Prolights enhances travelling music festival
Tuesday, 3 September 2019
unnamedThe event is now streamed live on national TV throughout Italy
Italy - The 2019 edition of the Italian travelling music festival Battiti Live (Live Beats) recently visited Italy’s Puglia region, with five days of music from 70 international acts.
Having grown from the initial 1995 Battiti dalla Caverna radio programme, the event is now streamed live on national TV throughout Italy. With the growth and popularity of this event has ever-increasing, so in turn has the expectation of the production.
"The music, the public and the cities involved are the heart of Battiti Live,” comments Radionorba’s artistic director Alan Palmieri.
Termoli-based full-service production company Rooster ensured the smooth running of the festival and employed various Prolights fixtures to achieve this.
Twelve Halupix fixtures were used, featuring an optical design that combines a 2800 Kelvin warm-white LED source with special 8° optic reflectors providing a long through projection of sharp beams in the air. The Halupix LED matrix modules gave designers the ability to project volumetric graphics and simulate a 3D effect.
In addition to this, the new-generation LED work-horse, the Prolights Stark series featured prominently with 42 Stark1000 and 18 Stark400 commissioned. Completing the line-up were 48 Sunblast3000FC.
Emilio Lombardi from Rooster reports: “The expectation grows year on year with this production and the challenges faced are very real. The fixtures are pushed to the limits repeatedly and not only did the Prolights fixtures perform beautifully every single time, but the feature-set gave us the opportunity to push limits. The fantastic design team, crew and the faultless performance of the fixtures provided us with a spectacular show that everyone was proud of.”
(Jim Evans)

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