Yamaha celebrates with powered monitors
Thursday, 2 April 2020
hsmp1The new, special edition HS MP powered monitor release includes three models
Europe - In the 15 years since Yamaha introduced the HS series of powered studio monitors, it has become a favourite for near-field applications in both professional and home studio environments. Now, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Yamaha Pro Audio, the company has launched the special edition HS MP (Matched Pair) models.
The new, special edition HS MP powered monitors include three models - HS5 MP, HS7 MP and HS8 MP. Each pair of monitors has been manufactured using a unique process, utilising specially selected parts and with matching serial numbers, shipping in a special paired carton with an MP (Matched Pair) label.
The HS MP monitors “continue the same rigorous design principles that have guided Yamaha designs ever since the legendary NS10M Studio monitors, first produced in 1977. Essentially, defining the look and sound preferred by engineers in studios around the globe, they were followed in 1998 by the MSP5 powered studio monitor. This expanded Yamaha’s range into more critical listening environments, where even more faithful reproduction of the original sound was required.”

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