Known as ModTruss, the system features lightweight aluminium construction and a repetitious hole pattern
UK - Track expert Triple E is launching a construction arm to its business under the name EEE-Build at the ABTT Theatre Show.

The first product to be launched is a new 'universal building system' best described as full size Meccano, set to "revolutionise the theatre staging, set building, stage machinery, scenery, construction and event markets".

Known as ModTruss, the system features lightweight aluminium construction and a repetitious hole pattern, meaning applications are "practically unlimited". The ModTruss product line "lends itself to create endless configurations using standard accessories, and makes ideas that once took extensive custom design and fabrication to be constructed incredibly simply, easily, and speedily".

The product will be launched on an Art Deco-inspired theatre structure designed for Triple E by architect Konstantinos Korakakis and constructed from the new ModTruss product range. The debut will be at the ABTT Theatre Show at London's Alexandra Palace from Wednesday 24 - Thursday 25 June on stand D10.

"This will be the most ambitious exhibition for a Triple E product since the company was formed in 1984," says Triple E's managing director, David Edelstein. "We're extremely excited about the possibilities of ModTruss - it really is rare to be able to offer a product of such simplicity-yet-genius that has the power to truly change the way our industry approaches set building, design and machinery fabrication and even complete building structures - think of it as full size 3D Meccano."

ModTruss can be reused, repurposed, and recycled, and in the process reduce waste scenic materials, allowing designers, production managers and producers real cost savings coupled with enormous flexibility for creative design.

"There's an unwelcome amount of wastage in our industry," Edelstein continues. "Using ModTruss as the backbone of scenic construction and being able to the re-assemble the components in a new configuration for the next show is a totally new concept in our world. The product can serve for years as a kit of parts for building supporting and articulating successive shows for any size of stage or event. We believe that there is nothing else like it on the market."

There will be an industry seminar at 11:45am on Wednesday 24 June, where Edelstein and a specialist panel will officially unveil ModTruss and demonstrate its properties.

(Jim Evans)

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