightman’s final performance marked a triumphant end to a whirlwind tour that left fans both enchanted and in awe.
The tour also marked a significant milestone for Lewe Redlin, Brightman's monitor engineer of six years, as this was the first time he had used KLANG's immersive in-ear monitor mixing solution, selecting a DMI-KLANG card-equipped DiGiCo Quantum 338 monitor console supplied by Capital Sound. Incorporating the KLANG system created ample space in the monitor mix and a more manageable audio environment onstage, resulting in a much more enjoyable and natural sound.
As a seasoned touring engineer with over two decades of experience in the industry, Redlin rolled out KLANG for the musical director on the tour, Ollie Cunningham, as well as Brightman’s band, guest singer Jay Dref, and for Redlin’s tech and backline-tech.
"The complexity of this production, with its large number of inputs - around 90 in total - made for an extremely dense mix,” he explains. “To address this, I opted to incorporate KLANG’s immersive technology. Its ability to create new layers within the mix, beyond just left and right, allowed me to carve out more space for all the signals. The result was that I was able to lower the overall level of the mix for everyone involved to enjoy a more natural, balanced sound.”
Of all the positive feedback received on KLANG's system, one comment that stood out to Redlin was from Ollie Cunningham. “After experiencing KLANG's system during the tour, Ollie approached me and remarked that he simply could not imagine going back to stereo. It was a testament to the transformative impact that KLANG had on our production," he shares.
One of the most valuable resources for Redlin was the support he received from KLANG’s Phil Kamp. He recalls: “During prep for the tour, Phil helped with best practices in how to set up the system and initial mixes. Once everything was up and running, I didn’t need any more support, it just worked flawlessly every single day.”

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