Meyer Sound looks to home cinema sector
Monday, 14 June 2021
acheron80fullMeyer Sound’s cinema solutions include the Acheron screen channel loudspeakers
USA - Meyer Sound has signed on as a platinum supporter of the Home Technology Association (HTA) as it promotes professional audio products and technologies for deployment in upscale residential settings.
“We are excited to support HTA and its mission of providing a no-compromise private cinema experience,” says Miles Rogers, Meyer Sound’s business development manager for cinema and content creation markets. “The quality of a private cinema sound is not defined solely by the loudspeakers, but by the sum of all the components coming together - from the room build through final calibration. When all these pieces fit together perfectly, you have a VIP ticket to sit shotgun with the director in Hollywood and experience the film exactly as it was intended. Today, HTA is a key to making that happen.”
“The HTA certification program does an outstanding job of vetting and qualifying integrators,” says Meyer Sound US sales manager, west Daniel Rivera. “And they took it one step further by creating a budget calculator that matches the project to a qualified integrator who is up to the task.”
The company offers a full line of cinema products and solutions for applications of all scales, from the Bluehorn System full bandwidth studio monitor, Amie Systems, and Acheron screen channel loudspeakers to the new Spacemap Go spatial sound design and live mixing tool and Constellation acoustic system.
In 2021, Meyer Sound introduced the Ultra Reflex sound solution for direct view displays. For the first time, Ultra Reflex allows viewers to experience the superior image of direct view displays while still enjoying precise localization and full fidelity from the screen channels.
Following on the support for HTA, Meyer Sound plans additional initiatives, partnerships and associations later in 2021 to further strengthen its position in the private cinema market.

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