The course was attended by delegates from the live events industry in Cape Town
South Africa - When DWR Distribution needed a venue to host the Basic Rigging Training Course in Cape Town, the Cape Audio College in Observatory quickly raised their hand and offered their lecture hall for 15-16 March. This proved a good time to catch up, meet new faces and share knowledge.
"I have been in the industry since 1994, in various guises, and I can say that I wish Robert Izzett and DWR were offering their rigging course back then,” comments Ian Watson, head of live sound at Cape Audio College. “I found it super informative and useful. I will think twice before I set up any piece of gear. I now know that there is a limit to my knowledge, and that limit could be the difference between a successful show and an epic fail. Thanks to Robert and DWR for taking the time to make our industry a safer place. I cannot wait for the next offer."
In the South African live events industry, it’s common for work roles to overlap, and while technicians may find themselves programming behind a console, they may also be involved with the set-up and rigging of a show.
The Basic Rigging Training Course was presented by Robert Izzett and delved into the rigging laws applicable to South Africa while covering the basic rigging hardware and calculations according to SANS 10366. Practical training included the handling and use of rigging hardware, shackles, steel wire ropes, trussing, endless rounds and chains.
“It’s always special for me to impart knowledge to young people within the industry and to guide them to get things right from early in their careers,” said Robert. “We are very grateful to Cape Audio College for opening their doors to us, and a big thanks to Ian Watson and his team, who were so helpful and made us feel at home. Thank you to all the delegates who attended and to Andrew Petit from DWR for your assistance.”
The course was attended by three staff members from the college, namely Brandon Basson, Marvin Lombard and Ian Watson, and delegates from the live events industry in Cape Town including Nimesh Parmar from NXS Technologies, Shaun Brown and Jarred Venter from Gearworx, and Chris Knoetze from Audiopimps. The feedback received was positive all round.
Nimesh Parmar who runs NXS Technologies was the first delegate to book for the training and said the session was both informative and educational. “The course gave me an insight as to how safe and accurate weight calculated rigging on structures should be carried out,” he says. “It also gave me a lot to think about with regards to how many events I have attended where basic rigging safety rules were ignored. I’m eagerly awaiting the second part of the course.”
Chris Knoetze from Audiopimps agrees, “The training was very good and so helpful,” he said. “I definitely recommend that more people take the time to attend this workshop, from young students or those who have just started up in the industry right up to professionals, because rigging and flying truss, fixtures or PA is becoming part of the daily set up and safety should be a top priority.”
The Gearworx team comprising of Jarred Venter and Shaun Brown were also glad to participate. "The Gearworx Team had a great time learning more about rigging and the safety of understanding appropriate and inappropriate methods,” said Jarred. “Thanks Robert for taking the time to come down to Cape Town."

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